The Elvan Princess

Sitting under the shadow of a large oak, Delise, a gnome, told me the story of the birth of a maiden.

She was born to the faeries of a Flower grove. They gathered all the wildflowers and put them in a bed of sweet grass. Then they got water from the purest streams from the distant mountains to be blessed by the faerie queen. At dusk, they returned with the water and placed it before the queen. She used herbs and magical items to give pure loving life to the water. She took it to where the flowers laid and began to chant. Apple blossoms filled the air dancing like fine flies and the animals of the night began to sing. As she sprinkled the water over the flowers, they began to take form. A small ray of light came down from the heavens and stopped at the head of the form. Then, the earth began to tremble and another light, this one of fire, stood to the right side of the flower form. Thunder was heard in the distance and the winds began to swirl all the apple blossoms to the opposite side of the fire and took form. The queen faerie stepped to the foot of the flower form and raised her hands, dumping the water on the flowers saying, "The tower of the north is now open." The form caused by the winds and blossoms raised its hands and a blue light filled the flower form and it said, "The tower of the east is open." Next, the lighted form raised its hands and the love of the heavens filled the flower form, and it said, "The tower of the south is open." The fire form raised its hands saying, "I bring it final, all that has been given came from the purest to create the purest. Nothing on any plane other than the Goddess will have beauty to compare. All will bow and cower at her beauty. The tower in the west is now open."

All the faeries began to dance as the fire form filled the flowers with beauty and strength of the mother earth herself. The animals sang in a pure harmony and the stars shot directionless across the skies. Then, the flower form began to take the shape of a human lady. Her perfection is so undescribable, for words cannot describe her.

The four raised their hands saying, "It is done so make it be." And the sun began to rise. The faerie queen said, "Turn tword me my child so you may receive your name in the image of your creators.

As she turned, they all said, "We can only come up with one name that is perfect and beautiful as you." The faerie queen placed her hand on the young woman's head saying, "Elvan Love Is Shown Sanctified Always. Your name will be in our hearts always."