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Part Four

It's always been up to you

Let's turn it around, it's up to me.

I'm gunna do what I have to do.

Just don't. Give me a little time

Leave me alone a little while

And maybe it's not too late.

Tomorrow – Avril Lavigne

The four from LA didn't return for another five hours or so, it took that long for Buffy to find something sufficiently dangerous to beat up until she felt better. When they did return Willow and her wolf were at Giles' researching vengeance demons while Cordy was glaring at Anya who was eating cake on the sofa completely non-pulsed by the world she had created.

When Willow saw Buffy she rushed over to wrap her in a hug. "Oh Buffy! Cordy told me all about the other me's and you's and everything and it's so sad and I feel so awful, so even though you aren't the other you that I did bad stuff to I want to say I'm really sorry."

Buffy laughed. "Thanks Willow… but it's really not necessary."

"I wanted to say it anyway."

"Well then… I'm sorry about the thing's I must've done to you."

Anya sighed from the sofa. "Quite honestly I think this world is much better than the other one… I mean I did you all a favour… Willow got to go to her prestigious University, Buffy and Angel get to hump like non-evil-bunnies for the rest of eternity, Cordy got to be the Slayer… it's all good to go." Putting her plate down she stood up and moved toward the door. "So I'm going to be on my way now…"

"Hey! You are not getting away with that!" Cordy protested forcibly pushing Anya back into her seat.

"As much as I hate this girl I have to agree… Even if my life in this world is better… it's still wrong… besides who's to say me and Angel won't get our happily ever after in this other world? Maybe we just haven't got it yet," she shrugged, "but in the meantime we should get everything back to normal." Buffy turned to Willow. "Have you got any idea how to put this right?"

"Yeah… Giles and I figured it out, it's quite simple really just a basic spell and breaking Anya's power source."

"So let's do that." Buffy moved toward Anya flicking into her vampiric guise. "Where is it?"

Anya just scoffed. "Oh please, like I've never seen that before."

Angel growled and grabbing Anya by the neck pulled her over the back of the sofa so she was being held above the floor high heeled sandals kicking vainly. "This body is human… and you know human bodies… they break so easily." Buffy moulded herself into Angel's side and smiled sadistically at her.

"And they make such pretty colours… the red against the white…" She commented brushing one finger against Anya's cheek.

"All right! Jeez, put me down!" Dropping Anya unceremoniously on the floor she pulled herself up. "You don't have to do the whole break the power source thing… I can revert everything myself." Brushing lint off her clothes she searched her clothing for something. "D'Hoffryn is going to be so mad at me."

"We can sort it out?" Cordy breathed a huge sigh of relief.

"What's going to happen to us?" Buffy asked Anya.

Anya just shrugged. "You'll cease to exist - become your old selves again."

"So… Angel and I… this never happened?" Anya nodded. Slipping back to her human face Buffy felt tears crawl down her cheeks wrapping her arms around Angel she kissed him before pressing her face into his shoulder. "I'll never forget." She whispered, as he pulled her closer to him, trying to pull her inside him inside somehow protect her… keep her with him always.

Burying his face in her hair he breathed in her scent crying bitter tears into her hair. "Shh… baby. We'll make it work, there… it'll be fine, I swear…"

"Are you guys ready?" Anya asked, now sitting cross-legged on the floor, amulet in one hand.

Turning to face her Buffy nodded slowly.

Seeing her pain Cordy wrestled with her conscience for a moment before stepping forward… "Wait… if you guys… if you're saying it's okay, for me… then." She sighed unbelieving of what she was going to say. "You don't have to. You can keep this world… if you want."

Taking a deep breath Angel searched Buffy's eyes for a moment before shaking his head. "If this world is wrong… then I think… maybe it's not up to us, anymore than it's up to you. We have to put it back to normal, even if it hurts."

Cordy sighed in relief. "Good 'cos I don't know what I'd've done if you changed your minds. But… I get the feeling that once this is done I'm going to be the only one that remembers."

"Yeah." Anya agreed.

"So… could you tell me who you got to do the spell and stuff on you and the rings and everything… 'cos I'd feel bad if I knew how to make you… well way happier than you are at the moment… and I didn't do it."

Angel nodded. "Okay… well, Janna who did the spell on my soul goes by the name Jenny Calendar…" Seeing Cordy's face he cocked his head at her. "What?"

"You killed her in my world."

"Oh." Depression sank into the atmosphere.

"Oh hey!" Pike suddenly jumped up… "There was another girl there that helped her, her niece or something, Janna said she was working on the translation with her, maybe she could help."

"Great! What's her name?"

"Latana Calendar, she lives on the corner of fourth and West in our world."

Doyle gave him an odd look. "How come you know where she lives?" Pike just grinned.

"What about the rings?"

"It's the Gem of Amara." Buffy repeated, "Spike found it… in Sunnydale I think under the motorway - there was a cave in." Buffy supplied.

"Willow did a spell to split it without breaking the spell so we could have half each." Angel added.

