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Ron,Rufus and Monique were sitting in the waiting room at the

hospital,worried if Kim would make it.


"Hey,buddy."Ron said as he pulled Rufus out of his pocket."Can you

see if how Kim's doin' in there?"

Giving Ron a quick salute,Rufus jumped off his hand and ran under

the double-doors that read 'Employees Only' above them.The little

mole rat searched for the operating room.

He found it and was just about to go in when something grabbed him

by the tail and scooped him up."YYYYYYYOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!"The ball of

pink screamed.

He was dangling by his tail,looking up he saw an upside down

nurse."How'd you get in here?"She asked the rodent,walking him back

to the waiting room and dropping him on Ron's lap."I think this

belongs to you she said,giving the boys and irritated expression and

walked off.


"She's waking up!"

Kim could hear several unfamiliar voices chattering and all became

silent.She cracked open one eye to see a group of nurses gathered

around her."Where am I?" "Ron,Monique?"

Kim noticed that she was in a patient's room in the Middleton

medical institute."Your friends are in the waiting room."One of the

nurses said as the rest left the room."Do you feel okay?"

"I feel fine."The teenage heroine replied,taking a

look at her arm that was now covered in cloth.

"Your friend Ron Stoppable told me the whole story,that's a pretty brave thing you did.

"The nurse said,laying a hand on Kim's.

Kim could'nt help but smile.She had done many things to save Ron but

this was the craziest stunt she ever pulled.She made a sigh of

releaf that she had actually lived through the terrifying moment.

At that moment Ron and Monique burst into the room,nearly pouncing

on her,and wrapped her in a big bear hug."Kim your ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!"

Monique cried out.Ron pushed away from the hug and put his hands on

Kim's shoulders.

"KP,don't you dare ever pull a

crazy stunt like that again,you couldv'e been killed!You had me

worried si-Kim put a finger on Ron's lips and kissed him on the

cheek."Ron,your'e my best friend, and I wouln't want anything to happen to

you.When I saw that car coming around the corner,I couldn't just

stand there and watch you get hurt,or worse killed."

"Thanks,Kim." He said,eyes still filled with tears.

"It's no big,Ron."

Monique smiled at the duo."I guess anything's possible for Kim Possible!"

She said as everyone got into the hug again.

Kim thought for a moment and pulled away."Hey did anyone find out who was driving

that car anyway?"

Doctor Drakken's Lair:

"Drat, I thought we had her done for that time!"Dr.Drakken stomped

into his bedroom.'I'll get you next time,Kim Possible!' He

thought,the doors closing behind him.

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