Hunt for the Heart

Heyo! This is chapter 1 in the series: Hunt for the Heart! It is a yaoi (Jak x Torn) but it starts out as a Jak x Keirra; Torn x Ashlien. So be warned! There is no bashing in this fic though. I don't think of Kierra or Ashlien as psychos and I decided to make them ...good...understanding people. Yeah...anyways. Enjoy! ^_^

Warnings: Yaoi; possible language; mild violence (lots of hurt O_O... poor Jak)

Disclaimer: I've said it once, I'll say it again...Me no own Jak and Daxter. All I own is a ...piece of crap computer and some string. So puh-leaaaase don't sue me!!!

Hunt for the Heart: Surprise Attack ......................................................

Jak walked through Haven City's streets, blue eyes watching the festivities around him. It had been a whole week since the defeat of Metal Kor and the fall of Baron Praxis. Everyone was still celebrating and confetti, empty bottles, and cans littered the ground. The Naughty Ottsel, Daxter's new place, was packed and Jak had begun to feel himself growing uncomfortable around all of his new fans.


The blonde turned and smiled at the blue haired girl. Kierra looked tired but, despite that, she still always managed to look pretty.

"Hey", Jak had always had a crush on the mechanic but had never dared to ask her out. He had gotten close to kissing her a few times but a certain orange rat always interrupted.

"Jak, I'm so proud of you! You saved the city." She took his hand and squeezed gently. She blushed and looked down. "I just never got the chance to tell you before because you seemed busy."

"It was nothing", Jak admitted modestly. "I just don't want any more people to get hurt." He paused for a moment. "It's the least I could do for all the destruction I've caused as Dark Jak."

Kierra frowned. She had never seen the famous eco monster and she never wanted to. He looked so sad now. All she wanted was for her childhood friend to be happy. Both of them jumped as the silence was interrupted as Jak's intercom screen popped out of his pocket.

"Jak!" It was Samos. "Metal Heads have climbed over the city walls! You've got to get back to the port. We can't keep them here for long. There are too many!"

Jak nodded and as soon as a zoomer flew over their heads, he jumped up and pushed the rider off. The man who had been driving ran off in fear of being hurt but neither of the two elves even looked at him.


He looked down at Kierra and shook his head. "Don't follow! It'll be too dangerous and I don't want you to get hurt. I'm serious! Stay here!" With that said, he took off in the direction of South Town.


"There's too many! Pull back!", Torn ordered to the Krimzon guards. The armored guards backed up a few feet and continued their assault on the Metal Heads. They had climbed over the walls and started swimming towards the cement land surrounding the port. They had all ready gotten the two islands and were trying to walk across the bridge but a stream of bullets intercepted them. After growing tired, some of them would just drown in the water. This was just fine with Torn and the others.

"Where is he?", Sig yelled out loud. The tattooed elf growled as he kicked a Metal Head off of one of the ramps.

"Do you hear that?" A guard asked. The engine of a zoomer could be heard. It had to be Jak because they had shut down all passages leading to the port.

"It's about time", Torn muttered to himself, annoyed by the blonde's tardiness. It had been a whole ten minutes! 'Stupid, slow, unreliable, little punk'.

Jak sped towards them and pulled out his morph gun. Hooking the Vulcan barrel to it, he fired a steady stream of bullets at the swimming creatures below until he ran out of bullets. He had to have taken out twenty but there were still about ...well, he wasn't really sure. The water almost looked like the wind was blowing it because it was moving so much. But there was no wind that night.

Ashlien was also hovering around in her cruiser, firing at the Metal Heads from above. She inched towards him, shooting the whole time. "What do you propose we do? I know you're the expert on defeating them."

Jak seemed hesitant for a moment. There were so many. "Tell the guards to get out of here and patrol the streets that have any kind of entrance into the city. They will be our last line of defense in case I fail."

Ashlien's eyes widened. "I have a pretty good idea of what you're planning but are you sure you can take them on all by yourself?"

He smirked at her. "Why do you think I want the guards as backup?"

The governor was about to speak when her cruiser was rocked violently. "Damn!"

Jak shot the creature that had latched itself onto the engine pipes. Glancing over at Torn and the others he sighed. 'They all look so tired. If they stay when I change, they might get hurt.' "I want you to evacuate the guards, now! You, Torn, and Sig stay and watch over the three streets that lead into the city. After I transform, I want you to collect everyone with the cruiser and get them off the ground." He looked back over at the guards and spotted a blue head among the red. "Kierra!"

"I'll get her!" Ashlien assured him. "And I'll get everyone out of the area. I know you know what you're doing." She took off in Torn's direction and shouted orders.

There were a lot of Metal Heads on the islands, he noticed, and turned towards it on his zoomer. He dropped his altitude and sped up as he neared the bridges, knocking the monsters off in pairs. Turning to face the first island, he pulled out his peace maker and fired at it until all of the Metal Heads had either ran to the other island or jumped into the water. Jak sped towards the populated island, jumped, and rolled, evading the explosion that followed as the vehicle smashed into the wall.

