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Chapter 10- A New Day

"By the power of Sakura, I, command you to reveal yourself." The black and light card rose and two spirits flew out and stood humbly before Sakura. "Go! And let darkness and light combine." The Dark and Light spirits flew together and hung on top of the Titan tower. The two then dispersed into their respective places. The Light went into Robin's bodies and the Dark went into Raven's Body. Then the two joined back and disappeared. Sakura let out a sigh and smiled. "All is done and finally in order."


Raven fell dead onto the bed. Her eyes were glued shut and sleep evaded her soon enough. She kind of dreaded for the "end of the world" nightmare, but it never came. No instead she slept like a baby and her mind was back to emptying her emotions. Raven pushed the meditation away and tried sleeping normally. She ended up having sweet dreams instead of blackness.

Robin entered his mediating posture and thought of nothing. His mind shut down and he was silent as a log. He awaited the cleansing mind process but it did not come. Instead dooms day dreams came back. Robin's mind quickly diverted his attention to Starfire. Robin smiled and he too had wonderful dreams.

The next morning Raven woke up to her darkness. She found herself in her seated position. She ran to the bathroom and found that her chest has grown. The mirror reflected her purpled long hair and pale gloves. She could actually see her eyes. She gathered her hood protectively.

"Yes, this is more like it, wait do still have my powers?" Raven thought of very happy thoughts. The pens began to levitate and electricity sparked. "Well it was good while it lasted." She looked around her room and decided that she would give her compliments to Robin for keeping the place tidy.

On the other side, Robin woke up to the light. He stretched out his arms and felt his strong abs return. He flexed his muscles and felt proud. He climbed out the bed and bended his knees. After some stretches he walked to the sink and let the water run. He leaned on the countertop; looked down and found his handsome face. He had his mask back and his colorful attire and titanium cape that accompanied it. He was loaded with his utility belt and steel boots. Most importantly he gained something down there and his chest had decreased. Although he would kind of miss those. The teen hero entered his room and pulled off every clipping on Slate. He was going to share it with his team.

"A new day. I should work out now. I bet Raven didn't. O d'oh." Robin slapped his head. "I should go to Star first." Robin took out the sacred pictures and mused over it. Rather seeing Star and Raven, he found himself and Starfire. "What? Eh, heck, this is even better. We look good." He pocketed the pictures and ran out to greet his team.

"Hey!" Cy looked at him. "What's up?" asked Robin. Cyborg peered over him then nodded his head in confirmation.

"You're back huh?" Robin's mouth faltered then crashed to the floor.

"How'd you know?"

"We're always even. Remember that. You keep something from me I do the same." Robin remembered what Raven told him.

"Wait, so you lied to Rae?"

"I wouldn't put it that way, just left things out." Robin gave Cy a high five.

"Still cool?"

"Not unless you tell." Robin glanced at the bubbly red hair girl that was walking by.

"Another time all right?" Cyborg sensed the urgency and left with a wink.

Robin met up with Star. She immediately gave him a hug.

"Many of thanks Robin for the special evening last night!" Her eyes dazzled as she stared down to Robin. (She is taller than him right?) Robin held a puzzled look.


"Do you not remember? We did funny stunts with her feet and crashed automobiles." Something began to click in Robin's head and he thought about it for awhile. Did everything change back to normal or am I still dreaming? Robin pinched himself and felt pain. I am definitely awake! Robin began to question Starfire. If what he thought was right then everything would make sense.

"Star, why did we go there?"

"Don't you remember? We decided as a team to go out to the carnival and have fun?"

"O yea." Robin thanked his lucky stars as comprehension fell on him. He immediately took out the pictures and shared them with Star. "And we took these, right?"

"Yes, we did!" Star hovered over Robin and looked at the pictures with him.

"Come over here." Robin motioned her to the sofa. He sat down and looked around. He saw Raven giving him the thumbs up. Starfire slipped next to him.

