It's a girl.

Chapter 1

A/N This is 'what if Angel had a girl instead of a boy fic.' The Quartoth story is the same except Holtz disappeared, he's not dead. Angel never got sent to the bottom of the ocean and Cordy was only a higher power for a week or two and eventually had Jasmine use her body to give birth to herself and now she's in 'slumber land". Angelus was released to stop the beast and all that. Now it's the beginning of s5. Most things are gonna stay the same as they are but this story will focus more on the relationship between Angel, his daughter and the gang and not on what we saw in the episodes.

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Angel, Wesley, Gunn, Lorne and Fred sat around what was now Angel's new office reviewing Wolfram and Harts case files. They weren't officially seeing clients until the next day so they had a lot of work to do. However it was late and they already had been working for awhile so they decided to call it a night, or at least a break.

"You all need to rest" Angel told the group.

"Well, my apatite is coming back, anyone want to get something to eat?" Fred asked.

"I guess I could" Gunn said, with Lorne and Wes backing him up.


"No thanks Fred. Its late I should go back." He responded. The group left to eat and Angel took some stacks of paperwork and headed back to his new penthouse. When he tried to tiptoe to his room so he wouldn't disturb the sleeping body on the couch, this task failed when he knocked into a table lamp.

"What's going on, who there?" the girl on the couch jumped up and asked, nervously, and breathing heavily.

"Its OK Sarai its just me. I knocked into a lamp, everything's fine. Go back to sleep." Angel said to his daughter.

"I wasn't really sleeping, just nodding on and off."

"Were you waiting up for me?"

"No." She answered.

"Oh" Was the only thing Angel had to say because he really wish she was. Then, he walked over by the couch and sat on the coffee table across from it. "Did you eat?"

"Not really...wasn't hungry"

"You should eat something, its not good for you not to eat." Sarai just stared at him. Although things were starting to get better between them two & she was learning to trust him, things were far from perfect. She hated when Angel said 'parental' things to her, (like he just did) and when he treated her like a normal 14 year old girl, because she wasn't. She was raised in a hell dimension and survived...without him. So who was he to tell her what to do? And Angel's problem was that he hated her hating him doing those things. He wanted to protect, care for, and most importantly, love Sarai and he wanted her to like it. Something Angel was happy with was that now when she went to bed, she kept the bedroom door unlocked, its something small but he'd take what ever she was willing to give. She really was trying to like him.

"Did you get your work done?" she asked, trying to be interested.

"There isn't enough time in the world to get all the work that needs to be done there done." Angel told her. Sarai didn't answer, she had fallen back asleep. So Angel picked her up and carried her to her bed. In the process he heard her mumble "Goodnight Angel." Problem number two on his list. The fact she always calls him Angel didn't please him one bit. He wanted desperately to be called Dad. He didn't press the issue though, he figured she'd say it when she wanted too.

Times like this when he had to carry her to bed if she fell asleep were the only times he got to fuss over her, so he spent a good 5-10 minutes doing just that. He made sure she was in just the right spot, with right amount of pillows, covered with blankets that he tightly tucked the sides of under the mattress. Angel loved to fuss over her when she was a baby, after she left; when Holtz had taken her, that was one of the things Angel missed most. Not having someone to be sweet to, spoil and make a big stink over. He hated Holtz for taking that away, and for getting to be the one to do it, or at least that's what Angel thought. Then, one day Angel caught Sarai off-guard and got to let some things slip about her and the way Holtz treated her. She said he was alright to her but almost always made her fight alone, he left her alone for long periods of time and never ever fussed or acted 'sweetly' to her. In some ways knowing that made Angel hate the guy even more.

Angel pulled a chair next to her bed and sat there for a little while. She still made the same whistle-type sound she did as a baby. Angel began to think about the night she was born, and how happy was he when he realized that she wasn't a he.

****Flashback to the night she was born**** :

"It's a boy." Wesley had told Angel when they were looking at the sonagram.

"I have a son" was Angels response. He didn't think he could be that happy. Back when he was human he decided that when the time came to start a family he wanted all boys. Later, after Darla was dust, he quickly wrapped his 'son' in his jacket and walked off with Fred. It wasn't until they were in the car when they realized Wesley was wrong.

Gunn was driving, Cordy was next to him, Wesley was in the back behind Cordy and Fred was in between Angel and Wes, Angel held the baby tight and decided to re-wrap the crying child in a blanket he kept in the backseat incase of the sun and he was examining him to make sure he was alright . "Ssshh...stop crying...why is my little man so-wait a minute" Angel cut himself off when he noticed something was missing. "Ah...where's my little man?" a confused Angel asked Fred.

"What? Angel what do you-Oh" Fred responded look down at the baby. Gunn stopped the car for a second and everyone looked at the baby.

"Ah....oops." Wesley said. "I must have read the machine wrong."

"Ya think?" Gunn shot back.

"Well you know, I am not a doctor I never had proper training. I guess I really saw a finger or something" Wes concluded.

"So its a girl! That's so cool. Isn't that cool Angel? You have a daughter!" A very excited Cordelia said. And it didn't really hit Angel until she said it.

~I have a daughter~ Angel said to himself still in shock. Then it really sunk in. ~It's a girl...a little girl...MY little girl.~ Then at that moment of his revelation he realized that he'd proven himself wrong and he could be happier then he was before. In fact he swore Angelus was gonna come out because if what he felt wasn't true happiness he just didn't know what was. "Yeah cool" was the only thing he managed to tell Cordy. He was to overwhelmed with joy. Quickly though that turned to fear, he never was so afraid in his life and unlife, mixed in with anger. ~People want her dead. They want MY BABY GIRL DEAD!~ Angel kept telling himself.

"I won't let it happen" Angel said allowed in the car while everyone, except him and Sarai were in a store buying baby stuff. "I promise no one will ever hurt you or take you from me. I'll protected you. Forever." He vowed.

****End Flashback.****

Angel started to get really choked up. He remembered exactly what happened after he made that promise; for a moment she stopped crying and looked at him. She looked, happy, trusting, content, hopeful, innocent and it was the first time he notice her eyes had a sparkle to them. He loved that sparkle. Not like the girl that was in front of him now. Angel couldn't believe it was the same girl. This girl was let-down, lied to, beaten, distrusting, warn-down, sad, hopeless and the status of her innocence level has seriously declined. The worst part was her eyes didn't sparkle anymore, Angel wanted to be staked every time he looked into them because there was nothing, just nothing. She'd been broken and he couldn't figure out how to fix her. "I'll fix everything and I won't let you down this time." he said softly as he kissed forehead. He had to work in the morning and he needed to be rested for it.

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