Conquering Houenn

Chapter 9: Reaching the shorelines of Slateport City

"Well I be off now, their probably more people who want me to carry them across" Mr Britney told the four teens.

"Thanks for the ride" Jade said as he sailed back to Petalburg

"Um Jade, could I speak to you for a second" Melody asked her best friend "Sure" Jade told her and she dragged them to a quieter part of the beach. Kate and Scott were setting a volleyball game with them and the pokemon, all the pokemon were out.

"Um, you be my best friend since like forever right?" Melody asked

"Of course I have" Jade smiled

"Then I am about to tell you a secret" Melody told her

"Go right ahead, you know I won't think less of you" Jade said waiting for Melody to spill.

"I-I am gay" Melody said letting out a breathe, Jade was caught off guard "You are what?" Jade exclaimed

"Oh, I knew you would hate me" Melody said "No, I don't hate you sweetie, you just caught me off guard that all" Jade told her

'So, you are okay with it?" Melody asked "Sure, but just don't let Kate know, she a pain in the butt" Jade told her "She is, she didn't seem to" Melody said "Trust me, that what I thought, but she nothing but a boyfriend-stealing slut" Jade said looking in Kate's direction

'Scott your boyfriend?" Melody asked "Not yet, but if that Kate stands in the way I may not have a chance" Jade told her "Is Kate even a beginner?" Melody asked "I don't think she is, she just appeared out of no where and asked us if she could join" Jade said.

'Oh, well maybe she will leave soon" Melody said "besides you have me" Melody told her. Jade smiled as they walked back to the group. "In other news, I have decided to do the Pokemon contests which I already signed up for, we should get going" Jade told them.

'We can play Volleyball later then" Scott said before Kate opened her mouth. They returned their pokemon and headed towards the contest. "So who are you going to use?" Jade asked. "Well, I be training my Feebas and when I let him out, he wants to evolve into Milotic" Melody said releasing her pokemon. "Fee" Feebas said as he stared at the teens. "Feebas, you were the second pokemon I caught, and you stayed loyal, but now its time for the evolution, you sure you want to go through with this?" Melody said as she crouched down to Feebas. "Feebas" He said nodding his head then he started glowing white "Here it goes" Melody breathed in as Feebas grew longer and bigger. "Milo" Milotic said as the light faded. "Okay here we go" Melody said as they entered the building. They waited in the contest room where people wait for their turns. "I am twentieth ninth" Melody told them and she and Milotic waited for the moment to arrive.

"Scott I am just going to go and walk around okay" Kate told him, Scott nodded his head.

"Thanks for offering to come with me" Kate mumbled as she walked out.

"So what should I do" Kate wondered as she walked outside.

Kate sat down at a table outside of a restaurant and read the newspaper which was laying about.

"Lets see, Gym Leader Fortee city Winona recounts her days when she was thrown aboard from a ship and separated from her family" Kate read "This sounds awfully familiar" Kate said reading on.

"I was on the boat with my darling husband Simon and daughter Kate when we were attacked by a Sharpedeo and I was along with Kate pokemon Combensken thrown into the water, the next thing I know Combensken was gone and I was washed ashore from Slateport City, I also had lost my ring on the beach and couldn't find it" Winona said.

"Mum?" Kate said realising that Winona the Fortee city gym leader was indeed her mum. "Why did I know this, all this time when I visit the Gym to watch the flying pokemon battle weak trainers.. I was staring at my long-lost mum" Kate said. Kate ran all the way to the pokemon center and got on the phone with her dad. Someone answered but it wasn't her dad "Hi, can I speak to my dad please" Kate asked "I am sorry but your dad in a important meeting and cannot be disturbed right now, Can I leave a message?" The person asked. Kate looked down at the phone "No thanks" Kate said hanging up. "That why we left to live Lilycove for a while, then we moved to Fortee again but father took me to Petalburg to get back at Jade and her dad.

"Dad, why didn't you tell me, damn it" Kate shouted she kicked a bin over in the pokemon center "Excuse me but I will have to ask you to leave" Nurse Joy said coming up to her. "Whatever jackass" Kate yelled as she stormed out of the center and stormed down the beach where she though that her mother would have been washed up long time ago.

"Why didn't you tell me!" Kate yelled of course no response, I was alone, thinking mum was dead, but you didn't tell me she was the Gym Leader" Kate cried, she kneeled down and tears rolled down.

The next contester is Melody Benson from Littleroot town" The announcer said. 'Ready friend" Jade said "Yeah we are ready" Melody said

"Then go out and do what you can, we be in the stands" Jade told her.

Milotic and Melody walked out. "Melody, don't be nervous or your pokemon will feel it" Scott called out as she went into the field. Milotic stood waiting for Melody to give her orders. "Now lets see what Melody will use" He said. "Milotic Hydro Pump" Melody ordered. "Milo" Milotic said as he sprouted water from his mouth, The water glittered. "Nice job, since you just evolved" Melody told him. "Now try a dragonbreath!" She said, she saw Scott and Jade up in the stands with Heracross and the two Torchics. Milotic released a breathe of green fire which worked nicely. "Okay the judges now will give out their points" The judge said. She had 8.8, 9.1 and 9.8 tied with another trainer.

"Okay we are on the next round, lets see who going against who" He said, the board showed 5 people left, Melody was one of them.

A few minutes later she and Milotic was facing a trainer named Carry, she had brown short hair, brown eyes, she wore a white shirt and red pants. The pokemon was a Butterfree, it was blue all over and had big red eyes.

"Butterfree, Stun Spore!" Carry cried out, Butterfree released spores but Milotic got away.

"Hydro Pump!" Melody ordered "Milo!" Milotic said pouring out water at Butterfree who could not escape in time, half of her damage was taken, they had 2 more minutes before the winner was decided. "Butterfree Psybeam!" Carry shouted, Butterfree let out a beam of coloured light which Hit Milotic making the bar go way up just an inch from it ending. "10 seconds to go" The judge shouted "Dragonbreath!" Melody yelled and closed her eyes 'Butter" she heard. "And the final winner of this contest is Melody Benson!" The judge called out. Melody opened her eyes, Butterfree was returned 'Milotic we did it!" Melody said hugging her pokemon. "Congrations Melody you earned the ribbon" The announcer said. "Thank you" Melody accepted it. Jade and Scott came running down. "Sweetie you did it!" Jade told her hugging her.

Once the excitement was over the teens walked out and prepared for Mauville. "I think maybe we should wait for a while" Scott suggested "Check out the sights and all" 'Sure why not, and we can celebrate for Melody too" Jade said. Kate came up their "Well done" Kate said to Melody she then ran to the center. 'What wrong with her?" Melody asked "I don't know" Jade said, it was obviously that she had been crying.

I know this was one of the crappiest chapter I made, and that the contest wasn't any better. I promise I make it up to you guys with the next chapter and SPP Drama Series. And also Cookies and Ice-cream for everyone Hands out yummy Ice-Cream and cookies Anyways back to business. Next Chapter on Conquering Houenn: Chapter 10: The Date Scott asked Jade out on a date and she says yes, When they go on the Date don't expect totally romance, Kate tries to sabotages its so she can have Scott herself, in progress of hurting Melody so she stays away from Scott too she learns that Melody is Gay. Melody asked a girl out who pretends to be gay and stands her up.