"Star, I have to tell you something." Robin looked into her eyes solemnly. "Give me your hands." Starfire faced him and lifted her hands to him. Robin touched them warmly and placed them on his mask. He laid his hands over hers and guided her to peel off the mask. Star's hands felt the outline of the dark and shiny concealer. Robin's gloved hands moved her hands over the corner and egged her to take it off. Starfire carefully took the mask off. Robin's eyes were closed. When Starfire had fully taken it off, Robin opened his eyes. He had the most gorgeous pair of eyes. It was chestnut red and was now looking steadily at Starfire. The Tamarian girl gave a sudden shriek of awe.

"Shh.." Star quickly covered her mouth like an innocent kid.

"Star, I .." Robin held her shoulders gently and stared at her. ".I ... you are.. very special to me. You are ..the..world to me and I would do anything to protect you no matter what. Because I need you. I ..just needed you to know that." Star had a look of daze. Her face brightened up and neared Robin's. She slowly brushed her lips against his and gave him a light kiss. Robin was surprised. He pulled her in and cradled her. He looked down at her and gave small kisses to her forehead and whispered, "I meant to say I love you." Starfire rose up and bent over Robin. Her arms rested on the sofa for support. Her face was now only millimeters away from Robin. She kissed him passionately on the lips then pulled him up to her room.

Raven rooted for Robin but her opportunity was coming up soon. Beast boy was bobbing about his breakfast. Raven went near him and used her telepathy powers to produce a black hand that covered Beast boy's mouth. She took him away and went out to the balcony. (I guess no one saw her kidnap him).

"What's wrong Raven?"

"I have to tell you something."

"No me first!" yelled B-boy. Raven used her powers and sealed the titan's mouth.

"Beast boy...I..." Raven closed her eyes and blurted out, "I love you. No I mean, Yes, Okay I have feelings for you!" After that she let go of B-boy. Beast boy looked outraged and breathed heavily.

"That was my line. Last night when I was with you, I realized that I loved you Raven. I always did. That's why I always annoyed you. I only wanted to get your attention." Raven was stunned at the same time confused.

"We spent time together?"

"Hello? We went to the fun house and you got scared and I fell on you. Remember?"

"O yea." Raven just went along and nodded her head. This just made everything that much sweeter thought Raven.

"Well Raven, you beat me to it again." Beast boy looked down at his shoes sadly. Raven grabbed Beast boy and kissed him. "I still love you, you dumb oaf." said the teen girl in her usual matter- of- fact tone. The animal shifter staggered in shock. He turned up to Raven and grinned. "And I love you a billion teddy bears Raven." Raven smiled and threw her cape aside to cover the two new lovers who were now in another lip lock.

The End!

Author's note: ::June 19, 2004::

Hope you enjoyed! This is sadly and joyfully the ending to the "Love Spell" series. I will miss all you readers, but never fear, I would continue to write. This journey has been both tiresome and a joy to me. But yes this is the end. Kind of bummed out but everything's got to end. So if you are still confused as to what happened here is a brief epilogue.

When Robin and Raven both admitted that they love Beast boy and Starfire at the roof top the spell broke. Sakura simply said that they "had to admit their love..." With Sakura's counter curse, all the events that happened between the time they changed bodies to when they were back to their normal bodies, were altered. Everything happened as if they were themselves. So Beast boy and Starfire did spend time with the actual Robin and Raven. When Robin was looking through the magazine with Star; that was him. When Beast boy played video games with Raven; that was her. When they were at the carnival, Star danced with Robin and Raven was in B-boy's pouch. So everything cleared? O yay so everyone kind of had their own experience with each other. In a way you could say Starfire and BB had their own secret, while Rae and Rob had their own thing and of course Cyborg he knew the "Sakura" truth. Well that is it! bye buh for now and happy summering!! Don't forget to check out "Sweet Warmth" and "Frozen Bitterness".

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