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Mirial watched the Queen as she slept, completely unaware of her presence. Shaking herself she placed the dagger at the Queens chest and covered her victims mouth with her free hand.

Arwen woke with a start and stared up at the assassin with wide eyes. A tear ran down onto Mirials hand. Electricity seemed to run up Mirials arm as images suddenly flashed in her mind.

She saw a small dark headed child being held by a stunning silver haired woman. The woman laughed and tossed the child into the air...

She saw the same woman kiss the child's head and stroke her hair before boarding a gray ship. The child raced into the arms of a brilliant blond woman dressed all in white. She lifted the child and raised one hand in farewell.

She saw the Queen and a much younger looking King standing on a breathtaking hill, covered in flowers. The words "Like my heart" drifting through her mind like a summer breeze.

A small child laughed as the King spun them in circles, the Evenstar hanging around the child's neck.

"Get out of my head" she snapped as she fell back from Arwen, who sat up immediately. Tears still running down her face she held out a hand to the woman who had just tried to kill her.

"Please Mirial, I can help you" she said softly, Mirial gazed at her amazedly.

"How do you know my name?" she whispered.

A sharp pain raced up her leg, she turned her head to find the Stewards wife staring at her. A bow in her hand.

The King came racing into the room, and she soon found herself surrounded by angry guards. Yet Mirial could not break contact with the Elven Queen, she didn't even notice the guard swinging the hilt of his sword at her head. Then her world faded to dark...

Legolas studied the assassin in her cell, lost in her unconsciousness. She did not look dangerous, if anything she looked frail. He thought of her as a child, a beautiful, angry, confused child. In truth, he found that he never really thought of her as threatening.

Mirial moaned and winced, rolling on her cot, hands reaching to the bandage on her thigh. The arrow had gone through her leg, ironically an almost exact duplicate of Arwens injury.

"Why am I still alive" Mirial whispered, turning to face him. Hatred swelled in her eyes as she realized who he was. Unperturbed Legolas chose to answer her,

"Lady Arwen, asked that we spare you." His eyes narrowed, he cocked his head to the side.

"You owe her your life" she didn't answer, just stared back at him.

"I don't owe her anything" Mirial finally declared, looking away. Legolas stood from his chair, approaching the table that held her weapons.

"Why do you hate me so much?" he asked, picking up her sword, slashing with it experimentally. Waves of hot anger coursed from her direction, he turned back to her. She glared at him darkly,

"Don't act so oblivious! That innocent act may work on the others, but I know what you are! You murdered my family and burnt my village to the ground! The truth will come out, Greenleaf, I'll expose you for the murderer you are!" she snarled.

Legolas looked at her, utterly confused, Mirial's gaze simply hardened. Shaking his head he turned back to the blade in his hand.

It was then that he noted the writing on the steel, shining brightly along the edge. One word caught his attention, he nearly dropped the weapon as it all came racing back. In one word,


"It was my fathers" Mirial snarled, Legolas dropped it like it was on fire. Racing out the door, he closed it firmly and slid to the floor. Looking like he'd seen a ghost and gasping like he'd run a mile.

Now it made sense...

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