Chapter One: …Because of that Escape J

"I. Do. Not. Want. To!" A pink-haired, emerald eyed girl, about seventeen [well it must not be GIRL] exclaimed and indicated word per word the thought she wanna say, rushing out the palace gates.

Some of the ninjas of the emperor there ran after her, but the girl having learned some jutsus and has a strong force, the ninjas wasn't able to be catch up.

"Freedom, should I think?" she said. "Way close. I don't want to be married to that--- that---" she paused.

Looking around her; trees, grass, plants-- forest as a whole. What awaits her at night? Where will she stay? The forest is what scares her most. Its coldness and darkness all at the same time.

Another person with black onyx eyes and also raven hair, was located at that forest; about months older than the girl, is training and even more training. He maybe is strong, but as he throws his kunai the skill is more mastered. Basic, but important.

He stayed at that dark forest for a long time; his family was destroyed and everyone including there--- except that _someone_ whose soul is as evil as the devil, the one who cold heartedly slain everyone-- the memory was way back since childhood. He lives by the payment somebody gives to him after a quick and easy job for him--- as a hired ninja. But not all missions are okay for him. He doesn't accept hired killing. Because he'll just kill the certain _someone_.

"I only want revenge" his mind goes on and on... And so he continued training.

Everything isn't as good at the lady thinks, having grown up in the royal family-- whose maids have almost surrendered their life to serve her, and all the richness and goodness she received. Not only by her loving parents, who she now considered traitors-- for they sacrificed her happiness- the only thing one can treasure. But she has no experience in living independently. Now she thinks of finding the way to the city…

As she continued to walk along the darkening forest, when the sun is about to set, she was surprised when a kunai almost hit her, making her observe the whole area.

"Oh no…" she thought "Have my dad's ninjas tracked me already?"

Frightened as usual with her weak soul she closed her eyes and ran in any direction her feet would carry her. On that manner, this certain lad collided with her, and frightened her into a loud shriek--- making the birds in that area flew away.

The lad looked at her coldly, with his black eyes straight towards her emerald eyes… as if he wants her to explain her existence in the forest-- for a young lady to attempt to venture her life.

"Who are you?" he was the first one to ask her. And at that moment, the said girl's fears were subsided by his gentle and moderate voice--- with a bit of loneliness and awe.

She sighed deeply in relief, and simply uttered a "Thank you" for no particular reason, as the lad thinks. At least she felt safe and she knew someone was around with her. The lad was surprised by her ways, as if she runs away from something.

Judging the way she looks and carry out her posture-- clothes, sandals and some jewelry she's wearing, he came out into a conclusion about the girl's standing in life.

He was _quite_ displeased to have someone--- especially a girl around him. He has been a loner, and for once never communicated to someone and has never been CLOSE to someone, but now, what has Kami-sama sent her? A girl, yes… someone different.

"Well?" his voice trailed as he regains his usual who-the-heck-are-you stare. "If you have nothing to say then leave."

"What do you mean?" she angrily bickered. "Sorry, I just mean… I escaped form the palace--- from that engagement, and… that explains it!"

"What do I have to do with that?" he added "I am not your hired ninja for me to stay close to you."

With that response, he left abruptly.


He looked back, and from that spot she fainted. He knew she wasn't really feeling well.

"Dakedo, I can't leave her like this…"

So he carried her to his hut, not far from the place. He has no choice but to get involved in her monopoly, the escape which she had told him earlier. But he knows that this certain girl can't live alone in the woods… especially because she belongs to a rich clan--- a kind of clan in which he _belonged_ years ago…

So… after that he managed to put her into a short rest while he brewed a cup of tea. His hut is not that small or not that occupied with lots of stuff, for he doesn't put any. It's just like a typical room for a guy like his attitude. His calmness remained until she finally broke up the silence when she woke up from a _nightmare_.

"… NO! I won't marry him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" a loud uproar, but he wasn't even daunted. No reaction, just his chilly silence.

She looked around, and saw the guy sitting about a feet away her, with that snoozing-like eyes which are rather _small_. The hut has an airy temperature and fine setting, with few china and dining wares. The bed which she is occupying is somewhat small compared to her own luxurious bed at the palace--- she misses its softness and comfort.

But look, she told herself. Having stuck here is really a lucky thing!

Even though she doesn't know what this guy actually plans for _helping_ her, but she is _mostly_ assured that he's a no-harm person.

"Finally you're awake." He uttered coolly.

"Yeah--- and umm… _thanks_." She said gratefully "don't worry you'll get some payment for everything,"

"Rich people really bribed," he quoted sarcastically "anyway, it was _really_ nothing,"

"Oh yeah," she answered.

