It had been three days since the Saturday test. Momiji was at his home sitting on the couch, watching the television and lightly cursing under his breath about the media's continuing interpretation of the incident between Daijobi and David. "They've got the whole damn thing wrong, David didn't start it! That idiot started it days before! They didn't even mention what Daijobi did on the track," he continued to mumble while the phone rang. Momiji finally stood up and answered it aggravated, "Hello!"

"Well, I see you have seen the news," Haruka answered back.

"Yeah, making like David was the bad guy. Hey, I'm still sorry for messing up 'Kazetori.'"

"Don't worry about it, it's been roughed up worse than that, you know."

"Yeah, I do know first hand. Being my first real race car before the RX-7, I was allowed some mistakes. Has it been treating you good?"

"Yes, very good. She got me three wins this year! Definitely better than that old MR-2 I was running."

"Hell, anything was better than that!" Momiji teased, "What do you think will happen to David?"

"Well, with him being a rookie and all, probably just a probation. How long, I can't tell you," Haruka guessed.

"I sure hope so, he doesn't need any worse."

"Aguri-san will take care of him, you know that."

"I know, 'sis,' but that damn Kona has me worried."

"Yes, him being friends of the Kamata family does have me worried as well, 'brother.'" Momiji sighed after Haruka's words, then she reassured, "Kona does not have total control of the GT-A, he won't get his way."

"Yeah, not totally," he replied.

"Well, Moji, I have to go," Haruka sighed out.

"Okay, I'll see you later, 'sis.'" Momiji hung up the phone when the other end went dead. He grabbed his keys and got into his 1970 Boss Mustang, which he built from the ground up. His father helped him import it from America, Momiji took care of the rest of the car. It had a restored 302 cubic inch V-8 Boss engine and a Richmond built five speed transmission with a Ford nine inch rear end and a Ford Motorsport built "Detroit" Locker Dana 60. It was noisy, loud and the straight cut gears in the transmission would whine all the time, but Momiji loved it. It was the raw essence of what racing used to be. It was painted black with gold pinstripes highlighting the car to somewhat replicate the "John Player's Special" Lotus of the 1970's Grand Prix Racing Championship car. It had the JPS that the Lotus wore on it's side pod fuel tanks, on the rear fascia just beside the "running horse" emblem. On the inside, EF was on the headrest area of the seats. They were he initials of his hero in racing, Emerson Fittipaldi, the youngest winner of the World Championship in Grand Prix history. As the garage door opened, Momiji started the old car up, having to step on the gas a couple of times to prime the carburetor and a half more to engage the choke. It fired right on up, and began to lightly sputter from the choke being on. He lightly tapped the gas and it cleared right up. He rolled out of the clutch, onto the gas, and the Mustang rolled right out.

When he was at stops, Momiji would get varying stares. From those who admired, to those who queried, to those of disgust that a Japanese man would drive such an unsophisticated, and un-Japanese, car. Most of those negative stares came from the older men, the older women wondered who would drive such a monstrous and loud car. He didn't care, it was his car, he built it, it was his and his alone. No one else had one like his, no one else will. When the heads would shake from the older men, he let them know why he liked his car with a twin stretch of Goodyear rubber over sixty feet long and each patch eight and a half inches wide. The younger men would give him a thumbs up or a victory sign when he did that, they most approved of this display of torque and horsepower. Momiji would wave back, accepting their approval. An idea stuck his head and he pulled over to the curve. He took out his cell phone and a small piece of paper. On it was a series of digits to a girl's home which he was starting to get a feeling for. He wanted to find out what the feeling was, so he called her, to dig deeper into this feeling and see what it meant. Momiji looked into the rearview mirror and saw a reflection of a man he didn't recognized at first. "If I dig deep enough, I will find out who this man is staring back at me. To see if it is a man in love, or a man who is fooled and thinks he is. That, I will find out," he said to himself.

The phone rang at Rei's temple and Yuuichiru answered, "Good Morning, this is the Hikawa Shrine, Kamada, Yuuichiru speaking."

The sound of a male voice stuck Momiji, but he thought nothing of it, "Um, yes, my name is Kaneishi, Momiji. Is Hino-san there?"

A male voice made Yuuichiru feel odd as well, "Do you mean Hino-Sensei or Rei-san?"

"Rei-san, please," Momiji answered.

"I, see," Yuuichiru said, "one moment." Over the phone, Momiji heard him ask for Rei, but Yuuichiru quickly came back, "It seems Rei-san isn't here," he began but was cut short as Rei's voice was heard.

"What did you need, Yuuichiru-san?" She had asked.

"Um, well," Yuuichiru stammered, but sucked it up, "it's the phone. Someone looking for you, Rei-san."

"Oh, who is it?"

"Some guy named Kaneishi," he mumbled.



She smiled and blushed, "I'll take it." Yuuichiru, though more reluctant upon seeing her face, gave her the phone.


"Good Evening, Hino-san," Momiji replied.

"Please, call me Rei-san!"

"Ok, Rei-san," Momiji complied with the request, "how are you this lovely evening?"

"Very, very well, Kaneishi-san," she smiled brightly. Her reaction made Yuuichiru more jealous.

"Please, call me Momiji-san or Moji-san, makes me feel more comfortable," he also requested.

"Oh, of course, Momiji-san," she also complied. Yuuichiru became even more jealous and walked away. "What's with him?" she wondered to herself.

"Are you busy this evening?" Momiji snapped Rei out of the thought.

"No, I don't believe so."

"Would you like dinner, on me?"

"Dinner? Momiji-san, are you asking me on a date?"

"Depends on the outcome of his dinner. If all goes well, I hope to go on many a 'date.'"

"What if the outcome isn't that good?" Rei asked.

"Then, I hope we had a good time and will become better friends in the end. I have to remain positive, you know."

"That was a sly answer," Rei responded. Momiji began to worry that he was a bit strong but she answered with, "Sounds like it will be fun. What time will you be here?"

"Well, I can be there in just a few minuets, but if you need more time," he began to reply.

"Don't worry, you can sit in here and wait, can't you?"

"Sure, why not. It will help me get to know you," he replied back.

"Another sly answer," she lightly began to flirt, "Okay, I will see you in a few minuets."

"Alright, see you, Rei-san," Momiji hung up the phone and he began his journey to seek the way to uncloak the man in the mirror.

Momiji stopped the car just a few feet from the steps of the temple. "It's been a while since I had to climb stairs like these," he thought to himself. He stepped out of the Mustang and began to make the climb. Upon reaching the summit, he saw a small Shinto shrine. It had a bell in front and cherry trees surrounding it, though he was not part of the religion, he still felt at ease because of the sight. Two crows squawked when he drew closer to the shrine, "Hello? Rei-san?"

"Well, good evening young man! Are you here to whisk my young grand-daughter away?" Grandpa Hino asked.

Momiji smiled and responded, "I suppose so."

"Good! Good! And maybe you will court her, too?"

Startled, Momiji tried to think of a good, yet not so anxious, response, "Well, if it does come to that, you will be the first to know."

"Even better! Come in! Rei-chan is almost ready! Come and drink a bit of Sake with me!"

"Sorry, but I must decline. I don't like driving while I've drank."

"Ah, a very wise young man at that! You will be perfect for her."

Momiji was surprised how well he and Rei's grandfather were getting along. He almost wondered if the old man was a bit out of it, but didn't think about it as he went inside. "He just might be that friendly, that's all," he thought to himself. Momiji sat in front of Grandpa Hino on a traditional mat for this shrine. "It is pretty nice to get away from a city like environment for a bit," he said aloud.

"Yes, the city is a bit much for an old man like me, but I will 'venture the waters' every once in a while. So, how long until you court my grand-daughter?" Grandpa asked again.

"Well, um," Momiji stumbled a bit, "This would probably be our first date, Hino-san."

"What do you mean by probably?"

"Huh, well, that's to say that I am very hopeful it will be one of many to come, of course."

"Ah, that's what I like to hear, but let's not be hopeful, let's be positive it is the first of many, many more to come from now until you two are married," Grandpa Hino smiled and then added, "but not too many!"

"Um, yes, of course," Momiji nervously smiled.

"Now, the best time to marry is the," Grandpa began but was cut off.

"Grandpa! How many times do I have to tell you that not every guy is going to marry me!" Rei yelled to him. For the second time he had seen her, Rei took Momiji's breath away. She wore a dark red dress that held itself against her body tight enough to show her fit features, but not enough to give everything away. She was wearing a lipstick and high heels that matched the color of her dress.

"Wow, she's beautiful," he nearly said out loud.

However, Grandpa's ears were sharp this night, "Ah, so you approve? A good step!"

"Uh, yes," Momiji said caught off guard then thought to himself, "Very much approve."

Rei began to blush then said, "Grandpa, you are embarrassing me!"

"Why should you be embarrassed about a man who thinks you are beautiful? This is why I can't seem to get you married!"

"Grandpa!" the anger in her tone gave away the fact he was going a bit too far.

"Hey, let's get going, shall we?" Momiji spoke up, "I was able to get a reservation at a very good restaurant near the waterfront."

"Very expensive?" Grandpa asked.

"Um, well," Momiji began to wonder how to answer.

"Don't worry about it, money doesn't buy me," Rei spoke before he could answer. Momiji smiled as a thank you, for both the reason he didn't have to answer and for being a girl who doesn't care about total status. He held his arm out and Rei instinctively put hers around and walked with him out the door, "Bye, Grandpa!"

"Bye, please take care of my Grand-daughter," he responded. Rei was happy that he finally was acting like he was supposed to, until, "Marry her soon!"

She sighed out loud and said, "Please ignore him, he is quite the fool sometimes, but he is still my Grandpa."

"It's ok," Momiji responded, "I'm sure he's just looking out for your best interests. He obviously cares for you very much, just as a grandparent should."

Rei smiled, "Yes, he does despite his often perverted streaks."

Momiji chuckled, "It's sometimes good to be open like that. Means your not so uptight to talk."

"More of that wit, I see?" Rei chuckled back, "I like that." She then thought to herself, "Better than that idiot, Yuuichiru, that's for sure." At the foot of the stairs to the temple, Momiji led her to the passenger side of his Mustang and helped her in. "Quite a gentleman, somewhat reminds me of Mamoru," she thought to herself. Momiji then sat down into the driver's seat and started it up, the loud roar of the American V-8 nearly startled Rei, "It seems you and David-san have a few things in common."

"What, you mean the loud cars?" he smiled and said over the rumble, "Yeah, we do, just do it in different ways." He rolled out of the clutch and the 302 Cubic Inch monster rolled forward and onto their intended destination. It was warm enough to have the windows down this night, causing Rei's hair to be a bit wild and flow with the wind coming in. Momiji looked over towards her for a bit, the setting sun caused her to silhouette against it, with her hair coming in every so often. It only accented her beauty and made him start to feel exclusive to have the chance to be with her. "You know, looking over there makes me feel lucky to have a chance to be with you like this, Rei-san," Momiji said pleasingly.

Rei smiled and said, "Thank you, Momiji-san, that was very thoughtful of you to say. You're marvelous with your words and If you're just as marvelous with your treatment of me, this will be the 'first of many dates.'"

Momiji smiled back and pulled up to the canopy of the restaurant, it was fancy enough that it had a guy waiting to park your car. However, Momiji got only one look on the kid's face and decided, "I'll let you out here, I'd rather park my car myself."

Rei chuckled and asked, "Afraid he'll scratch something?"

"No, just he won't be able to drive it. It's not your average car, you know. I had to import most of the parts and put it together myself," he responded.

"You built it yourself?" she said, astonished.

Momiji nodded and said, "Hey, better get going, got another guy behind me." Rei smiled, got out, then told the disappointed young man the bad news. Momiji waived and yelled, "Be right back." A few minuets later, he came back and led her in. He bowed at the man with the reservation book, "Good evening, Kaneishi for two."

"Good evening, Kaneishi-sama," he bowed as well, "Welcome to UmiAme. This way, please." They both followed the man through to their table, "A waiter will be with you shortly, please enjoy our services." The man bowed once more before leaving, he thought to himself, "To have a man of his celebrity! How wonderful! I have a feeling nothing will go wrong tonight."

As David was driving home from his meeting with the GT-A that evening, he decided to stop by Makoto's and see if she would like to hang around together. He was driving his Titan this time, which was jacked up three more inches than stock using some experimental suspension parts Nissan and Skyjacker, a four wheel drive suspension company from America, were working together on and 35 inch tall BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A tires wrapping around Nismo one off off-road wheels. The tires were wide enough that special fender extenders were needed to keep it road legal. A snorkel kit was also added for water crossing, it would keep the engine from breathing water. All around the truck were brush guards to protect the body and lights, the front brush guard had six inch 130 watt off-road lights and a wench that was capable of pulling 15,000 pounds, more than he would probably need, but they were there. Inside, the seats were Rubicons made by MasterCraft and were made to cushion the impacts from off-roading. From the seat time that David had in a similarly equipped Ford F-150, they worked exceptionally well. The seat belts were just like Fairlady's five belt configuration, but they were formed to be held in by the roll cage around the cab of his truck. The roll cage was there incase it ever decided to roll on him if he messed up a rock crawl or worse and it's padding was the same color of the interior. It also had bars welded on the A-pillars for passengers to hold on to while climbing in. The only thing that made David kind of not like it was the fact it was automatic and not a manual, he didn't like not being in control of something about the car or truck, especially something like what gear to be in. He pulled into the parking spot just in front of her apartment and got out.

David walked up the stairs and knocked on her door. "Aisatsu (Greetings)!" Makoto responded.

"Hey, Mako, it's David!"

"Oh, just a minuet!" she hurried to the door and unlocked the locks, "Hey, how are you?"

"I'm alright, just wonderin' if y'u wanted to go ridin' with me?"

She smiled, "I would normally say yes, but I have a friend coming over."

"Oh, I see. You want me to come back tomorrow?"

Makoto shook her head and said, "No, I want you to meet all of my friends! Please, stay?"

David nodded and smiled, "A'ight."

As David began to walk in, Makoto stopped him, "You have to take your shoes off first."

"Oh, right, don't want your floor dirty."

"Well, it's not that. It's a Japanese tradition for good luck."

David's eyes got wide and said, "Oh, boy."

She chuckled and asked, "What's wrong?"

"You don't know how superstitious a race car driver is, do you?"

"Oh, boy," she laughed.

"Yeah, now I'm goin' to be doin' this all the time!" he lightly laughed with her. Soon, the sound of a street bike could be heard pulling into the apartment parking lot. It was an older model of the Kawasaki Ninja made in late 1990's, "Who's that?"

"That's my friend, Shinosaki Miyake. He's been a friend of mine since I was small, not sure of exactly how old, though."

"He know English?"

"Yeah, he actually got lessons to help me when I was learning it. Somewhat funny, though, I had to help him more because the English that most schools in Japan use is a Japanese English. Not exactly correct, but close enough to at least talk to people from the US and UK."

"How come your other three friends aren't too good with it?"

"The blondes are just goofy and aren't the greatest at paying attention in class, unless it involved a handsome man. Rei goes to a school that doesn't teach English, one of the few that don't."

"I see," David said.

Shinosaki wondered who that guy was standing next to Makoto and said in Japanese, "Hey, Mako-chan!"

She replied back, "Hi, Shino-kun! Come on up!"

"Who's that?"

"Goddard, David-kun, he's from America and he doesn't know Japanese. You'll have to speak mostly English tonight. Sorry, Shino-kun."

"David-kun? A new boyfriend?"

Makoto was somewhat stunned and didn't know how to answer. David saw her look and smiled, "Hey, bubba, Mako may have said this already, but my name's David. How 'bout you come up and stop all this yellin'? It'll keep our throats from bein' sore later on."

Shinosaki nodded and said in English, "Sure, be up in just a moment."

"Seems friendly enough," David said to Makoto.

"You two will get along just fine," she replied, smiling, "It takes a lot to get him upset."

"That's good," David said just before Shinosaki rounded up the stairs.

Shinosaki then bowed to David and said, "Good evening, David-san."

"Evenin', and I prefer David or Dave," he said with his hand out.

"It's how we show respect, but, since you are a friend of Mako-chan's I will call you David then."

"Lets go in," Makoto said.

Both of the young men followed her inside, Shinosaki leading David. "So, you are the American driver that the news is talking about?" Shinosaki asked.

"Uh, yeah," said David, who was becoming embarrassed about how the media was portraying him.

Shinosaki noticed, "Don't worry about it. I know Daijobi and I know how corrupt the media is. Any one who knows them will stand behind you without a second thought, even me."

David started to feel better, "Thanks, that really means a lot t' me."