"Well… since Angel's the only vamp hopefully we'll only need one… but check, Latana Calendar – Forth and West, Amara, Sunnydale, motorway, Spike. Okay Check." Cordy clapped her hands together. "Great… do you know the affect worrying about your boss turning into an evil psycho killer can have on your complexion?"

"Are you ready now?" Anya demanded.

Checking the faces of everyone around them, Giles saw each person nod, hesitantly but there was agreement everywhere. "See you soon." He said, and Anya began. Bright white light blinding the group she began to chant in an ancient tongue…

"Cordelia!" Doyle yelled rushing through the open door of her apartment as he caught sight of her body slumped on the sofa, a bottle of wine smashed on the floor beside her. Coming too at the sound of his voice Cordy slowly lifted herself up to a sitting position. "Are you okay?" he asked anxiously running his eyes over her body.

"Uh… yeah…" Pulling herself to her feet Cordy ran one hand through her hair. "What just happened?"

"I don't know, I followed you back from Angel's and you were all unconscious when I got here." Putting one hand on her shoulder he felt the familiar flicker of electricity at the touch. "Are you sure you're okay? You looked kind o' upset."

Cordy smiled into his eyes seeing something she hadn't quite noticed before. "I'm fine… I was just being really stupid."

"Ya sure?"

"Yes." She motioned toward the kitchen. "Do you want to get something to drink? I sort of had a really good idea how to help Angel."

"Really? When you were unconscious?" Doyle probed.

"Well… sort of." She smiled reassuringly. "Let's just say… I had a change of heart."

Bare hours later Cordy and Doyle were sitting in front of Angel's desk.

" - So we called her and she said she'd be perfectly happy to do the alterations and cast the spell." Cordy finished waiting with bated breath for Angel's response.

"I don't know," he began… "Okay so I'd be able to make love to Buffy… but that's not everything, there's other things to consider, I'd still be dead. I wouldn't be able to have children or take her out in the sunshine…"

"So far as the sunshine thing goes just wait, I foresee a cure for that arriving in the next few weeks."

Angel raised an eyebrow. "There really isn't a cure for the sunlight thing."

"There is. Trust me on this."

"Fine." Angel sighed running one hand through his already mussed hair. "What about kids?"

"What about them? Do you really want your kid to be the target of every crime fraction, demonic and non- in the entire of California? If circumstances changed so that you could safely have a kid," she shrugged, "who knows? There's always adoption."

"But it's not-"

"If you say 'a normal life' I'm going to stake you now." A voice came from the doorway.

"Buffy." Angel breathed standing up to take in the silky waves of her golden hair, the tight jeans and light sweater that seemed to do nothing but accentuate the natural curves of his beloved.

"Angel." She replied. Stepping forward she fiddled with the hem of her shirt. "Please let me have a say in this."

Cordy stood up beside Buffy. "Look, I don't like Buffy, everyone is perfectly aware of this… but knowing that you guys could have something I couldn't just sit by and watch you not take it. You've given up so much… for me as well as the world as a whole… I can't be responsible for you guys being miserable." Buffy stared at Buffy in shock. "You'd better remember this, 'cos me being on your side? - It's never going to happen again."

"Okay." Angel agreed.

"And don't get stuck on the whole normal thing 'cos if you two ever did anything the normal way I'd die of shock and-"

"Cordelia!" Angel prompted.


"I said Okay."

She smiled. "Great."

"So… you can leave now." Buffy hinted.

"Oh, right yeah. I'm just gunna go… visit Latana." She nodded quickly grabbing Doyle's arm to drag him out of the room.

When they had gone and the door had clicked shut behind them Angel and Buffy turned back to each and shared a nervous smile.

"How much did you hear?" Angel asked.

"Pretty much all of it."

"Then… what do you think?" He nervously put forward, moving round to the front of his desk to lean on it.

"I think… anything that means no more worry about Angelus running loose has got to be a good thing." She said, seeing his disappointment she stepped forward so they were bare touchable inches from each other. "And maybe… if you wanted there to be something with us… I'd like that."

It was a full five seconds before Angel had seized her in his arms and was kissing her senseless. Jumping up to wrap her legs around his waist she moaned against his lips, shifting her position to try and get there bodies that much closer, as their tongues battled in a passionate dance for dominance.

Outside their office Doyle heard the sound of shattering glass and looked anxiously toward the door. "What's that?"

"Oh… that's just part of the Buffy and Angel show, first they talk out their differences then they punch them out." Flittering around at her desk Cordy packed things into her bag.

"Don't ya think we should do something?" He prodded now increasingly concerned by the sounds he was hearing.

Seeing his determination Cordy sighed throwing her arms up in the air. "Fine, if you want to stick your nose where it doesn't belong… just don't blame me when it gets flattened."

Ignoring her Doyle pushed the door to Angel's office open – Just in time to see Angel lower Buffy down on to his desk devouring her lips as she writhed against him. Eyes wide in shock he just stood there. Curious Cordy snuck over to his side and peeked in. "Guys!" She yelled, so that they rolled off the desk anxiously straightening their clothes. "We haven't done the spell yet."

"Uh yeah." Buffy nodded blushing as she slipped her hand into Angel's. "Could you uh… do that… kinda soon?"

The End

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