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A drunken Mistake

Sakura pushed Syaoran on the bed. Still kissing him. She knew it wasn't the alcohol that was making her do this. It was her heart. She knew she was in love with her best friend. She wrapped her arms slowly around him as she felt his arms around her. God she wished she could tell him how she felt but she knew he didn't feel the same.

Syaoran wanted to stop. This wasn't right. People should only make love if they are in love. "But you are in love" a tiny voice in his head said. "You love her". He mentally kicked himself trying to wash away that thought. He kissed her neck which made her moan. "Stop" the other vice in his mind yelled but it was to late he had already made up his mind as he started to undress her.


"Henri how can i explain to Auntie that Sakura and Syaoran only got married because they were drunk" she said as she paced up and down the room. "She'll go mad!. No one in the Li family has done anything like this before".

Henri who was watching his girlfriend fret over this smiled sadly "Maybe you should ring Mrs Li up and tell her the truth".

Meilin's eyes widened "Are you crazy" she screeched "Auntie would be mad at both me and Syaoran. No theres only one answer to all of this".

Henri looked at her confused "And what is that?".

"Sakura and Syaoran confess they love each other and want to stay married".


They lay in each others arm. Both had different views on what just happened. Sakura was happy yet worried. Twice they had slept together in over a week and both times they hadn't used anything. She had thought about going to the local doctor to get something for it but she was to scared. She turned to look at Syaoran and saw that his eyes were closed. She figured he was asleep. She smiled and placed a soft kiss on his mouth before slowly falling asleep herself.

When Syaoran felt something on his lip his eyes snapped open. He smiled knowing that Sakura had just kissed him but why?. He didn't regret what he did. To him it just felt so wrong. His family would be so ashamed of him when they find out what he has been up to. Part of him was regretting coming to Las Vegas. He didn't want to lose Sakura's friendship but he wanted to be with her. He didn't want her as his friend he wanted her as his wife. He laughed to himself.

"She is my wife".


Yin saw her son walk into his room and she walkedi not hers. She walked over to one of her bags and pulled out her phonebook where she looked under the letter K.

She smiled when she came to the name she wanted. She looked at the time "Good its afternoon in Japan". She dialed the number and it rang five times before someone answered.

"Hello Kinomoto Residence Fujitaka speaking".

"Hello Fujitaka its me Yin".

"Yin? Why how are yo enjoying Las Vegas?" he asked rather pleased to hear from his friend.

"Its going great. Merry Christmas by the way".

"Merry Christmas to. Have you seen Sakura by any chance?".

Yin smiled "Yes i have and Fujitaka i'm surprized by you".


"Why didn't you tell me Sakura was engaged to the famous Syaoran Li".

There was a long pause before Fujitaka spoke "What?" he gasped "Yin are you sure about this?".

"Why yes Fujitaka. They are engaged and plan to marry soon". She thought it was very strange how Sakura told her Fujitaka knew and hear he was sounding like he had no idea about them. "Sakura told me you knew".

Fujitaka looked around the room in his house. He saw Touya looking at him with a puzzled look. Sakura and Syaoran engaged!. He could believe it as he knew they were in love with each other but why hadn't Sakura told him? And why was Yin phoning to tell him that. He decided that he was going to go along with what he thought was his daughters plan.

"Of course i knew" he lied "I just didn't think she wanted anyone knowing at the moment seen as Syaoran is famous. They didn't want the press knowing".

"Oh i see. Well Fujitaka i think you should come out to Las Vegas and see your daughter and get her to tell us exactly what is happening".

"I think i will Yin".

Next morning

Sakura woke up to see Syaoran was standing by the balcony.

"Morning" she said smiling. She had decided to tell him today how she felt.

Syaoran turned and smile at her "Morning".

She noticed she was still naked and blushed. Syaoran seeing this turned around so he couldn't see her. She slipped on her dressing gown and got up.

"Have you got any plans for today?" she asked walking over to him.

"I'm thinking of taking a long walk" he replied not taking his eyes away from the window. "I need to clear my head".

Sakura face dropped. She started to think that Syaoran was regretting sleeping with her "Do you regret it"? she suddenly asked.

Syaoran looked at her "Do you mean do i regret sleeping with you?".

Sakura nodded.

"No i don't. Infact Sakura i've been..." he was cut of when he heard someone knocking at the door. He growled and walked over to it to reveal Eriol.

"What do you want?" he growled at his blue haired friend.

Eriol smiled "Now Syaoran thats no way to greet you're best friend".

Syaoran glared at him "Who said you was my best friend?".

Eriol faked a shocked face "Why Syaoran i'm hurt" he mocked.

Syaoran was about to slam the door in his face when Sakura came over.

"Morning Eriol. What can we do for you?".

"Well i was wondering if you wanted to come to out with me and the others to see some ofthe sights".

"Im sorry Eriol but me and Syaoran have plans" Sakura lied. She wanted to spend the day with Syaoran alone.

Eriol smiled "Ok. Let me know if you change your mind" he said leaving. Sakura was about to say something when her cellphone rung.

"Hello?". she asked.

"WHY DID'NT YOU TELL ME YOU WERE DATING THAT GAKI" came Touya's voice. Sakura had to hold the phone away from her. Syaoran jumped when he heard Touya's voice.

Both of them looked at each other with the same look on there face and the same question running through there heads.

"How did Touya know?".

"Touya what are you talking about?" Sakura asked. She was shaking because she didn't know how her brother had found out.

