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truth,and nothing but the truth so help your God?

I do.

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It was a normal after school day for Kim,Ron,and Rufus

as they headed down their favorite hangout,Bueno Nacho.


"Kim,Ron,wait up!"Monique called to them from behind.

"mind if I join you two?" She asked,putting her

arms around both of them."

"No,I don't mind.C'mon guys,the food's on me."

Kim smiled at Ron and Monique,their eyes brightend.

"Booyah!" Ron and Rufus yelled as the three walked down the road to

their destination.

Just then the Kimmunicator went off."You guys go on in ahead,I'll be

there in a minute."Monique started across the road,Ron following.

At that moment a car swerved out of the corner.Ron,who was still

crossing the road,didn't notice it.

"RON,LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!"Kim called to him in a panicy

voice,dropping the Kimmunicator.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Ron screamed,unable to get out of the

road fast enough.

Suddenly something jabbed him hard in the back.He felt himself

flying as a flash of light went by his eyes.

A second later Ron found himself lying on the ground.He shakely

pulled himself up,feeling his face had a large cut in it."Oy what

happend?"He asked."Kp?"He turned around."KP!!"

There was Kim,lying unconcious in the middle of the road in front of

the car.Her arm was covered in blood from the shoulder down.Her lime-

green shirt had turned half red.Ron ran over to her,kneeling down.

Monique,witnessing the whole incident,ran over as well,and examining

her arm.

"Oh my gosh!I'm calling an ambulance." Quickly she took out her cell

phone and dialed the hospital.

Meanwhile,Ron was still kneeled next to Kim,took his top shirt off

and wrapped it around her arm to stop the bleeding.

"Kim,please still be alive." Ron and Rufus shook her,trying to find

any sign of life.

Kim's eyes craked open.

"Kim your still alive!"Ron said,tears welding up in his eyes."Don't

worry, your going okay KP."

"You'll be okay" Rufus repeated,standing on Ron's shoulder.

She let out a faint smile and went out.This just made Ron and

Monique more worried.

Onlookers crowded around,trying to see what had happend until

finally,the ambulance came.

The men put Kim on a stretcher and into the ambulance,being careful

not to injure her more.

Ron and Monique were able to catch a ride on the ambulance,where Kim

was being examed."Well she has three fractures in her right arm,plus

one side of the skin on her arm was torn competely off,and a minor

cuncussion."The doctor told the two teens."How'd she get into such a


Ron sighed,and began his story:Well,I was actually supposed to be in

that strecher,I didn't see this car coming fast around the corner.I

was about to be hit until Kim pushed me out of the way." Ron

finished,wiping tears from his eyes.

"It's okay Ron." Monique Tried to comfort him,laying a hand on his

shoulder."Let's just focus on getting her to the hospital.

(Hope you like it,I did my best.)