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What have I done?

Where on earth do I start? At the beginning I suppose? That is to say the event that lead me to write in a journal I have owned for 20 years and until today hadn't so much as written my name in. Everything started to snowball on Friday 13th February last, a mild day for the time of year. The sun had shone at Hogwarts. If only I had believed in the muggle superstition about that particular day, I'd never have gotten out of bed and that would have spared me a great deal of trouble. If I am honest I was attracted to Albus Dumbledore before he met my sister let alone married her. But it was not sibling jealousy that drove me to his bed that night and yet I do not understand what did drive me. I do not understand why this time I had said yes when he had asked me to stay?

How could I have been so foolish? We had used each other of course. So why did I feel as if I had taken advantage of him?

For a while now - (actually since the night he had told me of his break up with my sister) - every time we had been alone together talking or playing chess late into the night, as I had gotten up to leave he had held my hand and whispered "Stay". Each time I had been strong, I had said no because I had thought it the right thing to do. Society said that it should not happen, hell the rules of good conduct said it could never be and the ministry rules for professors at Hogwarts were clear, it would not be condoned.

I honestly do not know what made that one night different. It might have been the very stressful week I had had. It could have been the fact that I had grown tired of playing by the rules, of denying myself something that was, even if just for this moment mine for the taking. Or simply that he had tempted me once too often and I had let my guard down.

Whatever the reason, for the time it took to make that one decision I let my heart rule my head and I'd said yes. It had seemed to be the easiest choice I had ever made once I stopped thinking and just allowed myself to feel.

The look in his eyes when I almost shouted that one little word I will never forget, even if I live to be one thousand years old. For a few seconds they held surprise, quickly replaced by his trademark twinkle, then they seemed to fill with what I can only describe as pure desire. If you have ever truly loved someone you will know that nothing could have made me push him away after that.

The last shred of my self-control, the last of my resolve and the last of my belief in propriety flew out the window.

The desire in his eyes spurred him on he moved to kiss me crushing his lips to mine. But it seemed as if he were holding back, as if he were terrified that I'd change my mind and run away. (I'd be lying if I said that wasn't exactly what my mind was screaming at me to do.) I remember that I smiled as I took his hand and led him in to his own bedroom. I closed the door behind us, assuring him that I had no intention of leaving this time.

He walked me back to my rooms the morning after, a noble if somewhat redundant gesture. He asked me to think about what we had done and where I wanted it to go. My head was spinning as he added that he would like to meet for a drink in the Three Broomsticks on Thursday evening to discuss the situation. I nodded not trusting my voice; he kissed my lips in parting and promptly disappeared.

The minute I was alone I broke down. I Minerva McGonagall had risked the wrath of Katarina Mcgonagall-Dumbledore, my sister and a very vengeful witch. I could not help but feel that there would be suffering before this chapter of my life came to an end…What had I done?

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