The Girls We Met at Hawaii

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Yusuke: Keiko stop crying, please Me: OK! (give Yusuke hug) Botan: On with the story!!

Chapter1 The Arrival at Hawaii

Keiko's POV
It was a sunny day outside, on the first day of vacation. The sun was burning hot and illuminating the sky! "Ah, such a beautiful day outside, and perfect for where we just arrived." Botan stretched and smiled at me, Keiko. "Ya, I know we finally arrived here in Hawaii! This vacation is going to be so much fun, and plus we brought all of our best friends." I said smiling at the rest of our crew Yukina and Shizuru. We all finally just arrived at Hawaii and we were at first going to check in our hotel, but when we seen the beach we just couldn't resist. "Girl's shouldn't we first put our luggage in the hotel?" Shizuru asked. "Yes, we should do that unless we can place them elsewhere for the time being." Yukina wondered. "But, I want to go to the beach besides look there is a perfect spot for us right there!" Botan pouted with a huff. "Well to settle it because I personally want to go to the beach too, plus we all have our bathing suits under our clothes, why don't we just leave our luggage in our convertible!" I giggled because the girls forgot we had our, what we called "Girl's Night out Convertible." Everyone kind of stopped and looked at each other on how dumb they all felt. Then we all just stared at each other and bursted in laughter.
"Come on girls let's go!" I screamed happily. The girls and I all raced to the car and quickly placed our luggage in it. Then we grabbed what we would need to go to the beach. Then we headed to the beach to our perfect spot, where we all at the time were sitting down and relaxing in our beach chair. "This is so relaxing, I love when we go places together we always have a blast, just us girls!" Botan smirked. "Ya, see us girls don't need guys to have fun, its all in girl power." I said with a little laugh. Everyone else nodded and we bent over to slap each other high fives.
We all had our bathing suit on now. Botan had a black two piece bathing suit. She had a light skirt tied around her waist that was almost see thru able and it was a bright green with pink flowers designed on it. Yukina wore a cerulean colored one piece and a skirt that was the color hot pink. Shizuru had a red two piece with a skirt that was the color black. I wore a two piece bathing suit that was hot pink. The skirt tied to my waist was golden with little sapphire designs engraved in it. We all were very relaxed and looked forward to what we saw as a perfect and flawless vacation. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Meanwhile, four restless boys that looked as teenagers all waited patiently on the boat until they would reach their destination, Hawaii. (In this story Shizuru and Yukina aren't related to Kuwabara or Hiei, just go with me on this one if not it would ruin what's going to happen!) "Oh, man this is getting me ticked, this had better be a relaxing vacation!" The one that appeared to be the leader named Yusuke, screamed. "I know what you mean, Urameshi." Kuwabara said. "Kurama, Yusuke, I have no idea how the two of you actually convinced me to come in this trip with that buffoon." Hiei the shortest of them said as he looked at Kuwabara disgustedly." "Hey, shorty I wouldn't be talking, you think you know everything how about I beat you up!" Kuwabara hollered. Hiei didn't even flinch at the threat he just yawned as if he were bored. "Now, now let's not act like children." Yusuke said disgustedly and broke Kuwabara from reaching Hiei. "Yes, we wouldn't want the buffoon to die or would we?" Hiei smirked evilly. Kuwabara just screamed and then when he was about to insult Hiei back he was cut off by the speaker. "Everyone attention please we will be all arriving at our destination, please do not leave anything behind and when you exit, please go to the luggage count, thank you and have a nice day." A woman said in the speaker. The guys all grabbed there luggage when they finally got out and then just stared at the beautiful place which was known as...Hawaii. "Well guys this is it what should we do now?" Yusuke smirked as he thought about being around some pretty girls and perhaps actually dating one. "Well, Yusuke with your mind you will never get a girl." Hiei said. "Hey, stop reading my mind!" Yusuke said as he placed a hand towards his head like he was blocking his mind from being read. "How about we check into the hotel and then head to the beach." Kurama suggested. "Good idea, um, by the way what's the hotel we're staying in?" Kuwabara asked clueless. "What an idiot it's called The Tropical Hawaii Sun Resort." Hiei said. "I can't stand you someday I'm going to get you real good!" Kuwabara glared. "Hey, Kuwabara how about you just shut up and follow us or we're going to leave you here in the middle of nowhere." Yusuke said with a slight laugh. "Huh?" Kuwabara turned to find the guys leaving him and heading in the direction of the hotel since it was just a couple of feet away. "Hey wait up you guys!" Kuwabara screamed and hurried toward the guys. "Our convertible should be waiting for us at the hotel, I strictly reserved it and I got the best room there was." Kurama said. "Mr. Rich boy always got the cash, but who cares it's nice having friends like him, plus I don't feel like walking around the whole city!" Yusuke smirked and began to laugh. Finally they arrived at their hotel, they just couldn't wait and they had no idea what was in store for them this in fact would be a great vacation to remember! And not the girl's or the boy's would forget it!

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