Turning The Tables

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Summary: First Ficcylet (eeeek – run in fear) constructive criticism appreciated, flamers will be pointed and laughed at. This is SLASH (if you don't want to see the results – LOOK AWAY NOW!) rating for later chapters nudge nudge wink wink! Any way – on with the fic!

"Elf-Boy, come here and test this for me!" called Snape; not looking up as he carefully stirred a clear reddish potion. The formidable potions master had only a few subtle changes since the fall of the dark lord, his complexion, though still pale was no longer waxy. There were fewer worry lines marring his face, making him appear more youthful. His hair had been allowed to grow out, past his shoulders, and instead of being slicked with antiflamatory potions, was now tied at the nape of his neck.

Across the room, Harry Potter sighed dramatically, thumped down his knife next to his neatly sliced mandrake roots and turned to face the potions master. The changes in Harry's appearance were more noticeable; gone was the short, gangly ungraceful teen, and in his place a tall, lean young man. He too had allowed his hair to grow, his once unruly mop now reached his chin, though his hung loosely and held streaks of silver grey; a token of the stress he had been under in his seventh year, fortunately it suited the young wizard. His frame had also filled out, since his defeat of Voldermort at the end of his seventh year meant he was no longer required to spend summers living off Dudley's table scraps and was able to play Quiddich whenever he liked. His once halting, ungraceful movements had been replaced by sure flowing motions. In short, Harry Potter had grown up.

"Coming Sev!" he announced with overzealous cheer as he moved across the potions masters private workroom.

*If I had my way, you definitely would be* Thought Snape, biting back a moan, he really should be used to working in close proximity with the Gryffindor by now.

"How many times! Don't call me Sev! How am I supposed to maintain any control over the students what so ever if you insist on making me sound friendly!" The man asked in an exasperated fashion, though secretly he loved the nickname Harry had given him, and what's more, he had a suspicious feeling that Harry knew that. Harry smirked.

"And I have told you! Don't call me Elf-Boy! I'm not like Legolas! If you're going to call any one Elf-Boy, make it Draco; he has the right colour hair!" To an outsider this banter had the feel that it was well used, as indeed, it was; they had the same conversation almost daily. "And don't you dare say I'm more like Halidir, at least Legolas makes to the end of the sodding book!" Harry added for effect. Severus merely snorted.

"Just taste this will you? Brat" he replied, holding out a spoonful of the opaque red liquid toward his companion.

"What is it?" Harry asked, and Severus huffed in irritation. "What? You want me just to take an unspecified potion?" he retorted

"Is the Soul Seeking Solution, designed to bond you to your soul mate, well it will be after I add the final ingredient, currently its harmless, I just need you to tell me if it tastes of strawberry" Snape reeled all this off in a bored fashion, then looked expectantly at Harry.

"If all you need to know is the taste, why don't you check it?" questioned Harry with a slight frown. Snape suddenly looked uneasy.

"I... That is... I have to" he stuttered his eyes darting to the floor, this made Harry narrow his eyes in suspicion, Severus never stuttered.

"Sev" he said in a warning tone, quieting the elder man easily, "the truth please" he demanded, whilst internally marvelling at how easily their roles could now be reversed.

*Merlin Sev looks cute when he's embarrassed* Harry thought.

The potions master mumbled something that was out of Harry's hearing range, "what was that?" He asked firmly

"I don't like strawberry! Alright! Look it's fine – completely harmless, just take the damn potion!" huffed the potions master, raising his eyes to glare at the man in front of him as Harry chuckled.

"Honestly, you're a grown man! Oh fine give it here!" Harry managed to sound exasperated through his chuckling. He leant forward expectantly, and Severus held the spoonful of liquid up to the Gryffindors lips and attempted not to stare as his young friends lips encased the spoon.

*Oh Merlin, look away you old fool, look away! He'll notice you staring!* thought Snape, and he hastily averted his eyes until the green eyed man before him released the spoon. He lowered his hand and looked at Harry expectantly as he swallowed.

"Strawberry, well done Sev" smiled Harry, but then he frowned heavily, and began to sway slightly, he looked at his former professor in confusion and murmured "Aftertaste of butterscotch" before his eyes rolled back in his head and fell into the surprised arms of a wide eyed potions master.