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Clover Chapter 4

The bustling of the winds became stronger and the roars of the falling rain that pounded against the roof echoed throughout the dim-lit house. Still, she tood there, trembling in shock.


Her system refused to believe that the bestfriend of her life, the only person who really took care of her and who was always there for her through thick and thin, was waiting for her in his godforsaken room…




"He asked me to tell a Miss Tamao that he needs her to be with him now," the nurse continued. "…Please, Miss. He needs her desperately."

Tamao was in tears when she barely replied through her sobs. "I-I'll be right over."

She hung up. Then she exited the Asakura household hurriedly without even an umbrella at hand, allowing the rain to wash away everything that lingered inside of her. Her tears, too, were drenched by the unceasing cold shower.

I'm so sorry, Horo-kun… I'm so, so sorry.


"Horo-kun! Horo-kun!" little 5-year-old Tamao was complaining once again.

"Oh come on, Tamao-chaan… Just for a while," her blue-haired companion grinned sheepishly, "Puh-leessee?"

The pink-haird girl pouted as she crosed her arms. "Mou, Horo-kun. You won't find any this time anymore! Just give it a rest, 'kay?" Tamao pleaded.

It was just a perfect little day for the youngsters where they can play outdoors as free as a bird. But Horo horo dragged Tamao in one of his Clover Hunts again, much to the little girl's annoyance.

The Ainu sighed. "Tamao-chaan…"

"Let's play somewhere else, 'kay Horo-kun?" she suggested, taking several glances at the front porch.

This confused the boy, so he turned to it as well. There he found little Yoh Asakura sleeping on a big fluffly pillow with his orange headphones attatched to a walkman. Horo horo then turned to Tamao.

He shrugged. "You just wanna play there 'coz Yoh is near…"

Although he was just little, he understood greatly that Tamao had much deeper feelings for the other shaman. This broke his wittle heart, and, no matter how hard he tried to hide it, Horo horo always wanted to take the girl in Clover Hunts so he could at least be with her.

"I-Iie!!" Tamao blushed profusely.

Frustratedly and impatiently, Horo horo stood up from his crouch and turned his back on the young prophetess. "Go…Just go if you don't want to play with me anymore."

"Horo…kun… I didn't mean to--"

"Just go, Tamao." He said firmly. And in a second, he dashed back in the house. 'Just go…'

When he finally made it in his room, he opened his clutched fist and found a small plant on his palm.

 "I wanted to give this to you…" he uttered. Indeed, the four-leaf clover he had been looking for was safely tucked away…

In his clutched fist;

In his unnoticed heart.

*End of Flashback*

Tamao felt her tears run painfully down her cheek. "If only I noticed him more… If only I wasn't so selfish back then… If only I took heed on his needs other than brag about Master Yoh." She smiled bitterly at herself as she made her way in the gates of the hospital. How could I have been so stupid?!?!

The rain continued to pound against the hospital's roof loudly, thunder cracking from beyond the horizon.Tamao was now in front of Horo horo's door, soaking wet. She hesitantly turned the door knob and it clicked open. Her heart stopped.

As she slowly looked in the lonley atmosphere of Horo horo's room, she eagerly stepped inside despite the cold.

"Horo-kun…" she whispered and found her blue-haired Ainu friend on his bed, lying peacefully. His lower body was concealed by a white blanket, caressing him from the cold. Tamao's heart raced and ached at the same time.

She cautiously knelt down on his side and smoothed his cheek tenderly. Tears threatened to spill; she was unbelieving of this scene. The once happy-go-lucky and vigorous Horo horo has disappeared into the darkness. His annoying grin was no longer plastered on his face, and he was as pale as snow left in the cold.

"Tell me it's a lie!" she pleaded desperately, her tears finally rolled down her cheek. "Please…Horo-kun…"

Weakly but audibly, the shaman opened his deep blue eyes and met the teary rosy ones. He smiled faintly, and in a whisper, he replied, "I'm the luckiest person on earth to have met someone like you."

"S-Stop it, Horo-kun…" she said, smiling resentfully. But her eyes told him that she desperately wanted everything will turn out okay. She bit her lip. "Y-You'll be fine, right?"

The Ainu smiled as he shook his head slightly. "I'm sorry."

Tamao burst. "No! That's a lie! I'm not going to accept that! Horo-kun, it's aburd--"

The girl's words were cut short when Horo horo had leaned onto her, his lips pressing against hers in a passionate kiss. Tamao felt her body become numb.

Why…? H-Horo…kun, please…you can't go.

Horo horo pulled away… and managed to grin to his heart's content.

You've become so weak…and you can still grin at me like that?

He pulled a small box from his pocket and presented it to Tamao. "I really need to give this to you before anything else happens." He grinned sheepishly. "Please… it means a lot to me, even more than a super double-fudged ice cream with sprinkles, chocolate syrup, extra sugar and a cherry on top on a hot summer day."