He looked towards the port and was glad to see that everyone was gone, save his four friends. Kierra was sitting in Ashlien's cruiser, out of harm's way. He could control it. He had to. His only regret was that they were going to see what he had become. What he was.


Torn looked across the water at Jak. What the hell was he thinking? He was just standing there! Ashlien had told them his plan but he still couldn't figure out how it could work. Then again, he had never seen 'Dark' Jak. He let out a small grunt. Daxter was the only one who had ever seen it. The furry rat had volunteered to stay in the bar and 'watch over' Tess.

"Torn! Look out!"

The Krimzon Guard commander side stepped away from a Metal Head and blasted into it's skull. He gave a small nod of appreciation to ....'Daxter?!' "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Ashlien told us to get out of the area. We refused to just leave so Tess is in the cruiser with Kierra. I came to find Jak."

Torn raised an eyebrow and fired at a small herd of creatures, separating them so they were easier targets. Daxter reluctantly crawled over to Torn and climbed up onto his shoulder. The commander ignored the ottsel and looked up in time to see Jak get pushed down onto the ground.
"Jak!" They both cried out loud.


Jak cried out in pain as a Metal Head pounced on him, claws digging into his flesh. He turned in it's grip and put his hands up to keep the creature from getting near his head. Instead, the monster bit into his arm and threw it's head to the side, ripping out a chunk of skin. He punched it with his good arm but it clawed deep into his chest and stomach, weakening the blow.

Dark eco surged through his veins and flowed into his skin. Deep black eyes glared up into slanted yellow. He used his hurt hand to grab onto the Metal Head's face and tightened his grip until he crushed its skull. Before dying, the creature let out one last howl of absolute pain and fear. All movement and sound ceased in the port and all heads turned to the sight. Jak threw the limp body to the side and released the electric eco surrounding his body. The attack either burnt the Metal Heads on the spot or forced them to jump into the water.


"Damn!" Ashlien screamed, forgetting to pick up her comrades. Kierra lowered the hover vehicle and the older woman jumped onto the hood. "Get to Sig, then Torn and Daxter! Now!".

Kierra didn't hesitate and stepped on the gas, turning violently to the right. They sped, faster and faster, until they nearly went past Sig. He waved them down and jumped onto the back of the cruiser. It wavered a bit under his weight but as soon as it balanced out, Kierra shot off in Torn's direction.

The Metal Heads were now all headed towards Jak. Not even one tried to sneak into the city. They all felt the desire to take on this new monster and avenge their fallen comrades.

Within moments, Torn came into view, an orange rat on his shoulder. The cruiser went down so he could get on. Without taking his eyes off Jak, he climbed onto the cruiser next to Ashlien. It wasn't hard to pick his pale body out among the grey Metal Heads.

"What's he going to do?" Kierra asked, suddenly worrying whether or not Jak would be okay. When no one answered, she decided to just watch and hope that things turned out okay.


Jak crouched down in a defensive stance. There were creatures surrounding him from every direction and they were all after him. There were so many of them that not even a fourth of them could fit onto the islands.

He smirked and charging the eco in his fist, he slammed it down into the ground. The Dark Bomb. The unleashed energy spread rapidly and threw all of the creatures back, disintegrating their bodies. The waves of dark eco spread through the water so quickly that it forced water up onto the land and cracked walls as it slammed up against the buildings. Even the air blew hard enough to rock the cruiser back and forth.

After the exertion of power, Jak slowly began to change back. He gripped his head in pain and electricity shot around him violently. He fell to his knees and grasped his chest wound with his good hand. The ground around him was stained red with traces of purple. The cruiser hovered over him. 'When did they fly over? I didn't even hear it...'

"Jak!", Torn and Daxter jumped out of the vehicle. The commander carefully picked Jak up and the blonde buried his head into the other man's chest as a sharp pain spread throughout his body. "Stay awake, kid. You did good."

Sig, Tess, Daxter, Kierra, and Ashlien surrounded the pair and spoke among themselves. Jak whimpered softly as a headache began to form. A bad one. He couldn't make out what they were saying but mumbles turned to whispers and whispers turned to buzzing and then there was only darkness.


"Damn" a hoarse voice muttered. Jak opened his eyes and looked around. 'Was that my voice? Where I am?' As his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he realized that he was in the Underground Hideout.

"Welcome back," a raspy voice said sarcastically.

"Fuck off, Torn"

All he got as a reply was that obnoxious, sneering laugh. Jak smiled to himself. At least he could hear again. Now that he thought about it...he kind of liked Torn's voice. Even though it was harsh sounding, it was still some weird way. 'What? Like? That guy's voice?'

"You're lucky, kid." Torn leaned over him. "The Metal Head's teeth just barely grazed your bone and your stomach and chest will heal with only a few scars. There's even a possibility that they might go away."

Jak let out a sigh of relief and looked around the hideout again. "You live here now? Where's Kierra?"

Torn shrugged slightly. "Yeah and she had work to do on Ashlien's cruiser. Actually, quite a few cruisers. You made a mess with that little display of power."

