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Charlotte's Sequel
Part XX
The Nerima Battle

Bobby felt a shudder go through his boddy as he stared down the man who'd killed his entire cell, with the exception of one.

The man who'd taken her away for whatever dark purpose his guild had had in mind for her.

The man who was believed dead when rogue-or at least unnamed-agents bombed a well known guild HQ.

"How long has it been? Three years . . . Recycler." The boy scoffed. "Remember me? Allow me to remind you--!" He thrust his hand forward and the tall man suddenly melted!

He fell appart into a giant pile of . . . of paper?

"A fake!" Bobby grunted, leapting backwards as the real The Recycler descended from above, slamming into the ground where he'd just been standing! The Paper Master threw his arm out and sent the pile of paper that had formed his clone hurtling towards Bobby, who was utterly defenseless.

They cut like razors, like a blizard of sharp knives! The young man closed his eyes and shouted as the wave of razor sharp sheets of papper pelted him and threw him back!

He fell on his back and rolled onto his stomach, he coughed up blood and scowled.

But he was alive. The Recycler was toying with him.

He closed his eyes, "This one's for Tokai!" He shouted, and he thrust his fist forward, the Recycler withstood the gravity blast . . . but when the younger man hurled his own blades of paper back at him he held out his hand to recieve them and likely turn them into a weapon.

He didnt get the chance as suddenly gravity reversed and he was sent hurling into the air.

Bobby, ignoring his brother's dogs as they bared down on him, leapt into the air-his leap magnified by his control of gravity-to meet his mortal enemy.

"This is for Brock!" He yelled as he struck out, drop kicking The Recycler in the stomach and then allowing him to fall down normally as Bobby sped downwards himself, ignoring the fact that he had about two seconds before they both hit the ground and became a rather ugly paste on the sidewalk.

The Recycler landed first, on his feet, the hardy man staggered and shook his head.

Bobby landed another drop kick on top of the assassin's head, "For Sora!" He roared, and twisted in mid air, landed against the ground and lunged forward, "For Oyu!" He added as his hand began to glow with a black light! He punched out, striking the black coated assassin in the chest!

His fist travled through The Recycler's chest and out the other side, his eyes grew dark, "For Maggie." He said softly and he tore his arm free from the dead body.

It fell to the ground . . . and discintigrated into a pile of paper. Another clone . . .

Bobby's eyes grew darker, it had felt like flesh and bone! "Blast!" He hissed, now exhausted and fully aware of the fact that a swarm of dogs should be attacking him any second.

But they didnt.

Instead he heard applauds. Several rounds of applauds. Fenrir was clapping, as were three clones of The Recycler.

"Not too clever, going all out like that. Even if that had been the real one how would you have handled me and my boys? Come now, the Slade I remember was a tactical thinker, you're being wreckless. But finally you fight with the intent to kill!" Fenrir laughed, "I'm so proud! I notice you had your eyes closed for some of that . . . so you've evolved beyond the regular standard of Gravity Masters, hmm? If only you'd joined the Nekekami . . . such power . . . you're above a mere Class A challenge." The Beast Master grinned, "I guess that means I'll get quite a few gold rings for killing you."

His eyes grew dark, "I'm not the Slade you know, I gave up that name when Slade was too weak to protect his friends. I'm nobody now. But even a nobody is still good enough to kill the two of you!"

Fenrir's grin dissappeared. It was replaced by a blank, emotionless expression. "Prove it." He said, and the dogs surged forward, the clones charged, the paper behind the young man came to life.

And he was out of energy, out of ideas, utterly defenseless.


Tosa slammed into the building and left a crater, wise people who'd come to investigate the ruckus decided to run. Idiots tried to stand between her and Ryoga, "Calm down! There's no need for violence!" One man cried.

Ryoga fried him, blasting a small amount of Shi Shi Hokodan from his palm.

"Whoa! Hold it buddy, or I'll call the cops!" Someone else cried, and he was blasted too.

A third citizen looked back at Tosa and said "You oughta just run, little lady!"

But Tosa's face was full of excitement, she could feel her smile was spread from ear to ear, her eyes were wide like a little girl who'd just recieved the doll she'd begged her parents to buy her.

True the blasts Ryoga was emitting were meant to be non lethal, but they obviously were painful. For him to casually inflict pain on those who got in his way . . . yes, he was becoming the Chosen One . . . he was learning.

Tosa got up and wrapped her arms around the man who'd told her to run, she used him as a shield as a third blast engulfed them both!

