Moving forward…

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"What makes you think I didn't want you to bite me?" there was a devilish glint in his eye as his rational sense took leave of him. They had just entered dangerous territory, and he was feeling reckless.

Her breath hitched in her throat at the implication in his words and tone. So you want to fight dirty... "And what makes you think I didn't want to?"

Logan swallowed. "Bite me," he said with little conviction. It was getting harder and harder to breathe.

Max stepped impossibly closer to him, "Where?"


Max and Logan stared at one other, each daring the other to back down, and silently hoping they wouldn't. They stood for about 5 minutes, the challenge in Logan's eyes keeping them locked in their battle of wills. All of a sudden, Max snapped. Capturing his mouth with her own, she proceeded to do just what he asked, biting, nibbling and sucking all at once with an intensity that was both surprising and expected.

Logan, for his part, was completely in heaven, his senses happily clouded by the whirlwind that was Max. He responded to her kisses with just as much passion and intensity, dueling with her for dominance and enjoying the taste that was uniquely hers. Oxygen deprivation became an issue soon after though, and his mouth left hers to burn a hot trail down her throat where he continued his ministrations; biting, sucking and licking… returning the favor.

Max was completely captivated with the man in front of her, who was currently wreaking havoc on her senses. As his mouth left hers, she let out a soft appreciative moan at his ministrations, and moved her hands from his hair to touch the rest of his body. At that moment all she could think of was how good he felt beneath her hands, which had managed to find their way under his shirt and now enjoyed the mixed textures of crinkly hair, soft skin and sinewy muscle.

Logan's hands were less mobile than Max's, resting on the small of her back making random patterns, seeking permission. Max pressed her body closer to his, silently asking him to touch her, granting him permission to work his magic. Logan's hands were suddenly a flurry of movement, moving all over Max, from her hips to her ass they sampled her softness, as his mouth once again moved to reclaim hers in another heated kiss.

So caught up were they with each other, that it was a while before either noticed the ringing phone. Breaking apart reluctantly they looked at each other and grinned sheepishly.

"Told you I wanted you to bite me…" Logan whispered, a smirk forming on his lips. Ringing phone forgotten.

"Told you I wanted to." She countered, voice husky and lips swollen from his ministrations.

Taking in her swollen lips and flushed skin, Logan's smirk turned into a cocky grin, "Still think I'm a baby?" He asked, eyebrows raised in question.

Looking pointedly at his very obvious, un-childlike reaction to her, Max smiled up at him, "Maybe not so much as I thought."

Logan blushed slightly and shifted his weight a little. "I guess I'm gonna have to convince you otherwise." He said moving closer to her again, that gleam back in his eye.

Max took a slight step backwards, "Down boy! Plenty time for that later. First things first, where do we move from here?"

Taking a deep breath, Logan ran a hand through his hair, and looked her in the eye, "Honestly, I don't know. Right now I'm just glad you're still here."

"With my track record, can't really blame you for thinking that." She smiled sheepishly, eyes full of mixed emotions. "So what now, am I your girl?"

Moving a hand to caress her face, Logan smiled back at her, "You've always been my girl."

'You sound pretty confident about that."

"I am."

Max raised an eyebrow at that, "And why is that?"

"I'm Eyes Only, I know everything."

"That smart mouth of yours is not gonna get you anywhere."

"Oh I think it will… and then some." He said, just before capturing her mouth with his, silencing any further conversation for the moment.

The kiss was less heated than their previous one, but no less intense. Hands still roamed and mouths still moaned as Max and Logan lazily took their time to explore each other's mouths, testing the waters in the new twist their relationship had taken.


On the other side of town…

Bling was sitting on his bed, staring at his wardrobe with a frown on his face.

'Man, I got hundreds of clothes in this wardrobe, and I can't find anything wear for a lousy date. Go figure.'

'It's not a lousy date.' Came that other part of his brain that loved to taunt him.

'Still, I still don't know what to wear.'

''Clothes would be a good start.' if the voice had a face, it would be smirking.

'Duh! I need to know what clothes.'

'You're being such a girl. Just put on a shirt and baggies. Its just dinner at TGIF, you're not wining and dining her.'

'Yeah, but I still wanna look good.'

