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A Piece of Your Heart


She tried pulling back as she felt the tug of his hand over hers.

Kagome gave a shriek. Inu-Yasha gave a choked gasp. Shippou yelled against Inu-Yasha's haori.

"NO!" she yelled at the same time Miroku choked it out.

"No..." Miroku whispered again.

The shiny steel penetrated his neck coming out the other side along with the bloodstained shard. She couldn't breathe when his grip suddenly grew flaccid. She let go of her katana stumbling back a few paces and falling on her legs, at the same time she heard his body drop. The metallic clank of her sword was numbed by his flesh. It was still in him. Taking her hands to her face she let herself fall to the grass where she curled up against her body tears flowing freely from her closed eyes.

A warm hand came over her shivering body. She knew who it was but didn't care. How could he bare to touch her? She had killed her best friend. She broke down sobbing and felt his chest come over her shoulder. He lowered his arm to her back as the other took her hands gently away from her face. He then set his cheek over hers. Whispering words of comfort. His body was protectively over her frail shivering one, his breath tickled her cheek and his scent enveloped her softly. But she didn't care. Nothing mattered. Death was the only reality.


She peeked through teary eyes. Darkness was what she received. Miroku was gone.


She shut her eyes again, tighter this time so she could block out that voice.


Her mind snapped. And her eyes flew open.

He chuckled "It was about time."

She searched all around; it was dark, but not pitch black. It was just night. Stars shone merrily over the field full of white flowers tainted blue by the moons glow.


Her hair snapped as she turned afraid the voice might disappear. What she saw made her go weak in the knees.

Shinosuke a foot away smiled up to her and patted the grass beside him, signaling her to sit next to him.

She was confused, surprised and a little scared, but her body carried her next to him anyway and she settled down beside him quietly.

"Sorry for the interruption. I actually shouldn't be here but I needed to talk to you." He continued.

She needed to say a lot as well. But she didn't really want to, or at least couldn't for now, so all that was left was to listen.

"Everything is as I guessed it would be after my departure. Even you and that concerns me." He turned to look at her with a serious face that then gave a small grin "That wasn't exactly what I had in mind for my good-bye, but you know I've never really liked farewells."

Questioning brown eyes looked into deep blue ones. He chuckled.

"You did good Jou-chan. I know you don't feel like it, but I owe you something more important than life itself. Thanks to you I have my freedom, and I have my happiness. That's something I'll never be able to repay you for. It wasn't the prettiest way to get it I agree, but... well it's complicated, you'll know in good time."

"I just came to say, in a way, goodbye. And of course to calm you down after what happened. I know nothing even I say will lessen the pain, so I'll let you mourn in peace. Right now I'm kinda going for your guilt thing."

Sango suddenly looked down at her lap, very ashamed that she was looking at him in the eyes. He frowned.

"Sango... would you like to live in darkness for years and wake up to see you have killed many people and done horrible things to the people you love?"

She looked up to comprehensive eyes.

"The day I came back to the village, he was there waiting for me Jou-chan. It was a setup from the beginning. Of course I didn't know about it, I would have told you something as important."

She raised an eyebrow

"I know I know, but this I would have told you about. Or tried to avoid you true, but the thing is, there, would have been nothing you could have done anyhow. I had two choices, Naraku or death. Kohaku didn't get to make that choice it was made for him. In the end you will understand there are no such things as coincidences; the only thing that exists is that which is inevitable."

She looked up at him strangely, trying to figure out if this really was Shinosuke and trying to comprehend his last sentence. He looked down at her wondering if she had understood.

"Anywho, everything happened for a reason. And even if it sound's lame, one day you'll understand. That's pretty much what I wanted to tell you, and it seems..." he looked to the horizon and to the approaching dawn standing up slowly. "I'll have to go soon."

Her eyes widened as she shot up as well. He smiled

"I don't belong here anymore Sango."

Her brows dropped.

"I'll miss you deeply, but remember death is only death and without it there can be no life."

