A shot in the Dark

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"MAMA!!!!" a child screamed. Gaeth turned toward the sound, eyes falling on a pitifully small child clutching a little doll.

She stood in the middle of a burning village, screaming and crying for her dead mother. No more then two years of age, brown hair and brown eyes, nothing special yet Gaeth sensed there was something in this child, something that called to him.

So he ran toward the tiny trembling toddler and swept her up in his arms, she was so distraught she didn't seem to notice or mind that she didn't know him. She sobbed into his shirt, every now and then hiccupping and calling for her mother. As soon as he got her far enough into the woods to be called 'safety' he gently lifted her face to look at his. She sniffled and her lower lip trembled,

"What is your name little one?" he asked gently. Those beautiful tear filled eyes looked up at him,

"Mirial" she whispered. He took her back into his arms and cradled her against his chest.

"I will take care of you now, Mirial, and together we will make him pay." Mirial did not answer she was asleep, looking down at that sweet innocent face, he felt a plan forming.

"Legolas Greenleaf will pay"...

(20 years later)
A black horse and a black rider left the quiet city of Ethring. The rider cloaked in mystery rode past the whispers of the merchants. With her hood drawn up, no one could see Mirial nor recognize her face. She rode past oblivious people, whispering to one another about the curious person.

The big black beast she was riding kept the townsfolk from coming near, as did the sword strapped tightly in the saddle. Her bow and quiver arranged upon her back, and daggers hidden in various places. She was headed for Minas Tirith, and she was going for revenge.

Arwen woke suddenly, her senses screaming 'danger', she glanced over at her husband, still lost in peaceful dreams. She slid out of bed carefully not wanting to wake him. Arwen, as an Elf, was content in her silk nightgown and wore no slippers for her adventure. She walked right by her robe, lying on a chair and opened the large oak door.

In search of whatever it was that awakened her so rudely from her slumber, she peaked her head around the corner. Arwens long midnight locks drifted behind her as she walked silently down the stone halls, the grace of the Elves clearly shown in her with every noiseless step. Arwen heard a deep voice rumble just around the next corner, her heart raced as she neared it.

With a deep breath, she leapt around the corner, and directly into Faramir. The Steward moaned and opened his eyes, surprised to find the Queen of Gondor sitting on his chest in only her nightclothes. Her ears flushed bright red as she climbed off of him. He wasn't sure if he should say anything at all, but quickly looked away from the Elven lady.

"You startled me my Queen, might I inquire as to why you are up so late in the hour?" he asked, staring at the wall. He was surprised when he heard her light laughter, daring to turn his head he watched as the composed, graceful, beautiful Queen, slid down the wall clutching her stomach and giggling madly.

"My lady?" he asked staring at her stupidly from the floor.

"I thought you were a cave troll or the Haradrim come to kill my husband and I as we slept!" she giggled. Caught up in her mirth Faramir found himself laughing as well.

"Well I assure you Lady Evenstar, I am no cave troll nor the Haradrim, and I certainly have no plans to kill your husband. I was merely getting a snack and a book to ease my restless mind." He said with a soft grin as Arwen rubbed the tears from her eyes.

"I had this awful feeling that something terrible was about to happen. So I got up to investigate, and coincidently 'ran' into you." She laughed again and accepted his hand to help her from the floor, and helped him to gather his books and food.

"Now that you have ascertained that there is no danger, please allow me to escort you back to your chambers." He held out his hand and Arwen gently placed her own in his, she started to laugh again as they started back the way she had come.

"Please, my lady, tell me what is so amusing now?" Faramir asked as she continued to laugh.

"I was just thinking what someone might think if they were to come upon us now, with me dressed the way I am." She laughed anew and Faramir had to agree they were a strange picture.

As they passed the stone window, a small sound could be heard, sounding strangely like a bow being fired. Faramir turned toward the noise,

"Did you hear..."

he started to say, only to realize that Arwen was no longer with him.