A/N: Well here goes, my first Discworld attempt! In essence, this means I enjoy TP's books soo much I'm gonna pervert his character's as much as I possibly can! For all those that didn't read the summary…this means slash, and lots of it, so if that makes you squeamy…DON'T READ THE DAMN THING! Any homophobic flames will be treated with the distain they deserve.

This story is slightly AU, as Vimes and Sybil never got together (they still live together but as friends). Don't get me wrong, I think they're one of the cutest couples on the Disc…but I don't think that Vimes would ever cheat on Sybil, hence the AUness.

Summary: Vimes should be at home asleep, not trying to explain things to the Patrician…V/V slash, AU.

Disclaimer: If you think I own them…go find out what 'Fan Fiction' means, then come back.

Cities Apart


Vimes sat slumped in the Patrician's waiting room, too tired even to notice the clock. He needed sleep. Well no, actually he needed something stronger but he wasn't allowed that. But one thing he didn't need, and his mind agreed unanimously on this point, was to see Vetinari.

His mind kept flitting back to the events of the night; the chase through the warehouses, Carrot trying to talk the man down, the realisation that the man was charging coming instantaneously with movement as he pushed Carrot out of the way, Cheery's gasp as the bloodied dagger came up…

Only after it was over had Vimes realised the dagger was bloody because it had been buried up to the hilt in his shoulder. As if on cue, another stab of pain shot down his left side. Igor had done a great job with the stitches, but he still felt weak from the pain and blood loss. Igor had mentioned something about a transfusion, but any procedure that involved that much tubing attached to needles couldn't be a good thing.

And now he had to try and 'explain' things. And Vetinari would be calm and listen carefully and…curse him…might even be understanding.

"Hell," thought Vimes, "I couldn't cope with that at the best of times, let alone right now."

Vimes realised someone was trying to attract his attention. He looked up into the slightly anxious face of Drumknott.

"The Patrician will see you now."

Vimes struggled to his feet and made his way to the office, trying not to stagger. He stood in front of the desk, swaying slightly as he…more by habit than need…tried to read the paper work upside down.Vetinari's gaze remained on his papers.

"Sit down Your Lordship" he said dryly.

Vimes sat, letting Vetinari's words was over him. His mind was slowing to a crawl, fighting a rearguard action against the demands of his overtaxed body. Through the dark fog enveloping him, he dimly heard Vetinari trying to attract his attention.

"Vimes, are you listening to a word I say?"

"Sir?" he said, and fell forward.

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