Shinosaki nodded and Makoto added, "Any one who stands behind Daijobi has a hand or two in his pocket. That's the only way he has friends."

"Yeah, I heard his father is no help to this, either," said Shinosaki.

"No, he is not," Makoto agreed, "Especially in the behavior department, what you see in Daijobi you will see in his father. A conniving, womanizing, self-righteous bastard." David and Shinosaki were surprised by her description. They both never thought she would say something like that. "What? I'm a big girl, I can say those things."

"No offence, deary," said David, " just never came across bein' able to say something so unlady like." He then smiled, "Doesn't bother me, though."

"Oh?" Makoto laughed.

"Nope, not at all."

"Good," Makoto nodded. At about the same time a small rumble and an explosion could be heard from the distance. Then, Shinosaki's and Makoto's communicators went off, with Shinosaki's vibrating inside his pants pocket.

"What on earth was that?" David asked.

"Not sure, but I think it caused my alarm clock to mess up," Makoto fibbed to protect her secret.

"Excuse me, I must use the lavatory for a moment," Shinosaki stated.

"Lavatory? What, oh yeah, British term for bathroom," David said.

"Yes, me and Shino-kun will mix and use American and British terms. Remember, my father went to both countries," Makoto reminded him, "Let's see if the news has anything on what just happened." As she turned on the TV, the image of a burning building faded in, then a reporter began to explain the situation in Japanese. Then something caught David's eyes.

"That car," David said to himself, "it's a 1970 Mustang, it looks like," he turned to Makoto, "Where is that at?"

"It's a restaurant near the port leading into Tokyo," Makoto slightly hesitated then thought to herself, "We can't change in front of David, it will not only put him in grave danger, but us as well! Please don't say," She was interrupted in her thoughts by David.

"I need to go! Moji might be in trouble!" said David, it was the statement she was hoping David wouldn't say.

"We'll go with you," Shinosaki said, then spoke to Makoto in Japanese, "That was our purple cat Guardian, she said to head there and take care of whatever it is causing that. She also said that a monster and a controller of sort are there. Don't worry, we can transform when we get arrive."

Makoto nodded and said, "Yeah, let's go! Can't let you get in trouble, David."

"Ok, then," David replied as he headed out the door, "Shino, unless you want t' ride in the back of the truck, I suggest that you take your bike."

"Yeah, I'll meet you two there," Shinosaki replied after putting on his helmet then climbing on the Ninja.

"Ok, Mako, I'll give you the quick introduction on gettin' in this Titan," David said as he stood behind her ready to assist in any means necessary, "Right hand on the handle, right foot on the runnin' board, jump up and watch y'ur head." After he was sure she was alright, David quickly made his way to the driver's side of the truck. In nearly one motion he was in the truck and had closed the door. "Ok, the seat belts are just like the car's, waist, then anti-submerge, then shoulders, an' click." He did just as he said and pulled them tightly. Makoto did the same, and then he started the Titan up, threw it in drive and flew out of the parking lot. As Makoto gave him directions, it took all of his skill to keep the truck from tipping over from taking corners quickly. The rear tires would wisp smoke as they made contact back on the ground. With the Nissan's V-8 at full song, it wasn't long before they were not far from the intended destination, however it was all downhill with a slight incline before the crest. The Titan was airborne without difficulty and had just cleared a car that was in front. The beast was really a ground vehicle and gravity had reminded them of that fact as the nose end began fall first.

"Sonna (No way)!" Makoto helplessly screamed as the front skid plate hit the ground first, sparks flying from underneath. The front and rear tires followed respectively, then the loaded up suspension rebounded it back up into the air for a second and then it was back down on the ground again. Soon, David was slamming on the brakes and slid the truck to a stop at the front of the restaurant.

"That was fun," David said, "glad I've got these seats instead of the stock ones. That landin' w'uld'a hurt!"

Makoto just looked over to him and said, "Sugoi, reijii (Wow, crazy)!" She looked like she was ready to pass out. David quickly got out and ran over to her side to help her out.

"So, how'd'ja like Air Titan? Think you might want 'nother flight one day?" laughed David as he held her in his arms.

"Urusai (Shut up)," was all she could respond.

"Wow, what happened? I hear this metal scraping and Mako-chan looks like she is going to pass out!" Shinosaki said.

"You don't want to know!" Makoto blurted before David could say anything.

"Here, take care of her for me as I go look for Momiji, ok?" Asked David. Shinosaki nodded and helped Makoto steady herself.

As soon as David was in the burning building and out of sight, Shinosaki led her to a spot where they could transform. She then yelled out, "Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up!"

Then Shinosaki followed, "Jupiter Star Knight Power, Convert!" Now standing in their places were SuperSailorJupiter and StarKnightJupiter. "It's been a while since we had to do this, hope we aren't too rusty."

"Yeah, let's go!" Makoto stated and led the charge in.

Inside, David was quickly making his way though the burning building. "Man, it's gettin' hot in here!" He stated to himself as the fire suppression system came on and started to die out the fire, "That's better, but it makes it just a little hard t'," he was interrupted by a gold blade slashing down towards him. David dodged it with speed that he never knew he had, however he froze in place from fear, shock, and surprise when he saw the creature before him. The creature looked human, but, it was all solid gold and appeared to be able to change shape. It had no hair and was neither male nor female, it had no clothing for it needed none. It's eyes were solid black and it had no ears or mouth. "What're you? Why are you attacking me?" It responded by trying to stab his head with the reformed blade, which David was able to dodge again. "What've you got 'gainst me? I never did anythin' t' you!"

"It has no grudge against you, General! It only attacks what it is told to!" A voice rang out and the creature tried to stab again with the other hand.

David slid down and used his feet to shove it away from him, "Then what do y'u have 'gainst me?" He looked around, looking for the voice.

"Easy, you are a spy and a General for the Moon Kingdom, enemy to my Kingdom of the Dark Moon!" The voice stated, which let David find the shadowed figure. He was mostly cloaked by his coat, but the voice led David to him being a man.

"What? Who 're you?" David asked.

"You might want to look behind you, General."

"What? Shit!" David yelped as the blade slashed across his chest down to his stomach. He fell backwards and cringed from the pain, it wasn't a mortal wound, but it was enough to knock him off his feet and not let him up for a while.

"This was too easy!" the shadowed man stated to himself, "And now, General, you die!"

The creature stood over David and prepared for a final blow, but David had noticed a pipe with a sharp end on it. As the creature made it's downward decent to his chest, David grabbed the pipe and yelled, "Not yet!" The pipe struck the side of it's head, piercing though and actually tearing away. Gold drips fell to the ground and it's head was now seemed destroyed. David was at first shocked because of the fact of what he just did, then he was shocked because no visible blood was coming out. Instead, the gold drips flowed back to the creature and it's face began to reform. "Oh, my, god," David said out loud, "How do I stop this thing?"

As soon as Jupiter and Knight were brining the last few people from the building, the other Sailor Soldiers and TuxedoKamen arrived, save for Mars, who was still in civilian form and with Momiji holding a small cloth over a wound on his arm. Mercury immediately went to the wounded and began to help them. "Where is the creature and it's controller?" asked Moon.

"I don't know," Jupiter said, "We haven't seen them or David since we entered the building, which has me worried."

"Let's go looking for them, then," Venus said, "I'm sure David is alright." Jupiter nodded and followed her back into the building. As the entered the main portion of the restaurant, they heard and saw David and were just as shocked as to what he had done. Then they looked as horrified as the creature began to reform. David had quickly got up as the two Senshi yelled out with Venus first, "In the name of Love and Beauty, I am SailorVenus!"

Makoto had followed with, "And in the name of Lightning, Strength, and Wood, I am SailorJupiter!"

Then they both stated together, "And in pursuit of Justice, we shall destroy you!"

David looked like he was going to go nuts, "Great, jus' what I need, a couple of teens who think they are superheroes in miniskirts. Y'u know I hope y'u have somethin' other than your fists and feet!"

Venus became annoyed, "Sir! Unless you want to get caught up in our attacks, I suggest you get behind us!"

At first, Jupiter was just as annoyed, but then realized that David had never heard of the Sailor Soldiers. She then said as professionally as possible, "Sir, please, we don't want you hurt!"

"Why not," David said, "If y'all got a death wish, I ain't gonna hold y'all up." He walked over and stood behind them, the creature kept it's eyes on him.

"Alright, now we can get started!" Venus said, "Watch this, Venus Love Me Chain, Capture!" Her chain made of gold hearts wrapped itself around the creature and held it in place.

"Well," David said in surprise, "that, is a, start."

Venus let out a small chuckle and said, "Jupiter, your turn!"

"Okay!" Jupiter said then prepared her attack, "Jupiter Thunder Dragon, Attack!" A huge dragon of lightning formed and headed towards the gold creature. However, within feet of it, the dragon had slowed to a near stop along with the two girls. David had also noticed the scenery around him had changed to an all bronze-yellow color and that the creature was able to move at normal speed. It had sucked the chain inside itself and let it form back into its hand, then held it up to where the dragon was about to strike. David then ran towards Venus, moving at a speed just faster than normal. When he tackled her, the bronze-yellow scene turned back to normal as well as time. Venus had just let go of the chain when the attack flew back along it and impacted the ground. A small crater was formed where Venus once was. "How, how did you do that? How did you move that fast? You weren't close enough to see it and react at the same time!" stated Jupiter.

Venus, though now a little bruised, was ok and wondering how she was missed. Then looked up at David, "You saved me?"

David had a face just as shocked as the two girls, "I, I, I guess, I did."

"Incompetent creature! You knew he has the ability to slow time for himself and that the lightning attack would not harm or even affect you!" The shadowed man let his anger be known, then a green, glowing ball formed in his hand and was bubbling like boiling acid, "This is your castigation!"

The shadowed man threw the ball at the face of the gold creature, which had then began to melt and boil. It's pain and torment was evident and slow. So much so that David had become angered, "Why, why such a torture! If you were goin' t' kill it, then why that way?"

The shadowed man then leaped down from his perch, "Well, General, I suppose I can answer your questions now. I am Jadaen (Yae-den), the Diseased. And because I wanted to, torture such as that is my specialty! Why waist it doing it quickly if I enjoy doing so slowly?" he began to laugh.

"Why do you constantly call me 'General?' I ain't no General!" David said with the same anger.

"Oh, but you are, but it seems your memories are still in you unexposed! You are GeneralGraphite and this will make you remember!" Jadaen said then threw a small crystal towards David. However, before he could dodge it, the crystal exploded into a beam of light and shined onto his forehead. The dream that he had since meeting Makoto had brought itself forth. David then fell to his knees with pain and his body quivered and pulsed. The pulse began to pick up it's pace and with each one, a vision of Graphite would cover David. He yelled in intense pain from being forced into remembering his past, from the memory being deep in David's conscious. Then, finally, a bright light engulfed the area and David had vanished. Another man had stood in his place, though he looked like David, he wasn't. His hair was graphite instead of light brown, but was the same medium length style that parted slightly more to his right. He was still just as tall, but wore a suit similar to an soldier of a Moon General, only it had a design down the torso of the jacket. He was also wearing a pair of earrings that looked like Uranus' Space Sword, but the blades were a black crystal. Once he opened his eyes, they weren't the hazel of norm, but were gray instead. His eyes were then fixated upon Jadaen, "Yes! GeneralGraphite is once again reborn! Now I shall have the pleasure of killing you!"

But, before he could even move, Graphite had taken out his Zigen and slashed Jadaen across and down his body, clipping a bit of his face on the downward strike. Before Graphite could stab Jadaen, he had moved back to his original perch, "It seems I have just underestimated you! Well, you won't be so lucky with this! Poison Pellet Spread!"

A spread of green pellets had begun to fly towards the three, but Graphite blocked them, "Angel Rain Shield!" A mist of crystal rain formed over them and solidified, the pellets sounded like rain hitting a hard, plastic cover. Graphite then sheathed his rapier and when the pellets stopped falling, he used another attack, "AeroPush!" A concussion wave of air flew towards Jadaen and broke the shield, striking him into the port waters below.

Jupiter looked towards him with awe and thought to herself, "Is, he the GeneralGraphite of my dreams? The man that I was a lover to in the Moon Kingdom?" Graphite turned to them, taking Jupiter's breath away, "You are. You really are GeneralGraphite." Graphite just stared at her, not knowing what to say, then she ran to him and embraced him as tightly as she could. Out of reaction, Graphite held her as well, holding just as tightly.

He looked into her eyes and said, "Jove, what happened?"

"I don't know," she said, "but you are back with us now. I'll help you through it, I promise."

Graphite lowered his head so that the tip of his nose and chin were just touching the top of her head. "Thank you," he whispered.

"Who was that, um, Graphite?" Venus asked.

"I don't know who Jadaen is, I have no recollection of him," he replied.

"It seemed like he was working for someone else, as well," Jupiter added, "He didn't give off the fact that he was after you for personal gain, just to kill you."

"Yeah," Graphite added, "But for who? He did mention something about the Dark Moon. Could Beryl be behind this?"

"No," Jupiter said, "We rid this world of her over four years ago, along with the other Generals."

"I see," said Graphite, disappointed in the fact that his former friends couldn't be brought back to good, "I had hoped they could be brought back to our side."

"I'm sorry, Graphite," Venus said, "But, Prince Endymion is still alive! He," she stopped herself, remembering what Luna had ordered her to keep their civilian and other identities a secret until he was proven trustworthy.

"He?" Graphite asked.

"He will appear when he needs to!"

"Venus what are you talking about?" Jupiter had asked.

Venus pulled Jupiter close to her and whispered, "Remember what Luna had said! We can't tell him anything until he is proven trustworthy!"

"He is trustworthy! You remember him! You helped he and I to be together," Jupiter pleaded, "And I will prove it right now!" In an instant, Jupiter had become Makoto.

"Jupiter! Don't!"Venus was shocked, but was helpless to do anything now.

Graphite was surprised at the sight before him, the girl David had fallen for was the same woman that Graphite loved during the Moon Kingdom, "Makoto?" He smiled brightly, knowing how much trust it took for one to give up their identity like this, "Why did you do that?"

"Because I know I can trust you," she responded, "I fell in love with you in the Moon Kingdom for a reason, I know that the reason is the same even now. It's because you and I share a bond that can't be broken, a trust that will never be betrayed, a love that will shine no matter what darkness tries to cover it. David, Graphite," Makoto held his hands to her chest, causing Graphite to slightly blush, "my heart is now in your hands again, I know that you will never betray me or even my friends."

He smiled and took his right hand and led her hand to his chest where his heart was at, "My heart is just as much yours as yours is mine, I won't betray you, I won't betray any of our friends. All of you have my word, especially you, Makoto Kino."

"This is nice," Venus actually smiled, "But, save the 'lovey dovey' stuff for later. We have to introduce him to everyone now, remember?"

Makoto nodded and transformed back to SuperSailorJupiter. She tightly held his hand and said, "Let's go." And the three walked out, awaiting to see the reaction of everyone to the introduction of a long lost friend.

Jadaen burst out of the water and gasped for air, "The General! He's stronger than I thought." He looked over towards the fallen building, "I underestimated him, it won't happen again." He began to swim to the shore and to plan his next step.

As the three walked out of the restaurant, EternalSailorMoon began to wonder who this new person was walking closely beside Jupiter. Jupiter looked so happy and delighted about this man, it didn't bother her that he was a stranger, "Jupiter, who is this?"

Luna and Artemis knew who he was, they needed no introduction, but Jupiter introduced the rest of them to him, "He is GeneralGraphite. He has just been reawakened."

"I see," said Luna, she looked him over, then looked over Jupiter. She already knew what Jupiter had done, the one rule that wasn't to be broken. Luna said sternly, "Jupiter, I need to have a word with you."

"Ok," Jupiter said, then followed.

"Artemis," Luna began, "please fully introduce GeneralGraphite."

"Yes, of course," he did as he was requested to as Luna walked in front of Jupiter to talk with her privately.

"Jupiter," Luna said as soon as they were clear, "what is the absolute important rule about being a Sailor Soilder? The one that is supposed to keep you and the ones you care about safe?"

"Not to reveal our identities," Jupiter said.

"What did you just do with GeneralGraphite?"

"The exact opposite."

"Then, Jupiter," Luna now looked even more stern, "what irrational logic did you use when you did that?"

The way Luna said that hurt Jupiter most, "But, he was a very close friend of mine in the Moon Kingdom! He."

"He was also a former member of the Dark Moon," Luna nearly yelled, then sighed, "I'm sorry, Jupiter, but, there is a lot more to him than your dream revealed."

"What, do you mean?" Jupiter asked.

