Ch 6

"It's so cool and refreshing, the water that is all around me. Why did I like the land so much again? I don't know. The sea is so much better. I can drift under the surface and see all kinds of things. The fish and coral are so beautiful..."

"Like Rui..."

"Rui would like it here. Where the sun doesn't burn and the water feels like silk. She would be very happy. And I can rest for a while, she can be happy that I can rest here. It's so nice here."

"But wouldn't she be happier if I were awake with her...?"

Seth slowly woke and looked around him in a daze. Crystal blue water surrounded him as he sank deeper into the lagoon. Something tugged at him and he glanced over to see Pluto thrashing about, his coat-tail in the Umbreon's mouth. He opened his mouth to tell him to stop, then snapped it shut as soon as he realized that a bubble of air escaped him. Panicking, he flailed underwater, then found himself surrounded by Team Venus members that had used their Pokémon's Dive ability to escape Team Aqua and Team Magma's attacks. Pluto pushed off and raced to the surface, paddling quickly to return to the air above. Following his lead, Seth planted his feet into the seabed and shoved up, trying to get somewhere.

"You're not going anywhere! This is your fault, isn't it?" one of the grunts declared through an underwater speaker built into her helmet, "Tentacruel! Grab that boy!" The Pokémon lashed out with its tentacles, trying to grab a hold of him. Seth dodged it, barely, still trying to find his way around in the water. He ended up heading back deeper, stroking away from the group. "Get him! Everyone! Get him!"

"Help me! Help me, someone! I don't know what to do here!" he thought, scrabbling at the rocks in an effort to climb out of the water.

Brendan and Maxie had heard Rui scream and looked up, shocked to see a blue clad figure fall head-first down the waterfall and land in the lagoon with a huge splash. A smaller black figure dove into it moments later. The Latias landed on the beach and Rui jumped off, running into the water and splashing towards where the figure had fallen, screaming Seth's name over and over.

"May! What happened?" Brendan called, running up to join them with Maxie following closely. May threw her Kyogre into the water and ordered it to search below the surface, her face ashen.

"It's Seth. Some crazy lady on the waterfall used her Milotic to knock him into the river. He fell down there." she managed to say, "Steven set everything off too early. That woman, Venus or something, is already getting through Victory Road with a bunch of her grunts."

"Not if I have anything to say about it." Maxie grumbled, dialing a phone number quickly, "This is a signal for my agents in the caves to start their attack. They won't get through!"

"Get her out of the water!" Brendan cried, finally registering Rui's frantic paddling and pathetic dives under the surface. He jumped in after her, wading out to drag her back in. "Geez! What kind of a hero goes off and gets himself dunked in the ocean like that?"

"What are you doing? Swim!" the Kyogre called out, firing Water Pulse bursts at the Pokémon trying to avoid it and attack Seth at the same time. "Watch how I move! Now you do the same! Get out of here! Hurry! Before you're captured in a Poké Ball!"

Seth began to yell back at it in a fury, losing another bubble of air before he remembered where he was and snapped his mouth shut again. He eyed the water-type, then followed it, stroking the water and kicking his feet to chase after the Kyogre. It plowed past the grunts, clearing a path for him to the surface.

"Swim faster! You're almost there! How's your air? You've lasted down here much longer than any human I've seen before. Are you sure you're not a Pokémon?" Kyogre called back.

"Yes, I'm sure I'm not a Pokémon. I would think I'd know if I were if I had extra appendages or something." Seth thought irritably and cried in surprise as something wrapped around his ankle and yanked him down. The last of his air disappeared into the water as he was dragged towards another grunt and her Tentacruel.

"Thought you could hide behind a rare Pokémon, didn't you?" she sneered as the tentacle went on to circle around his abdomen and squeezed despite his clawing at the fleshy tendril. "I bet getting rid of you would get me a promotion from Lady Venus!"

Desperate to get freed of the Venus grunt, Seth tried to slap at her, every ounce of his anger at his situation poured into the pathetic attempt. The next thing he knew, rings of pale blue energy were thrust forward from his hand, slamming the grunt and knocking her off the Tentacruel. It released him in surprise and seemed to light up in understanding.

"Raykyoudon!" it murmured in a terrified voice and scuttled away, shaking him loose and tossing him up to the surface.

"What did you call me?" Seth thought groggily as he headed for the surface, slowly blacking out as water took the place of air in his lungs.

Kyogre resurfaced and sprayed water into the air, eyes rolling in a frantic search for the Snagger. May, Rui, and Pluto were all in the lagoon, ignoring Brendan's yells as they swam about in search of the Snagger. Some few moments later, Seth surfaced, face-down in the water. Rui cried in horror and reached for him. May followed and helped to turn him over and swim back to shore, pulling him along.

"He's not breathing! What do we do?" Rui sputtered as the two girls stretched him onto the sand. Brendan knelt by them and checked quickly for signs of life, Maxie helping him between calling commands over his phone to his agents.

"Pulse is still there but fading. Looks like he's swallowed a lot of water." the trainer muttered and crinkled his nose. "Gah, I wish I never took that First Aid class." he added under his breath before pinching the Snagger's nose shut and forcing air steadily into his mouth. Rui hugged Pluto tightly, sniffling as she watched him try to revive Seth. May watched them intently, trying to spot any movement that meant he was recovering.

"They've got her!" Maxie declared in triumph, "Ever Grande Police should be showing up soon, but my agents trounced her with a fleet of Electric types!" Seth suddenly jerked and coughed, then threw up the ocean water that had filled his lungs as he rolled to one side. Brendan sat back and spit furiously at the sand.