She couldnt hold back a yelp as the energy burned right through her gloves, the man screamed.

When the blast subsided the man lay on the ground, he looked up at Tosa, "But I . . . tried to . . . protect you!"

"Protect me?" Tosa laughed as she tore her smoldering gloves off and threw them asside, "Idiot. I'm the villain!"

Tosa drew out her stolen fan-it was too good for that Maro brat anyway-and smirked at Ryoga, "Is this familiar, my king? You're coming with me, quietly if you please!" She waved the fan, Ryoga staggered and fell to the ground.

Tosa closed the fan and blew on the end of it as if it were the barrel of a gun. "All too easy." She laughed. "Poor Jun, guns dont solve everything." She aproached the unconcious Ryoga, she knelt down over him and sighed, "Poor master. Well . . . I'll make you feel right at home when you wake up." She said, gently stroaking his cheek, "As soon as you're secured I really will kidnap that Nabiki, she can be your little play thing . . . all I want in return is power." She smiled.

Ryoga's eyes shot open, Tosa gasped and tried to back away.

His arm shot out with more speed than she'd have thought possible! He gripped her neck and he began to squeeze. "Nice offer. Not interested." He said with an evil grin.

No! No! She wanted him to kill someone, sure, but not her! She struggled to pry his hand free, his grip was too tight, he was too strong!

". . . he . . . lusions!" Tosa gasped as Ryoga stood up, and held her several inches off the ground.

"Didn't work." Ryoga said darkly.

"Ple . . . on't . . . ill . . . me!" Tosa pleaded, tears in her eyes.

Ryoga smiled, he brought her face close to his and she looked into those terrible, hatefilled eyes, she couldnt speak any more and she used her own eyes to plead with him, to beg him for mercy!

His expression softened, and his grip loosed until finally he dropped her, she fell in a heap. He stagered back, "What am I doing?" He whispered to himself. "I can't just kill some defenseless woman . . . she hasnt even done anything to Nabiki yet!"

Tosa gasped for air, she gagged and coughed, and crawled away. Though her vision was blurry she saw something big and red in the distance, she crawled towards it and wrapped her arms around it. She heard Ryoga's tone suddenly become darker.

"But she was going to take Nabiki . . . she was going to use me . . . she's just another murderer, and that's what she want's for me!" Ryoga roared.

Tosa smirked, oh she knew what was going on. Poor Ryoga-kun was arguing with himself, fighting the power he sensed, fighting because he was afraid of the sheer power he'd possess once her finally killed her.

Which was good for her because it meant she could make him kill someone else.

Well she looked at the red thing she was holding and smirked, she looked back to Ryoga. While he was confused, while he fought with himself . . . she would show him that it really was better to kill a Nekekami when you had the chance!

"I havent done anything to your woman . . . yet! But for what you've done to me I swear I'll get her! I'll get her and I'll kill her slowly after seeing her violated in a thousand ways! That's my word as a Nekekami, my master, and maybe then you'll finally have what it takes to kill someone and take your place as the avatar of death and murder!"

Ryoga's eyes went wild, just as she'd hoped, he put both his hands together and roared, "I wont let you hurt her, my word as a Hibiki!" He shot forth a blast, and Tosa could tell that it was meant to be lethal.


Not that she had any intention of allowing it to hit her! She threw herself to the side at the last minute, letting the blast hit the red thing she'd been hugging. Letting the fire hydrant disintigrate, letting the water spray forth like a guyser . . . letting the man-made rain pour down on her like divine favor.

Letting it pour down on Ryoga like the horrors of hell.

She watched eagerly as he came to realization of what he'd just done, watched with a heart full of pride in herself as the Chosen One became harmless, her smile returned in its full radiance as Ryoga Hibiki became a helpless little black pig.


Ranma ran off towards Ryoga's position. At first he had no clue where the masked woman had gone, he'd simply lost track of her.

But when he saw the masses fleeing from somewhere talking about some crazy guy with a bandanna . . . well it wasnt hard to put two and two together.

When he got there Ryoga, like a true moron blasted a fire hydrant, water sprayed into the air, Ranma scoffed and ran out to where the little pig was getting drenched, he himself got wet and knew he'd just transformed into a girl, but it didnt matter. Ranma could still fight.

Ryoga had just used Shi Shi Hokodan on a stupid fire hydrant, how stupid could you get? He'd lost the fight for himself, or would have if Ranma hadnt shown up, now Ranma would show this masked woman a thing or three!

But the little pig shot forward like a bullet, P-Chan chomped down on the masked woman's hand, she screamed in pain and Ranma saw her bleed.