"The man that was orginally GeneralGraphite was killed when a mission went terribly wrong. The man that killed him was David." Jupiter stared in disbelief, but let Luna continue, "I'm only calling him 'David' because he wouldn't tell us his name when we took him back to the Moon Kingdom. QueenSelinity was just like SailorMoon, she did not believe in killing and spared his life. Surprised by this, David asked why she did such a thing. Beryl had told him that Selinity was cruel and death was a normal part of her rein. Selinity explained that she did not believe in the act of killing another human, that it was wrong and she would be just as gulity as the one executed. The sincerity in her eyes made David believe in what she said. He then stated that he was forever in her debt, that is when the King made an extrordinary offer, that David take the place of Graphite and forever serve the Moon Kingdom. For a while, the new Graphite served without fault, until he and the other Generals were called by Beryl. He nearly went back, but, his teacher and mentor, GeneralQuartz saved him the horrible fate. However, Quartz wasn't seen since that day. When Graphite returned to the Moon Kingdom, the royality decided to use Beryl's plan against her and Graphite was sent to the Dark Moon Kingdom to find the traitors and to see what her plans were exactly," Luna then smiled at Jupiter, "I had heard that, despite what your parents said, you protested the decision without a real reason."

Jupiter blushed and said, "I could not imagine why I would protest."

Luna smiled and winked, "I have a good hunch why, thanks to a blabber mouth PrincessVenus."

"She couldn't keep a secret, then and now!" Jupiter thought to herself.

"Anyhow," Luna continued, "he went on the, what was to be final, mission and discovered the Generals, including Quartz, and Beryl's attack plans and came home. The rest, as they say, is history."

"Wait," Jupiter said, "If he came back in time, then, why couldn't we stop Beryl?"

"Well, he was nearly killed just like the orginal Graphite was, thus Beryl pushed her plans ahead of schedule."

"I see," said Jupiter.

"Jupiter, though I was very mad at first, I have seemed to have calmed over, but, am still dissapointed. I do not yet trust David fully because of his 'newness' and the fact that he has never transformed into a 'superhero' before. I will let this slide for now, but absolutely do not do this again."

"I understand, Luna."

"I'm not finished just yet," Luna said before Jupiter could move, "Now that you have done this, you are now responsible for not only his training, but his behavior as a 'superhero.'"

Jupiter nearly looked like she was going to panic, "What?" Even though she cared for David, he was still a man and this would put the both of them in an awkward situation. She had a hard enough time with Shinosaki in just helping him get used to the fact he was JupiterKnight, "How am I going to help a General? A Knight was hard enough!"

"You are capable of doing so," Luna reassured, "I wouldn't have gotten you to if I didn't think so."

"Okay," Jupiter responded, then walked back to the group. When they got there, Graphite was a sight to be seen. Looking like he was the one about to pass out, Jupiter asked Venus, "What is wrong with him?"

"He just realized that the cats could talk," Venus nearly laughed.

"Oh," giggled Jupiter, then walked over to Graphite and asked, "You going to be okay?"

"The cats," Graphite stuttered, "Since, when did cats, talk?"

She giggled a bit more, "Well, these two cats are special, they come from the Moon Kingdom just like us. They are our Guardians, they inform us of any threats, they give advice, they even try to help us, but, usually we save them. They are just cats."

"Oh," replied Graphite, who looked a bit calmer.

Uranus walked over to Luna and asked, "Is he trustworthy?"

Luna sighed, then said, "If David's attitude pertrudes more than Graphite's, I would say so."

"But," Uranus had her continue.

"However, if Graphite's comes out more, I can't say for sure."

"Should we let him know our identities?" asked Neptune, who had followed Uranus.

"I believe it would be okay," Luna responded, "we just have to help him learn to keep it a secret. If any of you wish not to, you do not have to."

Uranus nodded and said, "I will wait, even though I haven't seen where David is untrusting."

"I agree," said Neptune, "I just don't know about Graphite, so I will also wait."

Luna nodded, "I understand."

"Hello, GeneralGraphite," Pluto said to him, "I don't know if you remember me, but I was the one who helped you with your time slowing technique."

"I do seem to remember," said Graphite, "but only somewhat."

"It will fully come back to you," said Jupiter.

"Yes," agreed Pluto, "It only takes time."

"Rei," said Momiji, "who are they?"

"You don't know who the Sailor Soilders or EternalSailorMoon are?" asked a surprised Rei.

"Should I?"

Rei was astonished, "Where have you been?"

"Well," he responded, "I'm not sure. I've never honestly heard of them."

"Well," began Rei, "They are the ones responsible for saving the Earth over and over again!"


"Yes, they are the heroes responsible for keeping us alive."

"Oh?" Momiji then began to flirt, "What do you call what I did to you?"

"Well," Rei smiled, "You were definitely brave back there, you kept that monster from hurting me, but that got your arm injured in the process."

Momiji smiled back, "Oh, it's not that bad. Just a few stitches."

"Thank you, Moji-san."

"Your welcome."

"Um, Jupiter," Graphite began.

"Yes," she replied,

"How do I, well, change back?"

"Oh," Jupiter was also puzzled, "Well, usually the Generals transformed into civilians but were normally Generals, so I guess you can look at it like that, but, don't transform yet. Wait until there are no civilians around and then transform."

"Ok," said Graphite. After a few moments of helping the last few people, the area was clear of civilians, but, the police had showed up and began to investigate the area, the Senshi had cleared out by then, however. Momiji and Rei had driven off back to her Temple. Graphite was driving in the Titan with Jupiter riding beside him. The ride was much easier this time and they had transformed back to their civilian selves before reaching Makoto's apartment. "Well," David started, "this was an interestin' night."

"I'll say," Makoto agreed, "But get used to it. You are now a part of the Sailor Soldiers and have a higher responsibility than just David Goddard."

"I see," said David as he pulled into Makoto's apartment. He helped her get out of the truck and walked with her to her room. "I guess I should be goin' now," he said.

She smiled, "Well, not just yet. You look tired and like you need rest, why don't you stay here the night? I do have a guest bedroom, if you feel more comfortable sleeping there."

David smiled back, not letting his mind drop into the gutter, "I'm obliged, Mako, but I don't have a change of clothes here."

"So?" she continued to smile, "You don't smell that bad and your clothes will be fine."

"You really want me to stay, don't you," David gave her an odd look.

"Oh, quit being so dense and come in!" Makoto dragged him in.

"Being dense? How am I bein' dense?"

"By not coming in and just staying the night! I want you to drive home refreshed so you don't crash or anything else!"

"I'm sorry, Mako, I guess I had my mind a bit in the gutter."

She laughed at his truthfulness, "Well, my mind has been known to drift in and out, too."

"Oh?" David said as he sat down on the couch.

"Mmhmm," she agreed as she sat on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. David put his around her waist and looked into her eyes, she stared back into his and thought, "I could just melt into him right now."

"Your eyes are beautiful, they match your elegant cheeks and delicate lips," he whispered to her. She sighed and blushed, then leaned her head onto his shoulder.

She then traced his other shoulder with her right index finger and whispered back, "Thank you. Your words are just a handsome as you are."

He gently rubbed her sides and said, "Really?"

"Yes," she giggled out, "and that kind of tickles!"

"You ticklish there?"

"Yes, very!" she exclaimed, then David began to tickle her more, "Hey, stop! Stop." Makoto couldn't help but to burst out laughing, it only encouraged David more, "No, please! I can barely, breath!"

"Too bad! You have t' find your own way out!" He laughed out.

"Ahh! Fine, you can't say, you, didn't, deserved this!" she yelped out between laughs and pinched him in the arm.

"Ow! Hey! That hurt!" David yelped and stopped.

"Like, like I, said," she gasped and giggled a bit, "you can't say, you didn't, deserve it."

"Well, I know of a way t' stop you from pinchin' me," he said as he grabbed her wrists.

"Hey, no fair," she faked a pout, "men are supposed to protect women, not hold them like this."

"What if he were doin' this along with it?" he moved closer to her, then began to kiss her. She gave in and began to kiss back, his hands slid down to her waist and her arms pulled him closer.

"Then," she said between a kiss, "I guess it wouldn't, be, so, bad."

"Good," he said after her kissing, then moved down her chin to her neck, tracing it with his lips. She purred with delight and gently ran her fingers through his hair. David then moved back up and kissed her more passionately on her lips and Makoto gave in more and kissed him back, he pulled back gently and she looked slightly disappointed.

"Why did you stop?"

"I don't want t' git too far," he responded, "Don't want t' git farther than you are willin' t' go."

She smiled and said, "How far do you think I want to go?"

"I don't know."

"Why don't you find out?"

David looked down her body as far as his eyes would let him, thinking, "Her body looks so beautiful clothed, I'm sure she's far more with nothing. But, I don't want to take advantage of her. What should I really do?"

Makoto saw how his eyes were moving and blushed a bit more, "What are you thinking, David?"

He snapped back into reality, "Of how lucky I am to have a beautiful woman layin' here, lettin' me bask in her essence. Feeling the rapture of her silk-like lips," he put his hand on her chin and gently rubber he cheek with his thumb, "feelin' the velvetiness of her soft, yet glowin' skin."

"David," she gasped, "that, was so beautiful." She sat up and he followed her, she looked deep into his eyes, then led him up with his hand in hers and began to lead her into her bedroom. However, he stopped before she could let him in, "What?"

"Makoto, I, can't just yet," he said looking into her eyes.

"Why not?" she looked deeper into his eyes.

"I want to be able to love you more than that. I want you to mean more to me than just a girlfriend before I do that with you," David continued to look into her eyes and smile.

Knowing that he truly meant what he said, Makoto smiled back, "I understand." She moved closer to him and held David tightly around his waist. She then kissed him on his neck and said, "A friend of mine told me a similar thing about her soul-mate. She said that she wouldn't do anything like that until she knew they were meant to be together forever. I think I know what Haruka and Michiru have truly figured out now."

"Haruka and Michiru?" David asked as he shot her an odd look.

"Yes, you didn't know?" Makoto smiled.

"No, I, uh, didn't."

"That," Makoto began to ask but was interrupted.

"No, it hasn't. They are our friends," David reassured her.

"Good," Makoto smiled, "because, I don't think we could truly be together if you did. I feel strongly towards Haruka, more than a sister, but not so much like us."

David smiled, "I understand, just like you feel about Shinosaki, right." Makoto nodded yes. "It's gettin' late."

"Yes, it is."

"We should be gettin' t' bed now."

"Why don't you sleep with me, and you know what I mean," she shot him a playful look.

He smiled back and said, "Ok."

"Let me get undressed, first. I'll call you when I am though."

"Ok." David let her go and waited outside her door. He took off his socks and pulled out his shirt, but didn't take it off. There was something he didn't want her to see yet, that he didn't feel comfortable to let anyone see. A large scar from an "accident" that curved around his left side to his back. It was about an inch wide and the color didn't match his skin. It nearly sickened him and was afraid of how Makoto would react.

"Ok, I'm ready," she called out. When he entered, he was surprised at her new attire. She was only wearing a large T-shirt that had a picture of SailorV on it. He had began to blush, then she giggled, "Don't worry, I have my underwear and bra on."

"I know, I wasn't thinking about that! Hone," he then slapped himself, "Let's go t' bed." Makoto smiled and let the covers back and patted a spot for him to lay down, it was to her current right. When he laid beside her, she turned to face him. David wrapped his arms around her waist and Makoto wrapped hers around his chest. "G' night, Jove."

"Oyasumi nasai (a "good night" when going to bed), Dave-kun." Soon, the two were asleep in each other's arms, both of them smiling while asleep.

However, their sleep lasted a few hours when they both suddenly woke up. They looked at each other, then David asked, "Did I wake you?"

"No, but I was going to ask the same thing."

"Hey, do your earrings glow in the dark?"

"No, I hadn't even notice I still had them on," Makoto said then looked down and saw something glowing on David's ring finger, "What is that?"

David looked down, "It's my ring. Something I've had since I was a kid. You know, it's glowin' like," he had stopped. "Mako, think of something strongly." Confused, she had started thinking about David and how she felt for him. It was the strongest thing she could think of, "Ok, out of random, think of a number with that." She then thought of the number of his car, 33. David smiled, "Y'ur thinkin' of me and m' car number."

Lightly astonished, Makoto said, "Yeah, but that could have been a lucky guess."

"Yeah, but you are also reminding me of how you fall into the gutter from time to time."

Makoto was about to hit him playfully, but realized, "Your, right. And if I'm right, you are doing the same."

David blushed, "Sorry. But this explains why I knew y'u were in trouble, I was wearing this when Daijobi tried t' rape you."

"And, I think I know why."

"So do I. I gave y'u y'ur earrings at the Moon Kingdom. I remember now, that was the gift I told y'u not t' open until I had returned."

Makoto smiled, "Well, that explains why my earrings stay when I transform."

"Think we should take them off?"

"No, it will let us dream together, just don't dream perverted."

David laughed, "Same t' y'u."

"And what are you going to do about it if I do?"

David thought, "Enjoy it."

"Oh, really?"

"Huh?" replied David, "Oh, yeah. Forgot already." Makoto laughed and David joined in.

Makoto leaned over and kissed David, "Good night, Dave."

"Uh, oasume nase, Mako" David tried to say.

Makoto laughed, "Oyasumi nasai is how you say it."

"Think I'll just stick t' English."

"Awe, you'll get it."

David smiled, "Any way, night Mako," he kissed her forehead before laying down. She wrapped her arms around his chest and they both fell asleep once again. What only felt like minuets, the sun hit David in the eyes and he stirred awake. Makoto was still holding him the same way she had when they fell asleep and soon she began to wake as well. "G' mornin', beautiful. How was your night?" David asked when she opened her eyes.

"More wonderful than you can imagine," Makoto replied.

"I think I can," David smiled, "even without the ring on my hand."

Makoto smiled back, "How much longer do you want to 'rapture in my essence?'"

"For as long as I can and then some."

Makoto looked up at the clock on the pedestal, "I'm afraid that school will limit that."

"Want me t' drive y'u there?"

"Yes, but hopefully traffic will be awful."

David gave her an odd look, "Why's that?"

"So I can be with you longer," she smiled.

David smiled back and began to sit up, "A'ight, y'u git dressed, I'll make y'u a breakfast only a man from the South can cook you." Makoto looked confused, but took his word on it. Just before he exited her room, she kissed him on the right cheek. "A'ight, time t' git started."

As she was getting dressed, Makoto smelled various foods she hadn't smelled before, but were so delicious he stomach began to growl, "Wow, that smells really good. I wouldn't have guessed he could cook, wonder if it tastes as good as it smells." When she came out, Makoto had her school uniform on and was wearing a rose-like perfume Ami got her for her birthday last year. "Oh, my," she said when the table came into view. The plates were full of bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, biscuits, and an odd white and yellow gravy looking food. On another plate just above that was a waffle with butter and maple syrup on it. David had a cup of coffee at his plate and he was waiting on her to sit down, "What do y'u want t' drink?"

"I'll have a coffee, too," she replied, "I know what the rest of this is, but what is this?" she pointed to the odd white and yellow food.

As he poured her cup, David answered, "Cheese grits, a Southern specialty. What do y'u take in it?"

"Just some cream. What do you mean by 'Southern?'"

"Well," he sat her cup down for her, "since I live in Virginia, I live South of the Mason-Dixon line that used t' separate the Yankee North and the Confederate South durin' the Civil War. So, I'm considered 'Southern,' and dependin' on who you ask, backwards and uncivilized."

After taking a sip she asked, "Why are you considered that?"

"Because I don't live the city life. I hunt, fish, when I was in Virginia, I drove an old '70 Plymouth Barracuda, and I waive a 'Rebel' flag as proud as I would the American Flag."

"Oh," Makoto said, but was still confused, "What is a 'Rebel' flag?"

"The flag that used to stand for the Confederate States of America. But, since the Confederation fell, the flag was flown for the wrong reasons and has been used as a way to define bein' a racist. Evil people like those of the Arian Nation and the Ku Klux Klan have used it as their flag and the majority of the racist and anti-racist alike have twisted the meanin' of the 'Rebel' flag. They say that it stood for slavery, 'white power', or any other racial slur they can put on it. That wasn't the meaning of it at all. Though slavery was an issue during the Civil War, it wasn't the main issue, it was an issue that was the 'straw that broke the camel's back,' however."

"What was the main issue?"

"States rights. In the Confederation, each state would have it's own laws, standards, and even currency. Unfortunately, those issues were what made the Confederation weak."

"What about slavery?"

