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Chapter 3

Fuuko grabbed a plain white shirt and her usual shorts and got dressed quickly. She had to ask Kagerou about the Szerpents tribe and about queen Alassondra. Is she good or evil? Is this some kind of hoax by another one of Hokage's enemies? Or is this all true and that there's another tribe that needs her so badly? All these questions were swimming in her mind; the pressure was just growing by the minute.

She left her 'play messages' button on, and her phone was still sending in call s from her friends, it was probably in message 25 by now. Fuuko just kept dressing up as she ignored the sixth call from Domon when a familiar deep voice spoke after the beep and the "message 27" announcement.

"Hello? Fuuko?" Fuuko paused from trying to zip her shorts. That voice belonged to somebody who's probably the least person Fuuko would expect to call. "If you're still mad at me about what happened the other day, then I just want to say I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean that you will forever be a tomboy for the rest of your life. And I'm not saying this because I want to get you pardon, but of all the girls I know............ you're probably the only one that could make a big difference. I'm not just saying that, I mean it. Give me or Yanagi a call when you get this. Bye"

It was from Tokiya. Fuuko couldn't believe it, he actually apologized to her. And everyone knows that Tokiya almost never apologizes to people. Fuuko didn't know if he really meant that or the others just forced him to do it. But just the mere thought of Tokiya apologizing was as unbelievable as her changing into a gorgeous creature.

But there's plenty of time to think of that later, right now she had to go to Kagerou's. Fuuko just finished buttoning her shorts when it sunk a few inches lower, "Oh yeah, I forgot that I'm 15 pounds thinner" Fuuko thought as she searched for her old belt that was probably lying around the closet somewhere.

After finally managing to tie an old, long cloth around her shorts (she couldn't find the belt), Fuuko now tried to think about what she could do with her hair. She just couldn't find the strength to walk around the world looking like this.

She rummaged her cabinet for a hat or cap she could use to tuck her hair under it to avoid unwanted attention. After a few minutes Fuuko found her cap, tucked her long silky hair under it and was ready to go, 'I just hope no one will ever get suspicious' she thought as she put on her old sneakers.


Fuuko couldn't help but feel very uncomfortable about the transformation thing. The good news is, is that no one recognizes her. The bad news is, that almost every guy kept staring at her, or at least her now model material legs, and some girls would shoot death glares at her. Daring guys would whistle or howl loudly every time she'd pass by, "Idiots!!!" she would yell back after receiving annoying feed backs. Shorts were a BIG mistake. But after a while, guys just sticked to gawking at her after she punched one guy who tried to hit on her.

After a grueling walk in the street, she finally managed to reach her destination. (Kagerou moved in with Recca and his stepfather after the tournament since she said she wanted to catch up with her son that she hadn't seen in four thousand years). Recca's house had a little hut by the side where he and his father would make firecrackers. But right now, only Kagerou was home since Recca was in school and his father was probably busy making firecrackers in the hut.

Fuuko rang the doorbell twice before Recca's stepfather came to open the door looking dirty and tired. "Oh hey, Fuuko! Long time no see, eh?" he greeted as he rubbed his dirty hands in an old hand towel. "Yeah, it has. So how you been, sir?" Fuuko asked. "Really busy" he replied. "Recca told me they haven't seen you in weeks. What's up?"

" aunt came and wanted me to go with her out of town" she lied. "Oh, you must have gone hiking for the entire time with your aunt 'cause you look like you lost tons of pounds" he said. Fuuko was getting really annoyed with the 'losing pounds' thing, but she wasn't going to punch Recca's dad for saying it decently. "Well, Recca isn't here right now so-"

"Oh I'm not here to see Recca. I came to talk to Kagerou. Is she here?"

"Yeah she's in the living room cleaning up"

"Okay, don't bother to guide me because I know my way around. Thanks anyway!"


"Thanks again!"

Fuuko entered the Hanabishi house as Recca's dad went back to work. The house was once a messy place until Kagerou came. Now, it was always clean and orderly now that there was someone who actually cared about cleaning the house.

Fuuko saw her by the kitchen cleaning some plates while humming a song. She looked as lovely as ever. "Mrs. Kagerou?" Fuuko addressed. Kagerou turned around to find Fuuko standing by the door looking really anxious. She was slightly surprised yet glad to see her at the same time.

"Fuuko! How very nice to see you again!" Kagerou greeted as she flashed her one of her best smiles. "Nice to see you to!" Fuuko greeted back. Kagerou dropped whatever she was doing and made some tea.

"Please have a seat" Kagerou motioned to the chair. Fuuko just couldn't reject her kindness; she sat down on the chair as Kagerou gave her some nice warm tea. "So are feeling alright?" Kagerou asked as she sat down with Fuuko.


"Recca said you haven't been showing up for two weeks. Are you sick?"

"Oh, no. My aunt just came to visit and I had to accompany her around the place"

"I see. For a while there I thought you were severely ill or some thing"

Fuuko almost wanted to tell Kagerou about the snake bite and the strange appearance by Alassondra, but the fear of being this being made as a big deal stopped her. "Miss Kagerou?"

