From the Ashes

I would like to thank everybody who has reviewed this story as it has been in progress. I am grateful, as well, for all the editing mistakes people have pointed out to me! You guys are just wonderful!

Sorry it has taken so long to finish, but I hope the story is worth the wait. I have revamped the structure so that each chapter is longer (the equivalent of 2 chapters) so you won't have to change pages so much.

Dedicated to, and in memory of, Secret, who, though she could never quite reach Rufus' level of intelligence, had to have been the smartest hamster in the world.

Disclaimer: Ok. Here's the sitch. I don't own the characters, I don't own the locations, I don't own anything!! (Well, except this particular story). Kim Possible and all things connected to her are owned by the magnificent creators, wonderful writers, and benevolent Disney Corporation who are magnanimous and understand that we poor fanfic writers are only practicing the sincerest form of flattery (imitation) when we write our stories about their characters and really have nothing to gain except the deepest pleasure of these fine owners' creations. (Long story short, PLEASE don't sue me! I have nothing, NOTHING!)