"Each state would decide if they were a slave state or a free state. What's worse is not only the flag, but the Confederations' main General, Robert E. Lee, is used by those groups the wrong way. They say he was fightin' for slavery when the truth was that he didn't believe in slavery at all. He just didn't want to fight against his home, the Union had even tried to get him to join their side. I believe if they were successful, that war would have ended a whole lot sooner than it did."

"He was that good?"

"Yeah, he's considered one of the greatest Generals to serve an army because of his strategies. The man was brilliant."

"If all of this is true, then, why is the flag considered racist?"

"Because," David sighed, "only the extremes of each side will have the media coverage. Not too different from here, I'm afraid."

"Well, because I know you, I know you are not a racist, flag or no flag. You're too nice to be one."

"Wish that were totally true," he looked down at his cup, "I've said some stupid stuff over my lifetime, especially durin' times when I was drunk. My father's side shows more when I am, it's one of the reasons I don't drink like I used to."

"Everyone has said a stupid thing a time or two, mistakes will happen," Makoto smiled at him. David looked up at her and smiled back. "I know you never meant those things, I know you never will. You're heart is too good to let those words mean anything."

David smiled wider and he was starting to feel better about himself, "Thank you, Jove." She reached over the table and squeezed his right hand. He took her hand and squeezed it back, "Let's eat before it gets too cold." She smiled and nodded yes.

When they finished, Makoto and David walked out the door and she locked it. "Wow, I don't think I can eat my lunch today!"

"Hey, Mako," David said, "You know how to drive?"

"No, I don't," she answered as she shook her head.

"Do you have work today?"

"No, I got today off, I think Minako has something evil planned for me and you."

"Tell you what, I'll pick you up from school and I'll teach you how."

"What?" Makoto looked astonished.

"Yeah, I'll teach you in m' truck. Since it is an Automatic, it will be easier t' drive."

"You really mean that?" she asked to reassure herself and David nodded. "Oh, thank you, David!"

"You're welcome, Jo," David nearly let out.

"Mako!" She exclaimed, "Or some other pet name. Remember, that's a secret"

"Ok, uh, honey."

"That one is cute! I want you to call me that more often!" Makoto smiled. They got into his Titan and he began to drive off to her school, unfortunately, for Makoto, traffic was very light. On the way, they saw Usagi running up the sidewalk.

"Oh, no!" Usagi exclaimed, "I haven't seen Mako-chan! I must be late! I'm going to get detention again!"

David had slowed when Makoto asked to and had let the window down to state, "You won't be if you get a ride from us!"

"Mako-chan!" Usagi exclaimed, "I'm not late!"

David was surprised to hear that he could understand her now, "You can hop in and sit on the speaker box in the back. Don't worry, I won't go too fast."

Now Makoto and Usagi were surprised to hear David speak Japanese like it was nothing. "How are you doing that?" Makoto asked.

"I'm guessing it is because of our bond on your ears and my ring finger," he replied in Japanese again.

"Uh, I'll ride!" Usagi said and David came to a stop. Makoto opened her door and the rear half-door and assisted Usagi in.

"The bond must really be working, I didn't know about this door at all until now," Makoto stated.

"Anyway, let's go before we are late!" Usagi said and David took off again.

A block before the school, Daijobi had been waiting for Makoto to arrive, but was surprised when she hadn't shown up, "This is unusual, wonder where that girl is at." A few seconds passed by and David's Titan rolled by, with Makoto in the passenger's seat and Usagi in the back, "So, you're getting an escort! Figures." He then spotted David driving, "You're getting it from that American? That's low." He made a run for it to catch up to them, when he did, he caught a sight that made him sick to his stomach. Makoto had kissed David, on the mouth, "Why, Mako-san, why? Can't you find a fellow Japanese man to love? Why did you do something so disgusting as this? I'll fix it, make it right again! I'll show you the light once more and put you back on the path!"

"Well, it seems that Minako-chan will be in for a very big surprise," Usagi teased Makoto.

"Don't tell her yet," Makoto said, "I want it to be a secret until tonight."

Usagi nodded, "Ok, I will."

"What secret, Mako-san? That the American has perverted your mind and soul?" Daijobi bluntly stated.

Makoto glared at him, then said, "Let's go, Usagi-chan. We have classes today."

"What's the matter Mako-chan?" Daijobi stressed the 'chan', "Afraid of seeing the truth?"

Makoto then walked over to Daijobi, grabbed his collar and lifted him off the ground, "Look here, little boy, you come near me or David-kun again and I will make sure you come out with more than just a black eye. Leave me and him alone, or else." Makoto then dropped him and began to walk off.

David had stopped when he spotted Daijobi, he wanted to make sure she was going to be ok. "Looks like she can take care of herself just fine," he said to himself. That's when Daijobi had gotten up and made a charge for her. David got out of the truck after putting it in Park, but only got to halfway of the front end when he saw her toss Daijobi like a sack. "Wow, yeah, she can take good care of herself," he said to himself again. The only problem this time was the more guys entered the fight, making David run over and help Makoto out. He had caught one of them in time and had threw him in time in a similar manner as Makoto had.

"I thought you had left," Makoto said.

"I did, until I spotted him," David said pointing to Daijobi.

"Well, I was wondering when the brute would show," Daijobi rang nearly on cue.

"Least I can fight my own battles," David stated.

Makoto let out a light laugh, "You know, the numbers are unfair."

"Yeah," said David, "To many of us and too little of them."

Daijobi's two other minions stood beside him, "I see that American has filled your head with his Neanderthal ways, Mako-chan."

David thought to Makoto, "Think your Principle called the cops yet?"

"Yes, probably so by now," Makoto thought back, "He's also the Headmaster, not Principle."

"Good, I can't have any more publicity like this. The GT-A will not let me race if I do."

"Don't worry, you'll be fine."

"Honestly, I could really care less, so long as you came out unhurt."

Makoto smiled to David and thought to him, "Just defend yourself, don't strike them."

"That'll be easier said, well, thought, than done."

"What's the matter, American? Run out of words to say," Daijobi tried to get David's blood to boil.

"No, just sizin' your little self up, that's all."

"Call him Daijobi-chan," Makoto quietly said to David, "Remember, that's what you call a girl. That will get his blood boiling and he will lose all self-control."

"Oh, really," David said aloud, "Daijobi-chan doesn't like bein' called a girl? I'm a little surprised, having to use more than one guy to help him. And here I thought he was just scared of foreigners."

"Well, it does bother me, but coming from you it's a complement because of your limited mind."

"Thought it was supposed to get him riled," David thought.

"So did I, didn't really think about how he would react when you said it," Makoto thought back.

"Don't worry, I've got another idea," David his arm around her waist and began to do the last thing on everyone's mind, walk away. "It's pretty obvious this guy is all show and no go. He's a waist of our time and is goin' t' make you late."

Makoto blinked and asked quietly, "What are you doing?"

"Just watch," he said with his back to Daijobi.

"Oh, fine. Run away! I see that you don't have the courage to do anything," Daijobi yelled.

"Don't say anythin', jus' keep walkin'," David repeated.

"Hey, I was afraid that you guys were going to fight," said a relieved Usagi when she caught up with them.

"You see! You see?" Daijobi yelled, "He, he, wait!" Everyone began to walk away, seeing that nothing was going to happen. "Where are you people going? I still have more to say!"

"Come on, nothing's going to happen," said a male member of the crowd.

"Yeah, that was almost boring," said a female member.

"Wait, fine, if you people want action," Daijobi yelled, then began to run towards David, "You'll get it!" As he reached out for a punch, David took his arm and used Daijobi's own momentum to make him fall face first to the floor. David then twisted his arm up into his back and held it in place. His left knee was on Daijobi's back and David's weight kept him from getting up.

"Now look, small fry," said David, "You're not worth the trouble this will cause or the time it will take from me. The first thing I suggest doin' is apologizin' to Makoto, cause any more pressure on your arm and it might break or dislocate something."

Daijobi looked up at Makoto, then spat at the ground before her. David began to apply more pressure on Daijobi's arm, causing him to yell in pain, "Ah! Ok! Makoto-sama, I'm very sorry!"

"Good, now, tell your boys to back off and go to class."

"Do, do as he says!"

"Good," he said as they left, then released his arm, "Now, look. What you say about me or my country does bother me, but not to this point. It's just words, but what you did to Makoto did bother me to the point of wantin' to hurt you. I dare you to lay a hand on her again, 'cause I'm not afraid of going to prison for kicking your scrawny ass until you are barely recognizable." David stood up, picking Daijobi by the back of his collar, then turned him around to face him, "Got it?"

"Yeah," Daijobi said. His face shown his embarrassment and anger towards David. When he turned around, Makoto was in front of him. She was fuming as much as David and, out of pure rage, tried to slap him.

However, her hand was caught by David. He shook his head no and thought, "No, he's had enough punishment, for one day. Besides, he's not worth getting in trouble for, remember our date tonight." David smiled at the last thought.

Makoto smiled back and said, "Thank you, David." She then stared daggers at Daijobi, "Go to your class before David-kun lets my hand go." The disgusted Daijobi left the scene. Then, the headmaster of the school walked over to where David, who had let Makoto's hand go by now, and she were.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I am David Goddard and I'm about t' leave."

"Wait," the headmaster stopped him, "The police are about to show up, but don't worry. The whole incident was witnessed by me and I know that you were just protecting one of my students. I'll make sure you won't be charged with anything, but I just ask of one thing."

"What's that?"

"Try to keep the public displays of affection at home," he smiled, "or darken the tint on your truck's windows."

David smiled, "No problem, I'll do one of the two, I promise."

As David finished the sentence, the police had shown up and walked in, "Where is the incident?"

"I'm afraid you are just a bit too late," said the headmaster, "The situation has calmed itself."

"Where are the two boys that started the fight?"

"Well, I'm one of those, 'boys,'" David replied, "The other has just gone to his class."

"Are you a member of this school?"

"No, I'm afraid he's not," said the Headmaster.

"I see, do you wish any charges be filed against him?" the police officer asked.

"No, he's only guilty of helping one of my good students. She, however, may want to press charges on the other student that tried to attack her," the Headmaster said.

"And your name?" asked the police officer.

"Kino Makoto," she said, then looked over to David, "Should I?"

"Yeah, I would. He deserves to at least spend the night in jail," David replied.

Makoto nodded and said, "Yes, I would. He attacked me before, so this isn't his first time."

"Ok, I will need to get a statement from the both of you."

"I, saw what happened, too," Usagi spoke up.

"Alright, you three will have to give me statements. Just tell me what happened from each of your points of view, that's all I need."

"I will return, I need to inform your first classes you will be late, but will be excused," the Headmaster said. The police officer nodded and began to take the story from Makoto, first, then he got David's, then Usagi's. Finally, when the Headmaster returned, got his.

"Well," the police officer said, "from what I have gathered so far, you guys did what you could. Things could have been a little different if Makoto hadn't picked him up like she did, but it wasn't a cause for any physical attack that Daijobi did. All of you did the smart thing by trying to not strike back, and even if your plan had backfired, David, and Daijobi hadn't tried to attack, you did the right thing by finally walking away. And you did the right thing by not striking him. So, I can't honestly charge any of you with anything, but Daijobi and his accomplices will be a different story. They will be charged with assault and brought down to Interpol to be formally charged. You all are free to go now, thank you." The four said their 'thank you' to the officer and separated. The Headmaster back to his office, Usagi went to her second class, since it was that time now.

The Headmaster told Makoto, however, if she needed more time to possibly calm down, she could and would be excused for the time, no matter how long it would be. She was walking with David, who was going back to his truck, and said, "Thank you, again."

"You don't have t' thank me, honey. I did what any man should do for his woman," David replied. Makoto smiled and wrapped her arm around his waist and David put his arm around her shoulder. They then caught the sight of Daijobi and the two boys riding off in the police car. Makoto smiled at the thought of him finally getting the punishment he deserved, and there was no way out of it this time. "He won't be botherin' you, not for the weekend at least."

"Yeah, I know," she replied.

"I have t' go, I need a good shower and a change of clothes." He looked around and saw that the coast was clear, then bent down to kiss her. Makoto stood on her toes a bit and moved into him, kissing him deeper. He slowly pulled back, put the tip of his nose to hers and whispered, "I'll see you later, Jove."

"Ok," she smiled, "I'll miss you until then." David smiled back, then kissed her again. He then opened the door to the Titan and started it up. David waived 'bye' before leaving and Makoto sighed heavily. "I'm missing him already," she said to herself and smiled. She looked over to the high school, "Well, I guess I have to go in now."During her lunch hour, Makoto had decided that she really did have too much for breakfast, "Usagi-chan, you still hungry?"

"Yes, a little," she replied.

"You can have mine, then."

"Oh, boy! A whole Mako-bento box!"

"Usagi-chan, if you eat too much you will become over-weight," Ami said.

"So? I'm a growing girl! I need all the food I can eat!"

"This is unusual, you normally eat some of your food, Mako-chan," said Minako.

"Well, David-kun cooked me a large breakfast this morning," replied Makoto.

"What?" all three girls said in unison.

"You didn't cook?" asked Usagi.

"Nope. And David-kun is really good, too."

"Did he show up that early this morning?" asked Ami. Makoto gave them a nervous stare. "Mako-chan?"

"Uh, um, well," Makoto stuttered out.

"Oh, I see now. He stayed over, didn't he?" Minako said.

"Well, uh."

"Come on, Mako-chan! Spill it!" Usagi said, "Did he or didn't he?"

"Yes, but nothing happened!" Makoto yelled out, everyone near stared at her, causing her to laugh nervously.

"Nothing happened?" Minako teased, "Then why are you so excited about it?"

"Minako-chan, Mako-chan obviously doesn't want to discuss it," Ami said.

"Yeah, that's what makes it more fun," she replied.

"Please, nothing happened, I swear it!" Makoto said again.

"Uh-huh, you slept with him, didn't you?" Minako continued.

"Minako-chan!" both Ami and Makoto yelled out.

"Well, did you?"

"No! We slept in bed together, but didn't sleep together!" Makoto said.

"So, you slept with him without sleeping with him? How did you two get any rest then?"

"Shut-up," Makoto gave Minako an aggravated look.

Minako, however, just laughed, "What, did you think I was that perverted?"

Ami just continued eating, but looked like she was embarrassed for the majority. "How ridiculous. It's amazing I can ever take those two seriously," she thought to herself, "I swear, Minako-chan and Usagi-chan are so childish."

David pulled over and stopped in front of the high school, "Wonder how Mako's feelin'. Hope she did alright today."

Soon, she was walking out and spotted David's truck, "I'm actually kind of glad it's so tall, makes it easier to spot."

She waived and ran over to the passenger side. She opened the door and David leaned over to give her a hand, "Remember how to get in?"

"Yeah," Makoto answered as she hopped in.

"So, how was your day, honey?"

She smiled, "It was good, but you just made it better."

"Oh, why's that?"

"Because, for one, you remembered I wanted to you to call me 'honey,' and, two, you are the only one," she leaned over, "who can do this." He smiled and leaned over towards her and kissed her on her forehead, "Hey! Why tease me like that?" she pouted, "I had a rough lunch!"

"Really?" David asked.

"Yes, Minako and Usagi interrogated me," she faked a pout, "They forced me to say that I slept with you!"

"What? What do you mean?" David asked, somewhat worried.

"Yeah, then Minako asked how we got any sleep, something about us being too busy with each other."

David gave her a strange look, "Y'u're kiddin' right?"

"I might tell, if you kiss me like I want."

David pondered for a moment, "Let's see, I win two ways if I kiss you, but, I kinda lose two ways if I don't. I don't really like losin', so," he leaned over and satisfied her want.

When she pulled away, she smiled again, "She was," she paused for a moment, "serious."

"What?" David exclaimed nervously.

She bit her lip to keep from laughing, but failed, "I'm kidding, both times!"

"Geez, don't play with m' head like that." She laughed aloud again, David just shook his head and drove off.

After a few moments of driving, Makoto asked, "Did you have any girlfriends before me?" David looked over and was puzzled at her question, "I'm being serious."

"Yeah," he responded, "I have."

"How many?"

"Why do y'u want t' know?"

She looked over to him, "Because, it's something I will figure out eventually."

David sighed, "Three."

"Three?" she said, slightly in surprise.

"Yes, three."

"Why didn't you stay with any of them?"

"Well, one was insane, one was a whore, and one didn't like me racin', wanted me out of it, and I told her no."

"Oh," Makoto responded.

"How many boyfriends have you had?"

Makoto shot him a look of surprise, "What?"

"It's only fair, honey," David smiled.

She rolled her eyes, then gave in, "I had two."


"The first guy left me and said I wasn't worth his time, the other was, well, Shino."

"What?" David looked at her like she told him the Earth was flat.

