I was inspired to do this by Sceptile Story Legends Of Houenn

Chapter one may be boring but later chapters will be exciting

This is rated PG13 on the safe side,

Also Pokedex entries I wrote myself but the Pokemon and the Gym Leaders belong to the creators of Pokemon, Jade, her family and trainers all belong to me thought, and Locations belong to the WB as well, I may create some new ones on the way thought Conquering Houenn

Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Journey "Beep" "Beep" A alarm clock went off as a girl around fifteen got up. She had short blonde shoulder hair and Pale Skin. "Jade are you awake?" a voice called from downstairs. "Yeah" Jade mumbled she got out some clothes and got changed. Unlike Normal people who got their trainers License at the age of ten, Jade hadn't got a Pokemon, she only got a License at the age of ten incase she changed her mind about, which she did.

The day before her best friend Melody had left for her journey, which had inspired the young teen, especially after seen a pokemon battle between Melody new Pokemon Mudkip and a Torchic. Jade put on a plain red shirt and light blue shorts on and walked downstairs where her mum, Natalie and her Dad, Harry, and her older brother Ken were sitting at their table, a single pokeball sat in the middle. 'Good Morning Jade" Natalie said cheerfully.

Natalie had long smooth Brown hair and blue eyes, her skin colour was a fair colour. "Hi, where did that Pokeball come from?" Jade asked. "Well I believe its for my little angel who going on her first Journey" Harry said, Harry was tall for a 30 year old man and had green eyes and blondish hair. "Thank you, but are you sure?" Jade asked "Sweetie, we don't want you to go but you been wanting this for years so I think its about time you go on a Pokemon Journey and complete for the Pokemon League" Natalie replied to her daughter. She then picked a bag up and gave it to Jade, also a belt with five pokeballs which were empty. 'What this for?" Jade asked "It contains a Pokedex and a Pokegear, it will tell you where on the map you are and the Pokedex, well you know what that for" Natalie said she picked up the lone pokeball. "And this, Is your first pokemon" Natalie pressed the button and a small red chicken like pokemon came out of it in a flash of white "Oh my god, you got me a Torchic! You guys are the best" Jade squealed. Pink cats like creature sped pass the new trainer and Torchic and hopped onto Ken's lap. "Well I can't believe it my younger sister is going on her Pokemon Journey finally" Ken said, Ken was tall and had black hair which was gelled down and brown eyes. "Here sweetie, $500 just for you" Natalie said handing Jade a wad of cash "Thank you" Jade said. "I am going to miss you all" she said she then looked down at the Torchic, her eyes filled with water "Lets go buddy" Jade replied to the red pokemon "Tor" Torchic chirped happily.

Soon after her family shed some tears and bid farewell Jade was on the road to the town called Oldale Town. She had seen some Pokemon called Wurmples and Zigagoons, which hadn't interested her. She had also run into a Poochyenena, which also didn't interest her ethier. "Hey girl wanna battle?" A trainer asked her "Sure" Jade replied "Okay but I am tough, Go Seedot!" The trainer yelled releasing a small brown coconut pokemon. "Go Torchic!" Jade replied throwing her pokeball into the air. "Torchic!" The red chick pokemon cried out ready for a battle. "Torchic Ember attack!" Jade yelled Torchic spewed flames out towards the Seedot "See" Seedot cried out as it was hit by fire. "Seedot!, Use Tackle" The trainer called out Seedot rushed at Torchic at a fast rate. "Torchic dodge it" Jade shouted Torchic jumped to the left as the seed pokemon ran past it and stopped abruptly in front of Jade almost hitting her. Torchic turned around and was about to use Ember when it stopped seeing that his trainer was in the way. Seedot Trainer saw this and said "Seedot use bide Torchic isn't going to attack if his trainer is in the way" "See" The coconut replied glowing red. 'Torchic use Tackle!" Jade said Torchic looked at Jade then Seedot. He made a decision and ran at the Pokemon at full force and knocked Seedot flying, Into Jade knocking her down and fainting Seedot. "Seedot Return" The trainer said, Seedot vanished into a beam of red. "Tor!" Torchic cried as it ran to its owner, "Nice battle" The trainer said before walking off. Jade got onto her elbows "Same here" Jade said. "I am okay Torchic" Jade replied then she layed back down, Torchic jumped onto her stomach and chirped. "You were good their too" Jade said.

