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Chapter 1-

It was a typical Friday morning. And everybody was in a good mood. Maybe because the weekdays are about to end and the weekends are about to start. Fridays always give students a positive attitude knowing that the weekends are about to start.

Yanagi skipped and hummed as she made her way to school. She was always in a cheerful mood even in Mondays when everybody is bummed out. One of the reasons of her cheerful nature was her friends. Recca, Domon, Fuuko, Tokiya and Koganei. All of them were very wonderful to her, especially with last year's situation. She couldn't imagine life without such great friends, and a loyal ninja.


"Fat chance, Fuuko!!!"

Of course, what is a typical day without Recca and Tomboy Fuuko's daily battle? It happens everyday of the week, it's quite strange but this makes the Hokage team's day more exciting. At first it was kind of scary for their fellow students, but soon they got use to it. Sometimes they would even watch or bet who will win. Of course, it's always expected that Recca will win. But still, it was worth seeing "The Tomboy" try. It's kind of strange, but this daily routine made team Hokage's day more complete.

The screaming and the boyish laughter were getting louder. In a few seconds, Recca and Fuuko turned around the street. Recca was looking really happy and Fuuko looked really irritated yet serious. "Good morning, guys!" Yanagi greeted. Recca immediately stopped, "Good morning, Hime!" Recca said as he quickly gave her a quick peck on the cheek before dashing away. Yanagi blushed and touched her cheek, she could still feel her ninja's kiss.

Then, it was Fuuko's turn to stop. "Hey, Yanagi. How's it going?" Fuuko asked as she gave her a smile. "Very well, thank you!" Yanagi said as she gave a more radiant smile. "Oh, good. Well I gotta go. Bye!" Fuuko said as she sprinted after him as she yelled: "Reccccaaaaaa!!!!"

"See you later!" Yanagi yelled after them.


Fuuko was getting closer to him, she could feel it. It felt good to run, with the wind in your face and the sun watching you from high above. "You're losing your touch, Recca!" Fuuko informed as she prepared to attack. "You wish, Fuuko!!" Recca suddenly jumped high in the air, leaving Fuuko confused. "What was that all about?" Fuuko thought.

She didn't even stop to think, which made her pay the price of finding out why. Recca had just avoided a box of tomatoes, and he knew that Fuuko wouldn't notice unless she fell on it.

As planned, Fuuko tripped on it, sending dozens of tomatoes hurling in the air and landing on the floor with a splat. But she had no time for this, without a moment to spare she got back on her feet and continued running. "Sorry, Mr. Hasegawa!!" Fuuko yelled apologetically. "ROTTEN KIDS!!!" Mr. Hasegawa, a man in his 70's, shouted in fury. "YOU KIDS OWE ME FIVE BOXES OF TOMATOES!!"


The chase went on until they reached school. There they were greeted by a happy Domon and Tokiya sitting on the bench while reading a book. "Here they come....." Domon announced, but Tokiya didn't seem to care.

"This match is mine, Hanabishi!!" Fuuko said as she once again got closer to him. "You wish, Kirisawa!!" Recca answered back as he dropped a tiny black ball. The moment it touched the ground smoke erupted, blinding the female competitor. "Smoke bomb-*cough* -a classic!" This technique was used quite often by Recca, but despite of the frequency it always works.

By the time the smoke disappeared, Recca was no where in sight. She looked around but none of the nearby students seemed to be Recca in disguise. "Have you guys seen which way Recca went?" Fuuko asked.

Domon merely shook his head and Tokiya is either deaf or didn't seem to care at all. "Mi-chan?" Fuuko asked again. After what seemed like a minute, Tokiya finally spoke. "Why should I tell you, Monkey?" he said. Fuuko didn't have time for this; she needs to find Recca before school starts. Otherwise Recca wins again!

"Fine! I'll look for him myself!!" she decided to look for him at the back, that's where he usually hides. But before she could get going, Tokiya stopped her. "I wouldn't go there if I were you." He stated. Fuuko stopped and turned, "Why?" she asked. "Just don't" Tokiya didn't even look at her when he spoke.

"Yeah? Well you're not the boss of me! If I want to go here then I'm going!" Fuuko said proudly. Domon gave her the thumbs up. "Suit yourself." Tokiya said without even catching a glimpse of her. Fuuko was now getting annoyed; she hated it when Tokiya answers her like this.

"You know, Mi-chan, you better get an attitude adjustment." Fuuko said as she walked to her destination "Someday you're gonna wake up and find yourself without fr- Aaahhhhh" Fuuko barely got to finish her sentence when suddenly a net came out of the ground. Soon she found herself dangling from a tree like a wild animal captured by the hunter in net. "Damn! I forgot about Recca's traps!" Fuuko muttered. Now she knew what Tokiya was talking about.

"I'm going to be late. See you around, monkeys." Tokiya bided as he stood up and went on. "Mi-chan, you "could" help!" Fuuko said as she struggled, but Tokiya ignored her. Some where near the bench were a bunch of popular girls saying; "Mikagami-sempai is SO cool!" they stared at him dreamily while Fuuko rolled her eyes in disgust. "And to think he changed!" Fuuko said.

"Hang on, Fuuko. I got a pair of scissors in my bag" Domon informed as he rummaged his bag. Seconds later, Domon pulled out his trusty scissors and handed them to Fuuko. "Thanks" Fuuko said as she cut the ropes. Minutes later, Fuuko was free. Then, the bell made a loud ring, signaling the beginning of classes and the end of the battle.

"Looks like Recca won again, eh?" Domon stated. Fuuko brushed her uniform. "Oh, well. Tomorrow's another day" She said patiently. "You just wait and see, Recca, I'll beat you someday!"