"Yes, but we stopped dating because we felt like we were too much like a brother and sister. It didn't feel right," Makoto looked over at David, who had a slightly relieved face now.

"I see," he replied.

"Tell me, why did you call the second one a whore?"

"Well, remember what I said about how I us'd t' drink?"

"Yes, I do."

"That's another reason why."

Three years ago in South Boston, Virginia, a younger David Goddard was riding in his Barracuda with a girl with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. Her name was Jamie-Lee and was David's girlfriend when he was seventeen years old. "This party is goin' t' be awesome," she exclaimed.

"Yeah, I heard that Danny had this planned for weeks now," David said, "He said it was goin' to be for his entry into the Winston Cup Series, lucky bastard."

"Hey, you'll get in one day!"

"Hope so," David said after pulling into the driveway. They were nearly the last to arrive.

"Late as usual, David," a tall, slightly curly haired man said.

"Good t' see you, too, Danny," David said with a sarcastically mean face.

"Hi, ya, Danny," Jamie-Lee said.

"Hey, woman, glad you could make it, too. Come on, the drinks are ready, got your favorite, David, J├Ąger-Bombs."

"Damn, you want me t' stay the night or somethin'?" David laughed.

"Come on, you've made it through worse," Jamie-Lee added.

"Yeah, barely," David replied, showing how he didn't want to discuss it. The three went inside and began to join the party, for the most part, David was doing alright. Keeping his mouth shut and staying near Jamie-Lee, however, after the fifth shot, David started to talk and behave in a way that wasn't his normal self. He would say things that just wouldn't make sense, unless you were just as drunk. After six, he stopped hanging around with Jamie-Lee and stayed near the bar in the basement of Danny's house. She, however, began to hang around with a couple of other guys and flirt a bit more than she would around him. After shot seven, he was nearly out of it and she had went off to be with someone else. The rest of the night went by in a blur and had found himself in his bedroom half on the bed, half not. He blinked his eyes and found out it was now eight in the morning. He also had a enormous headache, "Damn, got a hangover." He got up and made his way to the kitchen, but seen that the answering machine had a message.

He hit the button and it was Danny, "Hey, man. You might want to call me. It's about Jamie. Man, call me when you get this!"

David picked up the phone and dialed the number, when Danny answered he asked, "What's wrong with Jamie?"

"Well, it's not what's wrong with her," Danny said, "Well, it sorta is, but, nothing, well, she isn't hurt."

"Just spit it out," David said, "I've got a hangover the size of Russia."

Danny sighed over the phone, "She, she slept with Aaron, now the bastard is gloating about it."

David looked like he was going to throw the phone through the wall, "Where is he?"

"David, no, you are not," Danny tried to reason.

"Where the fuck is that rat bastard?" David yelled.

"He's at Tony's with the rest of his circle jerk group."

David hung up the phone and drove to Tony's house and there was the whole group standing outside and discussing the previous night's main event. Aaron's gestures to what he was doing didn't help David's anger. He slammed the car door and yelled, "I hope you enjoyed it, because it will be the last time you fucked someone!"

Meanwhile, Danny was hurrying to find his keys, Tony's house was on the other side of South Boston and it would take him nearly fifteen minuets to get there, "Where are they, Damn it! David, please don't do anything stupid!" Upon hitting an old pair of blue jeans, the keys made a familiar jingling sound. He just decided to throw on the jeans and drive there hopefully to stop or help David. Danny hopped into his '81 Chevrolet Camaro and took off, "Please, David, please be alright." Upon reaching Tony's house ten minuets later Danny was nearly mortified by the way David fell to the ground. He was battered, bruised, and nearly bleeding from everywhere, the worst was on his side and back. Danny immediately knew what caused that damage, in Aaron's hand was a large hunting knife, David's blood covering it. Aaron was about to strike once again, but Danny fired one shot in the air from his handgun from under the seat, a forty-five caliber revolver that his father gave him and told him to use in only a dire situation. To Danny, this more than qualified, "Any of you move, y'all will take your regrets to the Devil."

"Oh, really?" Aaron said, "Let's just," Danny shot the knife out of his hand.

"I said don't move!" he yelled out. By that time, the neighbors had heard the gunshots, one of them was the sheriff of the town.

"What's going on out here?" the Sheriff yelled out.

"Call an ambulance right now!" Danny yelled back.

"What, oh my lord! It's the Goddard boy! Marie, call the hospital, quickly!"

Soon, the ambulance and sheriff cars had pulled up. The ambulance took David, one of the sheriff cars took Aaron, Tony and their other accomplice.

While he was out, David had a dream, it was a man standing with a cape flowing behind him. A bright light silhouetted him and he said, "You have to stay alive, David Goddard. For me,"A woman in a flowing dress walked over and held the shadowed man around his waist.

"And, for me,"she said. Days later, David had opened his eyes and began to look around the room. He couldn't move his torso, so he stayed down.

"David?" someone happily exclaimed, at first, David didn't recognize the voice and the picture was still blurry, but soon he realized it was Amanda, a friend he knew since he was just a small boy.

"M, Mandy?" David asked.

She began to tear up, then walked over to David and gently embraced him, then slapped him, "That's for getting the moronic idea of trying to take on three guys for a whore." Her light green eyes cried, then she smiled, "But, I'm glad you are alive."

"I don't even remember what happened," David said.

"Well, according to Aaron, who's word I can trust as far as I can throw it, you came over and tried to kill him with the knife, which he took from your hand and he 'accidentally' stabbed and cut you. I do know for sure that you went over with the idea of kicking his ass for sleeping with Jamie-Lee. I told you she was white trash, Davie."

David looked down and sighed, "I know." He then looked up at Amanda, who was still shedding tears, "I'm sorry."

"You, you're sorry?" Amanda looked disgusted, "For what, coming up with the idea or getting yourself put into the hospital."

"For makin' you cry," David replied, "she wasn't worth this, she wasn't worth makin' you cry, she wasn't worth anything."

Amanda began to cry more, then hugged David tightly around his shoulders, where it wouldn't hurt him, "Why are you just now realizing this? Why did it take that to get you to see she was worthless?"

David held her tightly, "'cause I'm just as much a moron as that Aaron guy is."

"No, you're not," she sobbed into his right shoulder, "It's because you are too hard headed!"

David laughed lightly, then gently rubbed her back with his right hand as she continued to cry into his shoulder. Later into the week, it was found that Aaron had actually stabbed David and that David had never stuck a blow towards Aaron or any of the accomplices. Aaron had thrown the first punch, then the other two came in with their own barrage. Aaron took out his knife while the other two held David up, his back to Aaron. He stabbed David in the side first, then carved it up to his back, the knife was to an angle and is the reason the scar was as large as it was.

"So, I see," Makoto said, "I wouldn't just call her a whore, but a sad excuse for a human."

"No, she's just a whore," said David, "She's now some pimp's bitch in Richmond, probably with more than one STD. If it wasn't from the hookin' then, it was from her crack use. She started that after I got out of the hospital, damn woman never came to see if I wus even alive."

"Was Amanda the third girl you dated?" Makoto asked.

"No, we never did. Though, she was never really thrilled about my racin', she supported me whenever she could come out to a race. She just about made every east coast swing of the Dash series."

"I see, Danny he," Makoto began.

"Yes, he was. That incident happened just a few months after that," David answered before she could ask. "I feel like a jackass, he came to help me, I couldn't even come see him after a month," David's eyes began to look distant.

Makoto took his hand, "I'm sure he understood why. He was a racer just like you, and a very good friend," she began to squeeze it, "I'm very sure he didn't want you to be held up by him. I even bet he wanted you to move up with him instead of it just being him."

David looked over to Makoto and smiled, "Thank you, that's twice you've found a way to cheer me up today."

Makoto smiled back, "I know, I'm just good that way."

David laughed, "I still have to teach you how to drive," he looked over to a parking lot, "and right there will be perfect."

"Hey, that's the parking lot to the ice rink," she said, "If we have time, I might just teach you how to ice skate," she winked.

"How, you don't have anythin' to skate in."

"They let me keep my stuff there, I bring it home when I feel it has become too dirty."

"Well, I have nothin' to skate in."

"They lend out skates, don't worry."

"Uh, you think they have anythin' in my size?"

"Which is?"

"Fifteen," David said as he pulled into the parking lot, "and that's an American sizin'."

Makoto's eyes were wide, "Oh, my! Your feet don't look that large!"

"Well, next time hold my shoe 'gainst your arm, I bet it will be longer." When David came to a stop, he put it in park and began to explain the basics of driving, "Alright, the first and most important step is knowin' how to start the vehicle. This one is very simple, put the key in and turn it forward until the engine starts. Not all cars are like this, my FairladyZ's clutch has to be depressed, which means the brake must be also. If not, the car will roll down hill because nothin's holdin' it. Now, to get this truck goin', you have to put it in a gear, but as you can see," he began to try and move the selector, "it won't budge. This is a safety feature lock out that requires the brake to be engaged before you can get out of park, now, after that, you don't need the brakes. See?" The truck began to creep in reverse and Makoto nodded, "Now I can just tap it into the N, which is Neutral. No gear is selected and the truck will only roll which ever way momentum or gravity wants it to." He put his foot on the brake and stopped the truck, "Now, from Neutral, I have to hold this little button on the shifter to move it to a forward drive gear, the one you will use most often is the Drive, this capital D with a circle around it."

"What does the circle mean?" Makoto asked.

"It means overdrive, basically it is a gear that is not one to one."

"Um, ok."

"One to one is when the engine and transmission are spinnin' at the same speed. First gear is usually pretty large, it will accelerate more than this gear and is easier to pull. You've ridden a multi-gear bike, haven't y'u?"

"I have one time," she replied.

"Ok, you know how easy it wus to start in first gear?" Makoto nodded to the question. "Ok first gear in this truck is the same way. You have to climb the gears to get up to speed. The engine doesn't have quite to power to overcome it's own weight without a first gear," David then had a coy smile and said, "It also lets me do this," he put the truck into it's Low Gear One position laid on a little brake and floored the gas pedal, the Titan's rear tires began to spin and smoke as he released the brake and let the truck go forward a few feet. He then put it back into Neutral and back to a stop, "Now, we shouldn't do that too oft'n, might git us in some deep trouble." Makoto laughed and now was the one shaking her head and David continued, "Now, on to my favorite part, the gas pedal, or the thing that just let me do what I just did." David then put it back into drive, "Ok, now you have to be careful with it, you can very easily overpower the tires in a truck or car with even a bit less power than this. It's just a little harder in something with little power. This truck, however, has more than enough to do it. So, it's somethin' you'll have to learn to respect and know how to apply it gently. Now the brakes, they will be your saving grace or worst enemy if you use 'em wrong."

She looked at him and asked, "How can they be your worst enemy?"

"By lettin' the front end, or all the tires for that matter, lock up and sked to a stop. Now, this truck's equipped with anti-lock brakes, but they will not, let me say it again, will absolutely not straighten up a vehicle that is slidin' sideways or is far beyond out of control. I'll show you," he got the truck up to speed and pitched it sideways, then put on the brakes enough to get the Anti-lock Brake System engaged and moved the steering wheel to keep the truck from tipping over, but, as he said, the truck didn't go back straight. Instead, it just came to a stop.

"Wow, that was just as scary as last night!" she said.

"But you see m' point at least, right?" he asked and she nodded yes. "Alright, now that leads to another part, steerin'. In my car, I could pitch it just like I did there and not have to move the steering wheel very much. But, since this truck is pretty tall, the body leans so much to the opposite side of the turn because of weight transfer and center of gravity. Now, this truck doesn't do it as much as a lot of the older ones, but it still has a good bit of sway and it will still tip over. If you remember last night, it even began to lift one or the other rear tires when I had to take a turn very fast. This Titan is not designed for cornerin' like my Z car. Instead, it's designed to go off-roadin', go on trails and climb rocks and other such treacherous terrain."

"Why would you want to do that? Sounds pretty dangerous," Makoto commented.

"Yeah, but it's fun. A challenge of tryin' to get your truck to a spot that is nearly impossible to reach, that's the appeal in it."

"Oh, I guess I see."

"Yeah, it's like tryin' to do a move that you know is very hard to do when you're ice skatin'. It's that same feelin' when you do it and get it. It's also that same feelin' when you can't."

"Oh, yeah, I do see now," she said.

"Ok, y'u're turn."

"Huh?" Makoto looked surprised.

"Yeah," David said as he put it in park and shut the truck off, "'ere's the key."

She made a loud gulp and said, "I don't know."

"Look, all my talkin' isn't going to just apply itself into you. You have to physically do this to get any of it."

They switched sides and she put the key into the ignition, with an anxious sigh, she turned the ignition forward, but nothing happened, "Oh, darn it, what am I doing wrong? I turned the key forward like you said!"

David laughed, "You just turned it to unlock the steering wheel. Keep going until you hear the motor turn over."

She began to blush and tried again, this time the engine finally turned, but she let go a bit too soon and it didn't start, she began to blush more and began to feel more and more stupid, "Am I ever going to do it right?"

"Honey, you're doing alright. You've never done this before, turn it again and this time hold it for about 5 seconds or until the tach right there goes a bit over 1000 RPM's."

So, with the encouraging words, she tried again and this time it did fire up. She then put her foot on the brakes and moved the selector to Drive, or so she thought, when she let go of the brake and hit the gas, it spun in reverse. She then stabbed the brakes as hard as she could, causing the ABS to engage and help her come to a stop, her body began to tremble because her nerves were about to break down, "Oh, geez," she said to herself.

David laughed and then put the selector into Drive, "You're doin' fine, most first timers wouldn't have grabbed the brakes and stabbed more on the gas. Now, be easy on the gas and go forward slowly for now."

Makoto nodded and slowly got off the brakes and barely stepped on the accelerator pedal. "Hey, it's moving forward," she said to herself.

"Ok," David began, "for now this is fast enough, feels like around 15 or 20 MPH, so this fast enough to give you a feel of what the truck will do around corners and when comin' to a stop."

She looked down at the speedometer and thought in surprise, "Wow, he's almost right."

"Keep your eyes on the road," said David, "Another important step in drivin'. Only glance at your gauges to get a sight on how fast you are goin'. You never know what will jump out in front of you," then quietly said to himself, "or what ditch you will miss."


"Long story."

"Oh, okay." She kept the truck at the speed he wanted and kept it straight.

"Ok, now I want y'u to make a right turn at that lamp post ahead." She nodded and did as he said. But, David began to worry a bit, "You're a little early and a bit quick on the steerin', ease up a bit towards the left and you will be a'right."

"Ok," she began to let the steering wheel go back to the left, but it wasn't enough, the tail light brush guard and bumper hit the lamp post, "Oh, shit," she quietly yelped out and stopped the Titan. "Oh, lord, David I'm sorry!"

David just laughed, "It's ok, the secret of the truck is that scars give it character. 'sides, it ain't that bad, the brush guard did it's job. The bumper is the only thin' with any damage, and it ain't really that bad, either."

Even though David wasn't mad, she still began to cry, "Even though I was going this slow, I still screwed it up."

"Mako, love, don't wurry 'bout it," David smiled, "I'm not even goin' t' fix it, it will be a memory that we will share and can see. A little moment we can say we had together, y'u know?"

She looked up at him, "Why aren't you mad?"

David wiped the tears from her eyes, "Because, I love you too much to let somethin' like that get me upset," he then took her hand and held it gently, "Like I said, it will be a memory we will share about bein' together. Now, don't let this discourage you, keep goin', you're doin' very well!"

She sniffled and said while smiling, "Okay. I'll, I'll keep going." She put it in Drive, correctly, and kept going, doing everything David told her. She even did a few laps around the lamp posts backwards, not exceeding the speed limit he imposed, of course.

"Ok, enough of the kiddy stuff. Let's drive to your house," he said.

Her eyes were very wide, "I don't think I'm ready just driving for a couple of hours in the parking lot!"

"You're ready for it, Love," David encouraged, "It's nearly the same, only a little more input from you to keep the truck straight is all that's required. Only thing I ask is that you keep it at the speed limit."

"O, okay," she replied nervously.

"Relax, you're goin' t' be fine." Makoto nodded and looked both ways as David had instructed a few moments ago. Once everything was clear, she pulled forward and out of the parking lot in the direction of her apartments. When she started to apply more accelerator, the truck's rear end began to spin, but she let out of it easily as she had learned to. David nodded his head in approval and smiled.

She began to lightly laugh, "I'm really doing this, I'm actually driving! On the road!"

"See, I told you, you can handle it," David continued his encouragement, "Just keep your eyes on the road like I said and stay within the speed limit."

Makoto continued down towards her apartment, when a car in the opposite lane flashed it's lights, "Why did that car do that?"

