Author's note: I do not claim to own any of the characters they are a creation that is best kept by it's author. I hope he might read this one day and get inspired to write a sequel to Chrno Crusade.

If you have not read the manga, do so!!! It's good. this fic is based roughly off the manga, interspersing some stuff inside of it, so if you're confused that's why.

and by now I'm so far off of the manga, I should just warn you that most of what happens, never happens in the manga XD. It stopped doing that around act 1's conclusion.

Denizens of Darkness, Harbringers of Light

A Chrno Crusade fanfic by


"Where ya goin' honey?" Came a low drawling voice from behind in the shadows, as a very rough-necked looking man slid away from the wall, followed by three more slinking scum.

The tall figure paused, and came to a stop, but didn't turn. "You boys really ought to find somewhere more tasteful to hang out this late at night."

Their laughter was rough and amused. "Oh? And where might that be…. Seems to me, a pretty lady like yourself ain't that smart to be wandering around these part of the streets this late at night…"

"I never said I was by myself." She turned around slowly, with a cunning sweet smile placed on her lips, as she casually put some more lipstick on, not looking up their way, but peering at them with intense blue eyes from beneath lowered lashes.

"Hah, don't see no one else 'ere, lady." The thug stopped in front of her, pulling a long pipe out of his trench coat, and smirking with uneven filth ridden decaying teeth. "Unless ya got someone hidden in that fine coat o' yers."

The young woman smiled slowly, and slid her lipstick back into the pocket of her long gray feminine coat, letting her hands linger in the pockets casually, as she brushed a lock of long blonde hair back over her shoulders, with a sparkle in her eyes. "You boys really should pay more attention to your surroundings… You know, it's dangerous being out here at night… demons lurk the streets."

"Yeah, and ya just met a couple of 'em." The thug smirked, slamming the pipe into his hand. "Now, why don't you be a nice girl, and raise up that skirt of yours for us… save us the trouble of tearing that fine dress of yours." They began to surround her, with slow wolf-like motions.

The woman didn't seem to be the least bit worried however, and instead lifted her head upwards, as the moon spilled down into the alley from above, lighting her face with it's soft silvery glow, and a soft deeper voice spoke quietly from that direction.

"I don't think you'll be doing that."

The thugs blinked, and all glanced up, caught off guard by the second voice that came from the rooftops above them… What they saw caused each and every one of them to freeze in place.

Sitting casually along the edge of the building rooftop above, strongly outlined by the glow of the moon that enveloped his entire form from behind, a demon sat perched as casual as you please, wings spread wide, and horns clearly outlined by the moon. A slow smile spread across the demon's face, as flashing fangs glittered, and a bright eerie ruby light began to illuminate the fearsome being as it's eyes began to glow menacingly.

"AH….D…D….DEMON!" The men didn't even bother to figure out which way they were running, but scattered in every direction, their long lead pipes and guns clattering to the ground as they fled for their life, until the streets were once more silent and empty.

"Hm. That went well." The woman smiled lightly, and knelt down picking up something that one of the thugs had dropped, a very familiar and specifically designed gun with a cross emblem on the side.

A soft rush of wind and fabric settled into place beside her, as the demon lightly touched down on the ground, wings compacting in a swift movement to hide beneath a long black trench coat, as he slid a hat back on, his horns and fearsome appearance vanishing as shadows in the night. "Having fun, Rosette?"

"Oh, definitely!" Rosette Christopher smirked widely, flashing her partner a wide grin. "We haven't played with anyone in a long time…I miss doing this kind of thing."

Chrno sighed, throwing his hands up in a gesture of surrender as he rolled his eyes. "If you hadn't lost your gun in the first place yesterday…."

"OH shut up!" She smacked his head with the gun barrel, making a resounding 'thunk' sound. "It just was too slippery from the rain!"

Chrno rubbed the back of his head, giving the tall woman a rather sore look, as she scowled fiercely over at him, eye-level. "You should have been watching your niece."

"Oi! You were there too, why didn't YOU do something?"

"I was changing her brother's diaper! Do you have any idea how much those things stink!?"

"Bah complaints complaints, that's all I ever here." Rosette snorted, turning the corner and pausing before a well light building on the main street. "If you can't even handle changing the kids' pants, how do you expect to take care of them on their anniversary honeymoon?"

"What?! You never said anything about that!"

"Eh?" She blinked mischievously, as she pulled a key out of her purse and unlocked the fancy mahogany door, stepping inside. "You think they honestly want the kids around? I volunteered us since I KNOW you love kids so much."

"No fair…"

Rosette snorted and plopped herself down in a plush velvet stuffed couch in the front office of their business, kicking her high heels off as Chrno removed his coat and hat, hanging them courteously on the coat rack by the door. "Aw come on, they deserve it. After all, they didn't get a chance to go on their honeymoon since we had to go deal with helping out smoothing over the immigration papers between here and Pandemonium."

"Hai hai…" Chrno leaned his head back, letting it hit the rear wall with a dull 'thunk'. "But you could ask me these things before you commit us to them… what if we have an appointment? We can't exactly take the kids along on a poltergeist extermination call."

"Why not? That's what you're for!" She threw him a rather evil grin. "You hold the kids and put your… shield thingy majig up, I blast away the goons."

"And half the house…"

"Oi. Chrno."


"You talk too much."

The resounding sound of a pillow being thrown right into the man's face, and then being ripped open muffled the laughter that echoed off the walls and trickled out into the corridor of the fine business building, where the frosted gold letters adorned the entrance to the large office, and living quarters that resided up a floor.

Demons Etc.

Poltergeist, ghosts, monsters and demon extermination services Magdale Order Field office #1 – New York Branch

Owners: Chrno & Rosette Christopher, field specialists and private investigators


Well That's the end folks.

I'd like to thank ALL my dedicated reviewers you all know who ya are, those who stuck with the fic since the beginning, those who discovered it later and loved it, and all of ya other folks too

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I have changed the storyline, and how the plot would develop SO many times, input several things on spur of the moment from friends that just gave me silly ideas to work with, and then just sat on my rear for days trying to figure out how to move forward.

Luckily, this fic was something I had planned out ending last, then the beginning so I always knew where I was going with it.

I also tied in the other fic I'm working on with a co-writer into the end cause it's nifty

No, there won't be a sequel, all good things must end Plus I can't think up anything BIGGER than this o.o. I was going to end it after act 1, but so many people loved it, and I had a few ideas spinning in my head, that I decided to go for it.

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