"Yin told dad that you and Syaoran were engaged and i want to know if its true" he demanded. He so wishedh e was there so he could kill Syaoran.

Sakura looked at Syaoran with begging eyes. Syaoran held up his hands not knowing what to say. Sakura took a deep breath "Touya we are married" she answered. Syaoran looked at her. He took all her beauty in because he knew that Touya was going to kill him.


"Touya i'm not lying please don't tell father" she responded quickly "Tell him we are engaged or make something up. I promise i will tell you everything".

"You tell me the whole story and then i will help you out but Sakura you are in deep trouble" he growled down the phone to her.

Sakura sat down on the floor still clutching the phone as she began to tell her brother everything.

Hong Kong

Yelan walked down the long corridor in her house until she came to two large wooden doors. She knocked once and entered. There sat six old men talking about the Li business and how her son Syaoran was doing a good job of it. One was her brother Jin.

"Yelan is something wrong?" he asked his sister noticing the pale complextion on her face.

"I need to speak to you in private dear brother" she answered.

Jin excused himself and he and Yelan stood outside. "What is wrong?".

"I have just gotten of the telephone to you're daughter and she has informed me that Syaoran has married Sakura Kinomoto" she said as calmy as she could.

"What?" gasped Jin "He's married? How could he do this?". he began pacing up and down "Sakura Kinomoto? Is that the pretty girl who often comes to stay?".

Yelan nodded.

Jin smiled "Well isn't that good? She's a nice girl and you seem to like her. She isn't after Syaoran for his money".

"I know i am happy but something doesn't add up. I'm going to ring Syaoran and tell him to come to Hong Kong when he arrives back in Japan in three days and find out exactly whats going on". (A/n im cutting the trip short).

Las Vegas 1 day later

Sakura opened her eyes. She blinked a few times before realising that Syaoran wasn't there. 'Why would he be' she growled to hreself.
Her and Syaoran had gotten into a big arguement yesterday after she had gotten of the phone to touya.


Sakura placed the phone backon the receiver and sighed. "Well hes going to tell dad that we were only messing in order to keep Jonny away from me".

"Thats good then".

"Is it? i'm sick of all this lying i mean Jonny isn't that bad and maybe he really is sorry for cheating on me". SHe knew as soon as she said it she should of kept her mouth shut.

Syoaran stepped back not believing what she was saying. "You want to get back with him? Are you crazy?" he snapped. "Sakura for gods sake that bastard cheated on you!".

Sakura didn't like the way he was speaking to her and she tried to hold back the tears "I'm not saying that. All im saying that we didn't have to lie to him. He knows he hasn't got another chance with me".

"Don't be to sure Sakura. All through this holiday he has been trying to get back with you or haven't you noticed that?".

Now Sakura was getting annoyed. "Of course i've noticed it but i handled it".

Syaoran laughed "Oh really? If it wasn't for me he would have got you in bed by now"


He felt his cheek burn as Sakura slapped him hard across his left cheek. "How dare you say that Syaoran. I would never of done that the only person i've ever been to bed with in my life is you!" she admitted.

Syaoran was shocked. He had taken her virginity and he didn't even realise it. He felt so guilty for saying what he did. "Sakura i'm sorry".

"I don't want to hear it Syaoran" she cried "I never thought i'd hear something like hat come from your mouth".

Syaoran lowered his head in shame. He had hurt so badly he couldn't believe it. He was about to apolgise again but Sakura stopped him.

"Leave me alone Syaoran" she ordered sitting on the bed "I don't want you near me right now".

Syaoran looked into her eyes. He had hurt the woman he loved more than anything over his jealousy and anger. He turned and left the room not looking back incase her eyes killed him even more.

As soon as he closed the door he took out his cell and called Courtney and he hadn't the slightest idea why he had done so.

Sakura burst into tears. All she wanted was to make everyone happy and enjoy the trip but something wrong was always happening.

"First me andSyaoran get married" she cried "Now i'm lying to everyone".

She lay down on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

End flashback

Sakura got out of the shower. Syaoran hadn't come back all night and she was worried. She had called everyone and none of them had seen him. This holiday was turning into a nightmare and she couldn't wait to get home.

"Syaoran where are you?".


"Goodmorning Li" came Courtneys voice as she walked into the bedroom. "I brought you coffee".

Syaoran sat up and took the cup from her hands. "Thank you".

She smiled at him. She was so happy that he had called her last nite and wanted to talk but she was sad that he was returning to Japan tomorrow. They had gone for a nice meal at a fancy restaurant and Syaoran had explained that he needed somewhere to stay so being the nice person that she was offered him her bed. With her in it of course.

Syaoran took a sip of coffee and gave her a faint smile. He noticed she was only wearing a black bra with what he persumed a thong only he couldn't see the back of her nor did he feel comfortable with her sat hthere.. Last night was a bit of a blur because when he had come back to hers for a drink she seemed to act a little differently.

"So what do you want to do today?" Courtney asked sitting on the bed.

Syaoran quickly checked what he was wearing and saw that he was wearing boxers. "I think i better get back to my hotel".

Courtney pouted and leand in "Or we could spend the day here" she purred running her hands down his chest loving the feeling.

Syaoran grabbed her hands and moved them away not liking it "I can't".

Courtney wasn''t taking no for an answer though "You weren't refusing last night" she said as she kissed his cheek.

Syaoran's eyes widened as he hear those words...

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