What Happens Now

By: Misty Yui

Pairings: Bakura/Ryou eventually.

Series: YuGiOh

Rating: G for now ^-^;

Warnings: Eventual shounen-ai

A/N: This is written from Yami no Bakura's POV.

Chapter #1: Nearly Sleepless Night

*Ra I swear boy...what is wrong with you..* I think to myself as I roll my eyes. Your sitting on the floor, chocolate brown eyes staring up at me. It's that impossibly innocent look you always give me, despite what I do to you. I just stand there, my arms crossed in front of my bare chest. It's late at night, we're both dressed for bed.

I watch you rise slowly from the floor, glancing out the window at the stars. Wishing again no doubt. Sometimes I wonder what you wish about. Wait no I don't. I must be loosing my mind. You yawn, innocently. "Time for bed..." I half sigh, not really agreeing, but I follow you grudgingly to the bed and lay down.

You sleep next to the wall, so you have to crawl past me to get to your spot. I watch you go by, and slide under the covers and curl up into a ball. *What's wrong..is he not warm enough..?* I rise from bed and get another blanket from the closet. I glance back at my hikari, he's probably already asleep. Tredding lightly back to the bed, I unfold the blanket and lay it out across the bed, then climb back under the covers.

For some reason I don't feel like sleeping tonight. I look towards the clock on my hikari's dresser. It reads 12:30. *Damn..well forget this...* I climb out of bed again, and walk to the window. It's still really dark out and I can't sleep, so I may as well sit here and wait for the sun to come up. The bedroom window is big enough to sit in, so I lower myself onto it and try and make myself comfortable.

The next thing I know I wake up, with something laying over me. I slowly open my eyes to find that it's a blanket, the very same one I put on the bed last night. I can feel that my hikari is nearby.

You walk over and greet me with a cheerful smile. "Morning Yami..." You say while running a brush through your silvery hair. It takes me a moment to realise that you are dressed for school. I grunt sleepily and throw the blanket off. I guess I have to go school with you too today, it's not like you'd ever let you leave the Sennen Ring behind, or rather it's not like I'd let you leave it behind.

I don't make as much of a fuss as you about how I look. I "borrow" a brush and attempt to straighten out my hair to no avail and pull on a uniform identical to yours. After that I disapear into the Ring. What happens now is up to you.

-- End Chapter #1