The redheaded Ranma rushed forward and launched a round house kick at the woman, she blocked it but Ranma's superior strength made her block useless, he broke right through her pitiful defense and sent her flying.

Before she even got up, P-Chan was at her again, this time however she caught him, slammed him on the ground and stomped on him!

It'd kill a normal little piggy, but not the hardy P-Chan. Ryoga rolled onto his back as the woman's foot came down, he kicked up with all four legs and sent her into orbit!

"Pretty good for a pock chop." Ranma grinned.

"Yeah." The woman agreed. "Not bad. But now . . . now I'm just annoyed. To be hurt by something so cute!" She spread her arms wide and shouted, "I wont let you win! I'll take you in dead or alive, your choice!" She tore shoulder length gloves from her arms and said "My arms are coated with a highly toxic substance to which I am quite immune. I doubt you can make the same boast . . . one touch from me and you're paralized, I block just one of your attacks, you're paralized! You think this is over just because a pig managed to throw me in the air? Hardly! I am one of the finest killers the Nekekami order has ever produced, and I have not yet begun to fight!"

"Man, why do I always get the freaks?" Ranma asked herself. P-Chan snorted and the two cursed beings charged!


The sun was reaching it's noontime position when they appeared. A pair of them, both dressed in black.

"Looks like things are getting messy." One of them said, running his hands through wavy red hair. "Shit, almost looks like Hong Kong."

"Were you at Hong Kong?" The girl with him asked.

"Oh hells yeah!" The boy laughed, "You?"

"I was there." She said uneasily, "I had no idea what was going on and I nearly died."

"Me too. Funny how most o'the people who were in Hong Kong admit that they nearly died, eh?"

"Not funny." The girl said. "Hong Kong was a disaster. The Nekekami believe that if they can obtain the Chosen One they can prevent open warfare between the guilds, prevent another Hong Kong . . . but it is not possible. Open warfare between guilds is inevitable."

The boy laughed, "Well whatever. My keen super hero senses tell me it's happening in two places, over there and over yonder . . . shit I dont know which way to go first so you want to split up?"
"Do you have to swear so much?" The girl sighed.

"You'll hear less if we split up." The boy pointed out.

She nodded, "Very well. I concur, let us seperate. I will take that area over there, you take that area . . . with the water spout."

"What? But I dont like getting wet." The boy frowned.

"I am useless if I get wet." The young woman said.

The boy shrugged, "Fine, whatever. Get that ass movin' then, we'll meet back here later if you dont die."

"Your words are very reassuring." The girl sighed and she left.

The boy grinned as he neared the water spout . . . he just couldnt wait! The chosen one? So cool! He'd get to make history . . . by being the one who killed the chosen one and saved the world . . . or saved the chosen one and killed the world, he wasnt sure!

He forgot details easily, but he did know that once he got into the fight he'd be able to figure out easily enough whose side he was on. Until then he just shook with excitement!


Ukyo leapt up into the air, Natsume followed her and she whacked the enemy with her spatula!

Natsume fell and hit the ground hard, Ukyo descened and landed ontop of the other woman's stomach, urging a blood curdling scream from her downed foe.

"Idiot," Ukyo scowled, getting off of her clearly injured opponent and standing in a cool battle pose, "Get in my way, attack me from behind, either one of those things would get you hurt, but both? That can get you killed!"

Natsume scowled and her fist shot up, taking Ukyo at the knee.

Ukyo leapt back to avoid the attack, and got attacked from behind by Karumi! The smaller girl grabbed Ukyo's shoulders and kicked out with both legs!

Ukyo flew into a telephone pole, people in the streets screamed and ran.

The warrior woman picked herself up and spat out blood, she turned a murderous gaze on the two sisters, she was disarmed, her spatula had come into Natsume's posession.

She threw it away. Where was Konatsu?

As if on cue the boy who was just a little too pretty appeared right behind Natsume, he extened his arm and caught the spatula, spun around and twisted it to sawt both sisters and then spun around again, threw it and Ukyo caught it!

She grinned, "You're getting a raise!" She promised.

It wouldnt be hard considering how little she paid him as it was.

Ukyo limped over to the sisters--wait, she was limping? Just how messed up was she? Well never mind that, she limped over the the sisters and shook her head, "Signing on with assassins? Not a good idea, especially when you take into consideration the fact that your little guild is our enemy."

Natsume scoffed, "Why should we take your friends and enemies into consideration whenever we make a decision? We're not part of your little group, nor do we wish to be!"

