Chapter 1: Awake

She was floating. Her frail body held up by the water. The icy trees around her glittered and sparkled. She smiled. She could feel him now. His presence was overflowing with eagerness and spirit. He stood above her on the lake. Macalania Lake, where they had ounce been happy.

He grinned and held out a hand. She reached up and took hold of it and rose. He held her close and kissed her forehead. She looked down at the lake. Her aged body was still floating with a smile upon the wrinkled face. She looked up at him

"Is it time now?" He laughed and nodded. Her heart soured and she felt tears slide down her face.

How can she feel tears if she was dead?

How could her heart sour if it no longer pulsed her blood around her body?

She stared at the aged woman floating on the lake. She was now sinking in the water. The water that seemed to have been clear was now murky and weeds seemed to snatch at the sinking woman. Her. If she hadn't died before she would have died then. She thought of how she had longed for this moment.

To finally be with him. She turned back to him. He wasn't there! She looked around frantically.

"Tidus? Tidus! TIDUS!"


Her eyes flew open. Lulu stood over her. Yuna sat up. She was in her hut in Besaid. Lulu was staring at her, her face creased with worry. Her stomach bulging as the baby inside her continued to grow. It was still night, she could hear the insects humming and the stars smiled down on the tiny village.

"You were screaming his name again," Lulu was sat on the small sofa made of reeds sowed together. Her face tired and sweating. Yuna felt tears threaten to strike.

"I want him back Lulu," She whispered. Her voice cracked

"I just want him back!" Tears trickled down her face. Lulu sighed.

It had been 1 year since Yuna had defeated Sin. Looking at her know you wouldn't have thought that she had defeated the undeletable. Her face was gaunt and pale. Her eyes were dull with bags sagging underneath them. She rarely laughed or smiled anymore. She was a wreck. Lulu rose and rubbed Yuna's back.

"I know." She murmured. Yuna stiffened and glared at her.

"No you don't! You don't understand what I'm feeling at all!" She leaped up and stared down at her, her face twisted with rage. "He's gone Lulu! He just disappeared! I can't even go to the Farplane to see him! You can still see Chappu. I know it was sad for you to loose him but you're with Wakka now. I'm not going to find anyone like Tidus! Ever!"

She fled from the hut. Lulu sat silently. She clenched then unclenched her fists. She made Yuna's bed and left to go to her own hut. The moon smiled down at her, lighting up her tears.

Yuna ran and kept running till she came to the beach. The wind billowed her long, unkept hair far behind her. The waves rolled up and down the silver sand. He had first appeared in that sea. She remembered how he had been outside the Chamber of the Fayth. He had been different, alive. Yet he wasn't. He didn't even exist. She had felt his warmth, his embraces, his kisses. She sank onto the sand.

"Come back" She whispered. "Please come back."