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Road outside Norfolk Docks

Norfolk, VA

1935 ZULU


"Well Mrs. Webb are you ready to go on our honeymoon?" Webb asked taking a hold of Mac's hand where is his ring was now on her third finger.

"Well, I don't see why not." Mac shrugged, looking out the window, she was married and she wasn't happy like she thought she would be, instead she felt like she had betrayed someone and empty. It was just beginning to rain and in the distance Mac saw the outline of carrier and then it hit her. This was wrong she shouldn't be doing this.

"CLAY! Pull over!"


"NOW!" Mac ordered. Webb did as he was told and Mac quickly removed Webb's ring and handing it to him jumped out of the car and ran across the wet street and over to the nearest gate of the Norfolk docks. She skidded to a halt in front of the armed Marine at the gate entrance.

"Corporal I need to get in there before the Seahawk leaves." She pleaded.

"Ma'am I can't let you in while she is docked unless you are boarding."

"Look Corporal I have to get in there the man I love is about to get on a hip for three months and if you don't let me in I am going to make sure you get court martialed."

"I will only let you in if you have you military ID." He said.

"Oh fine here, now can I go?" Mac flashed her military ID and the Corporal opened the gate, which Mac quickly ran through. The Corporal called after her,

"Ma'am it's all the way at the end." Mac heard him but just kept running, her heels clicking on the hard cement.

She reached the last dock where the Seahawk was tied gasping for breath and soaking wet. She tried to approach the ship, but another Marine stopped her.

"Ma'am authorized personnel only."

"Look I need to get on that pier the man I love is about to walk out of my life and maybe forever."

"Look ma'am that is a romantic story and all but…" The marine blabbered on….

Harm was climbing the gangway with his duffel in one hand and he turned and looked at the gates leading off the pier. Mac was out there somewhere married to Webb by now and there was nothing he could do about it. He saw Mattie and Jen walking out to his car to take it back to their apartment and continue with their lives for three months. He also noted a woman out of the small crowd still gathered around the ship in a white skirt and jacket set talking with the Marines. She seemed to be very upset, by the way she kept pointing at the ship and shaking her head which caused her wet dark brown hair to shake with it. He couldn't see her face but her figure and everything about her looked so familiar.

Just like Mac. He thought to himself as he turned away to continue to board, when a shout stopped him.

Mac was still trying to convince the Marines to let her through when she saw him. Harm was standing there towards the top of the gangway, and her heart leapt. There he was right there on the gangway and turning away form her.

I have to stop him, here goes nothing! Mac thought and then she shouted at the top of her voice and tried to pass the Marines who caught her by the arms so all she could do was shout.


Harm turned to the source of the voice and through the mist and light rain he saw her. Mac was there and she was the woman in the white suit. Two Marines held her back so she couldn't run towards him. He immediately dropped his duffel and ran down the gangway as fast as he could, jostling the remaining crew trying to get aboard. When he reached the Marines Mac relaxed slightly and when they let go of her she closed the distance between her and Harm who grabbed her up in a warm embrace.

"Oh Harm, I thought you left already, oh I was so wrong, I'm so sorry." Mac broke into open sobs and leaning against him cried openly onto his uniform. Harm held her for another minute before pulling back.

"Hey Mac, shh. Don't worry it's okay I'm right here, but I have to ask why aren't you on your way to your exotic honeymoon?" Mac wiped the tears off her face and smiled.

"That is well something that took a lot of time the night before last. You see, I started to get cold feet after I saw your orders and so I filed for an annulment ahead of time just in case I changed my mind it could always be undone. Normally they don't let you do that but thanks to my wonderful lawyering skills and a couple hundreds for a tip I did it. It won't take affect until… well five minutes ago. Also just in case when we signed the marriage license I signed it wrong with your last name instead of Webb's and he won't know for at least another hour or two, until those CIA wienies figure it out." Harm stared at Mac amazed at what she just said, he really needed to clarify this,

"So you are telling me that you are not married?"

"Yes weren't you listening?" Harm was relieved and so overcome with joy that he picked Mac up and spun her around before setting her back down and kissing her full on the mouth. They kissed each other with the passion that had been penned up inside them for so many years and finally in the rain on a dock in Norfolk they were letting out. Nothing else around them existed. When they finally couldn't continue it without becoming a rather colorful display of passion and desire they pulled apart both gasping for breath.

One of the Marines whistled and said to his buddy,

"Now that was what I call a kiss man! Did you see the way their…"

"Dude I really don't need a play by play, but I would say that it was the number one kiss in all eternity."

"When you two have finished judging us would you kindly excuse yourselves so that I can have some time with my fiancée?" Harm asked politely but with a firm tone.

"Of course sir." They both said and then scampered off. Harm looked down at Mac whose chocolate eyes were looking up at him in confusion.

"What? Do you not want to be engaged to me? I mean you already signed one marriage license as Sarah Rabb." Harm teased. Mac rolled her eyes and replied,

"Well of course I do but I have to ask where is the ring and why aren't you down on one knee."

