Link's Hope

Prologue: Two months has passed since Link left to return home and Tetra's been really miserable since he left. Tetra finally decides that she's sick of waiting for him to return and decide to go see him herself.

Chapter one: Sailing to Outset Island

Tetra sat in her room, that all she ever did now, sit in her room being depressed about how Link left her. She didn't want him to leave but he had family and he wanted to make sure that they were safe.

Tetra walked to the window and looked at the beautiful sunset that was making the water sparkle beautifully.

"This sucks!" she said, "Why didn't I go with Link why did I just stay here, I really miss him and I should have gone with him."

Suddenly and idea popped into Tetra's head, they weren't doing much and not sailing anywhere very important they should go see Link.

"Gonzo!" yelled Tetra

The door flew open and Gonzo stood in the doorway, "What is it Miss?"

"Change our course!" she said

"To where Miss?"

"Outset Island," she said

"But Miss the wind is against us now it might take a few days for it to change,"

"I don't care were going to go visit Link."

He sighed, "Alright Miss," said Gonzo then left the room

Tetra sat back down on the bed, a funny feeling laid heavy on her gut, something told her that Link was in trouble, and that she need to see him, maybe it was just her imagination.

Tetra stood up and opened the bedroom door, and walked up onto deck, she looked around all of her men were busy working.

"Miss Tetra," said Gonzo "The wind change direction and we should be to outset before sunrise tomorrow."

Tetra smiled to herself, "Thank you Link," she whispered "Alright,"

Gonzo nodded, "Alright Miss,"

Tetra smiled and walked back down to her room and laid on the bed a stared at the sealing till she fell asleep.

*Next morning*

Tetra woke up and realized that the ship had stopped she jumped up with joy realizing that they were here.

Tetra quickly got changed and ran out of her room, onto the deck of the ship, and onto the empty golden sandy beach.

"I wonder where everyone is."

"Hoy! Tetra!" said a voice

Tetra turned and saw Link little sister "Aryll hello, how are you where's Link,"

Her smile fell from her face and she looked towards the ground.



"What is it?"

"Come see for yourself,"

Tetra and Aryll waked up to Aryll's house.

The door opened and there was a soft weeping coming from inside

"Who's crying?"

"Follow me,"

Aryll climbed up the latter and Tetra followed behind her.

There was a small cot in the back of the room and Link's grandmother was stilling in her rocking chair a small handkerchief covering her eyes she was weeping softly.

"Grandma," said Aryll walking up to her, "Look who's here,"

Link's grandmother removed the handkerchief wiped her eyes and looked at Tetra.

"Oh hello dear how are you?"

"Fine," she said "What's a matter, Where's Link?"

"Um..." said Aryll

Link grandmother began crying softly, "Over here," she said pointing to the cot

Tetra walked over to the cot and a young boy was lying on the cot.

"Link!" she said "Oh my god what happened,"

"He came home a few days ago, he was fine, we had a great time he was telling us about all of his adventures with you and that and this morning I came to wake him up for breakfast and he was pale, and he wouldn't wake up."

"Is he..." began Tetra

"No..." mumbled Link's grandmother

Tetra gave a sigh of relief

"But..." said Aryll

"What?" asked Tetra

"We were talking to the doctor on the island and he..." said Aryll


"Link doesn't have long to live..."

"What?" yelled Tetra

"Yeah," said Aryll "and cure,"

"But...their has to be..." said Tetra

"But the doctor said..." began Aryll

"Well I think I'm going to have to talk to that doctor on Windfall Island,"

"But you're never going to be able to get to that island as quickly with that huge pirate ship of yours..." said Aryll

"Use Link's ship..." said Link's grandma

"What...Oh but I couldn't..."

"Please your Link only chance," said Aryll

She looked at Link's grandma and sister then at Link, "Alright," said Tetra "I will,"


Hey everybody here's the first chapter of the sequel to Tetra's hope, this time Tetra's the hero, I really hope that you like it. Please everyone Read and Review and tell me what you think! I'll update as soon as I can! Thanks!