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Summary: When self-sacrifice leads to a chance for a 'normal' life.

Falling for Someone New – Prologue

Buffy glanced behind her, watching the sun rise through the mist, it was a unique shade of red, one she didn't remember having seen before.

"Buffy I have to." That voice, the reason Buffy planned to do the very un- slayer-like thing. "Until the blood stops flowing it will stay like this. It's my blood."

Buffy turned to face her little sister, "It's Summer's blood." She corrected gently, seeing the fear that was overwhelming in the green eyes almost too large for the face they were placed in. "I have the same blood."

"Buffy, no!" Dawn tried to push past her sister, do the 'right' thing. Sometimes living in Sunnydale could prove to be more of a nightmare then a sweet dream.

"Dawn listen to me. Please." Buffy could feel the tears slipping down her cheek. "It may have been your blood that opened the portal, but trust me on this. My blood will close it. I want you to do something for me."

Somewhere in Metropolis

"There have been discussions of a portal opening near one of the parks. Any idea what might be going on?" Superman asked, "Other then it might be alien visitors."

"I think we should go and be prepared for the worst." Batman replied via communicator, already halfway to the park in question. "I'll meet you there." Batman frowned as he heard another dispatch over the police broadcast, 'what do they mean they can see two girls on top of a rickety tower talking? Is this something more along the line's of Live Wire's work?' With that thought in mind, Batman sped towards where the Justice League had agreed to meet with him.

"What do we have?" Hawk Girl asked, standing beside Flash and looking up at the swirling bluish white light.

"Two girls one of whom is blonde the other brunette, best we can figure the blonde is older. The blonde seems to be explaining something." One of the many officer's scattered around the park replied, frowning as the blonde turned and ran for the end of the platform, leaping off and executing a beautiful swan dive. She was then held suspended in the swirling vortex of electrical magic. "Crap."

"Flash, get Superman and Batman here now." Hawk Girl instructed, "That has got to hurt." She murmured thoughtfully, wincing at the sound emitting from the portal.

The officer nodded mutely, starting to appear a little pale, "I'll go phone in an ambulance." He stated as he turned and ran for the nearest squad car, trying to keep from losing the battle with his stomach.

Back in Sunnydale

Dawn whimpered as she watched Buffy's body slowly close the portal. Her sister's final words were echoing in her head, making it that much more painful for Dawn to remember.

"Dawn, the hardest thing to do in this world is to live in it. I want you to live... for me."

'I'll do what I can Buffy, but why did it have to be you? How am I going to survive without you there to watch out for me?' Dawn felt a sob catch in her throat as she turned to slowly descend the fragile stairs back to where Giles was waiting.

Within minutes the portal was gone and Buffy's body lay cradled amid some beams. But her soul had an identical form in another dimension.


Superman arrived in time to see the body of the blonde fall away from the now closed portal. Thinking quickly he took off with a fwoosh and caught her, he was saddened to find no signs of life. "She needs CPR now." He called upon landing and quickly laid the blonde out on the ground.

Batman nodded to one of the medically trained officers, "I wonder what her name was and why she jumped if she knew the consequences."

Wonder Woman glanced at the fast approaching ambulance before turning her attention back to Gotham's Dark Knight, "perhaps she did not wish to risk her enemies arriving here." The Amazon princess suggested, "Although since she seems to have been resuscitated, she may feel up to answering questions after she has been cleared by the hospital staff."

"You asked yourself the same question didn't you." Batman stated, turning to face the Amazon, "I'll go and see what I can find out."

"Probably for the best, the rest of us will do a quick check over and perhaps we'll meet up tomorrow." Wonder Woman smiled and then walked over to where the rest of the League was waiting.

"She's breathing on her own." A female officer called.

"I've got a pulse." A gruff male voice answered.

Batman almost smiled in relief, "Did she have any form of I.D.?"

"Haven't found any, but the bracelet she was wearing is engraved with 'B. Summers'." Another of the many officers's stated, "Could you run an analysis on it, let us know if you find anything pertinent." With that she handed the bracelet over to Batman, "we will have a pair of guards on her room just in case."

Batman nodded curtly, "I'll let the Metropolis Chief of Police know what I find." He turned and head back to the Bat mobile, 'I don't think there is anything. But it won't hurt to check.' He thought to himself, glancing down at the bracelet he held in his hand.

Enroute to the hospital, a friendly looking male orderly asked the nameless blonde some question. "What is your age? Name? Address? Who is the person to contact in case of an Emergency?"

The blonde blinked in thought, trying to pick the requested information out of the fog which had invaded her brain. "I am twenty-one, Buffy Summers; I live at 1635 Revello Drive, and Rupert Giles." The blonde now known as Buffy replied quietly, "Where am I? Where's Dawn and them?"

The orderly glanced at his superior, "You are in Metropolis. I don't know where Dawn and your friends are, I'm sure that they are safe and being contacted about what happened."

Buffy relaxed and slipped into a deep sleep, paying very little heed to the blurs she saw in the sky. Green, white, and red, the Justice League searched for any signs of trouble which may have occurred at the same time the portal visitor dropped into the bustling city.

In a Sunnydale Graveyard

A mourner placed a long stemmed red rose on a fresh grave. There were other flowers scattered around the plot, and a little stuffed pig sitting forlornly on the gravestone. Sounds of weeping and shuffling feet trailed off into silence as the mourners walked away, back to their own lives.

Buffy Summers


She saved the world. A lot.