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Summary= The CCS crew win a trip to Las Vegas. Once there Syaoran and Sakura go to a bar and get drunk. The next morning they wake up in each others arms.

Both decide not to tell anyone about what happened until they discover that sleeping together wasn't the only thing they did that night! S+S E+T C+Y

Also S+S only see each other as friends at first!!!!! but everyone else thinks they should get together! and there is no magic!

A Drunken Mistake/Marriage

Chapter one-winning tickets!

Twenty three year old Sakura Kinomoto woke up early as she had to get to work. She was a P.E teacher at Tomoeda Junior High and loved her job very much.

She got out of bed and walked into the shower. When she had finished she got dressed in a pair of gray joggers and a tight pink belly top. She tied her shoulder

length auburn hair in a high ponytail before walking into the kitchen where she was greeted by her friend Naoko Yanagizawa who she shared her appartment

with as Tomoyo had moved in with her fianc'e Eriol Hiragizawa a year ago.

"Morning Naoko" Sakura greeted as she poured herself a glass of orange juice

"Morning Sakura" Naoko replied as she finished typing on her computer "looking forward for tonight?"

Sakura stopped what she was doing and looked at Naoko "Hoe?"

Naoko laughed "Takashi is playing a basketball match tonight,we're all going to cheer him on"

"Oh yeah i remember now,and theirs a raffle going isn't there?"

"Yeah to win a trip for eight to go to Las Vegas,oh i hope i win,i need a break for school"

Sakura smiled as Naoko was also a teacher but she worked at the local high school and taught Chemistry which Sakura hated. Naoko had changed a lot

over the years as she had thrown away her glass'es ana had gotten contacts which brought out her lovely brown eyes.

"I could do with a break to but seriously Naoko what are the chance's of us winning that trip?"

"Well you never know,hey can you give me a ride to school?"

"Sure lets go"

Syaoran Li was working in his office. He already owned serveral factories around Tokyo,Tomoeda and Hong Kong. He was going over some contracts when

his cell phone rung

"Li" he said when he answered it

"Hey Li it's Eriol are you still on for tonight?"

Syaoran frowned "what do you mean? i haven't made any plans with you tonight?"

He heard Eriol laughed and frowned even more as he hated being laughed at "No Li it's Takashi match tonight,your still coming right?"

Syaoran slapped his forehead "Oh yeah you know i will be there,what time does it start again?"

"7o'clock so don't be late,Sakura is the only person who can be late"

Syaoran laughed as even though they were all twenty three years old Sakura was still sometimes late.

"Eriol no one is as late as Sakura"

"I know,anyway see you later"

"yeah see you" Syaoran said as he hung up.

Eriol smiled as he put the phone down when he heard an angelic voice

"So is Syaoran coming?"

He turned and saw his fianc'e Tomoyo Daidouji who was more beautiful than ever with her long black hair and her beautiful violet eyes

"Yeah and Sakura's coming to" he replied

Tomoyo went all starry eyes "we will get them together for sure this time"

Eriol sweatdropped "Tomoyo dear do you think this will work,as they only see each other as firends"

"No deep down they love each other why do you think that none of them have ever dated? they are waiting for each other"

Eriol sighed "But what about Josh and Kathy there ex's"

"They didn't love them why did you think they broke up with them"

"I hope you are right as i want them together as well"

That night at the game Chiharu Yamazaki was stood waiting with Rika Terada and her husband(Whats his name??????????) as they waited for the others to arrive.

They had both gotten married to their husbands over a year ago and now Rika was expecting her first baby in two months. Just then they saw Meilin Li pull up

in her car. Her hair was still long but she always had it down nowadays

"Hey" she said as she walked over to them "Chiharu are you nervous?""

