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Chapter 1: Childhood Bonds

Fear and terror consumed the boy as he backed up into the corner of the chain fence, trapped like a mouse in a hole, with two cats ready to pounce on him. All he could feel was the chain fence quivering as he was forced into the tight spot. Above him he heard the birds in the tree on the other side of the fence. They chirped happily as they easily escaped danger in the higher branches. How he wished he could be as free as them.

Unfortunately, evil laughs and a swift punch in the stomach brought him back to reality. Plunging to his knees the boy looked up as the two bullies towered over him.

"That's what you deserve for meddling in our business," the pug-like kid chuckled.

"Yeah, you stuck you nose in our matters for the last time." retorted the cross-eyed red head.

"When your business is to pick on my brother, I have a right to stop you." said the boy, careful his ocean blue eyes didn't spill over with salty tears.

"Well, the next time we have fun with your brother, we'll really let him have it. Too bad you won't be around to see it." cackled the pug.

'Please, I only wanted to protect my brother. Someone, anyone! I can't leave him on his own. All we have is each other in this place. I wish someone cared.' the boy pleaded with himself. Little did he know someone was watching him with sympathy, plotting to try and help, seeing the turmoil he was in.

"Say goodnight." they snickered as the came in closer. The pug was ready with a length of rope to tie him down, while the red punk had a short wooden paddle to beat him.

'This is it. I'm sorry I can no longer protect you little brother.'

"It's time to..." began the pug, before realising the length of rope in his hands was wriggling. Suddenly the paddle began to move as well, as both bullies looked shocked. The boy opened his eyes slightly to see why he wasn't a fixture on the concrete slabs yet. He soon stared in wonder at what was happening.

Quick as flash, the rope turned a deep green colour, and grew fangs to form a hissing snake. The paddle sprouted legs, then a long tail with a poisoned tip, becoming a scorpion. The two boys were dumbstruck and quickly threw the deadly creature down, but soon were trying to escape as the animal's creeped closer to them. However son the found themselves unable to run. Not from fear, but due to thin vines appeared and twined around their legs, making it impossible to escape. Retching to free themselves as the animals drew close, they failed to notice strange lightning bolts, raining down upon them. All they could do was cry in terror.

All of a sudden, quick as the miracles came, they disappeared again. Lightning ceased, and the vines loosened their grip on the bullies, allowing them to run away, wailing and screaming. The boy sighed with relief, but kept to the fence cautious of the still present snake and scorpion. Soon the animals changed back to inanimate object in a quiet puff of smoke. He smiled happily, but still was confused as to how the miracles had occurred. A gentle rustling above made him spin round and look up.

In the tree, a shadow figure was staring down at the boy though the leafy branches. However, once being spotted it gasped and climbed further up the oak it was taking refuge in.

"Hey wait! Don't go! I 'm not gonna hurt you. Please I want to thank you." he shouted. He couldn't explain it, but somehow he knew that person was responsible for saving his life. A feeling deep inside him told him so.

Desperately he clung to the fence and started to climb, in order to grasp the branch of the tree. His fingers were stabbed by the spiky edges, but he was full of determination. Just as he grabbed the branch, it snapped causing him to tumble down. He feared his fate of smacking into the ground, when a hand reached out and grasped his wrist.

The shadow figure held onto him and pulled him up, so he was able to sit on a sturdier branch. After collecting his nerves, the boy turned to see his saviour. The figure was hidden in the shadows of the foliage, so the boy couldn't see any features of his hero. The figure let go of his wrist and was about to avoid confrontation by scurrying further up the tree.

"Hold it! Please don't disappear again. Let me talk to you." said the boy as he reached out and clung to the wrist of the figure, which was struggling to free its arm. It was unable to break the boy's strong grip. Shockingly it spoke.

"Let me go! I swear I didn't mean any harm. I just caught a glimpse of what those creeps were doing and knew it wasn't fair for them to beat you up. I was only going to scare them off. I would never hurt you." it shrieked. The pitch of the voice now identified the saviour was a girl.

"Please don't hurt me. I wasn't trying to cause trouble." tears now dripping onto the tree bark.

"Don't cry, I wasn't going to hurt you." the boy replied gently.

"Really? You're not going to tell anyone what you saw?"

"Not if you don't want me to."

She stopped trying to twist her arm free from his grip. The boy's hand slid off her wrist and into her hand, where he rubbed her fingers against his own, his thumb massaging her palm. Next he realised something important.

"So it was you who did all that stuff to scare those bullies."

"Yes, I'm sorry if I caused problems..."

"Problems? I wanted to thank you for scaring those stupid jerks. If you hadn't came along they would have beat me into a bloody pulp."

"Well your welcome. Now I really better leave..."

"Wait! How did you do all that stuff?"

"I...I...I can't tell you. I'm sorry but I don't think you would understand."

