I, in all of my glory, own not one character from the Gundam Wing universe. While this is a terribly sad thing at least it saves them from being chopped up and butchered a lot more then their original creators wanted. Well, in theory anyway... Also I would Never have left anyone in doubt of the Trowa/Quatre relationship that goes on and there would probably be way too much bondage for it to be viewed by people under the age of 13. Hmm... Yes I am a dark and twisted soul.

I slowly opened one eye lid, the feeling of being watched had been enough to shake me out of his doze. Standing in front of me, and to the side of the closed door was the girl from earlier. She was still wearing that damnable mask but was now looking directly at him instead of avoiding eye contact. I glare at her, my brain struggling to figure out just why she was here and how she could be without supervision. Surely the old guys did not just let her wander into rooms holding dangerous operatives on her own?!?!?! That was plain wrong!

I can't be feeling protective of a member of the enemy can I? Nah, not me, not Heero Yuy!

The girl smirked at me, as if she knew what I was thinking and goodness knows maybe she did. Maybe OZ had managed to develop some super- intelligent children who had the ability to read even the most un- responsive of faces. Or maybe she was telepathic. Or I could just be letting the incredulousness show openly on my face.

I'm not sure which idea is more ludicrous.

"It's nice to meet you Yuy-san." She said, her voice laced heavily with sarcasm. "Oh, where are my manners. My name is Ryoko Tasuki and as you can tell I am a member of this evil organization that split and splintered from OZ." She shook her head slightly, the shoulder length hair sliding around. "I really wish we hadn't captured you." She said mournfully.

Now I know the incredulousness is showing on my face. Did she say she wished she had not captured me? Hold up a minute, he was not any of his team mates. He could not manage to woo people to his side with Duo's feminine looks and wounded puppy eyes nor Wufei with his handsome looks or Trowa with His handsome looks or Quatre with his puppy eyes. He was him, Heero Yuy, with nothing going for him in case he was captured besides his stubborn hold on the mission. And what Duo would probably call his 'grotesque strength' that is if Duo actually contained the word grotesque in his vocabulary.

"Listen, I'm gonna say this once so listen up. None of your team mates know we have you captured. The laptop you used to hack into our system was removed and destroyed. You've been known to disappear before, its not that strange an occurrence. Since there is no chance of rescue I suggest you just give us the information that they want." Ryoko sighed and flipped her hair over one shoulder. "Okay, that's done. Yes I know you aren't going to give them any information especially since what they want is the best way to break your comrades. These guys are assholes and idiots, you know it, I know it. They just need to be beaten. Now, I'm pretty sure you're thirsty." The girl held up a water bottle, eyes twinkling. "No, its not laced with anything. Want a sip?"

Heero was struck more silent then ever. This girl did not like the people who she was...working for? Why did she seem like a prisoner then? Nodding Heero took a leap of faith and drank from the water bottle, slowly. When it was finished the girl winked at him and headed out of his cell. "I'll see you later Yuy-san. Maybe with good news next time."