"Then I guess you're with them, not us." Ukyo shrugged. "Konatsu, how should we finish them off?"

Konatsu smirked, "We could fry them up and serve them as a side dish."
"Side dish?" Karumi drooled.

Ukyo nodded, "Oh yes, we can even chop you into little pieces and put you on our Okonomiyaki."

"Natsume . . ." Karumi drooled.

Natsume glared, stonefaced.

Karumi threw herself to her knees and bowed before Ukyo, "Please! Please! Let me try some of your Okonomiyaki . . . but without it having any of my sister in it? Please?"

Ukyo scoffed, "I dunno . . . you kicked me pretty hard."

"Please! I havent eaten in days!" Karumi begged.

"You just ate!" Natsume blurted.

Ukyo shrugged, "Fine. You can eat Okonomiyaki . . . if you leave the guild."

"Done!" Karumi cried.

Ukyo smirked at Natsume now . . . "Well?" She asked.

Natsume shook her head, "I suppose . . . we've no real reason to be loyal to the Nekekami."

"Then it's settled. Konatsu, take these ladies back home and make them a meal, I'm going to go help Ranma-honey!"

Ukyo ran off!

Or tried to, a pain shot through her leg and she crumpled to the ground. Konatsu helped her up, "I think the only place you should go right now is home, we'll have someone look at that leg. Ranma-kun can take care of himself."

"And what about Ryoga?" Ukyo asked.

"He'd never be able to beat Ranma." Konatsu said with confidence.

Ukyo nodded . . . but that wasnt what she'd meant.


Bobby leapt into the air and over the onrushing enemy, he landed hard on the pavement, his energy all but gone, and he ran.

He ran for the water, there he'd be safe from the paper, safe to collect his thoughts and plan his next move.

If only those dogs werent so fast!

He fell over suddenly as one of them bit down on his ankle, he yelled in pain. Fenrir was on him now, "Time to die!" He roared, his beast gauntlet came slicing in . . .

And Bobby died . . .

At least he should have, he closed his eyes and waited for death, heard Fenrir scream his battle cry . . . and then he opened his eyes, a sure sign that he wasnt dead.

Tomoko stood in front of him, rubbing her knuckle, "Geez, y'got bricks in yer cheeks dog breath?" She demanded.

"This guy here," Anzu said, stepping out from behind Bobby, "He's one of us now, a fighter of the Koruda school of combat. We dont just let our teammates die."

Two of The Recycler's clones stepped forward, and Bobby had no idea where the third had gone, Fenrir got to his feet, and the dogs surrounded them.

"Aww man, what a mess. You're definately owing me a date after we school these guys." Tomoko said, glancing back at Bobby.

"No, he's dating me!" Anzu said.

"Now's not the time!" Tomoko said, reaching into her coat and producing a pair of boomerangs, then she added, "and he's so dating me!" she added.

"See that? I'm gone for a few days and some other guy gets to live out my fantasy. They're so hot, I'd so hit that!" A third voice said, and Bobby felt someone lift him up off the ground.

"How'd you escape?" Bobby demanded.

"Oh turns out that forsaken house you had me in, teenagers use it as a make out spot. But it was like five couples before I could convince any of them to untie me. They all thought I was some creepy pervert."

"You are." Tomoko scoffed.

"Yeah but I was tied up so what was I gonna do to them? Luckily this nice pair untied me and-"

Bobby sighed, "Fine, whatever. You guys have to get out of here!"

"Nope, cant do it, you're part of the gang now." Anzu said, drawing her katana.

"Aww Slade . . . got yourself a new gang huh?" Fenrir grinned, "They all gonna die like our old one in Hong Kong?"

"Not if I can help it." Bobby scowled.

"You signed on with a weak bunch, they sure don't look like Unusuals . . . how do you figure they stand a chance of surving?" Fenrir asked and the two Recycler clones disintigrated back into paper, filling the sky with a whirlwind of litter that would no doubt soon become lethal implements.

Bobby glared, "Because they've got something you'll never have again; me on their side!" He reached out and grabbed both Anzu and Tomoko by the wrist and shoved both women back, he spun around and thrust both palms forward, all three Koruda fighters flew several feet and fell into the water that Bobby had been trying to reach. The swarm of paper cut through the air after them but became useless as it hit the water, Bobby smirked, even though the paper was cutting him too.

He'd succeeded now where he'd failed before, he couldnt save his friends before . . . but he'd saved these people, and if he'd lived a bit longer maybe they could have become . . .

