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A/N: I myself am a softball player, which inspired me to write this short little story.


Greg Sanders flies into the break room, hardly able to contain his excitement.

"Let me guess," says Nick. "You finally got a girl to say yes."

"Oh, cold man," says Warrick.

"No, dude. Even better. They're letting me play in the Night vs. Days interoffice softball game on the 26th!" spurts out Greg.

"Oh, you got roped into that too?" asks Catherine.

"Hey, I forgot that was coming up," Grissom says. "I believe everyone in this room is signed up to play."

"Well, me, you, Nick, Greg, Sara and Warrick make 6, but aren't there supposed to be at least 9?" Catherine asks Grissom.

"Kudos, Catherine! I had no idea you knew that much about softball. Okay, quick, what's the difference between softball and baseball?" Greg comments.

"Watch it, Sanders," warns Catherine. "For your information, I kick ass at short."

"Yeah, man," replies Warrick. "I saw her last year. She really does."

"Well, who else is on the line-up?" Sara asks, with little enthusiasm.

"Guess who used to play little league," Grissom says.

"No. Fuck no," says Nick. "Hodges? That bitch thinks he has the balls to play softball?"

"Excuse me, but I think softball is meant to be a girls' sport," corrects Sara. "We still need two more players."

"Grover and Callahan are signed up to play."

"Okay, well, don't forget that we only get 3 practices and the first is on Sunday. Be there," says Grissom.


After three short practices, one in which they lost half an hour of their time trying to get the dayshift off the field, nightshift was almost ready. The line up, written in batting order, reads as follows:

Warrick Brown 3rd Base
Greg Sanders Catcher
James Callahan 1st Base
Catherine Willows Shortstop
Gil Grissom 2nd Base
Brady Grover Center Field
Nick Stokes Pitcher
David Hodges Right Field
Sara Sidle Left Field

Sitting on the bench are other workers, all of whom receive little to no playing time. Coaching is Ballistics tech Eric Johnson, who played professional baseball in college

And so the game begins...


The game rules state that no inning will begin 1 hour and 45 min. after the game has started. Due to the lack of practice that the teams were allowed, the 6 run rule is in effect (either 3 outs or 6 runs before switching). . tbc