The boy surprisingly chose not to argue. He realised there was something mysterious about what he had seen. It was too hard to think of any explanation, at least one he could comprehend. He left this thought but still refused to let go of her hand.

"Look, you may have to go, but I won't let you..."

"What?! Please I have to..."

"You didn't let me finish. I won't let you go until I can see you."

The girl cringed back in fear. She was still hidden in the darkness with only the hand he was holding exposed in the light.

"I don't know if I can."

"Please. I only want to look at you while I thank you."

'This is not a good idea. I can't expose myself. I've already shown him but why can't I say no? How can 1 boy make me feel so strange? He may be cute, but there's something else. It's in his spirit, reflected in his eyes.'

Slowly but surly, the girl edged out of the gloom, revealing herself. The boy gazed in wonder not sure what to feel. She was around his age with a small frame and quite thin, yet she didn't seem to be like any other girl he had encountered. Her skin was pale, like silver yet it glowed deeply like moonlight. She was wearing short black ankle boots, and a deep violet dress to her knees with a jagged cut fringe at the ends. It looked like it was made of satin, with sleeves ending at the shoulder and a black silk scarf tied around her waist. A veil of deep copper red hair rolled down to her lower back. Her head was tilted down so it completely covered her face.

"Okay, you've seen me. Now I better go..."

"Hold it. I can't thank you properly unless I see you face."

"Sorry, I can't..."

"Please. All you have to do is look me in the eye."

With his free hand, he gently brushed her copper waves behind her ears, exposing an even paler complexion than her skin. Putting his fingers under her chin, he tilted her face up so it was level with his. A gentle face with soft red lips was before him, but nothing compared to when she fluttered open her eyes.

It was like staring at two shining stars. They were dazzling, as if they held the entire galaxy in them. Glittering inside was a mix of colours, containing different types of gemstones. Gathered within was a combination of amber, sapphire, emerald and crystal, contained in a glinting pair of orbs.

All they could do was stare, until the girl's soft voice broke the silence.

"Are you going to thank me now?" Shaken to reality, the boy smiled happily.

"I am grateful for your help. I only wish there was some way I could repay you."

"Just don't let anyone know I was here, or say anything about what you saw. That is enough."

The boy nodded in agreement. He knew no one would believe him if he said anything anyway. She smiled happily and turned her hand, so she was able to wrap her fingers in his. All he felt was a tingle through his body, as he once again became lost in those eyes.

'I don't know what it is about this girl, but she seems so mystical. Without a doubt she is the most beautiful creature I've ever seen. I just wish she didn't have to leave.' His thoughts were interrupted by the angel's voice.

"Okay, now I have to go. Goodbye."

However as she turned to leave and slackened her hold on his hand, his grip tightened and pulled her back. When she turned round she felt an arm move around her waist and pulled her closer. The boy tilted his head down towards her. She didn't resist the magnetic force between them as their lips nearly touched.

"Big brother! Where are you? Come on we have to go inside."

The boy's eyes snapped open upon hearing the call. All he could do was look at the girl sadly. He had no idea why, but she also looked hurt.

"He's calling you. You have to go."

Slowly he climbed down the tree and slid down behind the chain fence, never taking his eyes off the oak. He was surprised to see her jump down as well, only on the side of the street. Before leaving he walked up to the fence, sliding his fingers through the gaps. She did the same so they locked together. All he could do was stare at the cosmos in her eyes.

"Will I see you again? Are you ever coming back?" he asked.

"I don't know if I'll be allowed, but I can always try and sneak back."

"There's no way of knowing how long you'll be gone, so what if I need you like I did today?"

She seemed to ponder on this, then untied a ribbon around her neck which held a shimmering pendant. The gem was just like her eyes. She cracked it in half and split the ribbon in two, then stringing one half on each piece of ribbon, passed one through the fence to him.

"As long as each of us has half of the pendant, we will be with each other in heart and spirit. Just keep it close and if you need me, I will return. I promise. Goodbye."

Before departing, he managed to lean through the fence and lightly kiss her. Though it was short and sweet, all the emotions they had were clear. Upon breaking the kiss, the boy turned around and walked away to find his brother, the pendant piece in hand. He turned once more only to see she was gone. Before he could think of what happened, his brother had bounded up to him.

"There you are big brother. Where were you? I was looking all over for you."

"Sorry Moki, I was held up." hiding the pendant from his brothers sight.

"Well come on Seto. We have to go in before we end up in trouble. You know our social workers will fuss if we're late."

As the boys headed into the orphanage, Seto grasped the treasure even tighter, hoping he would see her again someday. His heart filled with sorrow thinking of the girl. He knew he loved her though he barely knew her and being only 10. Overall there was only one thing he regretted; that he never found out her name.

Over time both children became adolescents, then nearly adults. It would be near a decade before they would meet again, as the pendant had bonded them eternally. It all came to one truth; though their worlds and lives were as different as could be imagined, their destinies were the same.

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