Title: Turquoise Luck

Summary: Not to spoil anything, this is a Cole/Phoebe fic that takes place late in season five. Hopefully it will make sense.

Rating: PG-13, just to be safe

A/N: I write lots of different stuff with varying degrees of success. I really appreciate it when people review and it's one of the best ways to convince me to keep writing. Constructive criticism is always welcomed. So go ahead, read this little teaser and review it and you should have more pretty soon.

The black leather chair swung around as Rose, the new junior associate, walking into the main office. She hadn't met the boss properly yet and she'd thought everyone would have gone home by now so she'd taken the opportunity to sneak into the luxury space that so few had access to. Her boss was infamous. Cole Peterson was infamous.

When she'd first been hired she'd had mixed feelings. Yes, the law firm helped the greater good, did a heap of cheap cases no one else would touch and had never represented a real criminal. Sure, Mr Peterson had taken what everyone else thought to be murderers, but somehow he knew they weren't. And sure enough, every time, that little piece of crucial but unmistakably important evidence would surface during the trial.

Now she was facing him, her boss, and she'd just snuck into his office at two in the morning with no real excuse. "Rose!" his voice was strong and deep but it was obvious he was surprised to see her. "What are you doing here so late?"

She could feel herself shaking, the stories she'd heard about Peterson were startling. He wasn't one to put up with anything. A very angry man, had been since he'd first turned up, started his little law firm and quickly risen to one of the most powerful men in New York.

"I um," she struggled to find an excuse, "I was just..."

She cocked her head, surprised that her boss hadn't fired her yet and watched as his face closed down in front of her, hiding his emotions with a clean sweep. "You were just..." he prompted.

"Just leaving, and I wanted to know if there was anything else you wanted." She gave him her best smile, one of her prime weapons while going through law school.

He scowled at her. "I have a secretary for that."

"I know, I just..." she stepped forward, boldly, trying to apologise.

His arms moved like lightning, over his Oakwood desk, dragging an assortment of paper and trinkets into his lap. "Well I don't. You'd do well to leave. Now."

Not one to argue, but curious nonetheless, she craned her neck forward to try to see what it was he was so eager to hide. Seeing him seething however, she quickly nodded and turned, fleeing for the door. She closed the door behind her and leant up against it, sighing in relief. The stories didn't do him justice. In any way.

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