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Everyone cheered loudly at the move, which earned her a straight ten from all the judges, making her the automatic winner. She came to shore, as the announcer held her hand up and said, "WINNER! Kagome Higurashi!" She stood there proudly, but guilty. She didn't know why, but she felt terrible for winning even though she had tried so hard to.

She looked over at Inuyasha, and let her eye's become glossy.

She didn't feel like a winner.


Soakin' Up The Sun

Session Fifteen

Sacrifice Of A Lifetime

Hello my friend, we meet again.
It's been awhile, where should we begin?
Feels like forever,
Within my heart a memory.
A perfect love that you gave to me,
Oh, I remember.

When you are with me I'm free,
I'm careless, I believe.
Above all the others we'll fly,
This brings tears to my eyes,
My Sacrifice.

We've seen our share of ups and downs,
Oh how quickly life can turn around,
In an instant.
It feels so good to realize,
What's in yourself and within your mind,
Let's find peace there.

-My Sacrifice


She didn't feel like a winner.

Not at all. The tickets were placed in her hand, as she looked up to everyone who was smiling happy and congratulating her. She let one tear trickle down her cheek, and she walked over to Inuyasha, her bangs covering her eyes. This was it, she was going to make the biggest sacrifice of her life.

She placed the two tickets to Tokyo, Japan in Inuyasha's hands.

He gasped, and looked up to her. He saw something wet land on one of the tickets, and saw it wasn't raining, but it was her tear. All the crowds around them became quiet, and was watching the scene unfold before their eyes. "Inuyasha..," was all she said, and then she ran off tears pouring from her eye's.

The tickets, were placed in his hands. He before had worked so hard for them, and now that they were in his hands, he didn't care for them. He realized, he didn't want this. He realized he didn't want Kikyou. He didn't love her. Not at all. Miroku came over to Inuyasha to see what was going on, when Inuyasha did the speaking for him.

"For you and Sango." He placed the tickets in Miroku's hands, and ran off.

Everyone, was stunned.

Miroku stared at the tickets that were now in his hands, as he gave a teary smile to Sango. "Will you marry me and go to Japan with me, as you always wanted to?" He kneeled down, producing a sapphire ring, and a beautiful smile.

Sango kneeled down, and hugged him around the neck. "Yes! I will!" She cried happily, as Miroku slipped the ring around her finger.

Everyone was happy for the two, but what about Inuyasha and Kagome?


It was getting dark now, and Inuyasha was getting worried out of his mind that he still couldn't find her. He looked everywhere. The hotel, the ferris wheel, all the stores, all around the board walk... the list could go on and on.

"Maybe.. I should stop looking for a bit.." He said, out of breath. He went all the way to the deserted end of the beach where no one went, and there she stood standing, her figure moving gracefully along the shore in the moonlight. "Amazing.." He whispered to himself, and walked up to her.

"Kagome.." He whispered again, she caught it. She turned around and met his gaze.


Miroku and Sango stood in front of the dock where they had talked the other day, and leaned into each other's embrace. "I hope Inuyasha and Kagome are okay.. "

"They are, I know Inuyasha can be rude, and a jerk, but I think he has finally realized his feelings for Kagome.." Miroku said, closing his eyes.

"Good.. its about time.. speakin' of them, we can tell them about this whole Japan thing later, they need to work out their own problems.." Sango said, feeling a tad bit sorry for the pair.

"Yeah.. I agree.."

Sango looked down at her ring. "Miroku, I know I've never said this really purely and truly, but you know it with all your heart.. I love you." She said, glad to get that off her chest. Miroku smiled, and held her tightly and put her in his lap, letting their feet dangle together.

"I love you too, Sango." He leaned in, and their lips met in an instant.

"I hope we have a wonderful house, with wonderful children in Japan.." Sango broke away, and said.

"If it has anything to do with you, its wonderful." Miroku smiled, and leaned in for another kiss.

A shooting star went across the starry sky. The first wish, had been granted.

"Miroku, taisetsuna mono wa nanda?"

"Anata." He said simply, knowing that question perfectly.

"How'd you know? What that meant I mean." Sango asked.

"Because, I know what is dear to me. You." Miroku replied, staring off into the horizon.

"Your right. Taisetsuna mono wa nanda? Means, what is dear to you? And you just answered that question perfectly." She kissed him on the cheek, and closed her eyes.

They were finally at peace.


"Kagome, I was worried.. why did you..-" She stopped him. There was barely any light left, only the moon and the faint stars up in the sky. In the faint shadows of her face, he noticed streaks down her face.

Kagome then started to talk. "Inuyasha.. you can go see Kikyou.. are you happy now?"

"I...Kagome, please, don't bring her into this.." He said, touching her face, but she flinched away, and he got a sad look on his face.

"Okay, I'll change the subject then... I don't feel like a winner." She finally confessed.

"Why not? You won fair and square." He said, not understanding her at the moment.

"Because.. you deserved to win. The truth was.. the only reason I wanted to win in the end so you couldn't go see Kikyou.." She heard him gasp, but continued anyway. "..I was jealous. Fine, I admit it, I was. You seem to be her life, and vise versa. I felt like I was second, when I was really last, because you hate me." Kagome finished, tears coming to her eye's again.

"I can understand if you hate me now.. since you now know the truth.." She said, looking at the sand beneath her feet. She walked along the shore, Inuyasha still following her.

"Kagome.." Was all he could say, he didn't know how to respond to that. They way she looked, the scene, everything..

