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Love spell

            Robin was bended on his knees and ready to dash. He gave his resolute shout that alerted the elite group of titans. "Teen titans Go!" Cyborg was up in a flash by Robin's left side while Beastboy prowled on his right. The heroines flew overhead surveying the skies.

            "The target has been perceived to be doing damage in the woods," signaled Starfire as she pointed at the famous Jingle Song Park. From a miles' view, the titans could see a massive herd of people running and screaming. Starfire soared down and helped with the evacuation plan. Robin's sharp eyes automatically caught the enemy. He ran into the grass and bounded onto a tree. He sprinted from one tree to another, always keeping a straight eye on the target. Raven hovered over Robin and flew ahead with her cloak trailing her. She too spotted the enemy and planned on doing an ambush attack from behind. Cyborg and b-boy covered the ground for a land assault.

            Robin hurled a boomerang. The silver red 'X' sailed across the air and rammed into the enemy's ankle causing the mystery person to topple over. Raven arrived from behind and aimed a couple of public trashcans at the target. The opponent rolled aside and barely missed being crushed. It got up easily and dusted its hooded garment that concealed its face.

            The unknown person clutched tightly onto a small sack. It stared around and saw that it was trapped. The enemy lifted a finger and slashed the pouch with one quick stroke of a nail. Dust began to spill onto its hand. The figure flung it onto the nearest titans which were Raven and Robin (both birds' name. Just had to bring that up). The two were showered with dust and looking at each other quizzically. Next thing they knew, Cyborg and Beastboy were attacking the enemy. Its hood fell off and Robin stole a quick glimpse. He saw an angelic looking face. It spotted Robin and mouthed something and just like lightning disappeared.

            "What was that all about?" questioned B-boy. He looked all around him.

            Robin answered back sternly. "I don't know, but let's go home titans."  

As soon as the Teen Titans returned they hit the sacks.

            Throughout the night Raven kept on fidgeting as she sat mediating in her sleep. She regularly was sound asleep but tonight she felt extremely agitated. A heavy thing like a rock kept on threatened to fall down on her. The weight would get so near that Raven woke up with sharp pains in her chest, followed by an anxiety attack.

Raven snapped her eyes shut, yet that dread returned. It plagued her mind, and she had the urge that if she didn't do something about it the universe would fall apart.

"Damn it I need to sleep" thought Raven. She muttered something in her own language. "Gazion Domiraj!" After, she resumed in her mediation and was soon asleep. This time instead of a terrifying doomsday's dream, she found herself envisioning a certain red haired girl. Raven's eyes snapped open as all the electronics in the room went berserk. Raven spent the rest of the evening agonizing for a peaceful slumber.

            On the other hand, Robin slept peacefully as a baby. He was completely outstretched on his bed. For the first time in his life he was relieved from his nightly worries. He felt terrific and his mind constantly emptied out fears. From time to time, Robin caught a glimpse of a particular green boy, but it immediately faded away.

That morning Robin woke up extra early. His restful evening charged him up and he was ready for training. As he got up he felt out of place. First of all, he was sitting. Second, it was so dark that he could have sworn it was still night. Third, his body seemed weird. The hero's chest seemed to have gotten bigger and he felt a lot lighter at the south of the border. Robin hurriedly clambered up and looked for the switch. He placed his masked hands on the walls and felt for the switch. Yet something was not quite right.

"What! How come I can feel this smooth coolness of this wall?"  Robin held a bewildered face and glanced down at his hands. There were no gloves instead he saw pale small hands. The titan's mind was frozen for split second. But before he knew it he was skidding across the dark room frantically searching for a mirror. He found one and his jaw hit the ground. Robin stared closely and grasped his face in disbelief. No! This wasn't his face; it was soft, pale, and smooth. He touched his hair; it was short and purple. This outfit! Robin looked himself up and down and felt the soft silky hood slip pass his eyes as he looked down. It was a girl's outfit. It was Raven's! Robin spent the rest of the morning gaping at the mirror. He was shocked beyond all measures and without knowing causing the lights in the tower to flicker.

            The sunlight entered and hit Raven's face and woke her up.

            "When did I ever have light in my room." thought the cranky Raven. Her eyes fluttered open and although she was in her worst mood, her body was in great condition. It was stretched freely on a bed; it also seemed to have gained some pretty neat abs over night.  Being rather too comfortable for her own good, Raven tried to remember the last time she slept on a bed. She shook her head lightly and rubbed her eyes. Everything started to focus. Raven's lips were suddenly parted in an "O" shape.

"I must be dreaming." Raven strained her eyes to make sure that she wasn't seeing things. She pinched herself and it pained her. Raven instinctively grabbed for her hood. Yet, it wasn't there.  She tried to unfold her legs, but realized that she was outstretched not sitting. The impath's temper and emotion were rising out of control and she knew any second the tower would blow up. Yet, nothing happened. The lights didn't flicker, the radios didn't smoke, and the walls weren't trembling. Raven sensed something unfavorable. For one thing, she was not in her room and there was light.

Raven turned around and faced a mirror and was stunned. She mustered up the courage to stifle her scream, but she heard it and it surprised her. It was a masculine voice. She stared at the reflection gazing back at her. Raven began to feel her body. She gripped her arms, legs, body, and shoulders. They were brawny, muscular and tight. The heroine stared intently at the mirror and tried in anvil to will it to change. She pinched herself once more and it hurt her. Unable to figure out this mind boggling mystery, the impath gave up and let out a loud groan.

"O boy, What's next!"