"Yes?" Kagerou looked at her attentively as she sipped some tea. Fuuko breathed deeply and spoke, "Do you know anything about the Szerpents tribe?" The shock was very evident in Kagerou's face, "Why yes, but may I ask why you are suddenly interested?" Kagerou asked as she finished her tea.

" aunt aunt's got some weird artifacts at home and she said it was from that tribe...and I was just curious" Fuuko knew it was a lame excuse, but luckily Kagerou seemed to have bought it. She looked at her newly poured tea in her hands before she spoke.

"During my time four thousand years ago, the Szerpents tribe was one of the most feared tribes of all" the word 'feared' seemed to have caught Fuuko's interest. "Legend has it that the Szerpents tribe began when a cruel king ruled over a certain kingdom selfishly. His greed made him more powerful, he had everything. Gold, jewels, power, land, warriors and more, but it wasn't enough for him. He wanted more land and power, so he forced his only daughter to marry the prince of another rich kingdom. He threatened the other king to have his son marry his daughter and step down from the throne so he could be the only king, if not, he would wage war against his kingdom and kill everyone"

Kagerou took another sip from her tea, by now Fuuko was really concentrated on the story, she never said a word, but only listened. Kagerou went on; "But the gods had enough of his cruelty. They decided to punish him by making the princess fall madly in love with a reptile. The snake. The king was furious; he sentenced his own daughter to death along with her beloved snake. But before they could push through with the sentence, the princess and the snake both escaped from the palace with the help of the prince. They settled on a high mountain protected by the gods, and anyone who dared to enter that mountain would be lost or be killed by wild animals"

Kagerou stopped and looked at Fuuko who was still very interested. There was a brief moment of silence. "Wow...." was all Fuuko could say. "Of course, it's just a legend. But then it's the only explanation for the biggest mystery about the people of Szerpents......"

"What mystery?" Fuuko was once again very deeply interested. "Well, despite the fact that the princess was married to a snake, she was still able to give birth to children. And so that was how the tribe began years and years ago. But what still puzzles everybody is that how the Szerpents tribe people are able to give birth to human and snakes"

Fuuko gawked at her, "Seriously?". Kagerou poured more tea, "Oh yes" she clarified. "They are able to give birth to snakes?!" Fuuko repeated. "Yes. Surprising isn't it" Kagerou replied patiently. Fuuko just remembered Alassondra's snakes she saw this morning. 'Did she really mean that those are her babies literally?' Fuuko thought.

"When I was still pregnant to Recca, the Szerpents tribe was ruled by a queen named Alasondra by forfeit" Kagerou went on. "What do you mean forfeit?" Fuuko asked, now it was making a lot of sense. "The real heir to the throne was her twin brother, Poisone. But shortly after being born, Poisone was kidnapped by the Xcorpyons was never heard of again."

"The what?" Fuuko asked. "The Xcorpyons, the arch enemy of the Szerpents. That tribe was one of the most hated tribes of all; they began as outlaws from the Szerpents tribe and were banished away as punishment. However, they wanted revenge and formed their own tribe to oppose the Szerpents"

Fuuko took a minute to understand everything, "Then what happened?" Fuuko pressed on for more. "Last thing I heard was that they were in war with the Xcorpyons. But that was the last thing I heard" Kagerou said as she stared at Fuuko. "You didn't know what happened next, like who won?" Fuuko asked again. But Kagerou shook her head. "I'm sorry but that's all I know" Kagerou said. 'I guess that's enough to know' Fuuko thought

"Well thanks a lot! Now I know everything I need to know! Thanks for your time, Miss Kagerou!" Fuuko thanked as she got up and finished her tea. "Anytime, Fuuko" she responded as she too got up. "Before I go, could I use your bathroom?" Fuuko asked.

"Sure, go ahead. You know the way, right?"

"Yeah, thanks."


Fuuko splashed her face with the cool running water, it was so hot especially with this cap on her head, but she can't take it of otherwise they'll know. It was very nice of Kagerou to tell her about the Szerpents tribe story. And now, Fuuko was wondering how or if she would ever tell the others. They've gone through a lot, but this was about her now.

'Will they ever be able to accept me like this?' but Fuuko's thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice. "So have you decided yet?" Fuuko looked up in the mirror to find Alassondra standing there once again. "Whoa!! Don't scare me like that!!!" Fuuko said as she tried to calm herself. "Sorry. So have you decided?" Alassondra asked again. Fuuko didn't say anything for a while.

"Fine. But on one condition...."

"Name it"

"I should have some company with me"

"Of course you will have company. Did you think I'd let you be alone?" Alassondra laughed. "Thank you, Fuuko. You have no idea how much this means to me" Alassondra expressed. "Sure. Just treat me as a pal and not a servant, okay?" Fuuko added.

"Of course. Now this wont hurt a bit" Alassondra pointed her finger at her. Fuuko felt a sharp pain in her arm, "Auuugh!!" she cried. But it was surprisingly quick, in a few seconds the pain was gone. Fuuko looked at her hand and saw the tattoo of the snake scarred in her arm like the warriors in her dream.

"Fuuko, welcome to the Szerpents tribe. That mark on your arm will officially identify you as a Szerpent" Alassondra said. "Now tonight, you will be fetched by three other Szerpents who will come and bring you to our base. And will be welcomed as one of us"

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