Everything went red, and he fell to the ground.

He'd never rescue her . . . maybe he'd been silly to try.


The boy saw the spout of water and saw a strange sight indeed.

A woman dressed in black with a face mask fighting against a beautiful young girl and her pet piglet!

The woman he recognized as a Nekekami easily enough, but the girl and her pig? Who the hell knew?

No wait, he did know! This was a poor teenage girl who obviously couldnt even afford cloths that fit since her outfit was very baggy-except in the bust-and her pet pig, she was for some reason a target of the Nekekami.

Well he hadn't found the Chosen One, but he'd rescue this damesel, no question!

He glared down at the Nekekami woman, it didnt mater who she was or what her story was, she was Nekekami and so she had to die. "I, Tokai Boyan, enemy of the Spirit Cat's guild hereby challenge you to battle!" He shouted.

The Nekekami looked up at him and the red headed teenager kicked her in the face, sending her back several feet.

"Ain't got much do ya toxic girl?" The teenager scoffed.

Tokai was undaunted, he didnt care if it didnt seem like the girl needed his help. He leapt down and landed in front of her, "Step back little lady," he told her, "I am a super hero, and I'm going to rescue you. You can reward me by letting me take you out on a date later."

"What?" The teenage girl demanded, probably too amazed at her good fortune to think of anything else.

Tokai grinned wickedly at the Nekekami, "Hey you, you know what happens to people who hit girls?"

"No, what?" The woman demanded.

"Me either, so when I send you to hell make sure to ask the devil for me, bitch." Tokai said, and he thrust both his hands forward . . . nothing happened. "Aw shit it's too wet here!" He groaned.

"You've got quite a mouth on you," The woman smirked, "But you obviously dont have what it takes to back it up." She removed her shirt, Tokai put a finger to his nose to make sure it didnt start to bleed.

Man this girl had a nice figure, even if her goodies were covered up by a sports bra.

"My entire torso is covered with a deadly toxin to which I am imune, touch any part of my upper body and you'll be dead, or you'll be paralized and I'll kill you anyway." She took up a fighting stance.

"Can I ask a question?" Tokai asked.

"Go ahead."

"If your whole body is covered in deadly poisons . . . how the heck do you get laid?"

Her eyes narrowed, "I'm not trying to get laid right now."

"No wonder you're so grumpy!" Tokai scoffed.

"Well if I wanted to I could remove the poison, I just . . . y'know what it doesnt matter! We're not here to discuss my sex life, we're here to bring about the end of yours in general! Now die!" She screamed, rushing forward.

She kicked and Tokai leapt high into the air to avoid it, "How much more will you take off if I can beat you up enough?" He asked, landing on her leg, "See if you werent wearing pants I'd be like poisoned or some shit right now."

"You like my little strip-tease? Well why dont you give me a hug?" The assassin asked with a wink.

Well that was too much for Tokai. A half naked woman flirting with him? Yeah it was time to retreat, he was outmatched.

Plus he couldnt use his super powers anyway.

Tokai turned around, grabed the teenager and her pig and ran.

He wasnt afraid, but he needed to get to some place where there was less . . . well, annoying water.

"No worries babe, I'll get you out of this!" Tokai said as he ran.

"Man, P-Chan, I gotta ask ya again, why do I always get the freaks?" The girl sighed.

Her pig just kind of growled-Tokai didnt know pigs could do that! It bit down on his arm repeatedly, luckily for him his thick thermal coat not only kept him from getting too cold, but also kept the pig's vicious attack from drawing blood.

But man he might need a new coat. Fucking pets.


Anzu struggled to get above the water, there was wet paper everywhere.

Tomoko came up next, followed by Yamato. Tomoko looked around, "Where the heck is Bobby?" She demanded, looking all around her.

She only needed to look up.

"Slade? He's right here." The tall man with a beastly claw said, holding up a limp and lifeless body. "Honestly, Bobby? I'd love to know why he picked such a stupid alias. It's a girl's name too, moron!" He shouted into the dead boy's ear.

Tomoko growled and threw a boomerang, a dog leapt into its path and fell with a whimper.

The man controling the dogs looked at it with distaste, "You just killed some poor little girl's seeing eye dog. Well, not really, but just imagine if you had, how would you live with yourself?"

Tomoko glared, Anzu dove under . . . where was her katana? She came up and Yamato said "Can we just leave? I mean the guy's dead so it's not like we've got any more reason to be here. I'll take you two out if you want."