As the classed hoped, their English teacher, Mr. Nakato, was absent. Giving students a free period. Fuuko looked around, most were talking with one another, Recca was talking to his princess while Domon was taking a nap. "I might as well finish my pocket boo-"Fuuko's thoughts were interrupted when she heard some girls whispering about her. Normally they were silent to the normal ear, but due to Fuuko's sharp senses they were loud and clear.

"Who hear thinks Fuuko is SO hideous?" one girl asked. Fuuko felt something in her hear click.

"Totally. Did you see her hair? What does she use? Dish washing soap?" the second girl mocked. Fuuko could now feel her veins popping out.

"Yeah, and she is so fat." A third girl chimed in. "Fat?! I'm not FAT!! I'm only 120 pounds for heaven's sake!!" Fuuko face was now turning red.

"I think Fuuko should be a guy instead. After all, she is half way there." The third girl added. At this point, Fuuko could not contain her anger any longer.

"SO, YOU THINK IM AN UGLY TOMBOY ,HUH!?!" Fuuko suddenly got to her feet and yelled. She had never felt so insulted in her entire life! The whole class grew silent all heads were turned to their direction. The girls stared at her with shock. But one girl didn't seem to be afraid of her.

"Yeah. And so what if we do? If you wanna beat up people who think you're a tomboy you can start with this whole class!" she snobbed. Fuuko placed all caution, care and respect a side and pinched the girl right at the face. She roughly landed on the ground with her nose bleeding. "Fuuko!!" Yanagi cried. Before Fuuko could do anymore damage, Recca and Domon pulled her away. "LET GO!! I'M GONNA KICK THAT B*****'S ASS!!!! Fuuko shouted as she tried to brake free.

By now the class was separating them when a teacher came in. "What's going on here?!" it was Mrs. Yotaru. The whole class froze. Mrs. Yotaru didn't need to ask what happened, when she saw Fuuko and the injured student she knew what had happened. "Ms. Kershaw!! Go to the counselor's office! NOW!!!" She ordered. And Fuuko reluctantly obeyed.


"She just went on and insulted ME in front of the whole class!!" Fuuko complained later to her friends. School was now over, but instead of celebrating, they were all in a deep discussion. They were in Yanagi's place listening to Fuuko's story. Once a week they would go to each other's house and get to together. Mostly on Fridays.

"I can't believe she called me an ugly tomboy!! That stupid b****!!!" went on. "Aren't you a little too old to react like that?" Tokiya said. "What?!"

"Didn't you learn to keep your cool in situations like these?" Tokiya pointed. "But she they called me a fat, ugly and stupid tomboy!! I mean, you guys don't think of me as a tomboy, right?" Fuuko asked

The room erupted with silence. They all gave each other the I-can't-do-it- so-you-start look. After a while Fuuko understood their silent answers. "Oh my god!! You guys think I'm a tomboy!!" Fuuko said outraged.

"Not entirely! We just think you need to take care of yourself differently!" Koganei defended. "Exactly! You just need some help that's all!" Yanagi said in a sure voice. "Yeah right." Tokiya said sarcastically.

"What's your problem?!" Fuuko asked slightly mad. "Lets face it, Fuuko, you've always been a tomboy and you forever will be." Fuuko couldn't believe what Tokiya was saying. "For the past years I NEVER saw you act like a real girl before. So why else do you think you'll change now?" he continued.

Fuuko felt her heart crash and shatter into pieces. She never expected Tokiya, of all people, to think of her like that. "IS THAT SO?! WELL I THINK THAT YOU ARE AND FOREVER WILL BE THE MOST ARROGANT, SELFISH, UNCARING JERK IN THE WORLD!!!" Fuuko yelled back. Tears were now coming out of her eyes. They all gasped. Everybody knows Fuuko NEVER cries.

Tokiya was the perfect model for his words because he didn't react or showed since of emotion. "I thought I could trust you! And just when I needed you the most you hurt me!!" Fuuko couldn't let people see her like this so stormed out of the house. "Fuuko!!" Recca called. "Come back!"

"Nice going, Mikagami! You better apologize!" Domon ordered. "She'll get over it." Tokiya said calmly. But somehow he was not quite sure.


Fuuko ran as fast as she could. She felt so miserable; first some girls make fun of her, then one of her best friends think she's a tomboy. What was their problem with her? She was just fine! Just fine.

She stopped by the park to take a rest. It always felt relaxing here. There were flowers, trees and a fountain at the middle. She sat down at the soft, mellow, green grass. She tried to stop crying but it didn't work. Is she really as ugly as they say she is?

She looked at her reflection in the water coming out of the fountain. At first she thought she looked okay. But then, she realized what they were talking about. They were right. She did look like a guy.

Fuuko thought of all the girls she knew and wondered why she wasn't like that. Why did she have to be so UGLY?! Why?! Just then she heard someone coming. She quickly spun around, only to find nobody. She looked down and felt panic rise in her stomach. It was a snake! It was long and black, its eyes were eerie yellow.

It stared at her. Fuuko then realized she didn't have any snake experiences. Fuuko didn't move, maybe if she moved slowly the snake wouldn't attack. She took small steps to the right, but it just kept staring at her. Just when Fuuko thought it was safe, the snake leaped and bit her in the arm! Its fangs sank deep in her skin, she could feel the venom rushing in. "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh"

She suddenly felt numb. Panic took over her, she kicked the reptile and it flew a few feet away from her. Taking the chance, Fuuko quickly sucked out the poison. But she was starting to feel dizzy, soon she couldn't feel her body. Her vision began to blur. And before she knew it, everything went black. "Damn!"

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