"A cop must be down the road or something, just take an easy and we'll be fine." Sure enough, to Makoto's left, a patrol car had been sitting there checking traffic.

Her breathing began to pick up as they passed it, then it pulled out and began to turn it's lights on and pick up speed, "Oh, no, no, no! This isn't happening now!"

"Don't worry, just pull to the left and see if he goes by, I'll take care of him if he doesn't," David soothed her. Sure enough, the patrol car went whizzing by, "See, you're alright, now check your right mirror, and pull back into traffic if it is clear."

A few moments later, they had arrived safely to Makoto's apartment, "That was kind of scary at first, but, I think I would like to do it again."

"We will, but we'll need to get your license first. Or the temporary one, however they do it here," said David. They hopped out of the Titan and he gave her a quick hug and a kiss, "I'll see you in a bit."

"Okay," replied a delighted Makoto, "Remember, you have to meet me at the park, not here. I want to surprise you on how I look."

David smiled and agreed, "An interestin' thought. I'll see you there, then." As he jumped back into the truck, he saw Minako and Usagi arrive in the driver's mirror. He waived to them, "Hey, girls, how are you doing?"

Minako was surprised that he surprised that he was now speaking their language, "Um, hi, David-san."

Usagi then stated, "See? Now I have someone else to tell Ami-chan!" She then looked up and said, innocently, "Oh yeah, hi, David-san!"

"Now, I've told you all to call me David, ok?" He asked.

"Oh, yes, that's right," said Usagi.

"Hey! You need to get going!" exclaimed Minako, "You're not going to be late for you own date. You got everything straight on your end?"

"Yeah," David replied, "got the spot in the park reserved, the caterers, everything. It is all set and will be ready by the time Mako arrives. You have everything ready on your end?"

"Yes of course we do," said Usagi, "Mamo-kun will have the radio in his car and will pick us up here when she is ready."

"Not very fair you all get to see her before me," David said.

"Well, get over it," Minako teased.

"Yeah, not very gentlemanly to see a girl in her dress until she wants you to," Usagi joined.

David smiled, "I suppose you girls have a point." He started the Titan up and began to back out, "See you all in a bit."

"Okay," said Minako when David was gone, "let's get Mako-chan."

"Yeah," laughed Usagi.

About an hour later, Mamoru showed up and walked up to the apartment door. He knocked in the fashion that Usagi and Minako insisted. They opened the door and yanked him in, Minako looked around to make sure David didn't happen to listen or anything and quickly closed the door. "You girls sure are making a big deal out of this," Mamoru said.

"Because it is a big deal!" Usagi said.

"How so?" asked Mamoru.

"Because, this is the first real guy Makoto can really fall in love with!"

"What about Shino-san? He was too, wasn't he?"

"Yeah, but he was also very close to Mako-chan and that didn't last as long as it should have, either!"

"So, you trying to make sure this lasts as long as possible?"

"Yes! Mako-chan deserves a good man, you have to agree with that!"

"I do," said Mamoru, "She has been in a very upbeat attitude since she met him."

Usagi laughed, "You should hear how she feels about him since last night, they even slept with each other."

Mamoru was surprised, "I thought Mako-chan was a better woman than that!"

Usagi hit him in the arm, "Not like that!"

"Ow," he yelped, "you're getting stronger, there, Odango."

"Really?" Usagi asked enthusiastically.

"Yep," he gave her a light kiss before Minako came out.

"Almost ready!" Mianko said then smirked, "So, you two better quit the kissy, hugy stuff."

"Yeah, yeah," said Mamoru, laughing.

"That General was more powerful than I thought, my Queen," said Jadaen, "I apologize for my lack of judgment."

"It was a good thing, Jadaen," a shadowed woman said, "I would have to kill you if you did destroy him."

"My Queen?"

"I, unfortunately, have an infatuation with him. An obsession since the Dark Moon Kingdom reigned and before he became GeneralGraphite."

"Before he became GeneralGraphite? Could you please enlighten me, Mistress?"

"Yes, he was know as Take Lar (Ta-kay LAr). He used to reside on Pluto, even training with the Princess of that Outer Planet. My older Sister, Beryl, convinced him the first time to join us, making him a Dark Moon General. I fell for him during his training, such a handsome man. He was older than by a few years, but I did not care, it even made me want him more. Then, on his last mission, the Moon Kingdom stole him away from me, brainwashed him to their side. Even made him fall for one of the princesses. That is what disgusted me the most. Now that I know he's here, I'll get to win him back. He and I will be together once more!"

"Yes, Mistress, I hear that 'David' will have a promotion with a new company, which we have been able to 'aquire,'" said Jadaen.

"I see. When will this take place?"

"Tomorrow, he will be signing autographs and taking pictures."

"Good, your business is done here."

Jadaen bowed and exited to the shadows. "So, sister," said another man, "You find you love of days past?"

"Yes, brother, I have."

"How do you plan to meet him? You cannot reveal yourself just yet."

"I will use my old civilan form, besides, it's been too long since Usagi-chan has seen me. I hope she hasn't forgotten me."

"I am sure she she hasn't, dear sister," the man said, kissing her on the right cheek.

"Yusus (Use-us)-chan," said the girl, "Your feelings for the blonde princess hasn't subsided, have they?"

"I don't know, Narula (Narew-la)-chan, I'll have to see."

Hours later, David was pacing the a small spot in the area of the park he was able to reserve. He was nervous and wearing what Minako had "suggested," or, rather, forced on him. His shoes were black and polished dress shoes, he had a pair of white dress slacks and a black belt.

He had a silver vest on over his shirt and his jacket matched his pants and was buttoned up to where his stomach and chest met. He had a bowtie, but it wasn't tied. He couldn't remember how it went, "Man, I feel like an albino penguin. I feel even dumber f'r not gettin' this bowtie right. What'a pain." Soon, he saw a raven haired girl in a matching white dress and heels and a man he recognized, "Moji? What're you doin' here?"

"Rei-san dragged me here with this suit on. Told me I had to have dinner with her tonight," he then leaned over and whispered, "I'm starting to believe what a friend of ours told me."

"What was that, Moji-san?" Rei asked in Japanese.

"What, oh, nothing, Rei-dearest," Momiji replied nervously, with 'dearest' being the only English word.

"Hey, uh, any of y'all know how t' do this?" asked David, pointing to his bowtie.

Momiji asked Rei and she nodded. She then walked over and tied it for him, "Grandpa and Yuuichiru-fool always need my help with ties, so I've had to learn. There, done."

"Wow, that was fast," said David and Momiji in their respective languages.

Rei smiled and said, "Like I said, I have to do this for two men who don't know how, you get twice the practice."

Soon, Minako and Usagi were walking down, Minako in a red dress and Usagi in a pink one, their purses matching. Mamoru had followed behind them, also "convinced" to wear a suit. He also had the CD player with him. "Ami-chan and Mako-chan will be here soon," he said, "I just have to page her when we have everything set up."

"Well," said David, "the caterers pretty much set every thing up. Guess it's just that left," he pointed to the CD player.

"We'll take that," said Usagi and Minako, which they then placed in a covered, yet convenient, spot and set it to the track they needed it to be at. They nodded and walked back over to get a good spot to see David's soon to be shocked face.

David looked up and saw Ami and Makoto walking over towards them. Ami was wearing a powder blue dress with a small purse matching it. Makoto took his breath away, wearing a backless, dark blue dress and long white gloves, she had a white choker on and her hair was held up with a white floral band. She had a white scarf draped over her shoulders and a small pin with three white roses in full bloom over her right dress strap. The dress and scarf flowed and made her even more elegant to him. She was the only thing David could see right now, it was the most starry-eyed anyone has seen him at this moment. Minako took advantage of the situation and snapped a picture of his expression. It hardly snapped him out of his daze, only glancing to see what it was then back to Makoto. David began to walk up to her to meet her nearly halfway, smiling, Ami tugged on her arm and let Makoto have a private moment with David for just a bit. David then put his arms around Makoto's waist and said, "You so beautiful, I'm almost afraid to touch you."

Makoto laughed, "Thank you, David. You look very handsome yourself, so handsome, I want to touch you," she put her hands up to his face and gently pulled him down to her and he followed, kissing her gently.

Soon, whistles and yoo-hoos came from the audience behind them, "Hey, we do have the rest of the night you know!" yelled Minako. Makoto laughed after breaking the kiss and David put his arm around her waist and led her to their place at the table.

"That's your friend Momiji, isn't it?" asked Makoto on the way.

"Yeah, he doesn't know about us and the other 'us,'" said David.

"Okay, I'll make sure that none of that is mentioned." David nodded and assisted her into her chair and helped push it up.

"What a gentleman," said Usagi, "Wish someone would do that for me every so often," she then elbowed Mamoru.

"Hey, I'm as much as a gentleman as I can, Usagi-chan," he replied.

Momiji followed in a similar manner with Rei and even assisted Ami while David assisted Minako, the both of them then sat beside their ladies and proceeded with the night's plan. Nearing the end of their meal, Minako and Usagi excused themselves and moved over to the bush that hid the CD player and pressed it on. As soon as it hit her ears, Makoto became slightly starry-eyed and started to think of how that song made her want to dance with someone, "I love this song, 'Lover Lay Down.' I always," she was interrupted by David.

"Care to dance?" he asked with his hand held out. Makoto nodded and followed him out to a small spot and they began to dance slowly. Her arms around his neck and his around her waist. Both of them smiling, Makoto still surprised he knew. He lightly put his forehead against hers and she closed her eyes, allowing him to guide her. He gently pulled her closer and began to kiss her, parting her lips with his. They shared the bliss of their souls, feeling themselves become more than just a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but not that of a husband and wife. They started to become more than that, but they didn't know what it was yet. They knew, however, that they loved each other and that was all that mattered at the moment. That, and the two blondes were having a snicker fit at the end of the song, taking pictures along the way. David winked and whispered, "Hang on." He then used his right arm to hold her up as he dipped her, then brought her back up.

"That was interesting," laughed a surprised Makoto, "but very fun."

"Way to go, girl!" Yelled out Minako. Makoto laughed more and looked over to her close blonde friend.

"Hey," Makoto then whispered to David, "Can you do me a small favor?"

"Of course," David replied.

"Can you give one dance to Ami-chan? I've been the only one to dance with her and I want her to have a little fun, too."

David smiled and said, "Sure." He walked with Makoto towards Ami and then he asked, "Ami, would you care to dance as well?"

Ami blinked at the request, "I, my, I don't know."

"Come on, Ami-chan! You'll have fun and you're a better dancer than you think!"

"I, just, I don't know," said a now redder Ami.

David just shook his head and pulled her up, "Come on, we'll have fun! I'll even teach you something I do back home, so easy you won't believe it!"

"Well, I guess since you are dragging me, I have no real choice."

"Minako, put it on number five, please!"

She didn't totally understand, but saw the five his fingers suggested and the pointing to the CD player and knew what he was talking about. Then David stood with Ami beside him as the song "That's Love" by Brad Paisley came on. "Okay, I'm gonna teach you the 'Two-Step,' like I said, easy as I said it would be. First thing you do is put your hands right here," he moved his hands to the front of his waist, "Now you step back two times, like this," he said in time with the beat and moved like he instructed, Ami followed, "Now some people keep their toe up like this, some don't, it's mostly for show. Now, you clap, move to the side, two times," he did as he said again, then put his hands back to his waist. "Now, we step forward two, times, then back where we stared, now when you clap this time, you spin around on each step, like this. Then we do it all over again, adding a little hip movement to it."

Ami laughed, "This isn't so bad. It is almost as easy as you say."

"Yeah, gets more fun when you add more people!" he stressed the last part. Smiling, Momiji tugged on Rei's arm and she hesitantly followed. Makoto dragged Minako in and Usagi pulled a surprised Mamoru and they all started to dance. All of them laughing with each other as a mistake was made by at least one of them. Soon, David was singing while he was dancing with Makoto to another Brad Paisley song, "Hold Me In Your Arms (and Let Me Fall)."

"You sound pretty good," Makoto commented during a band solo.

"Thank you," he replied and continued,

"When you go out shopping you try on brand new clothes,

To see if something fits or not there's just one way to know.

Why's it any different when someone asks you out,

You might as well just try me on before you turn me down.

Hold me in your arms just see how it feels,

Don't make me wait forever just because you know I will,

Don't leave me hangin', wishin', waitin', hopin' that you'll call.

Darlin' hold me in your arms and let me fall.

Yeah darlin' hold me in your arms and let me fall."

David smiled at the end of the song.

"I don't think you have anything to worry about when it comes to me and you," joked Makoto, "Catching you will be a different story." Both of them broke out into laughter.

It was now nearing midnight and the group was becoming tired. "How many of you need a ride back to your homes?" ask Mamoru.

"Me and Moji-san walked here and can walk back," Rei spoke up and he nodded.

"I can ride with David-kun," said Makoto.

"Pretty short ride," said David. Rei, Ami, Mamoru, and Momiji blinked at what David just said.

"Uh, David, when did you know Japanese?" asked Momiji.

"Lucky guess!" David shot out, "Makoto has been helping me a lot!"

"Uh, yeah, I have!" she replied in agreement.

Usagi leaned over to Mamoru, "I'll explain later, Luna told me why!" He nodded. Minako did the same with Ami and Rei.

"Well, anyhow, looks like Ami-chan, Minako-chan, and Usagi-chan all can ride with me," said Mamoru.

Makoto walked over and hugged and kissed the cheeks of her friends, "Good night, guys. I will talk to you tomorrow!" David took her hand in his and waived with the other. Towards the small parking lot near where they were just at, Makoto noticed that he was now driving something else, "It's your car this time?"

"Yeah," said David, "I like it just a little more." He helped her seat in, then he hopped into his side and began to drive off.

"Hey, you've seen my house, can I see yours?"

"Well, you don't have a change of clothes."

"We can stop by my house real quick," she smiled.

"It is on the way," said David, mostly to himself.

"Then lets go!" he then nodded and drove to her apartment and she stepped out of the car, "Wait here, I won't be long!"

"Ok," he said. While he was waiting, he rolled down the window and looked up at the night's clear sky, "Pretty night." He then heard her close the door and begin to walk down the stairs. David opened the hatch of the car and let Makoto put her stuff inside. She closed it and hopped back in. "Ready?" he asked.

"Yes, very much," she smiled. Before she really knew it, Makoto had fallen asleep. David looked over, the moonlight had cast a her body into a shadow.

"She looks like an angel in the moonlight," he thought to himself. Soon, Makoto's head had swayed up a bit and it stirred her into a lazy wake. "Hey," David whispered, "We're here." Makoto barely murmured out. He smiled and got out, then walked over to her side. He opened the door and began to carry her in, but had to help her stand while he was at the hatch getting her bag. Once he had it around his arm, David picked Makoto up again and carried her into the house. He gently laid her on the couch after taking off his shoes then took her heels off and placing them on the floor beside his.

The light made Makoto wake more and she sat up and noticed that her heels were gone. She smiled when she looked behind the couch and saw the spot where he set them, "He really did remember."

"Told you that I'd start doin' it!" he laughed.

She turned around and looked at David, "I know, it's still a good habit."

David took off the tie and jacket, then set them down on a chair beside the couch. He then sat beside her, looked into her eyes and smiled. Makoto did the same, then they both moved closer and began to kiss each other. He put his hands around her waist and leaned down, her falling with him. He gently parted and said, "There is a more comfortable spot than this."

"Let's go there," Makoto replied, letting David pull her up and lead her to his room. Leading her up the stairs, he pulled Makoto close and kissed her briefly, passion was starting to build more and more with each step. She then moved closer to him, running her hands along his shoulders and arms, then he reached over and opened his door. Makoto's hands then wondered to his chest and began to unbutton his shirt, only letting his white t-shirt remain on his upper torso. His right hand then held her left out and he kissed slowly up her arm and to her shoulder. Makoto smiled and tilted her head as David kissed up her neck, his kisses putting her into an even more relaxed state. His lips slowly graced her jaw and then her lips. She moved her hands to lift his t-shirt, but he stopped her. David slowly backed and sat on his bed, looking down at the floor. "What's, wrong?" Makoto asked.

"I," he paused to sigh, "I, there is a part of my story I didn't tell you from yesterday. I still have the scar, a very bad scar, from that knife. I'm embarrassed to let anyone see it, even doctors, my family, everyone."

"Why not?"

"Shame, mostly," he looked at her with sad, yet honest eyes, "Thinking that she was worth it, but in reality wasn't."

"That's nothing to be ashamed of," she said as she knelt down and looked up at him, "You shouldn't be ashamed of it. You didn't really know she was like that and you didn't do anything to provoke that scar. It was that jerk that did it."