"Would you believe that I left it in my sock drawer, and I have to report to the Skipper on the Seahawk in,"

"Commander Rabb! What is the hold up we are waiting on you, am I going to have to report you for not showing up for duty?" The Skipper of the Seahawk said stepping up beside them. Harm and Mac both snapped to attention and were quickly ordered to at ease.

"Hello Colonel I wasn't expecting to see you and doing what you were doing, which well…Commander please say goodbye to the Colonel and get your six on my ship. We need to get underway."

"Aye, aye sir." Harm said and the Skipper turned and walked back towards the ship. Harm then turned back to Mac, the rain had ceased now and there was the faintest trace of sunlight shining through the heavy clouds. Mac had silent tears starting down her face, Harm wiped them away with his thumb and said,

"Don't worry I'll be back and I will call and write and e-mail as often as I can, just promise you will wait on me?"

"Of course, always."

"Good, will you…"

"Yes Harm I will watch Mattie and try not to drive myself crazy missing you."

"Alright then Mac I will see you three months then."

"Right." Mac said turning away.

"Hey don't I get kiss goodbye or is my Marine too tough for that?" Harm asked and Mac gave him a quick but passionate kiss.

"There is that better?"

"Yup." Harm turned and started to walk away, when Mac said,

"When you get back can we have a big wedding and maybe afterward could I maybe help take your dress whites off?" Harm turned and cocked an eyebrow at her, before answering,

"Yes of course, what my Marine wants my Marine gets just as long as you iron all the wrinkles out of my whites after they have laid in a heap on the floor as I am sure they will. Now I have to go before I get a serious ass chewing so I'll see you in three months Ninja- Girl."

"I love you, Flyboy and please be safe."

"I love you too and I will be as safe as a fighter jock can be." Harm gave her a kiss on the cheek and jogged across the dock and up the gangway where he stopped to grab his duffel and climbed aboard. Mac watched his retreating back and when it was out of sight she turned and began the long walk out.

By the time she reached the main gate the initial joy of finally being Harm's had been replaced by the sadness that consumed her at the fact she wouldn't see him for several months. She slowly walked out and when she looked up before she crossed the street she almost burst out in laughter. What was once Webb's black Lexus was now a pile of twisted metal and a very upset spook threw his phone on the ground and smashed it into the pavement. Mac approached him cautiously.

"Hello, what happened to the car?"

"Oh hi Sarah, well let's just say while you were on the docks I got out to make a call an eighteen wheeler decided to turn my beautiful Lexus into a speed bump."

"Oh I see, and where is the truck."

"We swapped info and he took off and we are going to have to postpone honeymoon I'm afraid."

"No we won't" Mac stated confidently.

"Why?" Webb asked.

"Because you don't have a wife."

"In case you were having an out of body experience this morning, we got married."

"No you and Sarah Rabb got married then forty five minutes ago your marriage to Sarah Mackenzie has been annulled." Mac smiled.

"Rabb. I knew it, I knew it was too good to be true. What a great way to end a week, first my now ex-wife/ex-fiancée/girlfriend just got my marriage annulled and now my Lexus was totaled." Webb laughed bitterly.

"Well gee you don't have to be so happy about it." Mac stated. She had already stabbed him emotionally why not twist the knife.

"You are never going to guess whose fiancée I am now, and we are having a big wedding when he gets back." Mac said dangling the bait. She had had told Webb to jump now all he had to do was say how high.

"Rabb, I know, man you really know how to put salt on a wound."

"I'm a Marine bringing pain to my enemies is my job."

"Ha ha very funny. Now why don't you get a cab or something." Webb snapped, Mac laughed and then turning on her heel she waved at the cab driver across the street, who drove across and opened the door for her.

"Well Webb it's been an adventure, now if you will excuse me I have to go look in a sock drawer." She climbed in and as the driver pulled away she left Webb standing there a very confused and brokenhearted spook.


Harm's Apartment

North of union Station

2135 ZULU

"What are you looking for Mac?" Mattie asked curiously as Mac went through Harm's sock drawer.

"Oh it's nothing much Mattie." Mac asked, taking the last pair of socks out and looking at the wooden bottom of the drawer, it was empty.

"I don't believe you. Wait a minute! I know what you're looking for, see that little chip in the wood in the bottom right corner?" Mattie directed.

"Yes." Mac nodded

"Push on it and it just a minute a square of wood will pop up and what you're looking for is in there." Mac did as Mattie instructed, and to her surprise she found what she was looking for. Pulling the velvet box out she opened it and placed the beautiful gold engagement ring on her finger. She decided to wear it until he got back a proposed properly. The diamond glittered brilliantly in the soft light and Mac smiled to herself. Something in her life was finally going right and maybe just maybe her life's puzzle would be nearly complete, the only piece missing would be several children playing in a yard with green grass and a dog, but that could wait. She wasn't really looking forward for having to carry around a baby for nine months even though the thought made her feel a little giddy. She could wait and that is exactly what she would do, Harm was the only one that would make her happy and of that she was sure. She had chosen the Flyboy over the Spook and was anxiously awaiting the many interesting memories that would certainly fill her life with joy and happiness.

The End