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Risking my sisters or What have I done?

By Morgana-Alex


Today is February 13th an anniversary of sorts. It is a day both to celebrate and to mourn.
Exactly a year ago today Albus and I spent our first night together an event that ultimately brought about the death of my sister, Albus's wife and her son.

But it does not do to dwell on such things. In the six months since their death Albus and I have mourned their passing and we have at times struggled to defend our relationship even to ourselves in the face of such a tragedy. Yet our love is as strong as ever.

Albus is sitting by the window in my drawing room, his face is wistful as he watches the students play in the late winter sun.

I do not need to ask him to know that he is thinking of Arcamides and he discovered that he was not the boys' father.
He told me in a conversation we shared the day after the funeral.


I am sitting in my study as Albus returns from a visit to his brother. I wait patiently for him to speak, knowing it will not do to rush his thoughts.

"Minerva my dear I have keep something from you and you deserve to know how I came to know the truth and why I chose not to tell you straight away." He took the chair facing me and summoned a mug of hot chocolate for himself and a cup of tea for me. Nodding my thanks I waited for him to continue.

"I found out quite by accident, I had told Aberforth by Floo of Katarina's demise and he offered his condolences and said he had to rush off, something about goats. I did not think anything of it and went about my daily routine. It wasn't until I realised that I needed to collect a set of robes for the funeral and I went home that I noticed something was wrong. I found Aberforth in Katarina's bedroom he was in tears holding a set of robes he had brought for the baby, it didn't take much for me to figure out why he was there." A pause to clear his throat and to sip his hot chocolate

"He told me that he had spent the night of his birthday with Katarina and that it had been just that night. He remembers taking me upstairs and putting me to bed. But he said I was alone, fully clothed and out for the count when he left me at around 5am that morning. There is no way I could have done as the facts suggested." Albus had let a tear escape from his eye, there was something else he wanted to say and I had a feeling that I already knew it was guilt for Aberforth.

"Albus please tell me the rest. You need to tell someone, you cannot continue to hide these feelings." He looked up at me and he went on.

"She used him Minerva, she used my sweet and in these matter innocent brother. He doesn't understand Minerva and I can't explain it to him. How can I tell him that Katarina was just using him to get to me?" I moved to kneel in front of him and I hoped that this would be the last time Katarina could harm someone close to me.

"Albus he doesn't need to understand, he doesn't need to know what Katarina had planned. All Aberforth needs is to know that you do not blame him for that night, that his pain is yours, and he needs support for his grief from his brother and if he will accept it from me." I waited until he was looking me in the eyes before I resumed my speech.

"Albus this is truly the last time Katarina will hurt anyone. I know that is cold comfort right now. But we can help Aberforth and you adding those words to the gravestone was a good start. It was clear to see that they meant so much to him, even if only the 3 of us will ever know." Albus raised is hand to my cheek.

"Minerva how do you always know just what to say? How do you always seem to know just what to do? I am grateful that you are here with me and I do wish with all my heart that it could have happened under happier circumstances." I shook my head as I rose to gently kiss his forehead and he pulled me closer, his head on my chest.


I walk up behind him and put my arms around his waist resting my head on his shoulder.
"My dear Minerva." He says as he takes my left hand to his lips and kisses the palm.

This chapter of my life is at an end and there has been suffering.
Life offers no promises of the future. But I feel with love in my heart and Albus at my side anything can be overcome. He never did get around to telling me why it had taken him so long to tell me.
But we had risked, encountered and survived my sisters' wrath.


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