"When do you plan to _leave_?" he said "I have limited stock of money here…"

"Oh!" she said and thoughts crossed her mind. "If and only if I can get what I have in my jewelry box… don't you worry, I'll try to get it one of these days."

"But when is that _one of these days_?" he wants to ask, but then he get it back. "Let's now eat."

He moved away the house and carries nothing, so she immediately followed him.

"You don't cook?"

He simply nodded. "I have no time to do so," he added.

Oh men, men, they are sometimes sarcastic and bums… she thought. The guy hasn't introduced yet, but she feels so safe when she's with him--- even only for the past hours. He slowly led her to an opening at the forest, finally arriving the busy streets of the city. As soon as they stepped in, _marvel_ in her eyes are showed, which his sight gazed on. Her childish way of liking the city at night is noticeable, and the excitement too. He really was caught by this. Then she turned to him.

"What's your name?"

It really took him some time to answer her,

"Uchiha Sasuke,"

"You're an Uchiha?" she exclaimed. "Whoa,"

"Whatever," he replied and walked. He knew that his family lawfully served her clan over the thousand years till the _bloody_ incident happened. That is not _worth_ remembering, he thought. And then he stopped at a Ramen stall. He remembers that the girl is a royal, so he doubted if she eats food like that.

"Do you eat Ramen?" he asked unemotionally…


"I can try it anyway," she said "I eat anything except for, you know--- inedible somethings,"

Then she recalled that she hasn't introduced.

"I'm… Sakura--"

She paused when he intervened.

"Sakura Haruno, the only daughter of the emperor." He said "Yeah, I know now."

He turned to the storeowner.

"Two bowls of beef ramen, please," he said.

When the bowls are to be served… the storeowner had asked Sasuke a few questions.

"Did you accept the job that the businessman asked you, Sasuke-kun?" he began

"And is this _lady_ your… girl?"

Sakura blushed profusely…

"No, she's not and," he answered "I wouldn't want to _kill_ anybody except for that--- "

Sakura gulped. "He is quite dangerous and mysterious!" she thought deep inside her. But cute and kind-- a voice at the back of her thoughts said.

"Hey! This is great, mister!" she told the storeowner.

"Thank you for appreciating it," he said…

Sasuke smiled, rather smirked at her innocence and continued eating nonchalantly and silently. He finished the bowl first than Sakura, and when he noticed she hastened up, there must be _some_ problem going on…

"Arigatou!" she said and bowed down. Sasuke paid off, and then she holds his wrist and pulled him away immediately. Sasuke saw some ninjas patrolling around the city. Sakura sighed and looked around.

"They're really up in hunting me!" she whispered. "Do you know any hotel here? Where I can stay?"

"Yeah," he answered "but _you_ can _stay_ with _me_ at the woods,"



"Then let's go first to our house," she said "I'll be getting my money and then we can live for a _year_!"

He was stunned, "A _year_? She will be with me that _long_?"

And so they moved. Sakura, well, appreciated his _kindness_ towards her. That was nice of him, though he seems to turn away from the clan stuff--- but he is now once more _protecting_ and accompanying a royal from the same clan. He doesn't really know why he _patiently_ follows her simple requests that are like orders to a ninja like him, and her presence really made another impact to his lonesome life he lives day by day. Well at least she can keep him company. Someone to be by his side--- but for how long?

She smiled, arriving upon the back of the palace…

"Presto. Some guards are out, and finding me. So, Sasuke, can you do this _simple_ job?"

"It's not really _challenging_," he replied and in a blink of an eye, the guards are asleep. Then he victoriously smirked.

"…So shall we, princess?"

She nodded briskly and forwarded by his side.

"There!" she pointed to a large room with 5 windows in its wall. "The box is located at the rear part of the room, luckily near the window."

Sasuke can't understand his undertakings, following and then following her again. He simply and silently did some quick movement of his hands, and 'PUFF' it went. He was turned into a small _ant_ with the use of the Kawarimi no Jutsu [Body Substitute Technique] quickly. Then the lad went to an opening at the window, found the box and transformed back into Sasuke, got it and went out, doing a thumbs-up sign.

Now they came to an exit. They did it perfectly, I mean almost Sasuke did all. But of course, without Sakura's direction and plan that was quickly thought of, they successfully got it and did their mission.

Keeping distance from the palace, Sakura excitedly opened her box and Sasuke watched curiously. Wads of cash and jewels-- stones of magnificent colors, gold and everything precious. Sakura also missed a certain jewel there, her Sapphire locket she inherited from her grand mother.

Sasuke was amazed, and found it lucky to have her _now_. She was worth everything, and now he'll eat in restaurants and not _always_ that beef Ramen he ate. Now they'll be haring adventures and _MISADVENTURES_ as they continue their life _together_.