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I'm T.J., the rocker with dreadlocks and cool headphones. Bringing you another fic. This will be a humor one. . . .

It's LOVE HINA! Snow ball fight style! Big shiny gun style! Storm Surge style!

I love it!!!

Love Hina/SS: Snowball Tournament!

: Talking

** Thinking


Any way, the story begins at Hinata. . . . .

~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~

The story begins at Hinata Inn as Keitoro excitedly opens a letter from the casts' American Friends, Storm Surge!

Nayru: Whatcha got there?

Keitoro: It's a letter from Storm Surge!

Nayru: Let me see!!! (Snatches letter.) To our friends at Hinata Inn, we would like to inform you that we will shortly be visiting you. We hope that you won't strain yourselves in preparation, as we are prepared to improvise. We will be bringing a great party idea, so rest up! Other than that, Spider Monkey asks that Su would lay off of the pranks until the main event. Thanks, and see ya later!

T.J. Infinat

P.S. I don't have any idea if I will be switching genders or not on the trip, so excuse me if I am inappropriately dressed.

Nayru looks up to see all of the Hinata In residents standing around her.

Kitsune: So, they're coming. * I really hope that T.J. doesn't switch gender this time! *

Su: Niiiiicccceeeee

Shinobu: She's never said before the Black Storm Incident!

Evol: Boo!

All of the Hinata Inn residents scream.

T.J.: (As boy. Fortunately.) We're here!!!

Mitsuni: O-O and how did you get here so quick?

Chipy: That train! That was really freaky!

Motoko: So, Konichewa!

T.J.: ^-^ What's up?

Shinobu: Uhhh, Where's Mitchell?

Spider monkey: (Appears behind Shinobu) don't call me that!

Shinobu: (Girly scream.)

T.J.: SM! We agreed that you would be nice to the kids this time! (Shinobu sweat drops) Now, do you want me to shave your tail again? Hmmm?

SM: -_- No, master. . . . (All do Anime Fall (Except for T.J. and SM, of course)

Fuzz: Can we do this tournament now?

T.J.: Right, I propose that we have a special snowball fight tournament thing! No-

Nayru: *-* But it's the middle of summer!

T.J.: I have smoothed out that little wrinkle. You see, we could use those special visors that Su had made.

(All smile and stare at Su hopefully.)

Su: I've got ya covered, as long as I can be on a team with Mitchell!

SM: Don't call me that!

T.J.: (pulls out his guitar and plays a little 'Live and Learn.') Let's go!!

An hour later.

All are standing in a black room. There is light enough to see their surroundings. . .

T.J.: So let's count the people.

T.J.: 1.

SM: 2

Chipy: 3.

Evol: 4.

Fuzz Mann: 5

Keitoro: 6.

Nayru: 7.

Kitsune: 8

Su: 9

Motoko: 10.

Shinobu: 11

Mitsuni: 12.

(A/N: If you want to be in the action, give me a name, age, appearance (armor type and all) weapon preference, and personality. And put your favorite team leader in, just to help. Every three new characters I get, I'll add. Also, Limit 1 character per author. I'm lazy!)

T.J.: There are 12 of us! Three teams?

Everyone: Yeah!

T.J.: I call captain!

Motoko/Evol: Captain!

T.J.: All right! Now, get up here you two! It's all-good. . . For my first choice out of 3, I choose. . . . .

(Kitsune licks her lips)

T.J.: o_O. . . . . Nayru!

Nayru: Nice!

Motoko: I choose you. . . .Chipy!

Chipy: What ever. . . .

Evol: I choose. . . . Fuzzy!

Fuzzy/Chipy: NO!!!

(Chipy starts to sob....)

Evol: Okay! Keitoro.

Keitoro: Not with Nayru or Motoko. . . Great!

T.J.: Next I choose. . .

(Kitsune snaps. . . . her fingers. . . .)

T.J.: o_O. . . Mitsuni!

Mitsuni: What are we doing again?

Motoko: My next choice is. . . . Shinobu!

Shinobu: Alright. . . .

Evol: Hmm. . . . Kitsune, Aaron, Koala, or Mitchell. . . Tough choice. . . . Kitsune is drunk all the time

Kitsune: (Drinks Sake.) I resent that!

Evol: Aaron will give up in the first 2 minutes.

Chipy: Hey! My man is Fexy! He doesn't have to fight!

Evol: And Both Mitchell and Su are. . . . crack babies!

Su: (tears the head off of a paper doll.)

SM: 2 Monkeys in the jungle, ma-king-LOVE!

Every one except Su: O_O (Takes 4 steps away from SM.)

Su: Do you consider me a monkey?

SM: (steps away from Su, after which everyone steps away from SM again)

Evol: * I'm gonna regret this. * Come on Mitchell.

SM: All those not on my team will die, slowly and painfully! And the ones on my team quickly and painlessly.

Su: I love the way you think! (Hugs SM.)

SM: AAAAHHHHHH!! (Hides behind Keitoro.)

T.J.: Well, since Fuzzy is gonna be on Motoko's team anyway, I've got a choice between Kitsune and Su. . . . .

(Kitsune edges towards T.J.)

T.J.: Okay, Kitsune.

Kitsune: YEAH! (Glomps T.J.)

Motoko: Come on, Aa-

Fuzz Mann: I'm on the same team as Chipy! I'm lovin' it!


T.J.: (Pats Evol on the back) Have fun! (Walks up to the front of the room.) Okay! Listen, soldiers. There will be a thousand yard wide circle. There will be three forts. There will be Shiny guns and power ups!

Su: Yes! I like bananas!

T.J.: Okay, you start off in your own fort and you try to infiltrate the other teams forts. There is a super hot core! If you use your Super Atomic Freeze Ray that every team gets with 2 shots, you shut down their fort. The Members of the first 'Frozen Fort' will be divided between the other 2 teams! Weapons. . . . All you have to worry about is finding the actual fire arm, there is ammunition every where (snow!) And the power ups will be out in the field. This puts you in danger of attack!

Okay. Handguns! Rifles, Launchers, Automatics, Throwing Weapons, Gadgets! There is 100 hp for each individual person, you can give your HP to another person by engaging in contact, a hug, a handshake

Kitsune: A kiss?

T.J.: That too. Once you run out of HP, you will be sent back to your fort for 2 minutes! The fort cores have HP too! Power up will give extra HP, Firepower, Armor, Speed, and Accuracy. . . . and others!

Now! Name your team!

T.J.: Green Storm!

Motoko: Blue Edge!

Evol: Red Rocket!

T.J.: there will be 30 minutes to prepare. This will give you time to go to your fort, suit up, and get your standard weapon!

Move out!

30 minutes later. . . . .

At the Green Base. . . .

T.J.: (Wearing green goggles, green chest armor, white pants with green knee pads, green shoes, white elbow pads, turquoise gloves. Has a green SHG (Snow Hand Gun, 1 HP per shot) and a 1DSSR (1st Degree Snow Sniper Rifle, 5 HP per shot, 60 yard scope, laser sight.) on his back) ) Check up!

Kitsune: (Scantily Clad in green long sleeve shirt, white pants, kneepads, elbow pads, See through chest Armour, though a little greenish (Has a few ESs (Explosive Snowballs, 3 HP per hit, 2 yard radius, 5 second delay) and a 1DSSR on her back)) We're alone in a room. . .

T.J.: Where's Nayru and Mitsuni?

~~~ ~~~

Nayru and Mitsuni tied up in a weaponry closet. . .

~~~ ~~~

That's all!!!

I'm tired, I tell you! Tired. I won't start casting People until the 3rd chapter. . . .

That's all. Thanks for reading!