This is going to be a one shot, everyone. Well, unless my critics tell me otherwise. Hope it's dark enough for you! ^.~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ He held the gunblade in his hand tightly, the light from the moon reflecting slightly off of the sharp tip. He remembered the exact thoughts that were racing through his head. He thought about how beautiful her virgin blood would look upon his sword. He thought about how harmonious her muffled screams would sound as he cut through her soft, pale skin. " This fallen angel would finally be able to go back to the heavens," he thought. He would release her from the pain of the world. A grin escaped his lips. Yes, he would release her from her pain. He raised the blade high in the air. He looked into Rinoa's mocha colored eyes. He saw the fear, and it made him chuckle slightly. He never feared much in his life. aside from being alone. He bought the blade down, making a beautiful cut on her skin. Rinoa let out a screech of pain. " Squall why?" She asked, softly.

"Ssssh. It'll all be over soon." He whispered back. ((End Sequence)) Squall awoke from his dream, sweat dripping off his brow, " What the hell was that?" He whispered to himself softly. He climbed out of bed slowly. Looking at yet another one of the mysterious women he had bought home. He'd bought home many women day after day from "Snake" this bar he regularly attended. He slept with different women everyday to make himself feel like a man. Every since Rinoa left him, he felt he had nothing left. At times he wanted to kill her, or just beat the hell out of her. But it'd never gone any further then mere thought. She'd left him only six months ago, and never allowed him to see his two year old child. Squall grimaced at the thought. He looked at himself, and felt anger boil up inside. Sure, he had everything. A big house, lots of cars, and all the women he could ever want. But a few things were missing. His wife, and his daughter, and of course, his happiness. They were in the middle of a divorce. All because he made the mistake of sleeping with Quistis. He slammed his fist into the large mirror, watching the cracks spread slowly. He looked at his distorted figure in the broken glass.

"Squally. Is everything okay?" the half naked woman asked, wrapping her arms around him, rubbing his buff chest through his robe.

"I'm fine. Don't you think you should be heading home? I know your husband is worried sick." She smiled, and gave him a small peck on the cheek. " So when can I see you again?"

"Never," he replied simply.

"Never?" she repeated.

"You obviously heard me. You were nothing but a mere sexual release. Thank you, though." He answered simply.

"Bitch." She said under her breath, thinking Squall couldn't hear her. He nodded his head, and removed her well manicured hand from his chest. " You're still here?" He asked coldly.

"Ugh...I hate you!" The woman yelled, picking up her clothes, and her purse and bolting out the door, unclothed.

* Ring, ring* Squall's cellphone rang, vibrating. and falling off his night stand. Squall walked slowly over to the phone, and picked it up, examining the number. It was Zell. He knew if he didn't answer, he would keep calling.

"What, Zell?"

"Hey man! Sup? I was just wondering if you wanted to go to Snake tonight?"

"Nah. I'm gonna stay home tonight. I'm not much in the mood for club hopping."

"Awwwwww." Zell whined on the other end. " Why not? You go every night."

"That's why I said not tonight. I do have a life, Zell!" Squall hung up the phone, and threw it on the spot where his new one night stand once resided. Squall laid back in bed, and stared at the ceiling. He wondered many things, looking up at the ceiling. Like how did he get this way, and why the hell did it have to happen to him? How could he let one woman turn his whole life upside down? Squall frowned. He hated to think that one woman could ruin is whole life. He would find out. He grabbed his jacket. ( The one we all love. ^. ^) and headed out the door. He would put an end to the misery she caused him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

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