Summary: Kamiya Kaoru is the young owner of a flower shop. Every day of the week, her customer, Himura Kenshin, comes to pick up fresh white roses, a dozen of them, for his late wife. Kaoru can't help but fall in love with this mysterious customer. But how can things ever be if Kenshin's still grieving the death of his wife?

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As I Bloom
Winds of Fortune

Chapter 1

The white petals whispered over one another, their soft velvety surface glistened lightly from small droplets of water. They were a beautiful bunch, all gentle leaves and half closed buds. I sighed, gently wrapping the bouquet and tying it with a ribbon. They were beautiful, flawless, so pure, so full of life, so much the opposite of you. And right on queue, the bells to the shop rang.

I didn't have to look up to know who it was. You were here everyday, promptly at closing time, to pick up your white roses. Who you gave them to, I had no idea. Everyday of the year, rain or shine, all major holidays included, you showed up, decked out in a black suit, ready to receive the dozen roses from me.

You nodded politely at me, pulling out your wallet as you walked up to the counter. It was the same routine everyday. I bowed lightly, pushing the bouquet toward you as I receive your money. "Himura san, how do you do today?" I trained my eyes on the money, pulling out the register to get you your change. I was almost afraid to look at you. You were handsome, almost to the point of being beautiful. But even though I did not know how to read emotions I could see that beneath your violet eyes lay something dark and mournful.

"Today is just the same as yesterday and the day before," you said, not meaning for it to be rude, but just being vague as you always were, "Full of surprises yet nothings changed." You leaned an arm against the counter, the flowers lying before you as you watched me with your hooded eyes. I busied myself, clearing up the shop, checking all the locks and windows.

"We did not have many costumers today. The man from last time, the one who called in ordering a hundred yellow roses, called again. He wants another hundred, pink this time, and hand delivered like the yellow ones." I said, locking up the shop. It was the same everyday. You would come in, pay for the roses and watch me as I closed up the store. And after you had walked me out, after I had made sure everything was secure, you would depart, going off on your own somewhere, probably to give your special person the roses.

"The receiver of the roses," you murmured lightly, "is unfortunate to live under such a tyrannical husband."

I chuckled, "If the husband calls back this time demanding to know who sent the flowers, I don't know what we'll do. Probably refuse to deliver roses to that house every again." You did not realize how much you were affecting me, just standing there and watching. I felt the pressure of your eyes, mostly hidden behind your red hair, and hurried to the door. You followed, pausing outside with me as I turned the key, locking down the store.

"And your brother, how is he doing?"

I nodded, an affectionate smile gracing my lips without me noticing. "Yahiko's doing much better. They said it was fortunate the cancer was discovered so early."

You smiled, "I'm glad to hear that." Turning away, you bowed again this time in farewell.

"Wait," I said, reaching out and snatching your sleeve. "And you? Do you have a brother? You never talk about yourself." I said it sadly, like I felt put out, which I did. Perhaps you heard the disappointed note in my voice, as you answered me for once, with an answer that was not vague.

"I have a brother in law, Enishi. He is in graduate school right now." You tugged your sleeve out of my grasp, smiling before you turned and left me standing there, feeling just a little stupid.

So you had a wife.


I don't know what I had expected. Of course a man such as yourself would have a wife. Besides, who else would you be buying the roses for? Your wife is lucky to have you, I thought bitterly. You were obviously very dedicated to her as you showed up everyday without fail to buy her white roses. You were definitely well off to be able to afford the flowers, as the bill must add up to quite a lot. This meant you were not only successful and handsome, but very much in love.

"Kamiya san, you are not talking much today."

I quickly eased a smile onto my face. "Himura san, I'm sorry, I was distracted." I shoved his change into his hands along with the crisp new roses, sorry that I had expected too much. I was a fool for admiring such a handsome man. Of course such a man would be taken. Of course the white roses were for someone special. How stupid of me, I thought, wanting to laugh out loud at my silliness.

"Himura san, I hope your wife will enjoy the roses," I said.

You smiled back at me, "I am sure that she will."


