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On with my newest story, Soakin' Up The Sun!


Soakin' Up The Sun

Session One

Four Different Schools, Four Different Lives

My friend the communist,
Holds meetings in his RV.
I can't afford his gas,
So I'm stuck here watching TV.
I don't have digital,
I don't have diddly squat.
It's not having what you want,
It's wanting what you've got!

I'm gonna soak up the sun.
Gonna tell everyone,
To lighten up (I'm gonna tell 'em that),
I've got no one to blame.
For every time I feel lame,
I'm looking up.
I'm gonna soak up the sun,
I'm gonna soak up the sun!

-Soak Up The Sun
Sheryl Crowl


Summer was here, and it was a wonderful time here in Hawaii, it was. Surfer's crowded the beaches, hott girls and guys got tans on the beaches' sandy surface, and birds flew freely by the ocean. The waves pounded on the shore, as to call everyone in with them, so they could whisk the people away with their graceful, yet dangerous movements. It smelt of salt, and the sun was blazing down on the people who inhabited the area.

You could hear music playing on boom boxes, and lots of talking. Yelling, screaming, chasing, you name it. Volleyball was also pretty common, and you could see people cheering and falling in defeat. Little children built sand-castles, and smiled at their wonderful work. Until the tide came in, then they would start over once again. Flashes appeared once and awhile, of a camera. Pictures were taken, because memories needed to stay with them.

People of all sizes and shapes were there. Colors, race, it was a free country after all. Everyone was enjoying themselves, and having the time of their life. It was also the last day of school for the older children in Hawaii, and it was bound to be an awesome summer, with awesome experiences. New people, new friends, new enemies, you name it. It was there!

And this, is how the summer of 2004, began.


Sango walked the halls of her school in last period. It was quiet in her small school, and she smiled at the thought of seeing her best friend Kagome, who she hadn't seen in ages in the summer. You see, Sango and Kagome went to the same elementary and middle school, but split at high school. That didn't mean they would stop being friends, oh no. They were closer than ever. They only lived about an hour apart, but they usually didn't have time to go see each other. The last time they did had been last summer, and this summer they would make sure it was memorable.

She glanced down at her wrist-watch as she watched the little tick mark pass by the two. She smiled. Only fifteen minutes left, and then she would be a free woman for the summer. This, was bound to be good. She walked down the hall, and suddenly stepped on something. She looked down, and saw a flyer. She picked it up and read it.

She had an evil grin. "This is going to be the best summer ever." She said to herself, with much reassurance. She put it in her pocket, and went down to her locker. She opened it, gathering all her things together. She stuffed everything she had gotten throughout the year in her backpack and counted silently.



She, was free.


Kagome also was walking to her locker, for she was being let out early because her locker was all the way in the other building she was assigned to, and she didn't want to miss her bus. She also smiled at the fact she would be seeing Sango this year, they had known each other since they were six. They met because of their mother's relationship in collage. They had been the best of friend's, and always went out places together.

She opened her locker, and out came flying a flyer. She looked at it, and smiled happily. This, is something that Sango and her would be so happy about. She put it in her backpack, and started walking to the school exit.

"Hey, maybe we'll meet some really hott guys." She said, hopefully, clasping her hands together in a prayer. She then noticed the digital watch she had on one of her bracelets, and counted down.



Ah, summer was here.


Miroku grinned from within his class room. It was almost summer, and he got to see his best friend in the whole entire world, Inuyasha! He didn't think Inuyasha was probably that excited, since he never really was and had this cocky attitude. But, still, he was the best friend in the world. He was like a loyal puppy, and would protect you if you were in dire need of something. He would always help you out if needed.

They had known each other since they were ten, because they met each other at a snow boarding place. They went against each other, and Inuyasha won, being the better player, and becoming friends with Miroku. He smiled at the memory, and looked at the teacher. He was handing out papers to everyone, and Miroku looked down.

He grinned perversely, and pointed to the hott girl on the flyer. He knew Inuyasha would be excited about the surfing, but the girl was totally his area! He would let Inuyasha lighten up by going to this, and try to help him win over some girls. He stared at the clock mounted on the wall, and counted.



Time to go!


Inuyasha scowled from the spot on his side on the school. He was leaning against the brick wall and looking up into the bright sky, cloudless. He was excited to finally get to the summer and get to go out for a change. He had been stuck at home, not doing much, or going anywhere at all. He let a fang show through on his smile at the thought of seeing his best friend he had, had forever. Miroku.

He was a pervert, but he was the funnest guy to be around. He was loyal, and an awesome dancer. He would get to see him soon, and it was going to be awesome. They could go to the beach, the movies, check out new stuff in the sports area. They could-

He was cut off by his train of thoughts when a flyer floated innocently into his hands. He looked down, and grinned. Miroku would love this with all his heart. THIS, is where his summer would be. He smiled at the thought of surfing, and showing off his stunts on the board to everyone. His eye's widened when he saw what the prize was.

"Two tickets to Tokyo, Japan."

He nearly fainted when he saw that. "It is all about winning. No matter who I have to step on, I will win this." He said, firmly. He was going to go see Kikyou.

Now, let me introduce Kikyou. Kikyou was his long-distance girlfriend who lived in Tokyo only because her father had a big job opening there, and had to take it. It would bring in a lot of money, which they needed. So, she had no choice but to leave him. She promised she would call, write, and send email. Which she did, once a month, and him also. If he could go with Miroku, then it would be heaven.

Pure, blessed, heaven. He smiled, and put the flyer in his pocket. He decided to take a lucky count-down on when school was up, for the bell would ring.



"And, I win." He grabbed the red backpack that was sitting beside him, and ran off to his motorcycle. He was on his way home, so he could meet Miroku at his house. He grinned at the thought of this summer and the contest.

This summer held more surprises then he ever would have imagined.


AN: Kind of slow at first, but you know all beginning chapters are like that. You have to introduce the characters, and the whole plot of the story. Then, the second chapter is sort of the "getting there," chapter, then at chapter three, your usually starting up the idea of the story. So, look forward to the next chapter to my newest story, Soakin' Up The Sun!! And tell me if you liked it, and if I should continue! ^___^