Then, just then, it suddenly hit him like a ton of bricks.

He loved her. That was it. It was finished, it was done, he loved her. He, Inuyasha Taishio, loved Kagome Higurashi with all his being, and no one could ever replace that feeling that he had for her. Not even Kikyou.

"It's getting late.." Kagome finally spoke again, and was heading back towards the hotel room, which would take a good half-hour since she was so far away from it. Inuyasha put a hand on her shoulder. He turned her around to look at him, and he said the truth.

"Kagome, I don't want Kikyou anymore." Kagome's eyes widened in shock, and it took all of her strength plus some not to fall over because of his words.

She looked at him crossly, and said, "Who then, who do you want, Inuyasha?" She asked, pleading for an answer. She could see it in his eyes, the pleading look, but also soft look. He suddenly turned his gaze away from her, and looked up to the sky.

"You know.. its so beautifully breath-takingtonight.." He said, completely changing the conversation.

"It is, isn't it?" Kagome said, looking into the same direction he was looking at.

"A cloudless night, stars shining brightly, the moon's iridescent glow.." He went on. "..the smell in the air, and the wonderful surroundings.."

Kagome could tell he was trying to ignore the question, but just agreed with him anyway. "Yeah.. the ocean's waves coming up to your toes, the softness of the sand beneath you.." She started drifting off into her own land until she remembered where she was and who she was with.

She couldn't let him ignore the subject forever. "Who do you want Inuyasha?" She asked again.

Inuyasha sighed and looked up to the sky, taking a big deep breath of air in. "Someone with raven hair.. and chocolate brown eyes." He said, his eye's shining bright as the stars.

Kagome looked at him very perplexed. So, she continued listening until she understood. "...a very beautiful smile, and a wonderful personality. She can be ready to kill, but then she can be calm and sweet.." He went on, now looking out at the horizon, seeing the ocean go on for miles, and miles.

"..her wonderful skills, and mad determination. Someone who has taught me about love so much, and how capable I am of it.." He said, now looking at the sand beneath their feet.

Kagome's heart was beating very loudly, and her breath became thin. She was looking at him, and waiting to see what else he would say. As she thought, he continued. "..someone who loves me being her protector when the nights get cold.." He smiled at that one, and knew Kagome would be let on finally at who he was talking about at that statement.

"...someone who I have saved numerous times, and pissed off as well.." He laughed, and continued, "...someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with.. to be married to, have children, and have a fairytale life.." He stopped.

He finally turned his gaze to Kagome, and gave her the most beautiful smile she had ever seen in her life. It was full of compassion... and love. He put his arms around her waist, and pulled her close to him, bodies pressed against each other's. He smiled down at the girl, and said, "..someone like you.."

He leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. Kagome kissed back the happiest person alive. Inuyasha held her tighter and held her so gently as if he would crush her, she would shatter. The moonlight was shining it's light on the two figures holding each other so tenderly and full of love.

A single shooting star went above them twinkling at them the whole way.

The second wish, had come true.

That's fate at work for ya'!


Six Months Later..


The snow pitter-patted on the ground as Kagome sat on a bench in the park. Her hat fitted around her head tightly and her gloves were rubbing up against each other in order for her to keep her hands warm. A tall figure walked up next to her and wrapped his hands around her shoulders. She rested her head up against his chest as people walked by; tall, short, thin, fat..

"Kagome.. I miss the warm weather." She nodded in approval to his statement. They were now in America, currently in the state of Maryland. The weather there was brisk in the winter, and they couldn't wait to go vacationing back in Hawaii for the summer.

"That makes two of us.. the snow.. it brings no fun. Only fevers and chills." She closed her eyes and Inuyasha moved and sat next to her.

"Nah.. there has to be something.."

"There isn't."

"Maybe one day there will be? Like, maybe God can send a sign.." He looked up to the sky, "God, give us a sign!"

A short stubby woman was running in the snow, trying to get to her destination. The snow was slippery, and she tripped and fell on her stomach. The messenger bag which she had on her shoulder flew open and all her books and paper's fell out. Kagome; being the kind person she is helped the woman.

The woman smiled back at Kagome as they picked up the last pieces of paper. There was one left, and both of their hands went for it. Kagome picked it up and handed it to the woman, then noticed big bold letters.. she peaked at the paper, and whispered over to the lady. Inuyasha looked over at them, wondering what she was saying..

The woman laughed, and gave her the paper. She ran back off, her figure disappearing into the wintery depths. Kagome sat slyly down next to Inuyasha and smiled. A big grin. A scary grin. A.. competitive grin..?

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow as Kagome looked in his eyes. "I've found something, Inuyasha." He was confused for a moment, then thought back to their conversation. They were looking for something to do..

Kagome put out her hand and said, "May the best girl win." Now he was really confused. What was going on? She took her other hand and placed the piece of paper in his lap. He only needed to read the big bold letters to agree.

Snowboarding Competition

"May the best man win!"




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She looked over at Inuyasha, looking him up from head-to-toe. She was wondering what was making everyone so uncomfortable in the room by looking at him. She raised an eyebrow and squinted. She couldn't put that name to that face.. but, it sounded so familiar. But, why?

Well, she had more things to worry about. Like all these challenges she had been given lately. Its like someone is testing her for the worst to come.. she could feel it, it was all around her. She had never backed down, or lost a challenge before in her life. And as soon as she thought that, the boy next to her spoke.

"Kagome Higurashi, consider yourself challenged."

Now she could never decline a challenge..


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