'Ok… go with the blue baggies and the black muscle top.'

'What about shoes?'

'You know I think you have gay tendencies. The black ones. Before you ask, the stud earring is fine.'

'Should I be worried that I'm having a conversation with myself?'

'Yes. Very worried.'


Evening wear finally decided, Bling set it aside and got ready for the rest of night. 30 minutes saw him at the door of #4 Weston, slightly nervous but cocky smile in place.

This cocky smile faded away when the door was open by a 6ft tall muscle-bound hunk of pure blackness, complete with cornrows. The guy, who could have easily been a body builder, was dressed in a wife-beater and shorts, looking very comfortable in next to nothing.

Bling looked at him wondering if maybe he had the wrong place, a part of him hoping he did. Clearing his throat, he squared his shoulders and looked the guy in the eye, "Is this 4 Weston?"

"Yes." Came the short, no-nonsense reply.

"Does Jay live here?"


Bling was starting to get irritated with the guy's short answers. "Do you only answer in monosyllabic words?" he said under his breath, even though he knew that one hit from this guy and he would be in a world of hurt…for a long time.

"No." With that, the guy stepped inside and slammed the door in his face.

Bling stood there staring at the door for a second, completely surprised. He was just about to knock again when it opened again, and out stepped Jay, looking smoking in a red halter top and tight blue jeans.

She smiled at him, and gave him a once over, "Looking good brotha, looking good."

"You don't look so bad yourself."

"That's cos I don't know how to look bad."

"Is that right?" Bling said and opened the door to her side of the car, letting her in.

"Damn straight!" She said as she entered the car.

As Bling got in, he looked at Jay from the corner of his eyes and tried to say casually, "So who was the guy back there?"

She looked at him and just smiled, "Devon." And she left it at that, leaving no room for further discussion.

Sensing she wasn't gonna elaborate, he left it at that and changed the subject, "Sooo…. Wanna catch a movie after dinner? They're showing this cool pre-pulse movie called Taxi. I think it's the kinda thing you'd like."

"Why's that."

"Funny stuff, things go boom sometimes. Queen Latifa and some other white dude; don't remember his name."

"Cool, sure why not. It's not like I've got anything planned the rest of the night."

From there, the talked about anything and everything on their drive to TGIF's. Bling's weirdness about Devon completely forgotten.


Foggle Towers.

Max and Logan were still joined at the lips, but, instead of standing in the middle of the apartment, they had managed to sprawl out on the couch. Logan's hands were currently working their magic under her top, and Max let out an appreciative sigh. I could get used to this.

Suddenly, her stomach rumbled. Breaking away, Logan looked at her, confused at the sound. She looked at him sheepishly and pointed to her stomach.

"Sorry, it's got a mind of its own."

"I suppose I better feed you." He said standing up and moving to the kitchen to whip something up. "What would you like to eat?"

Max looked at him like he was stupid, "Food."

"Yeah, I figured that much out. I'm not that stupid." He said, pulling out pots and pans and already thinking of what to make in his mind.

Max entered the kitchen with him and situated herself on the counter where she could do what she did best - watch Logan cook. "Are you sure about that? Why do you keep a gun in your bathroom... 'fraid someone's gonna come jump you in the shower?" She smirked at him.

Logan looked up at her from slicing vegetables to put in the stir-fry, and grinned, "What makes you think I don't wanna get jumped in the shower?"

Max shook her head at his train of thought, "Didn't your momma teach you not answer a question with another?"

"My momma taught me a lot of things. I just decide which ones suit me best." Logan finished chopping the veggies and mixed them with the noodles and sauce.

"Right." Max said, not knowing what else to say.

"The gun in my bathroom was being cleaned." Then as an after thought he added, "How did you even know it was there, you couldn't have seen me bring it out."

"Saw it the other day while I was snooping around. That reminds me, you're almost out of ice-cream."

"Woman, you're going to ruin me if I try to keep up with your bottomless stomach."

"Well, we can both have fun while it happens." Max replied, throwing him a sassy smile.

Logan just shook his head and dished three-quarters of the pot into her plate, and the rest into his, "Grub's up, Lets eat."

"I thought you'd never finish she said, and took their plates to the dining room as he went to get them something to drink.


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