One more time. . . . Let's see what I can do with the new characters. . . .



Motoko: (taps a botton on her WS to communicte with Su.) Yo, got something for me?

Shinobu: (On the screen beside a computer.) Yes. It's a. . . .ajet ski. Goes up to 100 MPH. . .It also has mounts on it that allow you to put any weapon on the side and in front,2 mounts. Bigger weapons take 2 mounts, which is sad, yes?

Motoko: Yeah. . . .

Motoko listens to other features as 2 figures sneak up on her. . . . SCHLING! Motoko catches them with herice sword, the two sneakers are frozen in place with looks of fear on their faces.

Motoko: HMP! (Starts to search their bodies and finds dogtags.) Hmmmmm. . . . . (WS) Hey, Shinobu . . .You know anything about aWill and a Jim?

Shinobu: (Shakes her head vigorously.) No.Oh, hold on . . . . Isn't that . . . .nah. Why?

Motoko: (Lifts dogtag) It says here that "Jimbo"-

Jim: (FROZEN) MmmMMmMMmmM!

Motoko: -Excuse me, "Jim"- Is to be our new sniper.

Shinobu: Okay. . . .But. . . What about me?

Motoko: You're upgraded to mechanic! Uh. . . . .Building skill +30. Feel the rush little girl!

Su: (Quiet) . . .Wow. . . . .I FEEL IT! (Goes into a building frenzy) IT LIVES!


Su: (Quietly)Check it out! The FLAME SPIT 10 (FS10) This is a health recovery weapon, will warm any frozen party, can also create fires for camp sites! The fires add 5 hp per 5 minutes spent near them, they last an hour. They can also repair broken Atomic Cores. Nice, I'll teleport you one!

Motoko: (FS10 Appears suddenly in her hands) YES!. . . .Let's try it (Aims at frozen Jim and Will and pulls trigger)

RED BASE (200 yards away from it, any way.)

Evol: (In her tank, bored) Su! How far to Blue Bae?

Su: (Over WS) 1,000 yards! Yay!

Evol: WHAT!. . . .Okay. . . .To Green Base?

Su: 1,000 yards! Yay!

Evol: Dang. . . . Do you have any thing new for me?

Su: 1,000 yards! Ya- oh, my bad. . . . . .Let's see. . . .I feel a rush! As if I can . . . . .Wait a sec

Evol What?. . . . . .Su!. . . . .SU!

Su: (Pops up) 1,000 yards! YAY! Evol, I think I just got 30 building skill points. . . .And I built. . . .The BLOW TORCH 10! It is a weapons up grade that adds 50 more punch to any weapon stat, and it gives heat seeking abilities to any weapon, thought that wont help with anything but missle weapons. . . . . .It also gives you +10 defense!

Evol: Well done su! Everyone

Su/Sm/K: What's up?

Evol: (Finds UPGRADE button on her WS) Feel the power! (Is about to press the button)


The tank that Evol is in shakes violently. . . . .

Evol: WHAT? (Gets out of tank.) What was that?

Evol looks around to find to boys under the tank treads, who are both knocked out. Finds their dog tags.

Keitoro:(Appears beside Evol) Who are they?

Evol: (Looking at dogtags) Hideki and Brian. . . .It says here that Su is to become full-time mechanic. . .and you're to become a medic. . . . .

Keitoro: Wow. . . .(Armour changes slightly, now has a red cross on the chest plate, has a backpack, and a lot of sleeves.) I feel clean. . . . .

SM: (Appears next to Evol.) So, who are they?

Evol.: (Sweatdrop) Say Hello to our new Close andMid-range personnel. . . .Hideki and Brain!(In respective order)

SM: So, now I'm a Sniper? . . .

Evol: Yep. . .GOOD LUCK! (Pats SM on the back) Hey, SU! How far to Blue Base

Su: 1,000 yards! Yay!


Every one is in the Green Fort Lab (Next to the Atomic Core) reading Flight Manuals. Surprisingly, Kitsune is having the easiest time grasping it all. Within 2 minutes, she had figured out how to turn flip, and do those fancy barrel rolls.

Kitsune: I see now

EOE Kitsune: (Trying to grasp it all). . . .Huh?

Nayru: This is hard!

Kitsune: No it isn't! All that you need to know is in that book you have!

Chealsee: But it written like the person was drunk when they wrote it!

Kitsune: (Stares daggers at Chealsee) What was that? Are you tryin' to say something?

Chealsee: (Nonchalantly) Nah, Not at all. . .

Mitsuni: Why don't you teach us how to fly then

Kitsune: Thought you'd never ask!(Suddenly appears with Chalk board and Flight Attendant uniform.) Okay, First, there is the start up. . . . . . .

5 minutes later

Most of the team is sleep. . . .

T.J.: (The girls, excluding Kitsune, are sleeping on his shoulders while he tries not to nod off, he's failing miserably.) ZzzZzz. . . . .

Kitsune: (Smiling as she finishes her lesson.)Okay? (Turns around.) O-O . . . . .(Sneaks up on the sleeping group.). . . . .I've always wanted to do this. . . .(Takes out a ruler and slaps the table in front of T.J.)