Chiharu who had short brown hair and hazel eyes nodded "yeah i've wished him good luck about a thousand times"

Rika laughed when she felt her baby kicked "Oh my God" she yelled making the others look at her with worry

"Rika whats wrong?" asked her husband

"The baby kicked" she replied smiling rubbing her stomach

Chiharu and Meilin smiled when they saw Eriol and Tomoyo walked up to them

"Hey" they said

"Hey" everyone replied

"I bet Sakura is the last to get here" Meilin said

"Well its Sakura she has the right to be late" Eriol replied smirking getting a slap of Tomoyo

"She will be here" Tomoyo said "Well they better hurry as the game starts in fifthteen minutes and i want to enter the raffle" Chiharu said

"Here if we give you the money will you go and buy them for us with Rika and then we will meet you inside" Eriol suggested

"Ok but hurry" Rika said as they walked inside

Meilin frowned "They better hurry as it isn't exactly warm out here tonight"

Just then they saw Syaoran's green Convertable pull up and park. He got out and walked over to them

"Hey sorry i'm a bit late,say where are the others?" he asked

"Everyone apart from Sakura and Naoko are here,they have gone inside" Eriol replied zipping up his jacket as it was getting cold

"You guys go in then as you look cold,i will wait for them" Syaoran suggested

Eriol,Tomoyo and Meilin all smiled and walked inside leaving Syaoran on his own. Five minutes later he saw Sakura's call pull up and saw them getting out.

Sakura was wearing a black skirt with knee boots and a denim jacket which was zipped up so you couldn't see what top she was wearing. She saw Syaoran

and smiled at her best friend who she had to admit was very handsome with his messy brown hair and his intense amber eyes. They were now best friends and

were always confiding in each other,they both loved each other but only as friends or so they thought.

"Hey Syaoran" Sakura said then saw that he was the only one there "am we early?"

Syaoran smiled at her "Nope your later the others have all gone inside so hurry up,hey Naoko" he said to the quiet girl then looked back at Sakura who was

looking up at the building. He smirked as even though she was a beautiful young woman she still had cute childish things about her.

"Hi Syaoran,come on lets go in as its cold out here" and Naoko walked into the building fast leaving the two alone.

"Hey i want to buy some raffle tickets" Sakura said as they walked into the building

"Then why don't you?" Syaoran replied "Look that man over there is selling them" he said

"Thanks,i will be back in a minute so wait for me ok?" Sakura said

"Sure but hurry"

Sakura walked over to the man

"Hello Miss how many tickets do you want?"

"Erm five please"

"ooh feeling lucky tonight?" he asked smiling

Sakura looked at him and smiled "I wish" he handed her the tickets and she paid for them "Thanks"

She walked back over to Syaoran "So how many did you get?" he asked as they found there seats with the others

"Five,as the more i have the more chance i will win that trip" she replied sitting down next to Naoko

"I wouldn't mind going there" Syaoran said as he sat next to her "It beats staying in this cold weather"

Sakura turned and smiled at him "Well if i win you can come"

Syaoran smiled back "Thanks"

Just then Chiharu interupted there talking when she yelled:

"Look there's my husband Takashi go babe"

Everyone sweatdropped at her but Takashi smiled and waved at her before the game started. As they were watching the game Sakura and Syaoran kept talking

"So how was school today?" he asked

"It was good,but one of the maths teachers keeps asking me out" she replied frowing a little

"Then tell him to back off"

"I have but he doesn't get the message,he leaves message's in my pigeon hole,its quite funny really as i've never seen anyone be act so desparate" she replied smiling

Syaoran nodded "I get that at work with my female employers,they don't take the hint that i'm not interested"

"Guess we're in the same boat them"

They all cheered when Takashi scored a basket. Soon it was half time and Takashi team was winning by ten points. Just then a man began to speak through a


"Alright ladies and gentlemen,children of all ages its time for the drawing of the raffle competition"

Everyone cheered as they started pulling out their tickets each praying that they would win.

"The winning number is...................(By now everyone was waiting in suspense) ...........................975! i repeat 975!

Everyone started checking there ticket and sighening when they saw that they hadn't won. Chiharu and the others checked there's and moaned

"Aw man i didn't win" Meilin said

"Me neither" Rika replied and saw Naoko shake her head

"We didn't either" Eriol replied

Syaoran smiled "well i didn't enter,so Sakura what about you?"

Everyone turned to Sakura and saw that she had gone white

"Sakura are you alright?" Tomoyo asked

Suddenly Sakura jumped up in the air "I WON I WON I WON!............................

Everyone turned to look at the girl in the stadium as Sakura's friends looked at her with shocked face's....................

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