"You can leave." The beast master shrugged. "I dont care. You're not my targets. Well neither was he, but we had unfinished business. You I got no beef with."

Anzu scowled, she didnt want to just give up and let this guy get away with what he'd done . . . but ultimately Bobby hadn't really been anything to them, he'd been with the team for a while, and died before she could get to know him.

So in the end . . .

"Fuck you!" Tomoko yelled, climbing out of the water.

"No thanks, you're too weak." The man scoffed. He threw his victim asside, and one of those guys in the black trench coat stomped over.

Anzu climbed out of the water, meaning to grab Tomoko and pull her back in, but instead noticed her kanata laying on the ground near her . . .

Well what the heck. Tomoko after all was her friend and she'd known her for a long time.

And she really did want to date Bobby so she couldnt him to die . . . she took up the sword and shouted, "Run if you want to Yamato, we'll take care of these guys!"

Any piece of paper not soaked through by water suddenly began to cirlcle the two women in a whirlwind, Tomoko kept an eye on it, Anzu kept an eye on the man in black.

What the heck was his trick?

Suddenly she was in the water again, yet another person dressed in black had just shoved her in, and Tomoko too!

This person in black was a young woman wearing a trench coat like Tomoko's and wore her silvery hair long and in a double bun, Anzu recognized her from somewhere.

She drew a pair of knives from her coat, "The feared amazon warrior Hand Lotion is here!" The woman shouted at the top of her lungs, "And as a defender of justice and peace she will not allow you to harm these innocent weaklings!"

"Hey, weaklings?" Yamato protested, "That's not nice, you dont even know me!"

Lotion scoffed, "Shut up, shut up! Every time, every single time someone has to ruin my cool entrance!"

"Wasn't that cool." Yamato scoffed.

"Stop teasing the woman who's trying to save you!" Lotion cried.

"Indeed." The beast master frowned. "And what do you want? Arent you a Nekekami too? You're Jun's girl."

"No longer!" Lotion said, "I am a free agent now, free of the guilds, free of all of you, and I will lay my life on the line to protect my loved ones . . . none of them are here right now, but these people are at least familiar to me, so I will protect them too!"

"You talk too much."

"Everyone says that! It makes me so . . . so . . ." The chinese girl calmed suddenly and smirked, "So mad I believe you've persuaded me to show you what Master Jun taught me." She purred, and she disappeared.

The dogs went crazy, she reappeared behind the man with the claw and tried to kick him, but a dog intercepted.

She kicked the dog, didnt seem to mind one bit. Anzu caught a glimpse of her eyes, they were freakishly yellow and slit like a cat's eyes.

She leapt over the injured canine and threw herself at the beast master, who spun around and grabbed her head with his claw, "Go to hell, and tell them that Fenrir sent you!" He roared like a lion!

The girl just meowed like a cat.

It gave him pause and he stared at her as if he suspected she was mentally challenged. Anzu was kind of thinking the same thing.

Then the chinese girl kicked him between the legs.

He groaned and fell into the water, the chinese girl dissapeared again and reappared behind the man in black. The paper came to life and flew towards the girl. She became a black blur of movement, then when the paper swarm subsided she cut the man in black twice with her knives, "One, Two, the end of you!" She screamed, and seemed a little confused when he disintigrated into a pile of paper.

Tomoko said something Anzu wouldnt repeat, but Anzu's gaze was suddenly caught on something else.

Bobby was starting to get up.

"Slade . . . still alive? What keeps you going?" Fenrir demanded.

Bobby, or Slade, whoever he was looked towards his enemy with a grogy expression, "Mm? Fenrir?" He held his head, and glared at the swirling paper, "If I let you win . . . how'm I gonna face her again? I wouldnt have the right if after all this time I'm still the same weakling I was back then." He stood up straight and smiled, "I lost my head back there, lost focus when I saw the guy that killed all our old friends. But Oyu, Brock, Tokai, Sora and Maggie, they'd want me to get revenge . . . so I can't just die here . . . and you Fenrir . . . you were our leader, you were supposed to protect them instead you sent them all to their deaths so I guess I have to get you too."

"Gonna kill me little brother?" Fenrir demanded.

Bobby frowned, "No . . . but I'm going to make you wish I did."

Lotion raised a hand, "Fight's over, I won!"

"Idiots, my partner is still out there!" Fenrir said, "And he can kill you all."

"No. He can't." Bobby said simply. "I'd be dead now if he could. It's kind of funny how I've been cut so many times and I havent bled to death . . . funny how I shouldnt even be able to move y'know? But then I realize if I were really in such bad shape I'd be dead. This is illusion, you don't have Recycler with you, you've got a Dream Master, don't you?"