EOE Kitsune: WHOA! (Fall in a heap on the floor.)

Kitsune: Are you ready to fly? (Smiles really big, like the Chesshere cat MAN THAT THING IS SCARY>)



We come up on the Blue team becoming aquainted with their new teammates, Will and Jim.

Will: Hey! I wanta fight, I want fight, I wan-

Motoko: Somebody knock him out! Please

Fuzzy: (touches a spot on Will's neck.) Go to sleep little buddy.

Motoko: (Rubs head.) Thank you. Now, Jim, is it?

Jim: (Glancing over at Fuzzy over and over, apprehensive.) Uh. . . .yeah (Starts to ease away from Fuzzy) . . . .

Motoko: It say here that you're to be our new Sniper. . . .is that correct?

Jim: (Surprised) The voice told me that I had a choice between Medic and Mechanic. . . (Pretends to go over to the hot cocoa maker) . . . .

Motoko: Suu is our Mechanic now, sorry, and you look too strong to be a Medic. Plus, you have a 2DSSR (2nd Degree Snow Sniper Riffle15 HP per shot (If taken in a limb, chest x2, headx5) 75 yard scope) on your back.

Jim: (Finds the rifle on his back.) Nice, I guess I'm a sniper now! So, who are we working with?

Motoko: (Pushes button on he WS) Hey, Cookie, Shinobu, come meet the new teammates!

Fuzzy: (Eases over to Jim and touches his shoulders, Jim freezes up in fear.) Hey man, don't worry. . . . . . . I wont' knock you out until 7:00 pm. . . .

Jim: Its 7:02.. . . . .(Shivers)

Fuzzy: (Laughs) Just kidding, I'm not the body gaurd type, though.

Shinobu and Chipy come in and Will wakes up.

Motoko: Will (Close Range), Jim (Sniper) (Points to the other 3) Chipy (Striker), Fuzzy (Medic), Shinobu (Mechanic), and I'm the Watcher, Motoko. . . .any questions?

Jim: (Runs over to Shinobu.) SHINOBU, I'm your biggest fan! I mean,I REALLYlove you. The way your so innocent and. . . .

Shinobu: Uh. . . thanks? . . . .Stop it. . . .(Jim still ranting.) It's okay, really, just. . . . (Jim still ranting.) Uh. . . . .Fuzzy?

Fuzzy: (Appears behind Jim.) Sorry, little buddy. (Touches Jim.)

Will: Yeah . . . . I have a question! (Opens his mouth to talk. . .)


Evol and company (Minus Su) have crossed 500 yards and have reached the pole in the middle of the battle feild. They get out to surround the pole and plan.

Evol: (Drawing in the sand with the nose of her rifle.) Listen, our plan is to first infiltrate the green base, if I know Motoko, she'll agree tohelp us until we defeat T.J. If not, She owes me a favor anway. I DO know that Motoko will investigate theRed mass at the pole. We may have to fight her a bit, so Keitoro get in the tank with me. Mitchell,

SM: Don't call me that!


SM: (Shrink back.)

Evol: Okay, Brian, get on top of the tank thatMitchell will drive. Hideki, I'm gonna need you to pilot a tank bay yourself, is that okay?

Brain: That'scool,reallycool. . ..But how will I use my rocket magnum? (I'ma need suggestedstats forthat one, please don't make it over the top.)

Evol: Stick in that hole over the dashboard, it will be taken apart and turned into a tank mounted weapon.

Brain: NO! Don't touch may beauty! (Hugs RM to chest)

Evol: You'll get it back, of course!

Brian: Oh. . . . . okay. . . . .(Jumps into tank.) See ya!


EOEEvol: . . . . .

Evol: Okay. . .Dismissed!

EOEEvol: Yes MAM! (Walk to their positions)


1 Ice Powered Plane rises from the base Helipad. It has Kitsune and Chelsee(Sniper/Medic) in it.

Kitsune: (Driving.) Where to first?

Chelsee: T.J. said that Evol probably left one person in her fort, and it's most likely Su if those two new guys are who I think they are. . . .Yep . . . .(Take out her 2DSSR) I'll take their pictures. SNAP SNAP.

T.J.: (Over WS) That's one Brian Azzheicker and a Hideki Hirameshi


Brian and Hideki sneeze at the exact same time

Brian: (Over WS)Someone's talking about us . . . .

Hideki: Yep. . . .



Kitsune: It's kind of unfair to allow them 2 extras if we only get one. . . .

Nayru: (Over WS) Nah, we can take them, plus, the extra would probably be a girl. . . .

Kitsune: Oh! . . . .nevermind! (Smiles big)

T.J.: I'm gonna need you two to go to theRED base as quick as you can to shut down their core, we'll hold the fort until they have to be split up. . . . got it?

Kitsune/Chelsee: Yes sir! (Salute)

Kitsune: (Does a few barrel rolls and starts to move forward. ) LET'S GO!

Okay, next chapter, the fighting starts for sure! See ya next time!