"But it still happened."

"We all have scars, emotional and physical. Even I do."

"Emotional scars don't leave a mark."

"Yes, they do," she looked at his eyes, staring back with poignant eyes, "They leave scars worse than yours, ones that can't truly heal. They keep you from doing things you could enjoy, they can even affect relationships. My original Senpai thought lowly of me and my fear."

"You felt pretty strongly of him?"

"Yes, I did. Most every guy I fell for was because I thought of him when I saw them."

"Why am I different, or do I in some way?"

"No, you look nothing like him," she smiled. "Your different because, one, we had a relationship before we really knew it, and, two, I think I don't want a guy that reminds me of him anymore. If he reminds me of him, then, he would probably dump me like my old Senpai did. He would probably not try to help me with my fear, not understand it like he didn't want." Makoto's eyes began to water up, "He thought that my fear was childish and that I," she sniffled a bit, "that I didn't really want to go with him on that trip to Malaysia. He said that he knew that I was cheating on him and that he really didn't love me anyhow. I kept trying to tell him, explain to him that I had that fear because of my parents death, but, he wouldn't listen. He broke my heart, made me feel like I was really to blame. It was raining that day and Shinosaki-kun came with an umbrella to cover me. I've called him my 'Rainy Day Man,' since then."

David gently pulled her up and held her tightly, she did the same as he said, "It sounds like you had a similar experience as I did, just your scar was different." Makoto nodded. "Tell you what, if you help me with my scar, will you let me help you with yours?"

She pulled back a bit and looked into his eyes, not sure what to make of the offer. "You, you really mean that?" David smiled and nodded "yes." Out of a sudden urge, she jumped at him and kissed him, causing the pair to fall into the bed. She stopped and kissed up to his ear the whispered, "Let's make love, please?"

"You sure you want to?" he whispered back.

She smiled and looked lovingly into his eyes, "Yes, I am very sure." David smiled back and then gently kissed down her neck. Makoto tenderly purred with each kiss and reached under his shirt to stroke his bare back. As he reached her shoulder, she began to lift his shirt and kiss the side of his face, they both paused their kisses to let his shirt come off. David let off a nervous sigh and lightly tremble. "You okay?" Makoto asked.

"Fine," he nervously laughed and said, "Just been a little while since someone saw me without my shirt on. Not since the accident, at least."

She smiled, "Okay." Then she continued, tossing his shirt over the side of the bed. She then placed kisses down his chest as she pushed him slowly onto the bed. Makoto then came back up and smiled, lightly she tugged on the thin straps of her dress and they slowly fell off her shoulders. David leaned up and began kiss the skin her dress would show as he pulled it down little by little. Makoto's skin began to get goosepimply as he kissed down her bare chest and a small sigh escaped. "Now I really see what Michiru was talking about," Makoto thought to herself.

David smiled and looked up at Makoto, "What was she talking about?"

"How did you?" she looked at him and saw him waiving his ring. She laughed, "She said that there were many fun things adults can do and please remind me next time to not let us wear these to bed again."

"I don't know about that, could keep the noise down," David laughed and Makoto, playfully, but still roughly, hit him in the stomach. "Hey! I'm kidding, honey."

Makoto smiled wider, "I know, but, that might not still be enough for the noise factor."

He shot her a surprised, but still happy look, "Want to find out?"

"I think you want to more than I do," she smirked.

"What gave that away?"

"Well, it wasn't the ring and earrings."

David pondered for half a second, then said, "Oh, yeah, that." He let a bit of a nervous laugh out.

Makoto smiled and shook her head slowly, "Boys, they will never learn."

"Boy? Well, can a boy do this?" He began to kiss her deeply, their tongues rasping against each other. She then pushed her dress off her and to the ground, the reached to his pants and began to remove them, belt and all. She then broke the kiss long enough to pull them off of him along with his socks.

"Hey, wait a second, need something out of my wallet," said David.

"What could you possibly need out of your wallet?" she asked, confused.

"Boys will never learn?" He sarcastically asked, "I've got a condom in there."

"Oh," she asked as she turned a shade of red. "Well, do you think you really need it?"

"If we are going to do this, yes."

She smiled, "What if I want your children?"

"A bit early for that isn't it, dear?"

"No, I don't think so. I want a family as soon as I can!"

"You're still in school, though."

"By the time he or she would be born, I would be out by a full month."

"What about our new enemy? Being pregnant would put you out of commission, that's for sure."

She looked at him, then looked at her stomach where a child would be if she were to be expectant. She then looked back at him, "You do have a point, but, what if even after this enemy, I were and another comes up, I'd still be in the same situation."

He looked back into her eyes each time then said, "You're right, honey, but, we aren't even married or have even talked about it. I also don't know if I am ready to be a father yet," he smiled, "but that doesn't mean I don't look forward to it. I want to have kids, just not yet." He then thought to himself, "When did I get this mature? I sound like an old man!"

Makoto smiled back, "You do sound very mature and I am very thankful for it."

"Yeah," he said.


"We need to take these off next time," he laughed. She laughed back.

"Okay, you have me convinced, put the condom on, please." As he did, she slid her panties off and then whispered to him when he was done, "I've never done this before, so, um, please," she looked at him with an embarrassed look.

He gently smiled back and said, "I know, honey." He moved so that his head was now at the head of the bed. He propped himself up slightly with some pillows and she positioned herself so that her hips were above his waist. She placed her hand on his shoulders and his on her waist. She took a tense breath and slowly slid herself down on him. David began to rub her sides as she started back up, causing her to tingle inside. Makoto began to pick up her pace, the tingle turned into a warmth and a small moan escaped her lips. He then sat up and kissed her where her neck and shoulder met as she continued to motion herself up and down. The feeling of his lips made her gasp and he then kissed her fervently, she kissed him with the same passion, purring with bliss. He then positioned themselves so that he was now on top of her, gently breaking the kiss and smiling. She smiled back as he then started to pump in and out of her, Makoto gasping and arching her back a bit. David then moved he right hand down to her hip and began to rub around it as he moved down and kissed her chest.

"David," she whispered as he kissed back up her neck.

"Yes?" he asked.

A loud gasp came before she said, "I love you."

"I love you, too," he said before kissing her once more. He pushed inside her one more time, her moaning through their mouths embrace. He slowly laid beside her, breaking their kiss and he holding her tightly. She doing the same, her breathing quickened from their engagement, but she was smiling from pure joy and love. She looked up at him, his smile was the same.

"Thank you," she said.

"You're welcome, but for what?"

"For showing me true love, true joy and ecstasy. For showing me something no pill, drug, or drink can ever bring me or replace," she placed a gentle kiss on his neck, "For showing me I have found someone to be with for all time. David Goddard, I love you with every fiber of my soul."

"I, Makoto Kino, love you with every inch of my body and every word I speak. No one or nothing will ever take that away from me."

"No one will take my love for you away," she slowly faded to sleep, "No one will." Soon, they both were embraced in body and in mind as they dreamed of each other and the pleasure of being with each other.

David woke up that morning and didn't see Makoto anywhere, but her dress was still on the floor where they threw it. He also smelled coffee being brewed, so he threw on some boxers and a t-shirt and went into the kitchen. He saw her standing there in a large t-shirt and some slipper socks. He smiled as he looked up her long, smooth legs that were a natural light tan and toned in a femine way. The over sized shirt gave her a cute characteristic and would trace her body when she moved. David sneaked behind her, wrapped his arm around her, and gently kissed her cheek, "Mornin', Honey."

"Oh," she yelped and laughed, "Scared me!"

"Guess that's the General in me."

She turned around and smiled, "And I guess this is the lover in me," Makoto smiled then kissed him passionately, and he returned her kiss.

"I'm gonna take a shower," he said after slowly breaking the kiss, "I won't be long."

She smiled and said, "Okay." While he was in the shower, the phone rang, "Hello, Goddard residence. This is Kino Makoto."

"Ah," said Aguri, "Mako-chan! How are you? This is Aguri, is David-san around?"

"I'm great! He's in the shower, Aguri-san."

"Okay, just remind him of his autograph day at ProRacer's main store at 14:00."

"Oh, he didn't mention anythng to me about it. Must have forgot, will he have to fly there?" she asked while thinking, "Please say he does not!"

"No, it's close enough to his home. Well, I must be going. Oh! One more thing! Please come with him. Setsuna has your uniform ready and she, Minako-san, and Rei-san are also going to be there."

"Of course I will be there! See you then! Bye!" she hung up the phone, then, a few minutes later it rang again, "Moshi, moshi!"

"Must be the maid," a Southern American man's voice similar to David's interrupted her, "Is, David, there,?" he over stressed.

"I know English, sir," she replied, "He's in the shower. Who's calling."

"Ah, your one of them smart Japs. This is his father, who is this?"

Afraid to really say their relationship, she said, "I'm Makoto Kino."

"Are you his maid or somethin'?"

"No, sir, I'm not."

"Then what are you? I know," he stressed, "know David wouldn't date a forginer, espically not one of you yellow-devils."

"Then you don't know your son very well!" Makoto exclaimed in an upset tone. David heard her as he put his clothes on.

He became concerned and rushed out, "Honey, what's wrong?"

"How dare you tell me what I know about my son, Jap!"

"Stop calling me that!" she yelled out.

"No, and if you dare to claim you are going to have yellow babies with him," David's father started.

"That will be my decision!" David yelled at him, holding Makoto in his right arm and talking on the phone in the other hand, "You talk to her, or any of my friends like that again, you will never speak to me again. Got it?"

"David Hoyal Goddard, how dare you speak to me like that? I am your father."

"I wonder about that sometimes," David spat.

"Boy, you," his father tried to start again.

"Have you anythin' else to discuss?" David exclaimed. His father was silent, "Then good-bye!" He slammed the phone down, then held Makoto, "I'm sorry, Jove." He gently caressed her back.

"How, can someone, be so, hateful?" she asked aloud, beginning to cry.

"Hey, don't let him bother you," he soothed, "He's basically another Daijobi. They ain't here and I won't let them hurt you. Ok?"

"It's just, his words, he called me 'Jap' and he said that my babies would be 'yellow babies.' He hasn't seen me and he already hates me just for being Japanese."

"He's igner'nt," David held her tightly, "He's also a fool. Don't let him bother you."

"I'll try," she sniffled out. "Oh, no, the biscuits!" She ran to the oven, but was too late. They were black and burnt. "This day started so good! What happened?" She slumped to the ground.

David knelt beside her, "Just a couple of setbacks. We'll take a drive after we eat, ok?"

"Oh," she wiped her eyes, "Aguri called, said to remind you about the autograph day at, I don't remember where!"

"Oh, that's right, at ProRacer! That's at 2. We can take our drive, anyhow." Makoto nodded in acceptance and smiled. David took the tray and threw the burnt biscuits away and put the tray in the sink. "You go take a shower, love," said David after breakfast, "I'll clean up." He kissed her on the right cheek and began to wash the dishes.

"This warm water kind of takes the stress away," Makoto thought to herself as she stepped into the shower. "Davie," Makoto yelled out, "Do you have a robe I can wear?"

"I, uh, don't know. Let me check." He walked to the closet that had towels and found a white robe she could wear. He walked to the bathroom door, "Yep, got one."

"Could you bring it in?"

"I guess I can," he said, then opened the door. He looked away from the shower so she could have her privacy.

"You've seen me nude, dear," Makoto laughed as she poked her head around the shower door.

"I know, just figured you wanted a little privacy, that's all."

"I appreciate your concern, Davie," she smiled, "but we need to be more open with each other now."

"I suppose so," he smiled.

"So, look at me."

"Uh, well," he looked around nervously, "I," he turned to her, eyes closed.

"Open your eyes," she laughed. He did as he was asked, but looked straight at her eyes. "Now, look at me."

"I am."

"All of me," she smiled. He sighed and looked her down, then went back up, "Well?"

He looked back into her eyes, "Your beautiful, clothed or unclothed." A hint of red entered his cheeks.

A blush escaped her as well, "See? You don't have to be embarrassed about seeing me nude at anytime. I'll tell you when I want my privacy, ok?"

"Ok," he walked over to her and gently kissed her, "Hurry up, we have to be at ProRacer, soon."

"Ok, Davie," she kissed him again and let him go to get dressed.

Over an hour later, David and Makoto were at the newly opened building and the crowd had begun to gather around. David was surprised at the amount of people who had come just to see him, Momiji, and the new car. He shook his head in disbelief, "There is no way that came here just to see us."

"Why do you say that?" ask Makoto.

"I'm a rookie, Momiji only raced the JGTC a year, and I'm taking over for a retired racer. Most people don't like replacements."

"Well, I'm sure it isn't over a new building."

After the crowd moved aside and let the Fairlady through, Makoto and David went and found Aguri and had seen that Momiji and Rei were talking to him. It was her first glimpse of what their Umbrella uniforms would look like. "Wow," Makoto said to herself.

David was taken back himself as he said, "You will really wear that?"

"I suppose I have to."

"Don't you think they are cute?" Minako asked.

"Yeah, but kinda revealin'," David remarked.

Minako blinked, then remembered about the previous night, "Oh, they are no worse than Mako-chan's bikini."

"They, ain't?" He eyed them both.

Makoto, however, was shooting daggers, "Shut up Mina-chan!"

"Yeah, see it is pretty revealing, especially at the che," Minako was cut off by Makoto's hand.

"You say another word!" Makoto harshly whispered.

"Why? David-san needs to be in the know!" Minako put up a playful defense.

David had an idea of what she was talking about and he was starting to let his mind wonder, "Whoa."

"What?" Makoto nearly yelled out, her nerves beginning to unravel.

"Just a thought, honey," he smiled, playing it down.

Makoto concentrated on him for a second and the thought eventually transferred to her mind, "Oh, I see, but not like that. Mina-chan has a way of blowing things out of proportion." Minako was steadily giggling to herself. "I'm going to put my uniform on, I'll be right back." Makoto gave her a light punch in the arm to Minako when she walked by her, causing the blonde to laugh more. A little later, she came out with her uniform on and a light blush. Her white boots came up just past her shins and had green on the soles and lined the rim of the boots. When her hands were to her sides, her shorts stopped just before her palm and were tightly clinging to her like a second skin. She also wore a green belt around it. Makoto's gloves came up to her elbows and had green highlighting the rim. Her halter top stopped only a quarter of an inch below her chest and she wore a bit more makeup to enhance her beauty. Minako's uniform was the same, except where it was green, hers was orange. Each girl wore their respective colors on the highlights of the uniforms.

David stared, but even that wasn't what bother her, "Why are you blushing?"

"It," she walked up and whispered so that only he could hear, "It feels like I am wearing nothing but the boots, gloves, and belt. Even though I basically am." David cocked his head to the side looking lost and she sighed, "The pants are too tight to wear my panties and I can't wear a bra with the halter top."

"Oh, heh, I see," David said. He wrapped his arm around her waist, "You look really good, though."

She smiled, "Thank you, Davie."

"Welcome, Mako."

They walked over to the table and David sat where he was supposed to, just right of Minako, who was to the right of Momiji. Rei sat to the left of Momiji, as well and Makoto sat to David's right. "This is a little more exciting than what I was expecting," Rei whispered to Momiji.

"You're right, I would never have imagined so many here today," Momiji whispered back. Soon the fans where nearly whizzing by just like the time was until a red headed young woman got to David.

"Hey, there," David said.

Makoto looked up and her eyes widened, "Hey, your Usagi-chan's friend, Osaka Naru-san, right?"

"Yes, I am," Naru replied, "You can call me Naru-chan, Makoto-san."

"Davie, this is Naru Osaka, she's a friend of ours," Makoto said.

Naru smiled, "I've been looking forward to meeting you, David-san."

David got a look that he remembered for some reason, "We've met? You look awfully familiar."

Naru smiled, "No, David-san, not that I can recall." A slight glimmer wandered into her eye and time seemed to freeze for her and David, rather, everything around him and her stopped and an image popped into his head.

"You're, you're," David stammered.

"In time, Take, in time," her voice echoed, but Naru's lips never moved and time restored itself.

David shook his head for a moment and Makoto asked, "Hey, dear, are you alright?"

"Dear?" Narula screamed in her head, "Why did she call him, dear?"

"Yes, love, I'm fine," David smiled to her.

"Love!" Narula thought in shock, "No, no! They've turned him again! I have to, I have to save him before they rip him from my arms again!" Naru ran off before David and Makoto could look up.

"Hey, where did she go?" he asked.

"I, don't know. She must have gone to do something," Makoto said.

