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By: Mendori-chan

"I can't find any!!!" exclaimed a very frustrated 5-year-old Tamao, who was crawling on the laomy soil with her clothes all smudged with dirt.

Her blue-haired companion, who was as equally covered with filth, smiled at the young prophetess. He grinned openly, showing his joy and excitement to his friend.

"You can't expect it to pop out of nowhere," he said, his eyes now focused on the weeds that grew vigorously all around the backyard.

Tamao scratched her head, obviously tired since they were searching for 3 straight hours already.

"It's just hopeless, Horo-kun," she concluded, standing up and tapping her pink dress to dust away remaining dirt. "All of them have 3 leaves...we'll never find any with four!!"

Suddenly, a green toad jumped out from an opening Horo horo had pulled open. The girl yelped, startled from the gigantic animal that just 'popped out of nowhere'.

"As I was saying," said her companion who then giggled, causing her cheeks to flush as pink as her hair.

"Very funny, Horo-kun," she said with sarcasm and embarrassment in her tone. That made her very cute to hold up her dignity at such a young age.

After that, the little Ainu kept searching. They were looking for a clover, a plant that had different sizes and colors (mainly green), with four leaves. But according to Horo horo, one who finds a clover with four leaves acquires a great amout of luck because it was difficult to find among the three-leafed ones.

The girl sighed, looking at her friend in confusion. Why was he looking so hard just to find one single weed with four leaves out of a million three-leafed clovers out there? Maybe she just couldn't understand the ways of the Ainu, who were more in tune with nature than the people who lived in the city.

Horo horo kept a keen eye on each and every bush of clovers, trying his best to spot just at least one out there.

"I'm going home now." Tamao decided to leave, turning her back and taking a step away.

But before she could, the Ainu spoke, "You just have to be more patient. It's no fun to give up just like that," he said, still rummaging through the bushes and short grass.

The prophetess sighed. If she had only known better, she shouldn't have gone with Horo out the backyard when she was needed more in the household. But what the heck, she knelt down instead with an idea in mind.

"Ne, Horo-kun," she spoke.

"Hmm?" he asked, his eyes never leaving the ground.

"If you stop that for a while, I'll ask Kino-sama permission for you to eat some pie the seniors made," she replied, giving him a gentle smile.

Now, Horo horo faced her with great interest upon hearing food as a topic. He was, of course, hungry after three straight hours.

"Really Tamao? You would really do that for me?" he asked, his deep blue eyes sparkled with delight.

As soon as his companion nodded meekly, he smiled. "Arigatou Tamao!!"

The pink-haired girl chuckled as they went in the house to fulfill her promise.

"But it doesn't mean I shouldn't go back searching." Horo said while walking with Tamao. He was being his smart-ass self again, when philosophy was all that mattered in the world.


"You only said, 'For a while' ne?" he reminded her, making her pout.

"Okay...okay!" She sighed. "But I want to ask you, why is it so important to acquire luck?"

Horo horo gave her a smile. "That is for you to find out," he replied as his eyes ran upto the sky. "As for me, you'll never know when you need it." His eyes then met her gaze and gave her a hint of happiness.