Jak closed his eyes. She was okay. But...a little work wouldn't stop her from coming to see him. He opened his eyes again and the commander was no longer in sight. He was now leaning up against the table in the center of the room. Jak hadn't even heard him move.

"That was quite a show. Even Sig was impressed and usually he's too cocky to admit to anything surprising him." Torn chuckled to himself at that. "What was that 'thing' anyways?"

"Don't worry about it" Jak spat. He sat up and looked down at his feet. A pile of orange fur was sleeping comfortably between his ankles.

"The rat was worried" Torn murmured. "So was Kierra."

Jak leaned back on his good arm. "So what's the 'real' reason as to why she isn't here?"

"You don't let anything slip past you, do you?" Torn looked down. Why was he avoiding this? Why had he lied? He didn't want the truth to hurt Jak but why should he worry about that? "She's scared"

Jak fell back in his bed, gritting his teeth as the pressure built up in his chest, stomach, and arm. Even his head felt worse as a result.


"Fuck you"

"Maybe later"

Jak grew red at the comment and growled deep in his throat. "Asshole." Torn only smirked and sat down in a chair. Jak sighed and looked back down at the rat.

The red headed elf sighed and leaned back. He and Jak had never really gotten along. For along time, Torn had himself convinced that he hated the younger elf. But now, the worry that he had felt when he saw the blonde bleeding, dying right in front of his eyes. Well, this pathetic excuse for a conversation was leading anywhere. Now that he thought about it...Jak hardly ever talked to him. It was usually Daxter who did most of the talking.

"Do you love her?"

Jak looked back to the other man in surprise at such a random question. "I don't know." He frowned. "We've never actually taken the time to really get to know each other. She's always been there, though." Jak laughed softly, the movement hurt him. "She can be a real bitch at times, though." Torn laughed. That sounded exactly like Ashlien. "What about you and Ashlien? Are you in love?" He stressed the word, love, and grinned when Torn gave him a look of disgust.

"You immature brat." He shrugged. "We get along."

"Uh huuuuuuuuh..." Jak encouraged him to continue earning him a glare from his...friend?

"We rarely even see each other", Torn continued. "And when we do, it's usually official business. She's always been so busy with the guard and now the city itself. And I'm sure you've seen her bitchy side."

Jak snickered. "I'll always remember that first meeting." Neither spoke for a few moments but the discomfort of the silence made it seem like an eternity.

"So," Torn pointed to the sleeping ottsel. "How do you manage to get along with that?"

Jak smirked and, picking Daxter up, set him on the pillow next to him. He almost seemed adorable when he slept. But when he's awake...things were very different and he didn't seem very cute anymore.

"He's my best friend."

"But...why? How?"

The younger elf grinned. "He never complained about how I was or how I am now. I attacked him once, when he rescued me from the Baron's prison, but he never mentioned it again. He's never allowed himself to be afraid of me. We trust each other."

Torn laughed sarcastically. "Well, he annoys the hell out of me!"

"Aw, come on!" Jak leaned back and gestured his hands towards the rat like he was a display in a showcase. "How can you hate that adorable little face?" Torn flinched as a small trail of drool escaped his mouth and stuck his fur together in clumps.

Jak shrugged, deciding to change the subject. "How did you meet Samos?"

Torn looked away from the drool covered mammal. "After I left the guard, I met Samos on the streets. I was tired, hungry, and on the run." He paused. Why was he telling this to Jak? Jak of all people! "He brought me into the Underground and hid me. So I joined them to help take the Baron down. What about you?"

"Well, the first part of the story you know. I first met him as a little boy in the future. After we went back in time, he raised me and had a daughter, Kierra. Daxter worked for Samos, cleaning his hut. That's about it."

Torn nodded and Jak lied back down, his arm hitting Daxter lightly on the way down. Jak barely had a chance to wince before...

"Hey! I'm trying to sleep here!" Torn groaned and shook his head in disbelief. Jak let out a low grunt as Daxter jumped onto his chest. "You're alive!" He latched onto Jak's neck. "I thought you were a goner. No I didn't! You can survive a little bruise like this!" He tapped his arm with his foot, gaining him a warning growl from Torn. "I'm glad you're okay. Otherwise, I would have been left here alone with Nurse Torn over there. He's not a very good one, let me tell you! All he did was abuse me the whole time!" The ottsel nodded enthusiastically. "He threatened to feed me to a group of Metal Heads!"

The tattooed elf clenched and unclenched his fist. "I think Tess wants to see you." He stalked over to the bunk bed, grabbed Daxter by the scruff of his neck, and stomped up the steps and out the door, Daxter screaming in terror the entire time.

Jak chuckled to himself. He knew Torn wouldn't really hurt the ottsel. As mentioned before, the orange loudmouth was just too lovable. He smirked, turned onto his side, and fell asleep.


End of chappy one! Awww....a sleeping Daxter! How cuuuuuuute! Lol, anyways, can you see it! The yaoi! Lol, chapter two will be up in a few days. Me promise! This has got to be the longest thing I have ever written! R&R, please! Oh, and by the way, if I spelled their names wrong.... Oh well! ^_^"