Fenrir stiffened, Bobby smiled, "If he comes out now I won't kill him. If he doesn't . . . he'd better run really fast."

Fenrir swore and suddenly there was a sound.

Someone was running away from behind a dumpster!

Bobby didnt even need to look, he shot his arm out and the runner suddenly floated up into the air and flew towards the water.

"Dumpster diving's a dirty profession, take a bath." Bobby said darkly.

The runner fell into the water, kicked to the surface and screamed until Fenrir bopped him on the head and said "Shut up you failure!"

Bobby sighed. "I'm too tired to kill you. I guess in the end what you guys are doing with the chosen one is none of my business, and killing you wont bring the others back."

"You're going to let us go?" The dream master asked hopefully.

"No, I'm going to drown you." Bobby said simply.

"You're kidding!" Anzu gasped.

"Anyone who doesnt want to die should get out of the water." Bobby said darkly.

Anzu couldnt believe it!

"Good enough for me!" Yamato said, climbing out of the water and grabbing Anzu.

She grabbed Tomoko and Bobby approached the water's edge.

"Bastard!" Fenrir roared and his pack of dogs all charged for Bobby.

He raised his hands and they floated up into the air and rained down into the water.

"You a good swimmer, Fenrir?" Bobby asked darkly. "Getting kind of heavy, arent you? Starting to sink a bit?"
"You cant do this!" Fenrir protested.

Anzu grabbed Bobby, "Stop!" She said, "You can't just murder them!"

He ignored her and Fenrir and his partner flailed desperately, trying to fight the pull from the bottom.

"C'mon now they're beat!" Tomoko said.

"If I let them go free they'll attack me again." Bobby said with a twisted smile crossing his lips.

Anzu's eyes widened, somehow this just didn't seem believable, this couldnt be happening. Everything she knew about Bobby told her, her heart told her, this wasn't happening.

"We won't go free! We won't go free!" Jun's partner wailed, "Well turn ourselves in to the police! We'll turn ourselves in! I'll tell them everything! Right Fenrir?"

Fenrir glared at Bobby and finally said "Fine! Fine I'll turn myself in, just don't drown me little brother!"

Bobby's twisted smile became a natural and real one. "Okay!" He said brightly, and suddenly the dogs, and the assassins floated gently up out of the water!

The chainlink fence that once kept people from getting casually thrown into the water suddenly wrapped itself around the assassins and the dogs, forming a nice little prison.

Bobby sighed, "Man I'm tired." He said. He looked over his shoulder at Anzu, "Please stop hugging me."

Anzu scowled and shoved him asside, "You bastard!" She snapped, "And here I wanted to rescue you!"

He just shrugged. "Yeah, and I really appreciate that."

"But you would have drowned them, you would have murdered them!" Anzu cried.

Bobby, or Slade, or whoever he was frowned at her. "Do you really think so?"

"I . . . yeah!" Anzu said.

Bobby shrugged. "I've sworn never to take a human life. I could never kill my brother, I cant really even kill most bugs without hesitating. It was a bluff."

Anzu blinked. "Oh." She said.

"You believe me, right?" Bobby asked.

Anzu frowned. "I . . . guess so."

"Man what a wuss, you cant even kill a bug?" Yamato scoffed.

"Shaddap or I'll drown ya!" Tomoko scoffed, shoving Yamato into the water again, "It's fine if you can't kill bugs, I can. When we get married I'll be the one who kills the bugs and you can do the dishes and the laundry."

"He can't marry you if he's dating me." Anzu pointed out.

"You don't like him anymore." Tomoko scoffed.

"Yes I do! I was just shocked is all, I'd still go out with him!"

"What am I, chopped liver?" Yamato demanded.

"No you're something that smells and tastes even worse!" Anzu snapped.

"You don't know how I taste!" Yamato scoffed, "Unless . . . unless that dream I had was really . . . no wait that wasn't a dream it was a naughty picture I drew on a bathroom wall . . . yeah, you don't know how I taste!" Yamato said.

Bobby sighed and said "Look thanks for showing up, it means a lot to me. But you three can stay here and talk about dates and livers, just make sure to guard those two until the cops can come. I'll just go get Jun and get my questions answered before the chosen one kills him and the world starts to end, y'know?"

"What?" Lotion screamed, "Ryoga-kun is going to kill Jun?"

"Probably." Bobby shrugged.

