2335 Local

Harm's POV

"How far apart were those?" Mac asked leaning back on the couch.

"The human clock doesn't know?" I joked, pacing the floor of our living room, "2 hours 46 minutes."

"This is going to take forever," she sighed, running her hand over her extended belly, and letting out a long slow breath.

"Well they just now came down from three hours so what do you say we sleep while we can we don't want you to get tired," I held a hand out to her pulling her up from the couch.

"No, we wouldn't want that would we?" she joked, leaning against me as we slowly ascended the stairs.

As the night drew on I realized that her labor had slowed and then stopped, by 0600 the next morning we both knew we would be going to work another day.

0830 Local

"Commander you're looking a little tired this morning," Admiral Chegwidden entered the kitchen, as I poured myself a cup of coffee and fixed Mac a cup of tea.

"We were up past midnight with contractions," I sighed taking a large sip of coffee, trying not to wince as it went down.

"Then why are you here now?" he asked, pouring his own cup of coffee.

"They weakened and tapered off by this morning, so it's basically still a waiting game, today will be her final day in court," I grabbed two sticky buns on my way towards her office.

"Tell me you have something for me to eat," she begged when I stepped into her office closing the door.

"Two sticky buns just for you," I handed them both to her, with a kiss, "and herbal tea."

"My hero," she leaned back taking a large bite of the sweet breakfast, she moaned with the swallow.

"Are you ready for your last day in court?" I asked sitting in a chair opposite her and drinking my coffee.

"I'm ready to give up this working thing, with these ankles and this back pain, I'm ready to relax at home until this baby comes," she answered her mouth still full and one hand on our baby.

"I've got to go, Sturgis is calling me to the stand today, I'll see you at lunch?" I asked getting up from my chair and leaning across her desk.

"Hopefully I'll be done by then," she responded leaning up to kiss me.

1107 Local

"…I would have to be in the cock--" I was cut off by the sound of the door at the back of the courtroom bursting open.

"Lt. you better have a good reason for disrupting my court," Admiral Sebring sternly reprimanded the younger officer.

"Commander, the Colonel just went into labor," Bud huffed out of breath from his hobble between courtrooms.

"Admiral permission to--" I was already out of the courtroom when I heard his answer of 'go'.

"Mac, honey, you okay?" I entered the courtroom in a rush, finding Harriet on one side and the Admiral on the other as they talked her through a contraction.

"Harm!" she let go of the Admiral and quickly reached for my hand.

"Lets get you to the car," I wrapped my arm around her, as she used her own arm around my waist. We moved slowly stopping once for a contraction before we made it to the elevator.

"Just hope this doesn't break down," Jen answered as the doors closed, we had barely made it two floors when her jinx set in.

"Damn it," I groaned, as Mac leaned against me and squeezed the hand she was holding, "Mac these are too close together."

"Tell that to the baby," she hissed, grinding her teeth against the pain. "Oh god, Harm!" she leaned back, sliding down the wall of the elevator until she was sitting on the floor.

"Honey, I think I should climb through this shaft to get to the Admiral," I sighed taking her hand as she gritted her teeth again.

"Don't leave me here!" she almost cried taking a tighter grasp of my hand. Not wanting to upset her further, I leaned against the wall and pulled her between my legs letting her use me as a pillow, "at least my water hasn't broken, that's a good sign."

"Yeah, but your contractions are coming steadily at least 3 minutes apart," I retorted, setting my hands atop hers on our baby.

"I'm trying to stay positive," she growled, "besides I'm not ready for this."

"What are you talking about? We've been to all the classes we've learned everything there is to learn…"

"That's not what I'm talking about, I'm not ready for this, Motherhood, I'm going to fail at it and I--" she cut herself off as her hand gripped mine tightly.

"Breath," I coaxed, setting a rhythm with my own breathing, "focus, right here on our hands."

"I can't do this," she whispered turning her head slightly so it was buried in my shoulder.

"Yes, you can. We can, we just have to get out of this elevator first," I was almost filled with relief as it jerked, but relief was short lived as it stopped again. But the doors opened leaving us to get down two flights of stairs. I stood and scooped Mac into my arms and quickly carried her down the stairs.

1400 Local

"That's it honey, you're doing great," I kissed her forehead, after wiping off all the beads of sweat.

"When is this going to be over?" she groaned flopping back on the pillows.

"You're fully dilated, so on your next contraction I want you to push for me okay Mac?" Susan, our doctor, smiled encouragingly from her place at the end of the bed. "Harm, make sure you got the leg."

"I got it," I pulled Mac's leg up as far as I could.

"That's good Mac, I see a full head of dark hair," Susan motioned for me to look. "Good Mac, good. I've got a head, now comes the hard part on this next push we have to get the shoulders out."

After many grunts and groans, I watched mesmerized as my child slipped into the world and out of my wife. "Congratulations it's a boy," Susan smiled lying him upon Mac's stomach, "he's perfect."

I watched in awe as they scrubbed him, taking him to be weighted and cleaned up further, "Dad come cut the cord," One of the nurses was holding a pair of medical scissors towards me.

As the nurses continued with my son I went back to my wife, "He's beautiful, thank you." I kissed her softly, as the nurse placed a now swaddled baby in my wife's arms.

"I think we can call it mutual thanks," she whispered kissing him lightly, "Harmon David Rabb III."

"Trey," I sighed, sitting on the bed next to her, "perfection."

"We've got to take him to the nursery now, and Commander there are quiet a few people out in the waiting room for you." Susan reached for Trey as Mac kissed him softly one more time.

"Get some rest, I'll be back," I told her giving her a kiss on the forehead and following Susan out of the room.

"Well Commander, what's the verdict?" The Admiral asked when I found a whole waiting room of JAG personnel.

"It's a boy, Mother and son are both perfect," I sighed receiving handshakes and hugs.

"Does he have a name?" Jen asked.

"Harmon David Rabb III, to be called Trey, and don't even think about calling him Rabbit," I warned, "you should be able to see him in the nursery, but I'm going to get back to my wife."

3 Days Later
1340 Local

"Home Sweet Home," Mac sighed dropping on the couch, and pulling Trey out of his seat.

I sat next to her and pulled my family into a hug, "I love you both," I whispered delicately grabbing my son's small fist.

"We love you too."