"Ugh. I hope I don't have to do that again." he muttered as Rui cheered and hugged him gratefully.

"Thank you so much! You saved him! You're a hero!" she laughed. May bristled and glared at them. Brendan merely looked surprised and blushed. He hadn't been called a hero before.

"Dammit, I hate this place. I hate it, hate it, hate it with every freaking cell in my body..." Seth growled, pushing himself to all fours and trying to regain his focus. His eyes fell on Rui hugging Brendan, the trainer's face turning pink and the girl smiling happily. May looked over at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Loyal still?" she mouthed out, folding her arms over her chest.

"Shut up." he snapped at her and stood unsteadily, thoughts turning from the scene before him to the Tentacruel's words in an effort to shake off his sudden surge of fury. "Raykyoudon. Why did it call me Raykyoudon?" he murmured to himself, "And where did that Water Pulse attack come from? It couldn't possibly be from me."

"Seth, are you okay? You're not hurt anywhere are you?" Rui suddenly asked, leaving Brendan to hug him lightly. Seth stiffened in surprise, then relaxed and hugged her back just as lightly.

"I'm fine, but we have to catch up to Venus." he replied. Maxie waved the phone.

"No need to worry! My team has her secured. Hoenn is safe, thanks to all of you!" he declared cheerfully.

"So, we won?" Brendan asked, looking around at the last of the Venus grunts being rounded up by Team Aqua and various police officers.

"Yes! Ever Grande Police are rounding up grunts in Victory Road and Steven was found in fair condition near his helicopter. Apparently, he thought he could warn the Elite Four on his own and had no idea that we were setting up an attack." Maxie summed up, "He's being taken to a local hospital for medical treatment and should be just fine." Rui smiled brightly and looked up at Seth.

"We have the Shadow Pokémon from Hoenn, now it's time to move on to Johto and save them, too!" she remarked, "If we keep this up, we'll have them all back safe and sound!"

"Yeah, sure." he muttered, still in thought. Rui's smile faded.

"Are you sure you're okay? You look troubled. Is something wrong?" she asked in concern as May called back Kyogre and released the Latias again.

"It's nothing. Just thinking about something. Come on." Seth murmured and draped an arm around her, leading her to the Latias, "The sooner we get this flight trip back to Littleroot over with, the better." Rui still looked worried but shrugged it off upon seeing the happy Pokémon smile at them, feather tufts twitching excitedly.

"Ah, good. You're all here again." Prof. Birch remarked once he saw Rui, Seth, May and Brendan all standing before him. A day had passed since the end of Team Venus, their leader shrieking in a rage in prison. With everyone refreshed and rested, they met at the Research Center to plan the next move. "I've been making calls back and forth between Profs. Oak and Elm of Kanto and Johto. You mentioned Cipher, right?" Seth nodded. "Well, Cipher is the name of a corporation that has been making attempts to buy the Silph Corporation in Kanto and the Radio Tower in Johto. Roughly the same time, Johto's Gyms began to be attacked by strange team members. They called themselves Team Samba."

The group jumped at the sudden thud and looked down at Seth, who rolled on the floor, holding his sides in laughter. Rui sighed and shook her head in exasperation.

"Is he going to do that the whole way there?" Brendan asked, eyebrow raised.

"Samba, samba... That's a form of dance music, right? Must be Miror B.'s team." Rui murmured and blinked, "Oh! Why would you ask a question like that?"

"'Cause we're going with you to Johto!" May replied with a bright smile, holding her fingers up in a victory sign. "If there are more crazy evil teams out there using Pokémon for this kind of thing then it's up to all of us to go and stop them together!" Prof. Birch raised his eyebrows and cocked his head.

"Does your father know about this?" he asked. She only grinned wider. "I figured as much. Well, Prof. Elm says that he's trying to get in contact with the Johto League Champion but it's difficult. Their Champion tends to run into the wilderness without full supplies." the professor added with a sigh, "So don't count on a lot of help in Johto. The plane has been repaired so it's ready to go." He tapped his foot and rolled his eyes. "Can someone do something about him?" he asked, glaring pointedly at Seth.

"S-sorry! But, by the fires of Ho-Oh, can't Cipher come up with better team names?" the Snagger snickered and stammered. The trainers looked at each other and shrugged before picking him up and leading him out to the sea-plane.

Ein watched the news reports and frowned. Seth had been caught on film leaving Littleroot Town for Johto. Sera looked back at him on the plane heading there and smiled.

"He's coming for us. We'll finally be able to complete the Earth Seal project. Do you have that injection ready?" she asked, eyes glittering madly.

"A few more tests and I should have a working vial ready. What matters is first we must get to Johto and clear out the Elite Four of Indigo Plateau. That is the point of contact for Earth Seal." the scientist replied.

"Then we take over the world and rule everything? And what's Earth Seal? How come you never tell me nothin'?" Gonzap demanded, confined to the plane until they set foot on Johto and he was able to walk again.

"You don't need to know this part." Ein muttered and sifted through his notes, "According to my notes and research, the abilities of the three legendary elemental Pokémon of Hoenn combined could be quite dangerous, but if controlled properly could also create a very short time of perfect weather."

"And we can use this power to create our very own storms and earthquakes? How exciting!" Sera laughed, kicking her feet up. "Seth, darling, you're going to be a little god completely under my control!" She smiled and looked at the frozen image of the Snagger dreamily. "My little weather god..." she whispered.

To Be Continued...

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