After the battle Jade set off again for Oldale Town. "Bulb" said a voice. "What was that?" Jade asked herself confused she got out Torchic pokeball "Bul" the voice said again "Hello?" Jade called out. She saw a ruffle in the bushes "Torchic come out" Jade said quietly, "Torchic" the pokemon chirped happily. "Quiet" Jade hushed the pokemon and walked towards the bush with the pokemon tailing her. Jade pushed aside some leaves and saw a green pokemon with red big red eyes and a green bulb on its back but it was Obviously hurt. "Is that what I think it is?" Jade said getting the Pokedex out of her bag

Bulbasaur, the plant pokemon Bulbasaur likes to wonder around smelling flowers and staring into the night's sky watching the stars. The Bulb on Bulbasaur back grows bigger every year. On a special day, Bulbasaur from all around gather waiting to evolve. Bulbasaur Evolves into Ivysaur.

"Wow I wanted a Ivysaur now my chance" Jade said her eyes growing in excitement "Torchic Ember" Jade replied but Torchic stood "Tor, Tor" Torchic said signalling that Bulbasaur needed a Pokemon Center fast. "Right" Jade said. She tried to pick the grass Pokemon up but Bulbasaur was a little too heavy for Jade. "Gosh, I knew I should of gained a few pounds" Jade said, "Bulba" The pokemon cried. "Do you need help?" asked a voice behind her Jade swirled around surprised. The Minute she layed her eyes on the speaker she was speechless. The Guy was tall and handsome, his black hair was gelled down and had bright Brown eyes that could be trusted. But that wasn't what stopped Jade in her tracks. He had a build up body, Yet he was only like sixteen or seventeen, she could tell he been working out for am long time. And he had muscles alright. "Y-Y-Yeah, I just need to take this injured to the um what was it? oh yeah Pokemon Center" Jade said too stunned by the guy looks to realised she sounded like a idiot. Literally he was a totally hunk. Jade also noticed a Torchic which was darker then Jade Torchic, and looked like it been training and working out himself and that her own Torchic was drooling over it. "Here let me help" The guy replied he walked past Jade and picked the Bulbasaur with great strength. "How far is the Pokemon Center?" Jade asked, a Sentret scurried touching Jade by the leg but she didn't take notice of it. "Sure it just a little quick walk and we will be their" He said. "You need help with that?" Jade asked as he carried the Pokemon "No thanks I am able to carry Wailmer if I wanted to" he said. They reached the outskirts of Oldale Town. The Two Torchics were tagging along behind them.

They entered the Pokemon Center. It was totally deserted as no trainers had passed by, only a row of Phones stood. Their was a counter but no Nurse. 'Hello Nurse Joy?" The guy yelled out. A women around her 20's come up to the counter, she had long silky black hair, fair skin, Blue eyes and wore a long nurse dress. 'Hi I thought Nurse Joy runs these places?" The man asked "Oh yeah she does I am filling in for her, I am just her cousin, her first family that doesn't look like the others" She replied, she spoke with a accent. "Oh okay" He replied "Can you please heal this guy he was found injured outside of Oldale Town by this beautiful girl" He said winking at Jade, Jade Heart melted the instant he did that, and his smile was the most beautiful thing she had seen. "Sure" The Nurse replied taking Bulbasaur into the next room. "Hey we never introduced ourselves, I am Jade, Jade Sutherland" she replied

"I am Scott, Scott Liens and it's a pleasure to meet you" Scott said. "Looks like our Pokemon are getting on nicely" Jade replied looking at the two Torchics running around.

Meanwhile outside of Oldale Town, Two dark figures stood watching the Pokemon Center "Sir, the Sutherland Girl has started her journey and is in Oldale" The first speaker said. 'Good, as long as her family is out of the way then I can finally get what I came for" The second Speaker said laughing. A small Caterpie was walking by. "And when I get hold of the Chosen One, I will have the Legends of Pokemon" Speaker two smirked, he flicked the Caterpie away.

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