In the middle ages they would have called such a occurrence demon possession.  Two hundred years ago, such a man would have been locked up in a sanitarium.  A hundred years ago, or even fifty, perhaps a lobotomy would have been deigned as the best way to 'cure' a man in this condition.  But modern medicine, and modern science, and even modern law looks down on all these.  No, for a man driven crazy, or even suffering from an extreme nervous breakdown, there was only one thing to do.  Humanely drug him into submission, submit him to legion of doctors with their tests and psychologists with their questions.  And for what?  In order to make him as healthy as possible – as sane as possible – before bringing him before a jury to plead insanity.  And with that plea comes the sentence of being condemned to an 'institution' until you once again descend into madness, or become 'rehabilitated.'

Simple kindness?  Modern sensibility?  The helping hand of society?  Who's to say?

Who's to say but the condemned.


Author's Note:

Well.  Another story from Neon Daisies.  If you're not familiar with me, I encourage you to go read my two Once Upon a Time in Mexico fics.  The first is finished, the second coming slowly.  Slowly enough that I hope that inspiration here will inspire me there as well.

Just a few things to know about this fic.  While it is taking place in the same timeline as the movie (now, as opposed to the '80's), it also follows the story line from the book.  Meaning, that I twisted the book's ending to suit my own purposes.  You'll see what I mean when I get the first chapter up.  For now, tell me what you think.