The Girls We Met In Hawaii

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Ch.18 What we didn't know about our little couples...

Reader's POV

It had finally gotten past the credits, and they all began to watch amused, when they met each other on the

beach. They watched as the ball slammed against Yusukes head pounding him to the ground. They all laughed

at all those memories that they had already established in the little time that they had spent together. Yes, but

there were some adventures that no one ever witnessed, no one but the couple that had shared it. Each had

there own little story. They were all amazed to see this all in tape, and they watched as the tape rolled,

revealing, well…just about everything they didn't want revealed.

On the Tv

"Keiko, Kurama and I are going out to catch a movie, alright? Do you mind taking care of the cooking

lasagna?" Shizuru called out. "ooOoo a movie?" Keiko teased. "Yes, just as friends, sheesh, we would've

invited all of the rest of you, if you weren't all so busy!" Shizuru growled. "Ok, ok no need to get so feisty,

don't worry your lasagna is safe with me." Keiko smiled and shooed them out of the door. Closing it with a

smile, 'Those two are sure going to have loads of fun.' She thought before turning to the kitchen. (Don't ask me

how the camera could read their thoughts just go along with it please) (Ok anything in bold now is going to be

the reaction of the guys watching it alright?)

"Have fun? Keiko you are so much more uninnocent then we all thought!" Shizuru growled nearly

strangling her, thankfully Kurama kept her behind him. "He-he…Im sure not ever going to do that

again." Keiko said nearly gasping for breath as Yusuke pat her on the back, with an occasional, "are

you ok?" phrase. "Oh how about we watch the TV and not kill each other, huh, how about that?"

Botan tried to calm them down, and finally everyone listened and once again turned their attention

back to the TV.

"Hey, Keiko will you be a dear and watch over the laundry I put to wash? Kuwabara and I are stepping out for

some ice-cream." Yukina cheerily smiled as Kuwabara waved his hand about, in a form of agreement. "Oh you

too, wow just about everyone is going out. What's with laying the tasks on me anyway?" Keiko asked sourly.

"Umm, it's ok if you don't want to I mean I –." Yukina began but Keiko waved it off. "Oh hunny, don't worry

I have it all under control you just go and have some fun." Keiko grinned. 'Now don't get too carried away and

have too much fun.' Keiko laughed in her mind as Yukina and Kuwabara had exited the door, oddly arm in


"It seems that Keiko has been hanging around far too much with you Yusuke." Shizuru glared. "I

agree! I'm not sure if it's Keiko or Yusuke that we should strangle." Yukina mused. "Well, I

personally would prefer tormenting Urameshi, but Yukina only you call the shots, baby." Kuwabara

grinned cheesily. Keiko turned from left to right, watching everyone's mocking grins sly her way.

Yusuke laid a protective arm beside her and whispered dramatically, "I'm sorry Keiko, it was me

that did this to you, together we'll both go down in perverted mockery!" "…Yusuke don't flatter

yourself." Keiko sighed. "Shh, guys, I wanna see what happens!" Botan once again calmed them

down, Hiei just seemed a bit too busy on chowing down on his snow cone. For once he wasn't causing

the trouble and probably was one of the most mature ones there. Keiko just began to hide

underneath the countless covers placed about.

"Hey Keiko, I need to go to the mall, Hiei over here is going to be dropping me off, do you mind

watching over the cheesecake? After a half hour, it should be ready to take out of the fridge alright?" Botan

smiled. Keiko just inwardly laughed but cried at the same time, "Sure, don't worry about me Botan, anything

else!" "Hmm...nope, that just about sums it up, I'll be off now, come on Hiei, smile, we're going to have loads

of fun!" Botan grinned and cheerily grabbed onto Hieis arm, and dragged him out. Keiko grinned yet once

again,"ahhh to think, Hiei and Botan, together, alone in a mall...ooOooo what fun will they have? Perhaps a

little kissyness?"

Now it was Botans turn to attack and Keiko knew it was coming. "Get over here Keiko!" Botan

wailed. All of the girls knew it was time for their revenge, and they all managed to chase Keiko

around the room over and over until they collapsed. ", kiss Hiei, HA! Thats a laugh." Botan

said, but inwardly blushed. 'Oh man, please, Im hoping they didnt catch us on tape. So embarrasing.'

'That was definitely something to remember...hopefully, no one else will have to remember that along

with us. I'd never hear the end of it.' Hiei thought and nervously glanced to Botan, who was

alreadygiving him a worried look. He just shrugged it off, and slowly became grumpier over the

minutes. Apparently, they were hiding something...were they not?

The house was silent. A little too silent. "Hmm, where's Yusuke?" Keiko plopped off of the couch that she had

been sitting on and ran into her room in search of Yusuke. This would be entertaining, her and Yusuke left alone

in the house. She needed something after all, she was bored beyond her mind. What better way to entertain

herself than by talking to Yusuke? He always had something interesting to say or do. "Hey, Yusuke! You

pervert where'd you go?" Keiko said calmly, looking around, before she openedthe door to her room.

Meanwhile, Kurama and Shizuru had been walking around for quite some time. They decided to take the long

way to the movie...walking. (Everyone, this is sort of when they started to slowly fall for each other). Shizuru

quietly walked beside Kurama, keeping her head down to avoid him seeing the faint blush that crept onto her

face. Kurama, seemed to notice this, and just smiled. "So Shizuru, I believe we have already went through why

you girls don't want a guy, but tell me, is that how you feel? Is that what your heart tells you? Have you ever

thought of being with a man, falling in love, just spending the rest of your life with someone?" He asked slowly,

knowing that she would have to think of how to answer the question. Shizuru was somewhat stumped. 'I

mean...umm...well, I guess..maybe, no, I don't know!' She thought frustrated. "Well it's complicated." She bit


Everyone watched quietly, even Shizuru and Kurama themselves were swept into the movie. If

anything these camera people knew how to make this sound like a romance movie, and they fit the

parts just perfectly. All eyes were glued to the TV, watching in anticipation on what the girl would

say. Would she say yes? Even though the girls were against love themself, they all were praying that

the girl would say she wanted love. That girl being Shizuru. "Oh this is so romantic." Keiko spoke

out softly. "Mhmm." Yukina slightly sniffled while Kuwabara laid an arm around her, and placed his

head beside hers. "They make such a good couple." Botan sighed and pulled the blankets higher

onto her body. Shizuru and Kurama said nothing, they were just in a daze. They were well aware of

what had happened that night. How could they forget it? It was just a night to remember...

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