The sun was too bright, she could barely see him or anything anymore, all she saw was white. Something soft and warm came down to her forehead and gave her a soft peck. She blushed not being able to see if what she felt had really happened.

"Thank you for everything my little lady..."



Her eyes opened slowly. Adjusting to the darkness she saw the branches of the tree tops swaying rhythmically in the wind. The stars peeked through the leaves and the moonlight dripped between them to the forest floor.

"Yume ka?" she whispered. This was her reality. Tears formed at the corners of her eyes and sank down into her hairline when she closed her lids again.

The smallest smile tugged at her lips when she opened them again. 'I'm sorry I worried you so much Shino.'

A warm pleasant breeze blew through their small campsite. The dying embers of the fire glowed once again and the leaves and branches jingled playfully. Her hair swayed gently as the tracks of her tears dried away slowly.

Her smile widened.


It had barely been a week. She had been shattered the first two days and hadn't smiled since then. He hadn't tried anything with her. He knew where the line was drawn. Sometimes she would cry at night. She had barely slept since it happened. When she did she would wake up from that cruel nightmare.

They hadn't spoken, but he knew. He felt it. Miroku sighed into the night and with the help of his staff got to his feet to return to the camp. His wounds were better but not fully healed. He gave thanks to Kami-sama there hadn't been any serious attacks lately. Sango still had some problems with her left shoulder, and was still wearing the sling. Everything was a mess.

A warm breeze that had come from the forest came up over his back and pushed his hair against his nape and face. He closed his eyes letting his hair tickle his cheeks. It felt wonderful. He wondered why he had been filling his mind with worries just a second ago.

His eyes snapped open and his brows furrowed. 'It can't be...' he thought.

"Shinosuke?" He asked no one.

Turning back to where the wind had come from he was met with a distant pink yukata. He looked to her wondering why she was here and feeling in the air that something had changed. He raised his eye brows when Sango smiled as the last whisk of air circled her softly and disappeared into the night.

"Wakatta..." he whispered and smiled.

He waited patiently until she was by his side. They both looked into the warm night for a while before Sango finally made herself comfortable in the tall grass sitting over her legs. He looked down at her movement.

"I'm sorry... I worried everyone didn't I?" she asked softly

"You have no reason to apologize to me or anyone, mourning is something we all did in this last week." He answered neutrally

She shook her head. "I was mourning for the wrong person."

He kept her eyes on her serene figure and finally decided to say something.

"I'm glad he made you realize that. But if you had not shown that shred of weakness you would have scared everyone to death. Remember there cannot be life without death, light without darkness, or strength without weakness..."

She looked at him seemingly shocked. He smiled.

"What kind of Houshi would I be if I could not detect a visiting spirit?"

She looked down at her knees. Well he did have a point. She smiled again. "He had this thing about breaking rules." She set her head over her knees "I'll miss him..."

"Every person you love will take with them a piece of your heart when they leave. That void will difficultly be filled again." He contemplated.

She looked up to him again to find him gazing into the night sky. "Unless some one gives you a piece of theirs ne?" she smiled

He looked down at her surprised by her logical yet deep conclusion. "If you decide to accept it of course."

"I would give him all that I am in hope for a piece of his heart." she gazed into the night.

"Well that wouldn't be very fair for you."

"I don't believe so because in the end we would be part of each other. Like night and day, light and dark. Life and Death. Yet we would be free to be together."

'Free...?' he looked down at his Kazaana.

His right fist clenched "Someday...." he whispered. ----°---- OWARI! T-T sniffles well it was fun, a little freaky with the fall of my inspiration, but I hope I haven't disappointed you. I like waff, but in context; in an angst fic well it would seem a little out of place ne?... and since I'm supposed to be following the original story I didn't make any advances on their relationship visible wise. I realize I kinda made Sango a martyr here and it's the first time I do an angst so I may have screwed up or exaggerated but, I'm not that upset with how it turned out...

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