Tamao managed to smile slightly although she tried to hide her worries for the shaman. "H-Hai," she replied as she wordlessly took the small box from Horo horo's palm. Tamao then looked up at him with doubt written on her face.

Horo horo laughed half-heartedly as his headache was once again triggered. He tried to stay conscious so he told Tamao, "Don't worry. It's not one of those pranks I made for you during April Fool's Day."

The girl nodded and opened the box. When she realized what was inside, she felt her heart stop as more tears spilled. "T-The Clover…?" Tamao was in utter shock but happy at the same time. She turned to Horo with an undefined expression on her face. "All this time… You had it with you…?"

The Ainu nodded slightly. "All this time, Tamao," he replied, "I have been looking desperately for that onle little plant all my life. But I never realized that I never needed it in the first place."

Tamao blinked. "What do you mean?"

Horo horo smiled. "I never needed luck in the first place." He smoothed his friend's cheek and looked at her lovingly. "I don't have to find something else when all I will ever need is right in front of me."

"Horo-kun… What are you--"

A smile crept on the face of the Ainu, his eyes softening. "If Yoh still holds a place in your heart, then I'd wait for you even if I turn into a spirit." He cleared his throat and looked at the girl intently. "I love you and I always have. I'd wait for my turn in your heart no matter how long it takes."

Tamao couldn't comprehend the words he just sput out. She was looking at him, near to tears when she finally embraced the Ainu tightly and burst out, "I desperately want to slap you so, SO hard that you'd fly to the moon!"

"Oof!" Horo horo sweatdropped. "Hey, you don't have to get mad just because I confessed--"

"I'M NOT!" She looked up at him tearfully. "Please don't die, Horo-kun…"

The boy paused and hesitated to answer her.

Tamao losened her grip on him, puzzled of the sudden serious look he gave.

He looked at her deeply. "I need to know now, Tamao. I need to know if…if…"

She smiled gently. "Baka Horo." she said, the twinkle I her eyes never ceased to brighten up more. "I love you, too…"

"Say what?" Horo horo blinked.

Tamao felt her cheeks flush. "I-I love you…" she muttered, losing the confidence she had just two seconds ago.

"Pardon me, but I can't hear you." The Ainu kidded.

She pouted. B-Baka…

Horo horo snickered teasingly. He then set aside his blanket and knelt beside Tamao. He happily wrapped her into his arms in a sweet embrace, his built arms gesturing her that he would never ever let her go without a one-on-one fist fight.

"I will always be here for you…" his words echoed in her head. "So I will live for only you."

Tamao couldn't express how happy she felt. She then returned the embrace lovingly as she also held Horo horo in her arms. "Horo-kun…I… I--"


The lights suddenly were turned on. The two quickly broke up their embrace and turned to the switch. There they found the nurse, Yoh, Ren, Pirika and Anna standing at the doorway with their pajamas on, obviously spoiling their happiest moment.

Tamao's cheeks flared up profusely. "What are you all doing here…?!"

"SHIT!!!" Horo horo stood up from his bed and walked toward the group.

"ONII-CHAAAN!! GOMEN! GOMEN! GOMEN!" his blue-haired sister apologized, bowing repetitively. "Yoh-san was about to open the light when I tripped, causing the weight of mine to shove him, thus, the light switched on."

"Pirika…" Horo horo sweatdropped as Tamao walked beside him.

"M-Mind if you explain all this?" she asked curiously in a stutter, her cheeks still red.

Anna was about to answer her question when Pirika sput everything out, "When Onii-chan had Typhoid, he was really really weak. But after the treatment, he was feeling a whole lot better and he wanted to tell you how he feels. So we planned all this so that he'd have a great setting and a great opportunity to confess his love for you! But as you can see, it all went wrong because of me being a klutz…well, at least that runs in the family. Well anyway--"

"Pirikaa!" Horo horo stopped her.

She panted as the rest of them fell over (anime style ^_~).

"So you mean Horo-kun wasn't dying after all?" Tamao raised a question.

"Technically," Pirika smiled sheepishly despite the glares of her companions. "He wasn't."

"Pirika, that wasn't the plan…" Yoh hissed.

"I wasn't even supposed to be here," Ren murmured under his breath.

Tamao had her jaw dropped.

"A-Ah…! L-Let's just take it easy, okay Tamao? Ne? Ne? Ne?" Horo horo pleaded for the prophetess to forgive him.

Pirika was looking utterly guilty. "Gomenasai…"

Tamao heaved a sigh. She was an understanding person who was also very considerate on others. She looked at the bright side of the situation then.

"I'm just glad Horo-kun isn't dying. You have no idea how worried I was… And I never knew you could act so well!!"

The Ainu scratched his cheek apologetically. "I'm sorry Tamao," he replied. "But I'm also glad to know that you felt something for me at least."

She smiled back at him happily. "No matter how much luck you have in this world, only Fate can bring you to the one you love."

"Cliché?" asked Anna.

Tamao shook her head. "No. It's destiny."

"The greatest weakness of some humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they're still alive." –O.A. Battista



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