"We must stop him!" The amazon cried, "He can't become the new avatar of murder!"

"So let's go!" Tomoko said.

"No, he want's you to stay here . . . with me." Yamato said.

"Say something else Yamato, say one more thing to me and you'll be a girl!" Tomoko said.

"You got nice boobies." Yamato said.

"Anzu, the katana!" Tomoko said, holding out her hand.

Anzu scoffed, "Grow up! Anyway we'll stay here, Yamato go get the police because we don't want you hanging out with us if you're going to use the word 'boobies' and as for you--what the heck?" Anzu frowned.

Bobby and Lotion were already gone.


Ranma watced as the maksed woman continued to advance on them.

Odd how she kept the mask even though she'd ditched her shirt and her gloves and stuff.

Wasn't she going to say that her face was covered in some silly poison?

"This should be far enough!" The tall man said, dropping Ranma and Ryoga he turned on the woman, "Alright babe, I'm going to fucking blast your ass to hell, any last words? Last requests?"

"Give me the pig." The woman said.

"Is that all? Well okay I--wait no! This pig is the beloved and adorable pet of this young lady and if I give him to you it'll be that much harder for me to get her to agree to go out with me, not that it'll be hard at all since I'm a super hero, and a ladie's man and damn good looking but--hey, hey, hey! Dont you change the subject, let's get back to business . . . the killing of you, by me!"

He laughed, what wa shis name agian? Tokai?

Tokai put his hands together and then shouted "Kahmehameha!"

Nothing happened.

"Powers still not working?" The woman asked.

Tokai grinned, "Naw, just fucking with ya!" He said, sund suddenly he inhaled deep and blew out hard!

He blew fire!

The masked woman screamed and fell back, Tokai grinned sinisterly, "For my next amazing trick, I'm going to make make a bitch disappear, and in her place will be a pile of fucking ashes. Will your poisons be able to affect me when I stomp your fucking ashes into the ground? Let's find out!"

"Oh please!" She moaned, "You've broken the spell, it was just an illusion an evil Dream Master was casting on me . . . I'm just a poor young virgin, don't hurt me! Let me be your fantasy girl and make all your erotic dreams come true!"

"Fuck yeah! Uh I mean . . . hey stop doing that to me!" Tokai groaned.

The woman got up and said "I'll see you again some time!" She left, leaping off onto buildings in the distance.

"Hah, I'll get you and burn you to fucking cinders!" He said and he seemed about to follow.

But Ranma grabbed his hand, "Wait! Can you do that fire thingy again?"

"Yeah, sure, does it turn you on? Does it make you hot baby? Haha, see what I did there with the word play?"

Ranma wanted to hit this guy. "See that fountian over there? Can you please heat up the water for me?"

"Uh sure baby. What for?"

"I want to take a nice warm bath and then thank you for saving me!" Ranma said in a sweet voice. "You know what I mean by 'thank you', dont you?" Ranma added suggestively.

Steem came out of the Pyro's ears and he blew a great flame onto the fountain until it was boiling.

Ranma wouldnt get in while it was boiling, but he tossed Ryoga in.

Ryoga came up screaming.

"The fuck just happened?" Tokai demanded. "That pig just became a dude!"

"Yeah, sure did." Ranma said, and then she leapt inot the water as well and came out a he.

"Shit man, what the hell? This aint cool!" Tokai said.

"Yeah. Well thanks for helping me." Ranma said, keeping his word. He said he'd thank the guy, didn't say he'd do anything in return.

"Dude that's so not cool . . . but can you show me how you did that? I've always wanted to become a girl!"

"Are you serious?" Ranma asked, taking a step back.

"Hell yes! Think about it, go into the fucking women's baths man!"

"And what would you do there?" Ranma asked, "You'd be lacking your favorite equipment."

"I'd was a lot of backs, wash a lot of fronts, and take some fucking pictures." Tokai said with a firm nod.

Ranma scratched his head, "You and Akane aren't going to get along very well. But maybe she'll stop calling me a pervert once she meets you."

To Be Continued . . .

Next Time: Lotion returns to the Tendo Training Hall, Nabiki runs afoul of Tosa, but it seems the assassin isnt interested in kidnapping her, or even fighting her after all. The K-Fighters lick their wounds and Dr. Tofu might help Ukyo understand a few things. Kasumi in turn might just help Ryoga understand a thing or two as well, concerning Nabiki. Fenrir and Maro will begin to formulate plans to escape from prison, all they need is a bag of sporks . . . wait, sporks?