"Yo, Jou chan!"

I turned in surprise as the tall lanky man sauntered into the shop. "Sanosuke! Wow! What brings you into my measly shop? And I see your hair is as atrocious as ever."

He grumbled in complaint, reaching up to check his insanely spiked hair.

I grinned, "You're bad influence. Now I have to see Yahiko with that hair everyday."

He laughed heartily. "Jou chan, I actually do have a reason for visiting your 'measly shop.'"

"I knew it!" I cried out, pumping my fist into the air. "You never visit unless you need something." I said it with a fond note in my voice. He was a really close family friend whom I would never mind a visit from. "It wouldn't be for Megumi, now, would it?"

He coughed embarrassingly, "What are you talking about, missy?"

I stuck out my tongue at him, and leaned on the counter. "So what have you got in mind?"

He glanced around the shop and then strode over to look into the giant fridge. Looking at me, he pointed into the cooler. "Those look nice."

I walked over to peer in with him. Shaking my head lightly, I laughed. "Sorry, those are taken. And I don't know how much she'd like white flowers, y'know?"

He sighed, "But they look nice. Flowers are flowers, who cares what color they are anyway?"

The bells to the store rang lightly, and I didn't have to look up to know it was you. "Himura san!" I exclaimed, bowing to you in greeting.

You're eyes smile, and you nod as well. I hurriedly pushed Sanosuke aside, opening the door to the fridge to retrieve your dozen white roses. Sanosuke scowled at you, helping me close the door. "So this is the man who stole my flowers."

You turned in innocent surprise at the tall man. "Oro?"

My eyes widened, and I almost dropped the flowers. "You said 'oro!'" Laughing delightfully, I deposited the roses in your arms. "That's.. that's just adorable!"

"Jou chan, you don't tell a guy he sounds adorable. That's never a compliment." Sanosuke scolded.

Your eyes spun from Sanosuke to me, a confused look on your face. "Sir, I stole your flowers?" You asked uncertainly.

"No," I said, retreating behind the counter of the shop, "Don't you mind Sano, he's just being stupid." Turning to the spikey haired man, I ordered, "Now pick some other flowers, Sano. There are good looking ones, don't go moping for what you can't have."

You smile again, noting the light teasing between the other male costumer and me. "You two are friends?"

I slapped a hand to my forehead, "Introductions! I forgot introductions. Sano, this is Himura Kenshin. Himura san, this is Sagara Sanosuke. And yes, Sano is a family friend. Himura san is my old time customer."

You nod and hand me a few bills, a smile glued on your face as usual. "It is nice to meet you, Sagara san."

Sano grunted in reply, "Yea, nice to meet you. Oey, Jou chan, just grab me some boring ol' roses and let me get out of here."

I hand him some good old fashioned red roses and waved off the money he tried to hand me. "Are you out of your mind? You think I'm going to let you pay for that?"

Laughing good naturedly, Sanosuke ducked out of the shop, waving a hand in thanks. I turned back to you. "Sanosuke's a good guy."

"It is nice of you to give him the roses like that," you murmured, waiting for me to leave the store.

"Are you kidding? That guy, he's always free loading. But he finds ways to pay me back for things." I smiled, appreciatively. "He's a good guy," I repeated. I slipped the key into the lock and close down the store for the day. You walked alongside me as we headed down the streets.

"Kamiya san.. likes him?" You asked.

I gaped at you before laughing lightly, patting your shoulder in my amusement. Your suit was light to my touch, soft and silky. "No," I said, resting my hand on your arm, "Sano is like a brother to me."

You smiled and covered my hand with one of yours. "It is good to have family."

Yes, it is.

I smile.

Your hand slipped away slowly. Your lips moved as you said your goodbyes, but I forgot what you said. All I could really think was that you cared. If you asked me whether I liked Sano or not, then that must mean something. I shouldn't hope for you to like me, but I can't help but want that.

I watched your retreating back and I still remembered the touch of your suit, the warmth of your hand.

I can't help but like you.

:End Chapter 1:

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