She sighed once more. "I don't understand you at all." 

~~~~~8 years later~~~~~~

"It was just an accident!!" shouted 14-year-old Horo horo, noticing the intense glare Ren Tao gave to him after the former knocked off his tea.

"Can't you do anything right at all?!!" asked the Chinese shaman furiously as he was tempted to take his spear and slash the Ainu's head off. The hot tea landed on his pants, barely missing his most 'vulnerable' part.

"I said, 'It was just and accident!' And you were in the way, too," replied Horo horo just as angrily.

The pink-haired Tamao watched nervously at the two shamans who were about to fight again. It frustrated her so much since Anna and Yoh were out while Pirika was off shopping, leaving the poor prophetess with Horo horo and Ren.

"Horo-kun, Ren-kun!" Her eyes twitched nervously. "I-If you are going to continue this, I'm telling on Miss Anna."

Ren snorted, still facing the Ainu with his infamous glare. "I'll kill you sooner or later..."

"Not if I kill you first!" shot back Horo horo, glaring back at the Tao. " And I will NEVER EVER acept you to take Pirika-chan away from me."

The Chinese shaman blushed audibly. "W-Who said I wanted her?!!"

"I don't care what you say! Don't you think I can't notice your reactions whenever my sister walks up to you???"

Ren blushed even hotter. "I_DO_NOT_WANT_YOUR_OBNOXIOUS_SISTER!!!"

Horo horo was laughing like crazy. "Oh yeah, right," he replied sarcastically. "Then how do you explain the sudden burst of red in your face?" Horo turned to Tamao. "Right?"

The girl nodded slightly as she turned to Ren. "Ren-kun, it isn't irrational to admit you like Pirika-chan," she spoke softly, calming the Tao down.

"Well it is for me," the Ainu interrupted, frowning.

"It wouldn't be so hard to admit anything if this idiot isn't around..." Ren muttered loud enough for Tamao to hear.

She smiled. "Horo-kun is just a little protective."

"Little, you say?" asked Ren. "More like OVERprotective."

"I heard that you arrogant bastard!" Horo barked. "And quit flirting with Tamao. You're not taking her away from me, too."

Without thinking twice, he embraced the prophetess protectively, almost crushing her with his built muscles.

Tamao blushed profusely. "Horo-kun!!"

Ren was about to explode. "I DON'T WANT ANYTHING FROM YOU!!!!"

"What the heck is going on here??" Pirika was standing by the door with some grocery bags at hand, looking obviously annoyed with all the yelling. She turned to Ren with a much more piercing glare. "Mind if you tell me?"

The Tao frowned. "Ask your brother..." he murmured, trying to cover a pink tinge on his cheeks, and at the same time, holding up his courage to face her.

"Onii-chan?" Pirika turned to Horo horo.

"A-Aroo!!" Tamao quickly shoved the Ainu away, freeing her from his grasp as her cheeks were flaming red.

Horo horo became a chibi, showing off his innocent eyes. After all, he started it by knocking off Ren's tea. "Pirika-chan, I think it's not safe to discuss this with you..."

The blue-haired girl blinked. "Why so, Onii-chan?"

"W-Well...uhhh..." He looked everywhere to find a reason, then spotted Ren behind his sister, waving his hands like a maniac as if gesturing him NOT to tell what had happened. "B...Because Ren would like to explain it...? Yeah, that's it!"

Ren exhaled sharply. 'I totally forgot how stupid that idiot is!'

As Pirika walked closer to the Chinese shaman,  Tamao dragged Horo horo out the room to give them some privacy.

"What's the big idea, Tamao? I was just about to see Ren blow it!" Horo complained at his friend.

"Be reasonable, Horo-kun." Her eyes softened. "They're in love."

But on the other hand, horror filled Horo's eyes. "Are you insane?! That will never never never never EVER happen--"

"Ssh...you're disrupting their conversation." Tamao had covered the Ainu's big mouth shut. "Face it, Horo-kun. You can never manipulate Pirika for the rest of your life just because you are her older brother when you should be supporting her instead of beating up Ren-kun with your unbelievable protectiveness." She finished matter-of-factly.

"Okay, I get your point Tamao." The blue-haired boy sighed. Just then, he had an idea in mind.

He faced Tamao with a grin on his face. "Wanna find some clovers?"

The prophetess blinked. Until now, he still has the attitude to look for that four-leaf clover? A sigh occupied her reply. "Aren't you getting too old for this?...uh, I mean, haven't you given up on that already?"

The boy continued to smile, "Of course not!" and dragged the girl outside the garden.

Tamao found herself alone with Horo horo again at the backyard just like eight years ago. But no matter how many years had passed by, he never ceases to amaze her just by carelessly rummaging through the dirt with utter hardwork.

She smiled. I just wish you'll find that clover soon...

After the sun  has set, Tamao was taking care of Horo horo's cuts. He was left futile, just like any other day and place he tried to find that one perfect four-leafed plant. She used to aid him just like before everytime he had a wound because of his carelessness.

"Find any?" she managed to ask, sticking a band-aid on Horo horo's cut.

The Ainu still kept his smile, and this amazed Tamao greatly for he never got discouraged...at all. "Nope. But I swear I missed one!" he began.

Tamao sat on the floor, looking up at her companion eagerly. "Tell me about it."

"Well, you see, there was this rock by the tree. I happened to...well..."

"Trip?" interrupted Tamao.

Horo frowned. "That's not the right word I was looking for, but it'll do... *ehermn* So, I saw this group of clovers and I rummaged through all of them, and thanks to my trusty keen eyesight, I spotted one with..." he counted his fingers. "One...two...ah, FOUR leaves!"

Tamao raised her eyebrow. "I don't think four comes after two--"

"Whatever!!" he cut in. "But no thanks to ANOTHER rock, I lost my sight on the clover and it was gone before I knew it!! Can you believe that?!"

Tamao, on the other hand, was laughing. "H-Horo-kun, you look like you need a lot of rest. It isn't possible for you to find a four-leaf clover when you can't even remember that three ALWAYS comes after two."

The boy pouted. "But not if you count backwards."

"Y-yeah, whatever..."

"Besides, when you count even numbers numerically, two and four are beside each other."

The girl sighed in defeat. Yep, he was a smartass.

But before she could reply, Horo horo stood up and decided to retreat to his bedroom. "I guess I'm skipping dinner tonight..."

Tamao looked utterly confused. Horo horo, skipping dinner? That's insane! He would never... "Are you sure?"

Without even looking back, he replied with a yes and left the room.


End of Chapter One


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