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My arms are stretched above my head, attached with a pair of handcuffs and
then to a thin chain stretching to the ceiling. It doesn't matter how thin
or delicate both the cuffs and chain look, their Gundamiun, damn idiots and
their super metal... I shiver in the cold of the room, though it shouldn't
bother me. I've trained to withstand extreme temperatures... Maybe its
simply the concentrated cold of the handcuffs which sets me off. Though I
believe it might be the fact that the confinement and beatings mean that I
am becoming ill. Yes that's right; I, Heero Yuy, perfect soldier, am being
confined and beaten. Most people would have believed this to be impossible.
In fact I thought it was impossible! Okay, so I'm a tad egotistical. Big
deal, I've got reason to be.
Though my ego seems to be getting me into a lot of trouble lately....
This thinking is driving me crazy! But its the only thing I can do right
now, the chains restrict my feets movement and whenever I do start to do
anything like stretch or exercise a gaurd is in here in a minute to beat
me. I can't break out, like I said gundamium cuffs and a few weeks ago I
had the ability to pick them, and I did a few times but now I'm too tired
to scrounge for a pick and the beatings kinda make moving my hands with
precision a little touch and go. Course it is now my mission to escape and
I take my missions seriously; which is actually why I'm stuck in here. I
become way too focused sometimes.
I work for the Preventers, and Une had just given me a new job. They had
been hacked, specifically information about Operation Meteor. I knew
hacking into the Preventers system was pretty easy, hell I'd done it a
couple of times. I suppose I should have told them how easy it was to get
past their firewalls but that would mean breaking into their system all
over again.... Don't ask me why I need to break into their system, computer
hacking is an addiction. So I followed the traces left by the hacker back
to their ICQ and from their I hacked THEIR system. It was not any harder
then hacking the Preventers. Though their systems set-up was a lot less
straightforward, it almost seemed like they were hiding something... I had
holed myself up in my apartment, been there a few days following a hackers
trail is never easy but I had been given the mission to find them and Une
had given me all the time to do it. So I started working again, trying to
figure out why they wanted to know about Operation Meteor. It was a little
difficult to find and I was becoming mildly interested in whoever had
designed the systems layout when the file popped up onto my laptops screen.
Quickly scanning the file my eyes widened in surprise. They were a splinter
group from the Romefeller foundations, someone who the Preventers had yet
to catch.
I knew that such groups were out there and so I scanned fora little while
and thought everything was routine, that they just wanted world/colonial
domination. Figuring that was why they wanted to know about Op. Meteor I
was prepared to log out and start my report.
Then a sentence leaped out at me, followed by a paragraph and next a few
fucking pages.
These maniacs did not just want domination.
They wanted us.
Us being the Gundam pilots.
From the looks of the stupid fucking documents they were smart people.
REALLY smart people. With the capabilities and intelligence to brainwash
anyone onto their side, and it appeared that they wanted to make the Gundam
pilots their own little statement to the Universe. 'Look what we can do!
Convert children used as terrorists for the colonies and turn them into Our
Terrorists!!' Yep, that was exactly what they wanted. Of course the stupid
fucking documents said that the first Gundam pilot they would be kidnapping
would be Quatre because he was the most public of the Pilots. It appeared
they wanted to lure us into a trap. Well I panicked, not that anyone but my
closest friends would have known. I still ruthlessly suppress my emotions.
I needed to get to Quatre, warn the other Pilots, tell Une and drag
everyone away to a safe house. Little did I realize that they had drugged
my water tank and slipped an air-borne sedative into my apartment complexes
central air.
So all my hard research basically culminated in me slumping over the laptop
because panic induces certain bodily responses and breathing deepens and
all that so the sedative went in and for some odd reason kicked in just
then and there. Without being able to warn anyone, no one, zip, notta, what
Duo would call a 'Big Goose Egg'.
Then I woke up here. Yuppers, locked up and waiting for my captors to
appear. Maybe I should have studied the computers insides more carefully,
all I knew was that these people were former OZ, nothing more. Well, I had
been looking for other things at the time. Or maybe I should have paid more
attention to the computer files and seen if there were any other plans
besides the one stating they would kidnap Quatre. Water under the bridge,
and maybe it is better that they kidnapped me instead I think I'm probably
better then the others at being incarcerated, better at keeping my head in
one place that is. Maybe I'm not, I could be wrong, but this crazy would be
driving Duo to start singing so at least I know I'm better off then he
would be. I'm just thinking really fast, which is something I do anyway.
Most of my friends would be surprised if they heard what I think about,
during the war sure I devoted all my thoughts to the Gundams and being the
'Perfect Soldier' but the wars over now. I don't have to be so hopelessly
keyed into 'the mission' I can think about whatever I want whenever I want
right? Not like I am about to start babbling like Duo silence is too far
ingrained into my mind.
The door to the cell opened, allowing bright light to wash over its
occupant. The captive raised his messy black haired head to stare grimly at
the three figures in the doorway. He had to admit it to himself, he was a
little surprised... Two of the figures in the doorway were men, old men,
definitely former OZ men. One of them wheeled in some sort of bizarre cart
and the captive suppressed any response to the blatant threat of
interrogation. The third figure had captured his attention anyway.
It was a girl, around his own age with shoulder length black hair. She
wore, over the top part of her face a mask that mimicked a cat's face. The
older man in the middle had a firm grip on her arm and was leading her
inside the cell. The girl's brown eyes rested on everything but Heero. Why
the heck were they bringing a young girl into this? Heero asked himself and
delivered his full death glare to the older man in the middle, who just
shook it off. The girl went and stood in the corner, finally looking at him
as the interrogation started, she seemed almost sad...
((Well! That's done! Phew!
Heero: You know....That was a bit odd.
Writer: ~glare~ Whad'ya mean 'odd'?
Heero: ~returns death glare~ I mean I've got this roving mind! I sound like
that braided baka!!
Duo: ~hits Heero over the head~ Fine! See if I come rescue you!
Writer: ~sighs and takes aspirin~ Yes, these internal arguments happen a
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