The end of the Autograph session, David and Momiji got into two FairladyZ's and began the next session, a drift battle on the closed off and mapped out section of the large parking lot. David, knowing how to woo a crowd, dumped the clutch and lightly got on the brake as he put the gas to the floor. The rear tires lit up with smoke and the engine began to skip off the rev limiter. Soon, the back half of the car was engulfed in smoke and the crowd overpowered the noise of the engine. He rolled the window down and stuck his hand out, waving to the crowd, slowly letting off the brake pedal. After a few feet, he came to a stop again and waited for Momiji. Momiji did a similar introduction, but slid the rear of the car to the right so he could get by David and lead in the battle. David followed him and slid the car into the first left corner just inches from Momiji's car. With Momiji still in front, David kept the car in a slide through the straight, then switched it to the right and passed Momiji into the right hand corner. However, Momiji went back in front into the immediate left hand corner, tires blazing with white smoke. They both were side by side in the straight and power-slid into the right hand corner, just inches between the two cars. The next corner required them to hold a drift beside the entire length of the garage, over six bays, with tire smoke convening onto the crowd. The crowd once again overpowered the noise of the cars. The next right hander was one-hundred-eighty degrees, with David taking the lead this time. Into the left hand corner, Momiji was just ahead of David, but he out muscled Momiji back into the lead within the same corner. But on the right hander, the last corner of the run before the finish, Momiji drifted past David and got to the finish line first. The crowd cheered the loudest it had the entire event, however, two angels sighed with relief. "Lord, they are insane!" exclaimed Rei.

"No kidding! Did you see how close they came to each other?" Makoto said in amazement.

"He's going to give me a heart attack before I turn 20 if he keeps doing stuff like that!"

One girl was preoccupied with a tall man, nearly 10 years her senior, "It's been so long since I last seen you, Yuichi-kun."

"I know, Mina-chan. I'm sorry I hurt you in the past, I'll make it up to you," said Yuichi Ohtsubo, "I still love you, Mina-chan!"

"Then why did you leave me for that whore?" she asked teary eyed.

"I was stupid, and young."

"Young and stupid are pitiful excuses! Do you know how much that hurt me? How much I nearly drove to killing myself because you left me?"

"I'm sorry, Mink, I,"

"Don't you dare, dare, call me that! You ended it and I'm not getting hurt by you again!"

"Why are you only giving me one chance?"

"Because you only just decide to come see me again! What, the whore couldn't give it to you any more so you chose to come see me for a quick score? Do you think I'm that stupid?"

"Mink, that's not what I was thinking at all!"

David had just shaken the hands of the many fans and signed more autographs when he spotted Minako, and her distressed state. He then politely made his way to her when he heard her yell out what she thought he was there for, "Hey, Mina! What's up?"

"None of your business, pal," Yuichi stated.

"Well, pal," David stressed the pal part, "she's a very good friend of mine and I think she can tell me if it's my business or not on her own."

"He's right, now, Yuichi, leave before," Minako started.

"Before you what?"

"She asks me to kick yu'r ass," said David with telling face.

"What happened to."

"Leave, now!" Minako yelled at him tears streaming down her face, ruining her make-up more, "Never talk to me again!"

David escorted her away from Yuichi, then handed her a handkerchief as he asked, "Shou'd I ask who that wus?"

"Yuichi Ohtsubo," Minako said as she wiped the tears and make-up, "my, ex-boyfriend."

"Mighty old lookin.' How old is Mr. Oatsubo?"

"I hate him so much I'm not even going to correct you. He's 27."

"You'r, only ei'teen, right?"

"Yes," she replied sheepishly.

"Awe, don't worry. I've he'rd worse."


"Try ei'teen and forte."

"Wow," Minako said wide-eyed and shot him a surprised look, "Are you telling me the truth."

"If I wus lyin,' I'd be dyin'."

"That's, just, gross! Ewe, ewe, ewe!"

"Oh, it gits wurse, he was also marri'd and had young'uns."

"Oh my god."

"No kiddin'!" David laughed.

They had caught up with Momiji, who was excitedly explaining the drift battle to Rei and Makoto, who were still in shock and just getting more worried for the men's lives. David shook his head and sat beside Makoto, holding her hand, "Don't worry, we'll only do that for fun."

"Fun? You two were nearly crashing into each other!" She exclaimed.

"But, we didn't."

"Hey, Mina-chan! What happened to your make-up?" Makoto asked.

"Yeah," said Rei, "your eyes are kind of red, too."

"Uh," she stammered.

"I think the tire smoke got t'er an'er eyes teared on up," David played safety.

"Yeah, it just drove my eyes nuts, you know!" Minako played on and gave David a quick thank you look. "Makoto will find out, eventually, anyway," she thought to herself.

David then stood up and helped Makoto up, too, "There you go, Honey."

"Awe, how cute!" Minako cooed, "He's got a pet name for you!"

Makoto smiled, "Yeah, I've got one for him, too."


"Yep, he's my Davie."

Minako giggled, "I see." They walked over and spotted Rei and Momiji talking and getting closer. "Oh, oh, stop," she whispered and smiled, "Look at them. They are almost close enough to kiss!" Momiji had then leaned over and rested on Rei's shoulder as he leaned on the fence, and she had done the same.

"I don't see how you can stand driving that close and that insane," Rei commented.

"It's something you get used to," replied Momiji, "I've done it nearly hanging out the driver's side door."

"What?" she nearly exclaimed loudly.

"Yeah, gets the crowd excited."

"Like I said to Mako-chan, you're going to give me a heart attack before I turn 20!"

Momiji smiled and put his arm around her, "Don't worry, Rei-dearest," he leaned in a little closer, "I'll be sure that won't happen."

"Oh? How would you do that?"

"By breathing life into you everyday."

Rei smiled, "Let's see how well that works." They both leaned into each other's lips and began to kiss each other. David tried to bolt, but with no luck because of the blonde and brunette.

"Haven't you girls heard of privacy?" David loudly whispered.

"You kidding? This is great!" Minako said.

"Yeah, now I can get her back!" Makoto said.

"Uh, yeah!" Minako nervously said.

"You're going to get yours, don't worry."

As Rei and Momiji kissed deeper and more passionately, Minako finally got the urge to yell out, "Woohoo! You go girl!"

"Oh, geez," David and the love birds nearly stated at the same time.

"Hey, you two are perfect!" Makoto rang out.

Momiji began to slightly blush as Rei said, "Of course, I'm perfect for anybody. However, Momiji is special because he's perfect for me."

"And you were just saying how I was going to give you a heart attack before you were 20," he said smiling through the blush.

She smiled back, "That doesn't mean you're not perfect for me." She kissed him on the cheek, "Can you escort me home?"

"Of course!" he continued to smile. Momiji took her hand and walked to the Mercedes that Aguri's driver, Shinichi, was waiting.

"Oh, hey!" Minako yelled out, "You guys need to take me home!" She ran after and hopped into the car with them.

David looked over at Makoto, "You want t' go home or go wit' me?"

"I'll go with you," she replied, "but I need to get out of this!"

"Why? Makes gettin' y'u out of it that much less difficult," he smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Makoto smiled and hung her arms around his neck, "But, that doesn't make it any more fun."

David smiled and laughed with her, "That's true," he kissed her gently, then escorted her to the room where she changed.

She smiled and said, "You wait here, okay?"

"Oh," he playfully said disappointedly, "alrigh'. Just be sure not t' take too long, or I'm com'n for you."

Makoto laughed, "Okay, I'll be sure not to take too long, then."

When she emerged, she had a long sleeve, green plaid button up shirt she borrowed from David. Makoto said she liked it, even though the bottom of the shirt went far below her waist and the sleeves had to be rolled up just so her hands would come through. She also had a tight sleeveless shirt under it. She tucked that into a pair of tight blue jeans she had brought with her from her apartment. "I'm ready."

"Good," David smiled, then put his right arm around her waist and walked back to his car.

Unannounced to them, Naru watched them, thoughts of what to do getting more evil with each step they took together. The thought of them together made her want to vomit and was driving her insane. Thoughts of murder, callous beatings, and other vile things filled her head. She then remembered what Usagi told her one time about Makoto. She used to be deeply in love with one boy, but he broke her heart and caused a deep depression. "Usagi said if that were to happen again, Makoto probably wouldn't be able to live with herself. As deeply in love as she is with Take, yes, that's more perfect than murder! Now, I'll have to find a way to get Take back to me. Wait, Shou (Show) the Brew, he can create a potion to bring him to me! I can then convince him to severely break the tie 'David' has with her." Narula then disappeared to her chamber, to discuss the devious plan. However, when she arrived, Narula found Yusus with his arms not the only thing cross. "What is wrong brother?"

He looked up to her and said, "Minako, she no longer has any feelings for me. Your man didn't help things, either."

"What do you mean Yusus?" She looked at him puzzled.

"He was 'goin' to kick my ass' if I didn't leave her alone. He then took her away from me," he replied.

"I see. Their sickness has truly poisoned deep into his heart. I, however, have a plan to bring him back to us."

"Oh? Divulge, dear sister, please."

"Shou the Brew can create a potion to bring him back to us. I would then make him pledge his love for me in front of Jupiter, and the others. Take will be a force for them with our combined powers."

"I see. I will discuss a plan with him. Shou only listens to me, remember?"

"Yes, I remember, brother."

"I shall return, dear sister, with the potion and the plan," he walked out with her nodding. Secretly, he was devising a plan of his own, "It would be perfect. Not only will the potion make him loyal to us, but me alone like Shou is. He will only follow my orders, even as far as to kill the ones he loves. Take the Steelheart will return, and help ensure that I alone will have the throne of this and other universes."

Yusus walked into the chamber where Shou resided. Only red light was allowed in, making it hard to see. However, Shou's eyes were very visible, they glowed a haunting yellow, but no light was ever given off. "Master! You have returned once more?" his scratchy, quiet voice asked.

"Yes, Shou," Yusus answered, "I have. I am in need of your wisdom of potions and spells again. We will soon have an ally back in our midst, Take the Steelheart."

"What!" Shou yelled out.

"Yes, I need a potion that will, 'convince' him to be loyal to me, and only me. Following every order, no matter the price. Even to kill my sister, if I need him to."

"Will that be enough? His mind is very powerful, if I don't get the potion strong enough or mix it just right, he'll be loyal for a little while, but could snap into a killing spree within the same instant."

"I trust you, Shou, to do the job right. That's why I asked only you to do it. You're the only one who can."

"Yes, Master, I shall do my best and then some, however, it will take some time."

Yusus nodded, "I know. This will be the only time I'll give you the time you need, just don't be too long."

"Yes, Master!" Shou nodded, then bowed to him as Yusus exited.

"I remember the last time we tried this," Yusus thought to himself, "It's how we lost him the first time. On that mission, Take was just supposed to take down GeneralGraphite and the men he brought with him. Instead, he slaughtered them, and all the men I sent with him with is bare hands. Those who saw that said nothing in any of their worse nightmares could envision what happened on that field. He used no weapons, no powers, just his hands and his, claws. Take's original suit was white and his hair was also, but so much blood was spilled, his captors thought they were red to start with. The part that brought absolute fear was his eyes. They were black, completely black and empty. No emotion, no reflection, nothing. I had heard rumors and some reports of where it seemed that Take went mad and killed everything in site, but, I didn't believe them until I heard of his capture. If that potion goes wrong this time, this world is doomed."

Luna was sitting on a small chair beside Setsuna, her tail weaving left to right in her deep thought. "Luna? Is everything ok?" Setsuna asked.

"No," Luna answered, "well, the more I think of trying to remember David, the more I feel like I don't want to. Like there is something about him that doesn't need to be brought up again."

"You are talking about who he was before becoming Graphite?"

"Yes, do you remember?"

"Yes, I do, actually," she answered grimly, "You are right, you don't want to remember."

"What if it's something that will happen again? We would need to prepare for it."

Setsuna shook her head, "Luna, the only worse day was when Beryl stuck the Moon. He and the kingdom took measures to prevent him from doing what he did again."

Luna looked at her with awe, "What, what in heavens name did he do?"

Setsuna sighed, "He was once known as Take Lar, or rather, Take the Steelheart. When he went insane, he knew no mercy, pain, friend or foe. Killing was the only thing he would know. He did so with no weapon or no thoughts of stopping. You remember the Red Field on the Dark Moon?"

"Yes, it was the only other color that showed on the surface until you got to their Kingdom."

"He's, the reason for it."

Luna was still puzzled, until she remembered, "Oh, no. I remember the day he was brought in! He, we, his suit and hair were dyed red, from the blood! Oh, oh my god! We need to get Makoto away from him!"

"No, Luna, The Moon took a precaution so that it wouldn't happen again. The King wouldn't allow Take to replace Graphite until he agreed to it, which he did right away. He was injected with a serum that would prevent that side of him to ever appear again. In other words, Take was executed that day, just not in the way everyone thought. It's also, ironically, why his hair and eyes turned to the graphite color they are now. It was a side effect of the serum."

"I see," Luna said more calmly, "so, as long as his hair and eyes stay that graphite color when he is Graphite, we are all in the clear. However, when his eyes turn absolute black and hair white, we know we need to do something about him immediately." Setsuna nodded and Luna continued, "Okay, we need to have an emergency meeting. All of the Senshi, including Makoto especially, must know this information and need to find a way to prevent and even stop it."

"I'll gather the Outers, then," said Setsuna, "The usual meeting spot?"

"Yes, and I will contact everyone else," Luna said, "The meeting will take place at 20:00, tonight!" Setsuna nodded once more and ran to gather the Outer Senshi, while Luna used her communicator for a conference communication, "Everyone, listen up! We must meet at Rei's temple at the top of 20:00 for an emergency meeting! Graphite is not to attend for now!"

At the time instructed, the Senshi, Mamoru, and Shinosaki were informed of the danger that loomed inside of David, who was sitting in his car away from the temple, or so they thought. He had snuck up and listened in, but being somewhat new to the spying game, he didn't stay hidden too well. When Rei quickly opened the door, thinking it was her Grandpa or Yuuichiru, they were all surprised to see him falling flat on the side of his face. "Ow, that stung," David tried to play stupid as he rubbed the side of his face, but it wasn't working.

"I suppose you would have to learn not only who we all really were," Luna said, "but your, secret, too."

David looked down at the ground, his hair somewhat covering his sad eyes, "You know what the funny thing was? When I was a young'un, I always felt that if I got angry enough, that a monster would come out of me. Sometimes it did, but," he sighed out, "not like that. I never thought that it would've been real. I thought it was a metaphoric one or somethin'. Go figure, I really have one in me."

Someone walked over and put their arms around him, he looked up and saw that it was Makoto. She whispered so that only he would hear, "David, I don't care if there is a monster in you or not. I'll stand beside you no matter what it means or costs me. David Goddard, I love you, and as I said before, nothing will ever change that or replace that. I love you, more than anything."

He put his arms around her and held her tight as she began to hold him tighter. He whispered back, "I love you, too, Makoto Kino, thank you."

"I really hate to break up the moment," Ami said shyly, "but, David, I need you to transform into Graphite so I can take your blood, then take your blood as just yourself. Can you drive us to the hospital where my mom works so I can get the samples?"

David nodded, "Yeah, but the car can only hold two people really. Just me, and one passenger."

"It's ok, I can stay at my apartment, after you drop Ami-chan off at her house when you two are done, you can sleep there, okay?"

David nodded and stood up with Makoto, he then waved to everyone and said goodbye, Ami did the same as she followed him to the car. He laughed before getting in, "Y'u know, I'm gonna t' have t' show you how t' put them on, too!"

"What on?" she asked.

"The seatbelts."

"How hard," she looked down and saw them, "oh! I see now." After showing her how to do it, they drove off to the hospital to get the blood tests.

"Ugh," David said aloud, "I hate needles."

"Oh, it won't be that bad," Ami said as she prepared his arm, "I'm really good at finding the vein the first time." When she stuck the needle into his arm, David had a nervous reaction and turned his head grimacing. "You okay?"

"Other then the sick feelin', I'm a'ight."

She smiled, "Okay, got that one, now try to transform without much noise. We don't need an incident here, you know."

David nodded, then transformed into Graphite sans his General jacket and his dress shirt sleeve already rolled up. "Hmm, guess I can control that," he said after noticing the sleeve and no jacket.

Ami nodded, then, took the second sample. After she got enough, Graphite turned into David and the needle and tourniquet were removed and the samples were put into a machine and spun up, "I won't be able to examine them until tomorrow, my shift actually starts right now, so you can go to Mako-chan's apartment if you wish."

"Ok, I'll see you tomorrow, then,"said David. Ami nodded, then bowed as he walked out. He hopped into his car and drove to Makoto's for a deserved night's sleep in the arms of his true love.